This is a brief recap of the Main Event show, taped in Detroit.

Show Open:

We get a video package recapping Kofi Kingston winning the US Championship away from Antonio Cesaro.  Matt Striker interviews Cesaro.  He vows to recapture the belt and his dignity later this evening.

Match #1 - Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Antonio Cesaro; United States Championship

Early, Cesaro keeps Kofi grounded.  Every time Kingston gets some offense going, Cesaro catches him and throws him around the ring.  Kofi gets a flurry in but Cesaro rolls out to the floor and the show goes to break.

Out of commercial, Cesaro regains control and manhandles Kingston.  The crowd chants for Kofi and he gets some hope spots.  Eventually, Kofi is able to start to run through his offense.

Cesaro rolls to the floor to avoid Trouble in Paradise.  Cesaro ties Kofi up in the ropes when he works his way back to the ring. Kofi hits SOS for a near fall.  Cesaro follows with a driver then a European uppercut for near falls, consecutively.  Cesaro doesn't agree with the official.

Kingston gets control after the second commercial with a running elbow.  They trade counter-moves and then Cesaro starts to work the leg.  Cesaro uses a half crab but Kofi kicks him away.  Cesaro goes back to it, but this time Kofi has to crawl to the ropes.

Cesaro lifts Kofi from the apron to a superplex in a great spot.  JBL and Cole debate how Kofi can use his high-flying offense with Cesaro having worked his leg over.

Cesaro goes back to the half crab and Kofi yells.  Kingston fights out, only to have Cesaro try to get the Neutralizer.  Kingston counters and hits a drop kick.  Cesaro charges but Kofi avoids it and hits Trouble In Paradise for the win.

Afterward, Striker interviews Kofi.  Kofi says he started off the year badly, but he took the opportunity he was given and won the US Championship.  Kofi says he and his wife had their first son and Kofi is coming home a champion.

It got off to a clumsy start, and there were some botched moments, but down the stretch the work was good and made this match.  No yodeling from Cesaro tonight - and I hope that's a continuing trend.


Kingston limps through the arena but gets shoved into the wall by Cesaro.  Cesaro says "you don't take from Cesaro, Cesaro takes from you."  He rips out one of Kofi's locks and walks off.

They feed a video package highlighting The Shield winning on Raw Monday night.  Cole and JBL says they'll find out more about Cena's injury on Raw.

Match #2 - Heath Slater (w/Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre) vs. Justin Gabriel

Gabriel starts off by out-wrestling Slater and mocking his air guitar bit.  Gabriel uses a head scissors to take Slater to the floor, then takes out the other members of 3MB with a dive.  The two get in the ring to take on Gabriel but the official sends them to the back.  Gabriel throws Slater to the floor and Slater watches his back-up leave.

Out of commercial, Gabriel catches Slater with a kick and tries the 450.  Slater charges then hits a power slam from the ropes for a near fall.  Slater begins working with a series of strikes.  Slater dives onto Gabriel from the ropes but eats Gabriel's boot.

Gabriel hits a mule kick and goes up top.  Slater recovers and goes up with him, but Gabriel shoves him back down.  He follows with the 450 Splash to get the win.

Another sound match.  Slater did a lot of selling, which is good because he does it pretty well.  For two guys that really don't seem to mean much to WWE, they really put on a good match.

This was a good edition of Main Event.  They did a nice job of simple storytelling with quality, longer matches than we normally get from the undercard.