The following is a brief report on tonight's "Main Event" program, taped in London, England.

Show Open:

JBL is in the ring to open the show.  He says he'll make sure the show starts on fire and feeds it to video of Mark Henry attacking Sheamus on Smackdown and Raw the past two weeks.

JBL introduces Mark Henry.  JBL puts over Henry's attacks in the video package and Henry asks if JBL is making fun of him.  JBL backs off and says he's Henry's biggest fan.  JBL and Henry talk about how many opponents that Henry should face.  JBL mentions Big Show's recent handicap match.

Henry gets upset and says he wants to face three men.  JBL talks about Henry's past accomplishments and suggests Henry take on four men in a gauntlet and it should happen now.  Henry agrees, if they could find four men willing.

A little clunky but a nice shake-up to the normal routines.  We're about to get a Henry showcase, I would think.

Match #1 - Mark Henry in a Gauntlet match against four men

The Uso Brothers come out first.  Jimmy takes on Henry in the first match.  Henry flattens him in no time and hits him with the World's Strongest Slam.

Henry defeats Jimmy Uso.

Jey tries his luck next.  He gets a similar beatdown,  but escapes a World's Strongest Slam attempt and hits a superkick followed with a wrecking ball.  Jey tries to hold Henry down but gets a flapjack.  Henry hits the World's Strongest Slam for the win.

Henry defeats Jey Uso.

Santino Marella is the next man in the gauntlet.  He gets kicked in the gut and Henry tosses him around a bit, working the gut.

Marella gets a hope spot but the crowd is bored, chanting "boring" then Fandangoing.  Marella hits the Cobra, but it's not enough and he gets the World's Strongest Slam for Henry to get the win.

Henry defeats Santino Marella.

Great Khali comes out with Hornswoggle and Natalya as the final opponent.  They jaw, then Henry backs Khali to the corner.  Khali slaps Henry across the chest to turn the tide.  Khali gets his leg tied up in the ropes and Henry works the hamstring.  Henry keeps up on the leg then tries a splash, but Khali rolls out of the way.  Khali hits a couple chops.

Khali teases the Punjabi Plunge but Henry counters to the World's Strongest Slam.  Khali breaks the count on the ropes though.  Khali chops Henry and he rolls to the floor.

Henry's had enough, and he elects to exit rather than continue.  Khali, Hornswoggle and Natalya celebrate in the ring.

Khali stops Henry from running the gauntlet by count-out.

Meh.  It gave the fans a chance to see Marella and Khali, but it wasn't much else.  The fans even gave it a "boring" chant at one point.

The announcers feed it to a recap of the Paul Heyman/Triple H segment on Monday.  They also hype up the Extreme Rules Triple Threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship between Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger, and Dolph Ziggler.

Interview Segment:

Matt Striker introduces Zeb Colter.  Colter puts over Swagger's chances and insults the fans.  He says "what we obtain cheaply, we value less."  Colter mocks Ziggler's bleach-blond hair and questions his morals and values.

Colter hypes Swagger taking on Del Rio on Smackdown in a No Disqualification match.  Swagger runs out and grabs the mic and yells "We the People."

Colter does a great job of getting heat, but it's not transferring to Swagger.  They really need to move on and give Swagger and Colter something they can really sink teeth into and work better than this.

The Raw Rebound focuses on The Shield attacking Ryback, and Cena then hitting him with the AA after chasing off The Shield.  JBL and Cole hype up Cena and Ryback teaming to face The Shield on Raw next Monday.

To close out the show, they set up a replay of Undertaker, Kane, and Daniel Bryan vs. The Shield on Raw.

That helped make up for the gauntlet match.

Overall, not the best or most entertaining show, but they at least tried to do some different things with it and make it fresh.