Welcome to today's edition of Raw Afterthoughts.  We'll take a more detailed look into last night's show than we can do during a live recap.  Thoughts, questions, and comments?  Feel free to share them below.

I Did It For...

Ryback came clean as to why he attacked WWE Champion John Cena.  I really liked that they did this in a pre-tape.  This kept the live crowd out of it by doing it this way, and it made the crowd pay attention to the content of what he was saying.

Ryback showed good delivery also.  He didn't feel cartoonish or over the top.  He spoke calmly and made his points.

The closing segment when The Shield hit the ring to attack Cena was also well done.  With Ryback standing aside and watching Cena be beaten down, it tied in with his explanation earlier and made him a heel with Cena's fans.

My one gripe with the closing segment is how Cena kept turning his back on Ryback.  Cena needs to face him, which is a good way to sell Ryback as the unstable monster that WWE wants us to believe he is.

The Beast Makes an Impact...

Brock Lesnar made his unscheduled impact early in this one. He arrived to destroy 3MB, then through Paul Heyman issue a challenge for a third match with Triple H.

Lesnar hasn't exactly been unbeaten during this run in WWE.  He has only won one match, his Summer Slam affair with Triple H.  That said, viewers and fans forget all of that when he arrives.  From the music to the chaos and uncertainty his appearance creates, Brock definitely makes an impact.  His beatdowns just feel "real," if that makes sense.

Speaking of impact, Heath Slater sure earned his paycheck last night, taking two big shots off the security barrier from Brock's F5.

Less than Important?

I was very surprised that the Undertaker's appearance to wrestle on Raw next week was treated the way that it was.  They gave it very little hype aside from a graphic and a couple announcer mentions.

They easily could have given Kane and Bryan, the men Taker will partner with, an opportunity to cut a promo after The Shield attacked them.  Even have the announcers really hype that up throughout the night.  Feature video.  Do something more.  Undertaker is legendary, and with his present schedule in this time of his career, for him to appear on Raw is a huge deal.

Quick Hits...

  • Fandangoing really got shoved down our throats last night.  Was it planned to solidify Fandango as a heel?  In a Raw crowd representative of the norm, his theme song gimmick did not make a big splash last night.
  • I guess they had to get to the Swagger/Del Rio/Ziggler triple threat match somehow, but I would have preferred to see Ziggler start winning on a regular basis.
  • Speaking of champions needing wins, it made no sense to me to have R-Truth beat Wade Barrett after Barrett won the title back from Miz last week.
  • There are other tag teams for Team Hell No to face?  We've seen them beat the Prime Time Players a million times.
  • Speaking of tag teams - why can we not give Team Hell No a real feud with Team Rhodes Scholars, culminating with a Rhodes Scholars win?
  • Aside from the obvious jokes about chest size, how can the official not notice the differences in the Bellas' outfits and still count the win in spite of Twin Magic?

That's it for this week. Join me next Monday for more live Raw coverage here on Ring-Rap.com.