Welcome to this week's edition of Raw Afterthoughts.  This is our opportunity to break the show down in more detail than we can during a live recap.  Got thoughts, questions, or comments?  Feel free to leave them below.

A Wish Come True:

In what was by far and away the most meaningful segment on an otherwise "blah" show, three young men named Nicholas, Logan, and Jacob got to live their dream.  The three young boys were granted their wish through Make-A-Wish to be at Monday Night Raw and meet John Cena.

Cena was pitch perfect in the moment and so were the Columbus fans.  They were respectful of the moment by not booing Cena when his music hit and cheering the heck out of these three young boys, letting "The Eliminator," "Nick the Stitch" and "Lightning Logan" have their amazing moment.  And "The Eliminator" may have cut a better promo than a fair portion of the current roster!

Call it PR if you want (and it is to some degree), but these boys will never forget it, and it's definitely a feel-good moment for all involved to bring it together.  Best segment on Raw this year.

A Weakness...

The main event told a sound story on a couple fronts.  First, it established Ryback's opportunity to win at Extreme Rules based around Cena's bad ankle.  Also, they told the story throughout the match of the injury with Daniel Bryan and Kane not being willing to tag Cena in because of his foot injury.  Also at the end, Cena's foot gave out when he set up for the Attitude Adjustment, which led to Roman Reigns getting the spear that gave The Shield the win.

Also they ran a nice spot with Kane.  At one point Kane had Ambrose just about beaten, but instead tossed him to ringside and attempted to go for a maneuver through the table.  This would be retribution for what The Shield did to Undertaker on Smackdown.  It puts some heat on their scheduled Smackdown match this week.

It looks like perhaps we're heading for a Shield / Team Hell No showdown for the tag titles?  If so, they're doing a good job heating the story up.

The Right to Choose...

They opened the show last night with a match that featured Zeb Colter, Ricardo Rodriguez, and Big E Langston.  The winner would earn his respective competitor (either Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio, or Dolph Ziggler) the right to choose the added stipulation for the Extreme Rules match for the World Heavyweight Championship.  I rolled my eyes at this one at first.

Thinking more about it, the match was pretty well laid out.  They didn't put on a technical masterpiece by any means, but the result was not predictable as so much of the night ended up being.  This isn't the kind of thing I would want to see every week, but it accomplished it's purpose and was fun and different on a really "paint by numbers" broadcast.

Quick Hits:

  • Look for a separate piece on the predictability of last night's show.  It's longer than something I would put in this piece.
  • I, for one, did not catch dance fever when Fandango danced off against Great Khali.  I cringed.  I bet the writers backstage laughed their tails off, though.
  • Mark Henry is the World's Strongest Man, but the whole tug-of-war test of strength thing just felt so out of place.  Sheamus getting the better of him so easily also felt out of place.
  • I think the Domino's Pizza folks are re-thinking their product placement after last night.  The way Cole and Lawler sold it, not only does it take a long time to get your pizza from them, but it also ends up in the wrong place.
  • I wonder what the reaction would be if we found out it was Goldust sending Kaitlyn the 'secret admirer' gifts...
  • So all we need now to counter Twin Magic is some complaining?  Are the officials that unable to determine that "two of these things are not like the others" as it pertains to Brie and Nikki?

That's it for this week.  Look for more opinion on Raw to follow this week, and more coverage next Monday right here on Ring-Rap.com.