Welcome to our weekly installment of Raw Afterthoughts, where we go back and look at last night's episode of Raw and break down the major stories and angles in more detail than we normally can during a show recap.  Feel free to comment and add your thoughts as well!

Jerry Lawler:

I have been a wrestling fan for a long time, and I've seen Jerry do his thing for a long time also.  I've enjoyed watching him work in the ring and at the announce table for a long time, even though I have been openly critical at times about him mailing it in of late on Raw.  But that's all on the level of business.  What happened last night was real life.

As has been circulating, Lawler suffered a heart attack during last night's broadcast.  He was tended to by EMTs on scene and taken to a local hospital.  The good news to report, as has been coming in throughout the day, is that Lawler does appear to be stable now and is showing signs of improvement.  Indeed, good to hear.

Ironic in all of this is how good he looked in the ring with Randy Orton earlier in the evening.  He really seemed to be "on" and worked well in that match.  If this is the last time he wrestles, I think he can look at that effort and be proud.

I think I speak on behalf of the rest of the staff here at Ring-Rap by saying we wish nothing but the best to Jerry for a full and speedy recovery.

In light of such a serious incident, just a few quick points for you guys tonight and I'm out.

  • Sheamus and David Otunga were in a horrible spot to have to go on right after things went sour, and you could tell neither man wanted to be there.
  • I'm still not following why Eve is not involved at Night of Champions, unless that changes before Sunday.  Her character is head and shoulders advanced over either woman in the title match, and quite frankly Eve might just be the better wrestler of the three.
  • CM Punk and Randy Orton had a very good match and the non-finish did a good job of selling the Ziggler/Orton match that will go down on Sunday along with the title matches.
  • Heyman's involvement as an advisor to Punk was good.  I got leery at first that Heyman would be talking for Punk (something Punk doesn't need), but this might work well.  I may have passed judgment on it too quickly.
  • Finally, John Cena showed some great fire and won over a few fans I think with his promo at the end of the show.  All three guys did their part at the end, and Bret getting a shot in on Punk didn't really hurt Punk at all, in my opinion.

That's it for this week, folks.  Join us on Sunday night for Night of Champions results and coverage and be back with us next Monday night for more live Raw coverage here on Ring-Rap.com.