Battleground went down last night.  If you followed our live coverage, you know that John Cena retained the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a Fatal Four Way match. The Authority isn't happy about this though, so will Triple H engage his "Plan B" to bring the title back to the Authority?  Does this mean Brock Lesnar, or Seth Rollins?  Which man tries his hand to take the title away from Cena next.  But will Cena even be there?  Rumor has it, he is filming movie scenes for a comedy that will come out  next year and will miss Raw tonight.

Show Open, Live from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL

Cold open in the arena, and we get Triple H's famous "King of Kings" refrain as Justin Roberts introduces him to the ring.  Cole tells us that an Authority member did not win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship last night and Cena retained.  Triple H is not amused as he comes to the ring.  Cole says that Triple H will name Cena's new #1 Contender tonight and that news was released on earlier.

Hunter says he was walking around backstage all day and no one wants to look him in the eye.  He says they're acting as if he will blow a gasket over John Cena retaining the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  He admits he's angry today and madder that he has been in a long time but he has options on how to handle this.  He says he is going to tweet his displeasure.  He says he might even Instagram or Vine.  He says whatever characters he gets he will riot, and if that doesn't work him and "his friend Mark" will stop watching.

He keeps naming options, firing everyone and firing the fans.  "Or, I can just relax, knowing sooner or later I always win."  He says if he has to wait four more weeks til SummerSlam to win, so be it.  Like a true genius once said, he can guarandamntee that Cena will no longer be the champion.  But, the question is "who" gets the opportunity.  Randy Orton's music hits and he comes out with a mic.

Orton says "are we gonna do this?" and reminds Hunter of his rematch coming to him from Wrestlemania.  He says if H puts him in a one on one match with Cena he will beat him.  H says Orton makes a compelling argument and he is the front runner, but he is going to give the entire roster an opportunity to convince him.  He says he wants someone to impress him, go the extra mile, and show him how bad they want it.

Orton interjects, saying that if Kane would have done his job, he would be standing there as champion.  Kane's pyro hits and here he comes to the ring.  Cole reminds us that at times Kane appeared to help Orton last night, but in the end it was every man for himself.  Kane calmly says he hopes he is being considered because he knows he can beat Cena and bring the title back to the Authority - as long as he's not acting as Orton's protector.  "I am tired of babysitting."

Roman Reigns' music hits, and here he comes through the crowd.  Cole talks about Reigns giving an interview where he said he came close, but now he's going to come up with a new game plan.  He tells them that if they're going to have a conversation about the title his name should be in it.  "Last time I checked, no one wants to see John Cena vs. Kane, and no one wants to see Randy Orton vs. John Cena again."  He says they want to see Cena vs. Reigns - "believe that!"  He hits Kane with the Superman punch as Orton and Hunter escape.

Triple H says he believes that Reigns is going to have a match, against Kane and Randy Orton.  That match will be next!

This was a decent segment.  The jabs at internet fans were funny, but one should not mock frustrated fans.  I didn't understand why he went there, really.  I hate to say it, but the Authority dynamic is wearing out.  Kane and Orton have just fallen to "hapless henchmen" at this point, despite failing Hunter with stacking the odds in their favor every time.

Match #1 - Randy Orton and Kane vs. Roman Reigns

Orton and Kane in control when we come out of break after Roman Reigns gets some offense in.  Orton and Kane are forced to tag in and tag out for this one.  Orton works over Reigns, but Reigns comes back with a Samoan Drop.  Orton tags out to Kane, who continues to lean on Reigns.  Reigns goes through the ropes, and Kane goes out to give chase.  Kane sets up a whip to the stairs, but Reigns reverses it and Kane eats it instead.  We go to break.

Orton stomps on Reigns and covers for two, then tags Kane in.  Kane throws an elbow to get two, then Orton tags back in and stomps away some more.  A drop kick gets Reigns two.  King says that there's no way that Triple H would pick Roman Reigns to face Cena.  Reigns starts another rally with a headbutt and a Samoan Drop.  Kane tags in and takes a couple of clotheslines and  right hands.    Kane ends up on the ropes and Reigns hits his kick on the apron.  Reigns cues up the Superman punch but Orton distracts him, allowing Kane to hit a big boot.

Kane offers a tag, and Orton refuses.  Orton mouths something that causes Kane to turn around and goozle him.  Reigns hits a Superman punch on Kane, then spears him for the win. Orton walks away as Cole says it was impressive.  Orton smiles and starts back to the ring, but he backs away.  JBL says that his career has impressed the boss while Cole and King call Orton 'the runner.'

Why should I care about Orton and Kane's issues with how they've  been handled of late.  Reigns winning was expected really, and it wasn't an overcoming of the odds really.  DId he gain something here?  Hard to say.

Chris Jericho will host the Highlight Reel, and his guest is Bray Wyatt.  Next though, is a four on one Divas handicap match, with Nikki Bella facing Cameron, Eva Mrie, Alicia Fox, and Rosa Mendes.

Backstage, the four ladies are together when Stephanie appears for a pep talk.  She says not only will they name Cena's #1 Contender but the four of them will annihilate NIkki Bella and send Brie a message.  She asks if they're ready and they cheer.

I just don't care about this.  They've given me no reason to care about Nikki Bella at all.  No connection with the fans at all.  And in all of this, why isn't John Cena rescuing his alleged girlfriend?

Match #2 - Nikki Bella vs. Rosa Mendes, Alicia Fox, Cameron, and Eva Marie; 4 on 1 Handicap Match

The heels come out first.  Cole says this is the result of a conflict between Brie and Stephanie at Payback.  They roll the footage of what went down that night.  Nikki walks out with a sense of trepidation, but Brie is on the front row and she hugs her.  Interesting.  That draws Stephanie McMahon's music and here she comes to the stage.  She comes out and mocks - calling her "the quitter" and says that it's so interesting to see her there tonight.  She says she went from being world famous to being just another face in the crowd.

She insults her some more, calling her the wife of the "B+ Player" Daniel Bryan.  Stephanie tells her that she quit to save Bryan's championship, but Bryan is now on the shelf. "Smart move there, Brie."  She tells Brie that Nikki was going to get demolished because of her.

Brie calls Stephanie a bitch off mic.  Stephanie calls for security but Brie produces a ticket.  Stephanie makes up a comment that she's blocking the view of other fans.  Brie grabs the mic and calls Stephanie a vindicitive bitch.  Stephanie slaps Brie, and Brie tries to go over the barrier at her.  Security hauls her off.

Stephanie orders the match to start, and the four gang up on Nikki.  Alicia hits Nikki with a scissor kick and pins her.  Afterward, Stephanie tells Nikki she will eventually quit like her sister did.

The angle to set up the expected Stephanie/Brie SummerSlam angle, but Nikki isn't gaining anything from this.  I am betting Nikki joins Stephanie to get revenge on Brie at some point.

The announcers hype Flo-Rida appearing.

Ugh...sorry, he's not my cup of tea.

Match #3 - Bo Dallas vs. Damien "Lebron James" Sandow

Sandow cuts a promo, talking about how Lebron went back to Cleveland.  He tells Bo that he should do like Lebron did and leave.  Sandow goes off quickly against Dallas, hitting him with a suplex.  Sandow keeps up the offense as the announcers debate whether James is going to wear #6 or #23 in Cleveland.

Sandow sets up for the Elbow of Disdain, yelling "Cleveland, I'm coming home!"  Dallas avoids, then hits the Bo-Dog to win.  Dallas does his victory lap as JBL melts down, comparing him to the 1972 undefeated Dolphins.

Miami wasn't bothered all that much with the Lebron stuff.  I guess they weren't all that interested in playing along with the Sandow stuff.  Nothing about this was all that inspiring and I just feel like WWE has no idea what to do with him.  He did nothing out of the ordinary but his celebration.

They hype up Fozzy's new album release, then the Highlight Reel, which is coming up next.

The Highlight Reel with the Wyatts

They show the setup in the ring, but tell us that Jericho was attacked during the break by the Wyatts.  Wyatt does his city-specific entrance and comes out to a sea of cellphone lights.  The announcers tell us that Jericho is being tended to backstage and we get to see the footage from the App.

Wyatt starts off saying "Welcome to the highlight reel.  Your host is 'indisposed.' and he laughs.  Wyatt hit Jericho with the Sister Abigail into a wall, then says "Sooner or later, they all fall down."  Back live, Wyatt asks where Jericho is.  "Surprise,  he's not here for you.  But you know who is?  I am."  He says he has been there for the fans every day since he has been around.  He says that fans think because Jericho had his arm raised last night he is better.  Wyatt asks if he would concern himself with such petty things.

He puts over that it was a battle, and he's more concerned about the war.  He says the family has defeated giants and brought heroes to their knees.  He asks Jericho if he knows who he is dealing with.  He puts himself over as the eater of worlds and says he is the monster everyone says he is.  He says he can't be measured by the same rules.  Ever since last night, it has recurred to him which is something that Abigail told him.  He says he should be careful chasing vengeance, because he will need to dig two graves - one for his enemy and one for himself.  He says he is forever..."follow, the buzzards."  Bizzare cut-out.

Basic follow-up.  Wyatt cut a good promo and the backstage angle made sense.  No mention of any follow up with Harper and Rowan and The Usos.

Backstage, trainers are tending to Jericho who is bleeding from the ear.  The announcers say they will try to get an update throughout the night.

The announcers hype Triple H making his #1 contender decision, then show Flo-Rida appearing and shaking hands and hugging stars backstage.  He will perform later.  Not that I'm all that into this guy. If he's your thing, awesome.

Miz gets his entrance before the break, being introduced as the new Intercontinental Champion.

That outfit looked like something Disco Inferno might wear....

Out of break, they recap the Battle Royale from last night where Miz won the Intercontinental Championship.

Match #4 - The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler

As Ziggler comes to the ring they show a tweet from Miz celebrating his IC title win.  Miz rolls out as Ziggler tries to go after him.  Miz keeps doing the "avoid" tactic until Dolph gives chase.  Ziggler gets a hand in, but Miz rolls back out to the barrier.  Dolph goes after him, clubbing him in the back and threatening to dump him face first to the steps but Miz blocks.

Miz kicks Ziggler as he re-enters.  They go through a roll-up sequence for two counts, then Dolph drops the "heart stopper" elbows.  Miz kicks Ziggler down then locks on a headlock.  Awkward exchange of hip tosses, then another awkward exchange in the ropes where Ziggler ends up on the apron.  Ziggler backdrops Miz out onto the apron too in yet another awkward spot.  Dolph charges Miz, and he flips him into the ring post.  Commercial break.

Back live, Miz is controlling the action.  Ziggler throws some shots to start a rally but Miz knees him down.  You hear Miz talking about taking shots at his face and in a sheer moment of irony JBL defends him.  Ziggler rolls Miz up for two but Miz starts stomping away, then tries for his running clothesline in the corner but Dolph moves.  Both men sell.

Ziggler starts a rally with some clotheslines and a neckbreaker.  Miz rolls Ziggler up for two, then Ziggler comes back with a backslide for two.  Miz hits a running neckbreaker for two and both men sell again.  Ziggler tries for the Fameasser, but Miz counters and rolls through to try for the Figure Four.  Ziggler comes back with the Fameasser for two.

Miz comes back with a flurry for another near fall as King says Miz's head is so big he needs to wash his hair in Niagra Falls.  Miz works the leg setting up the Figure Four.  He tries to lock it on but Ziggler goes small package to get two.  Miz goes back to it again and gets the Figure Four this time.  Ziggler breaks it in the ropes and Miz holds it as long as he can.

Miz tries for it again, but this time Dolph gets the Fameasser for a near fall.  Miami thinks it's awesome - not quite, guys.  Ziggler tries for the Zig Zag but Miz counters and tries for the Skull Crushing Finale.  Dolph counters out of that and hits the Zig Zag to get the win.  Miz rolls out and recovers as Dolph celebrates, then Justin Roberts says "and still, your Intercontinental Champion, The Miz."

A good match - not awesome as Miami chanted - but it showed WWE is right back into their "mid card champion loses regularly" routine.

Backstage, Triple H is addressing someone, and it's Seth Rollins.  He says there's no reason for him to face Cena because he's the Money in the Bank holder.  Triple H tells him that he has the cards.  Rollins says every time he tries to play that hand, Ambrose is there to stop him.  He wants to stop Ambrose for good.  Cesaro appears.

He puts himself over and says if anyone should be the contender it should be him.  He says if Triple H puts him in the title match, he will get the job done.  He says he knows Triple H is all about business, and he made a business decision.  He says he's no longer a Heyman guy, he wants to be a Triple H guy.  Rollins objects, saying Hunter has a guy.

Hunter says this is awkward, but then makes a proposal.  He dubs Ambrose a piece of unfinished business.  He tells Cesaro if he wants a match tonight against Ambrose, and take care of that unfinished business, that would impress him.  Cesaro tells him to consider it done and leaves.  Hunter says "let's see what he's got." and Rollins shrugs in agreement.

Interesting now that Cesaro is out from under Heyman.  Will he turn face now?

We get a recap of the Divas Championship match last night.

Match #5 - Paige and AJ (c) vs. Natalya and Emma

No entrance for Natalya and Emma.  Full throat "CM Punk" chants as AJ starts with Emma.  Shut up already!  Collar and elbow tie up into some rope running.  Emma rolls AJ up for a one count.  Roll sequence gets two for AJ.  Emma tries to lock on her Dil-Emma in the ropes on Paige.

Natalya takes the tag, then locks Paige in the sharpshooter.  Paige crawls to the corner and gets the tag, and AJ hits Natalya with the Shining Wizard.  She locks on the Black Widow to get the win.

Afterward, AJ celebrates with the belt.  Paige calls her into the ring and raises her arm, then attacks her.  A series of headbutts, then Paige tosses her to ringside.  She throws AJ into the ring post then yells "I told you this was my house!"  Paige gets some decent heat for turning on AJ here.  AJ gets tossed over the announce table and Paige yells at her "my house, AJ!"  Paige skips away as the trainer tends to AJ.

This was something I expected to see, but it was effective.  For a woman, Paige got some good heat for turning on AJ who gets face cheers.  So clearly, they are setting up Paige vs. AJ for SummerSlam, and hopefully it will be a good match that is given decent time.  One can hope they give them some better some storyline support going forward now though.

Back live, Fandango is dancing in the ring.  He says he's a shoe-in to be Triple H's pick to face John Cena.  He gets to face the surefire lock, Zack Ryder.  Sarcasm intended.  He comes out with Layla and Summer Rae.  Can this story be any stupider? 

Match #6 - Zack Ryder (w/Layla and Summer Rae) vs. Fandango

They say that Summer and Layla are referring to themselves as Slayers.  Yes, this is a direct Beautiful People rip-off if you follow their Twitter ("SLAY").   Fandango controls Ryder in the early going as JBL says that Ryder would have no idea what to do with the ladies.  Ryder tries a missile drop kick but Fandango avoids.  In the end, Ryder hits the Rough Ryder.  Fandango gets his foot on the rope, but Layla pushes it off so Ryder gets the win.  The ladies dance with Ryder as Fandango sells outside the ring.

What a disaster of a situation here.  Can this story just end?  Please?

They recap the angle between Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon earlier in the show.  The announcers argue over whether it's right or wrong as to what went on with Brie and Stephanie.

Backstage, Renee Young is with Flo-Rida.  She interviews him and talks about his performance from Wrestlemania 28.  He says maybe Triple H will be so impressed that he will put Flo-Rida in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  Heath Slater walks in and asks if he remembers him.  He says Flo-Rida put his hands on him and he's there to return the favor.  A shoving match ensues, that Flo-Rida wins.

Ugh.  Way to bury a regular roster talent - regardless of his position - by having a music star shove him down.

In-Ring Segment:

Stephanie introduces Flo-Rida.  He starts his music performance with a pyro blast.  Doesn't look like the crowd cares all that much, hard to tell through my TV.  This is why I watch professional wrestling, so lame ass music acts can come on and sing to me.  Anyhow.

He finishes his medley of songs and Stephanie asks for another round of applause.  The announcers put over his performance then talk about Triple H's decision for the #1 Contender.  They stop talking as detectives are talking to Stephanie.  It's very serious as there's miranda rights involved.  Someone in WWE security keeps trying to get involved but they back him off.  They question her about the slapping earlier, and she admits to it.  The detectives arrest her, and that draws a pop from the crowd.  Brie taunts her as Stephanie is hauled away in cuffs.

Stephanie is embarrassed, and tells them she didn't have to cuff her out there.  She jaws at the detectives as they lead her away.  Cole recaps it then they go backstage to show Stephanie being led away.  Hunter tries to interject but the officers back him off.  Hunter tells her that he's getting "Jerry" on the phone and tells the officers these are "career decisions."   He tells her to relax and he will have her out of there in five minutes.

Well now.  I guess this is a continued build to that Stephanie vs. Brie match...interesting.

Triple H is scrambling to leave when "Joey" asks him about the decision.  Hunter says family comes first, and goes to leave.  He pauses and says they'll have to process her and print her, so he tells Joey to go hold the car and he will leave as soon as he makes the decision.

Match #7 - Big E and Kofi Kingston vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel

Rybaxel is in the ring as Big E and Kofi get their entrances.  Big E and Ryback lock up to start as Cole recaps The Usos win over Harper and Rowan last night.  Big E gets the better of Ryback and attempts to run the ropes but Axel distracts him.  Big E knocks away Axel only to turn into a spinebuster from Ryback.  That allows the heels to take control.  Ryback hits a suplex as Ryback controls Big E with clubbing blows and a belly to belly suplex.

Ryback sets up the Meathook, but Big E explodes out of the corner with a clothesline of his own.  Big E gets the hot tag to Kofi, who leaps in with a springboard move and a drop kick.  Kofi hits the SOS for a near fall that Axel breaks up.  Big E takes Axel to the outside.  Kofi hits a cross body, but Ryback rolls it through and gets the win.

Xavier Woods appears and says this is what he has been talking about.  He tells them they can't move ahead by doing what they're told and kissing babies and shaking hands.  He tells them it's our time to find focus and order.  "Together it is our time to find purpose.  We do not ask any longer, now we take."

Well, that was pretty random with Woods.  Admittedly, it's intriguing to see something happen with Kofi at least.  Not sure where that's all going.

Triple H is on the phone backstage talking to someone describing what happened to Stephanie as we go to break.

Match #8 - Rusev (w/Lana) vs. The Great Khali

Rusev does his whole entrance gimmick, and he's favoring his ankle from being locked in the Patriot Lock last night.  Strong USA chants as Lana starts her promo.  She doesn't get far until The Great Khali comes out.  Khali walks worse than Rusev does and he wasn't in the Patriot Lock.

Rusev works a couple clubbing blows and backs off.  Slap in the corner from Khali, then Rusev works clubbing blows as a comeback.  Series of shoulder blocks but Khali comes back with more slaps.  Rusev lands some shots, but Khali chops him.  At the ropes, Rusev kicks Khali near the head and knocks him down, then hits his thrust kick to a kneeling Khali.  Lana calls for the crush, and Rusev locks on the Accolade for the submission win.

Chop-Chop-Crush.  Pretty formula.  No promo from Lana in light of several mainstream media outlets picking up on last night's comments on pay per view.

They show a clip of Sheamus appearing on Royal Pains.

Backstage, Stardust is doing his gimmick, saying there's no way to know where they're going.  Goldust appears and says only the stars that shine brightest can be seen and only they can be the brightest and most bizzarre.  Goldust says "they" have it and they need it.  It's calling their names and they each say their names.

A bit weird and still not sure where this one is going.

Match #8 - Cesaro vs. Dean Ambrose

Ambrose gets his entrance before the break.  Cole says he had three brawls with Seth Rollins last night.  Back live, we get a recap (again) of the Stephanie/Brie angle earlier, then Stephanie getting arrested and hauled off to jail a couple segments ago. Renee Young is backstage and says she is scheduled for an arraignment for battery and charges for resisting arrest.

To the matter at hand.  Cesaro got his entrance during the break, and he goes right to work on the arm of Ambrose.  Ambrose battles back briefly, but Ambrose keeps focusing on the arm.  Ambrose sends Cesaro outside and throws him into the security barrier.  Cesaro kicks him coming back in then throws him to the ring post.  The fight spills outside briefly while Orton and Rollins watch on a monitor as Triple H talks on the phone.

Back in the ring, Cesaro focuses on Ambrose's arm.  The announcers talk about Cesaro cutting ties with Heyman. Cesaro holds on a keylock as Ambrose works back to his feet.  Strike exchange, then Cesaro lands a big hand that sends Ambrose to the corner.  Ambrose comes back with a bunch of right hands and throws Cesaro to the floor.  Ambrose tries a dive, but Cesaro hits an uppercut.  Commercial. 

Back live, Cesaro continues to work the arm.  Ambrose mounts a little offense but takes a German suplex with a bridge for two.  Ambrose goes up but takes a big boot from Cesaro.    Cesaro goes up and tries a superplex, but Ambrose headbutts him down and follows with a missile drop kick.  Running cross body from Ambrose leads to corner shoulder blocks.  Cesaro whips him in but Ambrose comes back with a tornado DDT for two.

Cesaro tries a keylock again but Ambrose uses the momentum to run him into the corner.  He rolls Cesaro up for two, then sends Cesaro to the floor, following with a suicide dive.  Ambrose hits a big clothesline back in the ring for two.  Cesaro comes back with a big clothesline of his own for two.   Cesaro charges Ambrose in the corner but eats a foot.  Ambrose goes up top, but Cesaro kicks him and Ambrose gets tied up in a tree of woe spot.  Ambrose gets stomped on.

Ambrose comes back with a few shots to the post for Cesaro.  Ambrose goes out for a chair and smashes Cesaro with it.  This match is over with a DQ at this point.  Ambrose sits on one of the chair and motions that his arm is okay.

Backstage, Renee Young wants to get a word with Triple H.  He says he's on his way to make the announcement in the ring.  Renee asks if he should be with Stephanie, and he steps back to her but says nothing.

In Ring Segment:

It's decision time for Triple H.  He introduces us to John Cena's challenger for SummerSlam, and Randy Orton's music hits.  Miami boos - not sure if that's disinterest or what.  Triple H's look isn't clear though.  Roman Reigns attacks Orton outside the ring though, throwing Orton into the crowd.  They brawl through the fans and toward the back.  Triple H looks frustrated.  Miami wants Lesnar.

Here comes Paul Heyman, which draws a cheer.  He addresses Triple H, saying he knows how much respect he has for him.  He says Plan A isn't working with Randy Orton as long as Roman Reigns is around.  Plan B of Seth Rollins is fine but Dean Ambrose is going to stop him every time.  He says that the Authority needs to make the dangerous choice of "Plan C" and motions to the backstage area.  Here comes Brock Lesnar to a cheer.

Cole reminds us that Lesnar ended the Undertaker's streak and broke Triple H's arm.  Lesnar circles the ring, staring at Triple H.  He leaps up on the ring and enters with Heyman.  Off mic, Heyman pleads with Hunter and he thinks about it.  They shake hands, and there's some words exchanged off mic.  Heyman smiles.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman and my client, Brock Lesnar, conquered Undertaker's undefeated streak at Wrestlemania.  This is why my client officially announces his intention to conquer John Cena and take the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam."  Heyman goes on and says his client acknowledges the divide that permeates the WWE Universe.  He says there are those who wear green t-shirts and scream at the top of their lungs "Let's go Cena."  He says there are also those who scream "Cena sucks!"

He says Lesnar doesn't care which side of the fence one rides on, but this "malpracticing doctor of thuganomics"  is in for a beating of a lifetime.  He feeds it to a recap of what happened the last time Lesnar zeroed in on someone and decided to give them a beating.  The roll footage of Lesnar winning at Wrestlemania 30.

Back live, Heyman says that the beating was so severe that Vince rode to the hospital with the Undertaker to make sure he was okay.  He says that Lesnar is not the typical villain who will allow Cena to escape by laying the title down and walking away.  He says that Cena will not escape this beating.  He will beat, mangle, and injure Cena.  Then and only then, he will F-5 John Cena and strip him of the dignity of being the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, just like Lesnar stripped the Undertaker of the Streak, proving it was just a myth.

Heyman talks about Cena's 15 title reigns over ten years, and says that sounds like something worth conquering.  Heyman cites a Pledge of Allegiance style rhyme.  One last time Heyman says he is the one behind the one in 21-1.  "At SummerSlam, my client, Brock Lesnar, will beat John Cena and become the WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World."

Cole says Triple H's guarantee is looking pretty good.  Lesnar smirks in the ring as King admits the Heyman tirade may have convinced him.  The camera focuses in on Lesnar as the show ends.

This was good work by Heyman on the mic.  It was a bit predictable and expected that Lesnar would be the guy to return, but they pulled it off well.  The one problem was that John Cena didn't appear tonight.  As mentioned, he's filming movie parts and missed the show tonight.  He could have at least appeared via satellite or something?  None the less, this was a good promo to start a build to SummerSlam.

Remember, Cena and Lesnar had a recent bout, and it was really physical.  I'm surprised they didn't bring this up.  Perhaps they will let people figure it out for themselves, or it will be brought up.  They have some good footage there to show the physicality of that match and how it all went down.

I wanted more from this show.  This is the launch into Summerslam, a scant four weeks out.  They needed to deliver better than they did.  Aside from Flo-Rida and Zack Ryder beating Fandango, nothing was horribly offensive, but it  just lacked punch.  I understand you don't want to shoot all the guns off at once, but they could have given us some more here as we start toward SummerSlam.

I'll have more to say on this show in Raw Afterthoughts tomorrow night, and we'll discuss it on RingRap Audio on Wednesday as well.  Be sure to tweet us your thoughts and questions, or hit us up on our Facebook or GooglePlus pages with your own questions and thoughts.  Thanks for following tonight.