WWE is in Las Vegas, NV tonight on the heels of a solid SummerSlam effort in Los Angeles last night.  Brock Lesnar decimated John Cena to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  What's next for the Beast?  Will he merge the title belts as he teased in a TMZ interview today?  And Stephanie McMahon came out on top, through nefarious means, over Brie Bella.  Does this mean more gloating from the (already stale) Authority, and will Brie attempt to get revenge on her sister Nikki for turning?

Show Open, Live from the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, NV:

Notable in the show open are revisions to the graphics to incorporate the new WWE Network logo.  They roll into a recap package of SummerSlam that is themed as a movie trailer, highlighting Jericho vs. Wyatt, Rollins vs. Ambrose, Steph vs. Brie and Lesnar vs. Cena.

Live inside the arena, Daniel Bryan's music hits, which draws a reaction, but out comes Stephanie dancing and "yes!" chanting as if Bryan would in his entrance.  Cole recounts her win at SummerSlam as JBL has a verbal orgasm over the fact that we get Stephanie to open the show.  She thanks the fans for chanting her name as she came to the ring - "Steph! Steph! Steph!"

She says that they've been monitoring social media and watched the reaction to last night's event.  She says a lot of fans felt that SummerSlam was actually better than Wrestlmania, to which some fans boo.  She says that one of the reasons why is that there is a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion - "Brrooockk  Lesnarrr!"  Some more boos for that.  She tells us that later on they will present Lesnar with a new title belt.

Steph goes on to wish John Cena a speedy recovery, and questions how he will recover from the beating that he took.  Steph says Cena is not the only one that had to recover.  She says Chris Jericho has to recover from the lesson in humility he was given by Bray Wyatt, and Dean Ambrose learned why Seth Rollins is Mr. Money in the Bank. 

She says that "by far, the biggest loser of the night was my opponent Brie Bella."  Steph says that Brie learned that you don't mess with the Authority mentally, emotionally, or physically.  She tells the fans that they can relive that, and all of SummerSlam on the WWE Network for only $9.99.  The fans chant along with that.

She says she didn't do it alone, and thanks Triple H.  She says that he is her rock, and he's always been faithful to her, unlike Daniel Bryan.  She helps us relive that awful cheating segment one more time and reminds us what happened with the therapist that we all want to forget about.  She says that while Brie has a sweet exterior, she only cares about herself.

Stephanie introduces Nikki to talk about this some more.  Nikki stumbles over her heels out on the ramp but makes it to the ring.  She hugs Stephanie and Steph says it takes a lot for Nikki to stand up to someone who has been abusing her for so long.

Audio botch with the mic, but they get it ironed out.  Nikki says the Bellas were to team against the world, but Brie has never been about that.  "Brie is selfish and manipulative."  Nikki says Brie always blamed her when they got in trouble as ids and she's always competed with her.  Nikki says she's tired of Brie saying she will never have children or be married.

"In all honesty, I won in that situation."  Nikki says before taking a shot at "that goat faced Daniel Bryan."  Nikki says her heart is broken over that situation and she stands tall on her own two feet.  "I can say that I lost a sister but I never really had one.  Without the burden of Brie around my neck I am free, and it feels so damn good."

Brie Bella makes her way to the ring and she looks serious.  She confronts Nikki and backs her toward a corner.  I've lost my audio (thankfully).  A brief "yes" chant surfaces but doesn't get traction.  Brie tells Nikki they're sisters and she loves her.  "You have destroyed our family." Brie says she can still forgive her.

You could forgive me?"  Nikki slaps Brie and says she'd never forgive her.  The fans tell Nikki she sold out and Brie sobs and leaves.  She stops at the stage, looks back, and walks out of sight.

The announcers hype up that Luke Harper and Erick Rowan will be facing Mark Henry and Big Show, next.

Dear God...they HAD to open with that?  Get that crap off my television.  Open with Lesnar and Heyman, hell, open with Ziggler and Miz...anything but this bullshit.  Took my entire interest in tonight's show right out from under me.  What a trainwreck.  Nikki and Brie were absolutely terrible and nowhere near believable.

Worth saying though is the new-look graphics and WWE logo.  It all looks very sleek and clean and much different.  Not only that, but it makes everything the same across all platforms now and there's something to be said for brand unity like that.

Out of break, we get a recap of the previous trainwreck segment before our first match.

Match #1 - Erick Rowan and Luke Harper vs. Big Show and Mark Henry

Wyatt cut in, and here comes the Wyatt brothers to a sea full of cellphone lights.  Henry and Show come out together to Big Show's music.  We have a German announce team for Raw now.  They say German words.  Henry starts off with Rowan, controlling him in the corner as the match gets underway.  Fans chant Sexual Chocolate.  Show and Henry are controlling the action going into the break.

Out of the break, Show sells for the Wyatts, who take turns with frequent tags.  Rowan slams Big Show, and that draws a reaction from the live crowd and the announcers.  Rowan covers for a near fall.  Big Show comes back with a DDT and gets the hot tag to Henry.  Henry goes off on Rowan, setting up for the World's Strongest Slam.  Harper gets in the ring and hits a boot, knocking Rowan onto Henry for a two count.  The Wyatts team up for a double team move, but Show gets back into the fray.  He hits Harper with the Weapon of Mass Destruction punch, bounces off the ropes and gives Rowan a shot.

Rowan falls into Henry, who snatches him up and hits the World's Strongest Slam for the win.  They pose after the match.

The slam was pretty throw-away, but the match was fun.  It should be a big moment when that happens but it just won't be a talking point after this match.  I guess the way the announcers played it up, the Usos may get to see Henry and Show maybe as soon as Night of Champions.

The announcers tell us that Miz has already exercised his rematch clause for the Intercontinental Championship, and that match against Dolph Ziggler is coming up later.  Also, Randy Orton and Rybaxel will face Roman Reigns, Sheamus and Rob Van Dam.  Up next, we get to relive the (very good) lumberjack match between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose from last night.

Backstage, Ric Flair talks with Dolph Ziggler.  Miz interrupts and says that tonight it's a sequel and the hero reclaims what is his and the Intercontinental Championship comes back to an "A-Lister."  Dolph tells him he's not an A-Lister, he's just an A--Hole.  Flair likes it and says "Wooo!"

At the announce position, Cole and company talk about the lumberjack match between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.  Cole recaps that the lumberjacks got involved as did Kane, and that allowed Rollins to use the briefcase to get the win.  Backstage, Rollins is with Renee Young.  He says it feels so good to have won last night.  He stepped inside Ambrose's "wall of flesh" and didn't run, and emerged victorious.  He puts himself over as the future World Champion and future of the business.

From off camera, he gets doused with a bucket of ice water.  It's Ambrose.  He says "what?  It's for charity."  then attacks Rollins.  They brawl until agents pull them apart.

Back live, we get a recap of the brawl we just saw between Rollins and Ambrose.

Backstage, Triple H and Kane are conferring when Seth Rollins barges in saying that Ambrose is out of control and has to be dealt with.  Triple H tells Rollins to relax and tells him he has a rematch with Ambrose later tonight.  Triple H says the fans will get to pick the stipulation, and says that when Rollins finishes off Ambrose, he won't be a martyr and the blood will be on the fans' hands.

Match #2 - Natalya vs. Paige

Natty is in the ring smirking as Paige gets her entrance - no televised entrance for her.  Cole and King narrate over still photos from AJ vs. Paige from last night.  Paige gets a mic and says that she respects and loves AJ.  She says she dedicates tonight's match to "her little AJ."

Fireman's carry take over from Natty, then a jackknife cover.  Paige kicks Natayla in the  back of the head as Cole tells us that we'll find out the choices of stipulation for Ambrose vs. Rollins after this match.  Paige mounts Natalya for some offense to some "horny male demo" reactions.  AJ's music hits and she comes out to skip around the ring.  Natalya rolls up Paige for the win.

Paige rants in the ring and AJ just looks kind of innocent at ringside.  She gets a mic to cut a promo.  AJ wants to say that she respects Paige and loves her.  She says she dedicates her life to Paige.  She says she needs to get in the ring and shake her hand, but Paige ducks out of the ring with a confused look on her face.  AJ looks a bit crazy as the fans chant for CM Punk.

Simple, apparent story continuation for these two as we head to Night of Champions.  Pretty forgettable though.

The announcers set up the stipulations for us for Ambrose vs. Rollins.  Vote now on the app!  It's either No Holds Barred, Falls Count Anywhere, or No Disqualification.  Vote now on the App!  King says Rollins can't like any of these choices.

Cole says that Brock Lesnar will be presented the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship next.

A WWE Network ad airs, with The Rock narrating it. Cole hypes original programming, and JBL hypes up all the pay per views available.  And all for $9.99.  Really!

In-Ring Segment:

Triple H's "King of Kings" refrain hits, and here comes Stephanie McMahon and Triple H yet again.  Stephanie has completely changed her gear as she's in a gown now as opposed to jeans and a t-shirt.  Cole recaps the opening segment that I am really trying hard to forget.  Steph applauds Hunter in her obnoxious snotty rich girl way.

Hunter calls tonight a historic night.  He calls last night's SummerSlam the greatest night in the history of WWE - not only because "my beautiful wife returned to the ring after ten years victorious" but also because of the historic WWE World Heavyweight Championship match.  Two men stood in the ring and gave everything they had to represent the WWE going forward into the future.  Hunter reveals the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Pretty much the same belt with the new Network logo and there's some boos.  Hunter introduces the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar.  Out comes Lesnar with Heyman in tow, and he gets some cheers.  As Lesnar comes to the ring JBL says it's one of the most dominating performances he's seen ever.  The Authority, Heyman and Lesnar take turns to each side of the ring posing with the belt.  There are some "Lesnar" chants from the vocal males.  Hunter raises his arm - ironic given Lesnar has broken his arms twice.

The Authority exits, and Heyman's all smiles as they gawk over the belt.  More "thank you Lesnar" chants as Heyman starts.  "Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman."   He says his client conquered the title holder, which affords him the opportunity to claim himself the advocate for the "reigning, defending, undisputed, WWE World Heavyweight Champion of the world, Brock Lesnar."

He says he wants to get down to business and says his client has authorized him to reveal a secret that even the Authority might not want revealed.  He says John Cena is not in Las Vegas - that draws a cheer.  He says Cena would be present if he could, but Cena can't physically appear because of Brock Lesnar.  Lesnar says off mic that he loves hearing that and wants Heyman to say it again.

Heyman says he has been in the business since he was 14 and has not seen the ass kicking that Lesnar laid on Cena last night.  He says it's not just any superstar, but the top superstar of a generation.  He says that The Rock's run on top was legendary but only 3-1/2 years.  Stone Cold's run was only 4 years.  But there's one constant every year, one guy in the title picture for the past ten years, and that's John Cena.  He says any other man after 30 seconds would have turned and handed the title over.

He says he had the best seat in the house and witnessed the suffering and says he got it.  He says even his own children are Cena fans - which pisses him off - but he finally gets it.  He says Cena took a heinous beating and when he says "never give up" he means it.  He says he respects John Cena now, and goes on to say that if he had time on his hands he would make Cena a Heyman Guy.

"Unfortunately, my client does not share these opinions."  Heyman say Lesnar turned Cena into a martyr.  He boasts that Undertaker's Streak and career, along with Hustle, Loyalty and Respect, and Cena, both died at the hands of Lesnar.  He says anyone who steps in the ring with Lesnar now is just a man, and just a challenger.  "My client is not a man, he is a beast and he will lay wreckage to any man that tries to take the title away from him."

He says if fans are too cheap, ignorant or blind to spend the $9.99 on the Network, let him recap.  He says that Lesnar laid waste to Cena, and this is basic Brock-a-nomics.  "Eat, Sleep, Suplex, Repeat!'  He says it sixteen times, one each for the 16 German supelxes.  He says Lesnar lives by "Eat, sleep, suplex, repeat, eat, sleep, F5, repeat, eat, sleep, conquer John Cena." He waves his hand in front of his face as he closes, then he and Lesnar leave the ring, all smiles.

Yet another solid promo from Heyman.  This was on par with the Wrestlemania 30 promo they delivered after the win over Undertaker.  Lesnar and Heyman are a working pair and they could really fill time and entertain with the way Heyman cuts promos.  He is seriously giving a run to Bobby Heenan as the best manager of all time.

Cole says it was a telling statement that careers die at the hands of Lesnar.  JBL says Lesnar suplexed Cena like a rag doll and he had never seen anything like it.  Cole sends it to yet another recap of the show opening segment that I am trying to forget.  You'd think that was the hottest major angle of SummerSlam.  Cole hypes the voting on the App for the various stipulations for Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins later tonight.  They also hype Roman Reigns, Sheamus and Rob Van Dam vs. Randy Orton and Rybaxel.

Match #3 - Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. The Miz; WWE Intercontinental Championship

Dolph Ziggler makes his entrance before the break.  Miz comes out after the break and Cole makes fun of his white overcoat thing.  JBL calls him an A-Lister and says that parties were cancelled in LA last night when he lost the Intercontinental Championship.  Justin Roberts gives us the old-school in-ring introductions for this title match.  Early going, Dolph tweaks the knee he tweaked last night at SummerSlam and sells that as we go to break.

Back live, Dolph rolls through a move to get a two count, then uses a backslide for another two.  Ziggler hits a DDT for two, but keeps selling the knee.  Miz locks on the Figure Four and JBL says "I told you!" as Ziggler stretches to the ropes.  He finally does get there as Cole tells us #ICTitle is the #1 trend on Twitter.

Ziggler sweeps the leg of Miz on the apron to get a break.  Ziggler hits Miz with a kick and falls to the floor.  The official has been counting all along, and Ziggler gets counted out.  Miz wins, but Dolph keeps the title.  Miz rolls out and attacks Ziggler, running him into the ring post and announce table.  Miz throws him in and goes in for the attack, but Dolph hits him with the Zig Zag.  Ziggler rolls out and sells the leg.  JBL rants and tells Ziggler to not keep faking the ridiculous injury.

Looks like they're going right back to Miz vs. Ziggler with a pending title change at Night of Champions?

Backstage, Renee Young is with Jack Swagger.  The announcers narrate over still shots of Rusev and Swagger, along with the kick to Zeb Colter.  Swagger says last night was the opportunity of a lifetime to defend the country he loves and he failed.  He says when times are tough Americans unite, and that's "we the people." He says he's going to pick himself up and come out swinging, because that's "we the people."

Swagger's music hits, and he heads out to the stage.  His match is next.

Match #4 - Jack Swagger vs. Cesaro

No televised introduction for Cesaro.  He goes after the ribs of Swagger right away.  "Don't get me wrong, I hate Rusev, but Jack Swagger let me down," says JBL.  He calls this a car wreck and "our country's darkest moment" last night.  Way to over-exaggerate, JBL.  Cesaro gets hip-tossed, then he locks on an armbar.  Swagger comes back with a big boot and a Swagger bomb for two.

Swagger locks on for a suplex but Cesaro counters and drapes him across the top rope.  JBL continues to rant on about Swagger losing last night as Cesaro runs Swagger into the turnbuckle.  From the apron, Swagger counters a boot into the Patriot Lock.  He locks it back on in the ring, and Cesaro gets in the ropes to break it again.  Cesaro thumbs Swagger in the eye and hits the Neutralizer to get the win.  Cesaro taunts a bit then leaves.

Here comes Bo Dallas.  He tells Swagger about how he let down 318 million people, lost his manager, and lost his self-dignity. He says Swagger can get it all back and all he has to do is Bo-Lieve.  He smiles and gives the thumbs up.

Nice, rare win for Cesaro.  This will be avenged, so don't get excited that this is a push for the Swiss Superman.  Bo's appearance felt pretty random.

Backstage, Renee Young is with Chris Jericho.  She asks how he feels after losing to Wyatt.  He says he realized after last night that he's not faced like anyone like Wyatt.  He says the spider walk is disturbing.  He says when he sees inside Wyatt's eyes he sees nothing.  He says even though he lost he has three things that Wyatt doesn't.  He has a fire that burns to make him the best in the world at what he does, and he has the best fans in the world who have his back no matter what he does.  He starts a "Y2J" chant, and he says that's something that Wyatt, or anyone else, take away from him.  JBL says he's tired of all the excuses tonight.

I expected more here, but it was solid.  He put Wyatt over, and made a connection to his own fans.

The announcers hype up Roman Reigns, Sheamus, and Rob Van Dam vs. Randy Orton and Rybaxel, and that's next.

Match #5 - Randy Orton, Curtis Axel and Ryback vs. Roman Reigns, Sheamus and Rob Van Dam

Curtis Axel and Ryback didn't get a televised entrance.  Randy Orton does, and King asks JBL if Orton let him down last night.  Cole asks JBL what's wrong with him because he's obviously pretty crabby.  Reigns makes his way through the crowd to a nice reaction as Orton looks on with disdain.  Reigns poses on the ropes and stares down Orton.

Sheamus and Axel kick it off, with Sheamus knocking down Axel with a shoulder block then a clothesline.  Axel gets an advantage and tags Orton in.  Sheamus and Orton exchange moves, with Sheamus countering out of a sidewinder back breaker to hit a Finlay Roll. RVD got a blind tag in the process, and he hits Rolling Thunder.  Orton rolls out to regroup as JBL shouts encouragement to him going into the break.

Dear God is JBL annoying me tonight!

Sheamus continues the offense, hitting Ten Beats of the Battern in the ropes.  The fans are starting up a series of chants, like "Ryback Rules" and "Feed Me More."  They want to see their hometown guy get in the match.  Continued back and forth with Sheamus doing some selling for the heels.

The fans are still chanting for Ryback.  He's from Las Vegas so that makes sense.  He delivers a bunch of shoulder blocks in the corner to Sheamus, then locks on a front facelock.  The fans chant "feed me more" as Ryback picks Sheamus up in a delay vertical suplex for two.  Ryback tags out and that gets booed.  Orton tries for the elevated DDT but Sheamus counters and hits White Noise.

Sheamus gets the hot tag to Reigns.  Samoan Drop to Axel, big shot to Ryback, and corner splashes to Axel, who falls across the rope.  Apron kick from Reigns, and he calls for the Superman Punch.  Big shot to both Axel and Ryback.  Orton enters the ring as Reigns sets up for the spear and hits him with the sidewinder backbreaker.  Reigns gets the tag to RVD though, who hits a springboard move onto Axel.  He tries a leg scissor roll-up but can't get it.

Finisher spot time.  Sheamus takes Ryback out with the Brogue Kick but Orton hits the RKO on him.  RVD hits an ensugiri kick then Reigns delivers the spear to Orton.  RVD is still the legal man, so he takes Axel down with a kick and hits the Five Star Frog Splash to get the win.  The face team celebrates.

A good time-filler match that left the fans excited.  The guys worked hard, and they certainly enjoyed seeing the hometown boy Ryback.    Looks like we'll get more between Reigns and Orton going forward.

We get a recap of the Rollins/Ambrose segment earlier.  The announcers hype up another opportunity to vote for the rematch stipulation between these two men who will square off later tonight.

Backstage, Orton has an icepack already.  Ric Flair approaches him to talk about Reigns, but Orton tells him to stay out of his way unless he wants to find out why they used to call him the Legend Killer.

Bowels of the Arena:

Wyatt cut-in time.  He says last night a pale horse came, and it's rider was named Wyatt. Wyatt says he told Jericho that this would happen and he is a man of his word.  Wyatt quotes Jericho's early comment about how he looked into his eyes and saw nothing.  He says maybe doesn't have a soul and his place on earth is to collect them.  He says Jericho will never be able to comprehend what he is.  "Behold, the new face of salvation.  Follow, the buzzards."

Match #6 - The Uso Brothers vs. Goldust and Stardust

War dance time.  Here come the Usos for their match and JBL calls them good fighting champions.  Before we get to see the entrance of Goldust and Stardust, we get yet another recap of the Nikki vs. Brie angle from the top of the show that is the most important thing you need to take away from tonight's show.  Forget new WWE World Heavyweight Champions, IC Title defenses, or Roman Reigns - all about Stephanie, Brie and Nikki.  Yawn.

Goldust starts with Jey (I think).  Series of armdrag takedowns leaves Goldust backing to the corner.  Goldust tries shooting in again but gets caught, then Jimmy tags in.  He controls Goldust with an armbar and the brothers make quick tags.  The commentators are talking about Stardust talking about cosmic showers.  Sounds...kinky.  Double team move from the Usos as Goldust continues to sell.

Goldust tags to Stardust and he gets a couple moves in but gets driven to the Uso corner.  Jimmy (I think) hits a belly to back suplex for a two count.  JBL says he has a lot of rambling left.  Shut the hell up, JBL.  Usos continue to control Stardust as the announcers bicker over Twitter accounts and cosmic keys.  King brings some sanity by saying the cosmic key might have to do with the tag team championship.

Stardust continues to sell.  He tries to get to the corner but Uso prevents it.  He has him up, but Stardust manages to turn it into a roll-up to get the victory.  The Usos look dumbfounded in the ring as the Dust Brothers celebrate outside the ring.

We could go to a multi-team tag title match at Night of Champions, or we could just get these two teams.  The fans have no idea who to cheer for here, so they just sat there.

This show is dragging, and is a real disappointment to me.  After such a solid SummerSlam show, you would have thought they would come off with something better.  The Heyman promo has been the high point.  Nothing else has been very good, really.

More hype for voting for the stipulation for Ambrose vs. Rollins as we head to break.

Rusev and Lana come out.  She cuts a promo saying that Rusev dedicated his win to Mother Russia and Putin is proud.  She doesn't get to say much more when Mark Henry's music hits.  He walks to the ring with a purpose.  Once there, he soaks in the USA chants and says "do you hear that?  That's American pride."

He says he has represented this country twice in the Olympics and calls it the two proudest moments of his life.  He has no issue with other people's countries or flags - "except the way you two jackasses do it."  Henry says it got under his skin last night when he saw the Russian flag raised in his country.  He barks at Lana that he's not talking to her, and tells Rusev that he will take him on a guided tour of the Hall of Pain. 

Big staredown moment between the two. Rusev takes a shot, but Henry returns fire.  He gets the upper hand, but Rusev tries to come back with a kick.  Henry blocks the kick though, then hits the World's Strongest Slam.  Lana is shocked as Henry plays to the fans.  He comes back with a big splash and continues to play to the crowd.  He rolls out, slaps hands with the announcers and takes JBL's hat for a moment.  Lana sells shock in the ring as Rusev gasps for air.

A good segment.  Henry was certainly not expected there, and he sold good intensity and cut a good promo.

The announcers hype up the network.  Cole pimps the opportunity to see original programming featuring the former Shield members and their journey to SummerSlam.  They run some footage from the show.

Back live, Cole feeds it to a recap of the promo that Paul Heyman cut to crow about Lesnar's win over John Cena last night.  They tell us John Cena will appear on Raw next week to address his loss to Lesnar.  In the ring, Jerry Lawler introduces the chosen stipulation for the Ambrose vs. Rollins match.  It's going to be falls count anywhere!

Match #7 - Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins; Falls Count Anywhere

Ambrose comes out first, then Rollins.  The announcers talk about last night's lumberjack match as Rollins makes his entrance, saying that Kane got involved allowing Rollins to hit Ambrose with the briefcase.

The bell rings and this fight is on.  Brawling style to start, with Ambrose hitting a cross body and he hammers away.  Rollins uses a thumb to the throat to slow him down, then Ambrose drop kicks Rollins clear out of the ring.  This fight spills into the fans early, with Ambrose getting a two count out among the fans.  It's a flat out brawl with punches being thrown all over the place.  They're on the stage now, exchanging blows.  Suplex attempt by Ambrose gets countered into an attempted powerbomb, but Ambrose counters back into a suplex for two.  The fight moves back to ringside, and Ambrose goes for toys under the ring, grabbing a chair.  He slams Rollins with the chair against his back.

Ambrose goes up top with the chair in hand, hitting an elbow drop onto the chair.  He covers for two.  Ambrose sets up another move with the chair in the corner, but Rollins moves and Ambrose crashes and burns.  Rollins gets a two count out of it as we go to break.

A bit later, Ambrose hits a tornado DDT off the ropes and gets a two count.  He slams the mat in frustration then tries for Dirty Deeds.  Rollins counters and tries to set up the Curb Stomp, but another counter.  Both men come off the ropes and they collide mid ring. They both sell, then just begin brawling again.  Rollins grabs on to Ambrose's  hair and clubs away, but Ambrose comes back with strikes of his own.

Ambrose gets a double leg takedown, then catapults Rollins to the corner.  He grabs the kendo stick and beats Rollins with it and covers for two.  Back under the ring he goes, throwing a slew of chairs in the ring.  Rollins grabs one, but Ambrose stops him before he can use it.  Ambrose tries to get a move onto the pile of chairs but Rollins blocks it.  Rollins comes back with a powerbomb into the pile of chairs.  Dang!

Kane makes his way down to the ringside area and he takes a seat by the timekeeper.    Rollins tells Kane he has it and goes under the ring for a table.  Las Vegas loves that idea.  Rollins sets the table up as the fans chant and Kane smiles.   Rollins positions Ambrose at the table and goes up top.  Ambrose crotches him on the ropes, then hits a superplex through the table.  Ambrose crawls into the cover, but Kane gets involved.  Ambrose dumps Kane from the apron and Rollins to the outside, then hits a dive on both of them.

Rollins hits a kick, but Ambrose turns Rollins inside out with a clothesline.  Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds and covers but Kane drags him out.  Kane delivers some strikes, but Ambrose uses a drop toe hold into the stairs to take him out.  Ambrose drops Kane across the announce position, then runs across the tables to take out Rollins.  He drags Rollins back into the ringside area.

Ambrose tries to get Dirty Deeds on the announce table, but Kane intervenes with a chokeslam.  Rollins follows with a Curb Stomp on the table.  Kane uncovers a pile of cinder blocks, and Rollins hits the curb stomp again on the blocks.  The referee calls for help as Rollins looks on smugly.  The referee tells Rollins and Kane they went too far as the trainer tends to Ambrose.  Rollins stands on the table and poses as Cole says they have to get these two lunatics out of here.

EMTs come to the ring as Cole says Kane is in a position of authority.  Kane raises Rollins' arm as we get a recap of the closing sequence of the match.  JBL says this could be the end of Ambrose as the show ends.

These guys went all out.  Vegas loved it too.  And I loved seeing these two in the main event slot.  It was different, and these two have had such a strong story going that WWE had to have seen it and decided to go with it.  The block spot was crazy, but cool, and they took the time to declare a winner which is something that in spots like this WWE tends to forget to do.  Strong ending.

This saved the show for me, really.  This show got off on completely the wrong foot with the Stephanie/Brie/Nikki stuff, and aside from Paul Heyman's promo with Lesnar, nothing felt like good follow-up to a very good SummerSlam show.  I was very disappointed with most of this broadcast.  Nothing was hot, everything just sort of felt like we treaded water tonight.  They are obviously going to wait to set up Lesnar's opponent for Night of Champions for another week, but I figured they may have gone there while he was in the building.

I'll have more to say on this show in Raw Afterthoughts tomorrow night.  Be sure to check that out, and be watching for RingRap Audio later this week when we talk SummerSlam, Raw, Night of Champions and all other topics wrestling and MMA.  Be sure to ask your questions on Facebook and Twitter as well.  Thanks for following along tonight.