Last week was Wrestlemania, and all its fallout.  Paul Heyman gave us a stellar promo to hype Brock Lesnar breaking the vaunted Streak of the Undertaker, then shocked us by saying that Cesaro was now a Paul Heyman Guy.  What is in the works for that pairing?  The Wyatts came out and got a dominant win over John Cena, Sheamus, and Big E.  What does the future hold for the Family?  But even more shocking was the arrival of Paige to claim the Divas title from AJ.  Will there be a rematch this week or will they wait for pay per view?

But the biggest news of the night was how Daniel Bryan saw The Shield come to his aid to thwart "Evolution 2.0" (Randy Orton, Batista, and Kane) from getting the better of Bryan in the main event.  Will The Shield continue to side with him, or is this all a ruse?  Will Bryan even be on the show this week, seeing as he got married on Friday?  Will Triple H blow another gasket?

Pre-Show, Live on WWE Network

Josh Mathews welcomes us "with heavy hearts" to the pre-show, pointing out that Ultimate Warrior had passed.  Booker T, Sgt. Slaughter, and Alex Riley comment on his passing and the legacy he has left behind. Mathews says that Warrior would not want us to mourn but to celebrate his life.

Officially underway, Mathews introduces the panel.  Riley says it's time to knuckle up and asks who gained momentum after Wrestlemania.  Sarge talks about seeing Bubba Watson (Masters golf tournament Winner) and making a few dollars off of his win.  They turn their attention to the issues between Daniel Bryan and The Shield and Triple H.  Mathews feeds it to a video package highlighting the events of last week's Raw.

Back live, Mathews says that The Shield delivered a triple powerbomb to Kane.  Riley says this was bound to happen and Triple H has lost control.  Booker T agrees and it's a new day in WWE.  Sarge says Triple H has been embarrassed since last week, but there will be hell to pay.  Mathews points out Kane saying that Triple H put him up to having the teams attacking The Shield on Smackdown. Sarge says Kane better get it together soon.  Mathews reads a tweet from The Shield and from Triple H.

They cut in to Big E facing Titus O'Neil in the ring for a Superstars taping.

Mathews highlights that there will be a tournament for the #1 Contender's position for the Intercontinental Championship.  Christian was the #1 Contender, but he has been unable to compete.  They also point out that the newly crowned Divas Champion Paige will be on the show.

The panel swings into talking about John Cena and Bray Wyatt and their match at Wrestlemania.  They discuss that Cena avoided his inner monster to win at Wrestlemania.  The panel sends it to a recap of the promo segment between Wyatt and Cena on Smackdown.  Riley says we're getting closer and closer to seeing the inner monster from Cena every time the two exchange words.  Sarge says that Wyatt is playing with Cena's mind.  In the background, Los Matadores make their entrance.

Mathews talks about how Sarge was Hulk Hogan's "Bray Wyatt" and played mind games with Hogan through the years.  They compare that to what Wyatt is doing with John Cena.  Booker says the loss at Mania did nothing to Wyatt and he's going on.  Riley says that we all have a dark side and Cena came close to showing his at Wrestlemania.  The war is still raging and it's "up here."  The discussion moves on from mental attacks to physical ones and Booker says someone's about to get hurt.

Mathews talks about the new faces in WWE, and sends it to Renee Young with Paige.   Paige talks about preparing for her first Raw match as Divas Champion, and how her prep isn't any different.  She says she is excited and there's more history to be made.  Back with the panel, Booker says that she's young but poised and makes a Miley Cyrus comparison.  Really?  Sarge compares her to 1-2-3 Kid (X-Pac) but she's better looking.  Mathews makes fun of Booker for his music references then gives a hook for the Intercontinental Championship tournament discussion.

Mathews points out that this week will be Warrior Week on WWE Network and highlights the various programs.  He uses that as a segue to the Intercontinental Championship #1 Contender tournament.  Cesaro, Mark Henry, Jack Swagger, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Rob Van Dam, Dolph Ziggler and Wade Barrett are in it and will face off tonight in the first round.  Mathews points out that Swagger and Cesaro could meet in the final, Riley says Barrett is his pick, and Sarge says Sheamus is his guy.  Booker says RVD is the wildcard, and Sarge says you can't count any of them out.

Mathews looks for Big E's reaction, and sends it to Renee Young.  Big E says he loves tournaments and he is a Skip It champion.  He hypes up how some of the guys have been at the top of the food chain and it's exciting for him and the fans.  He'll give it the old college try.  Mathews says he doesn't seem phased at the moment but he will once the matches shake down.  The announcers are beginning to make their entrances behind the panel.

Mathews begins to wrap up the pre-show with final thoughts.  Booker T says the four tournament matches are pay per view quality.  Time for Raw!

WWE Raw, Live from Birmingham, AL

We open with all the roster on the stage, and Cole says that we're saddened by the passing of Warrior.  They've all got "Warrior" shirts on with only a few exceptions (Cena, Triple H, Vince, Stephanie, etc.).  King introduces a tribute video package.  A nice ovation for the video package back live, then the traditional ten rings of the bell.  King asks for fans to join in celebration of the life of Warrior and his music hits.  There's a lot of fans in masks in the crowd - and a "Warrior" chant starts.

They go to the announce table, and Cole says we'll be reliving Warrior's career highlights throughout the evening.  Cole hypes up Batista and Orton will face The Usos, and King points out that the Authority plans to counter The Shield's actions of last week.  Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto Del Rio will kick off the Intercontinental Championship Contender tournament and that's next!

A tastefully well done video tribute to Warrior.  During the ten-bell salute, you could see some touched reactions from some talent and fans.  Warrior definitely had an influence on a lot of people.  I'm curious to see how the Intercontinental Championship tournament will work.  There are some compelling matches in there.

Match #1 - Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam; Intercontinental Championship #1 Contender's Tournament First Round

Del Rio didn't get a televised entrance.  Rob Van Dam does, and a big pop when he comes out.  Cole runs down the brackets and says the winner of this match gets the winner of Henry vs. Cesaro.  Del Rio starts off aggressively with a series of strikes but RVD comes back with a monkey flip and a leg lariat in the corner.  Cross body gets him two.  RVD knocks Del Rio from the ring and poses.

Del Rio goes back on the offensive with strikes and a step up kick for two.  JBL says that RVD's style is unique and even he doesn't  know what he's going to do.  Cole runs down the other first round match-ups as Del Rio keeps up the offense on RVD.  Big E watches on a monitor backstage.  RVD tries a backflip off the apron but misses, and Del Rio makes him pay with a clothesline and being tossed into the barrier.

Coming out of break, a near fall for RVD out of Rolling Thunder.  Del Rio comes back with a DDT for a near fall.  Del Rio tries a slingshot but RVD counters and hits a weak looking thrust kick, then tries a split leg moonsault.  Del Rio gets the legs up and hits a backstabber for a near fall.  Del Rio argues with the official then goes up top.  He comes off right into a heel kick.

RVD leaps to the top but gets his legs taken out.  Del Rio hits the step up enzugiri for a near fall.  Del Rio stands outside the ring disgusted, then gets in the ring and calls for the Cross Arm Breaker.  RVD counters to a scissor takedown for two.  Del Rio goes up top and gets his legs swept out from under him.  RVD hits the Five Star Frog Splash to advance in the tournament.  We get some replays of the closing action while RVD celebrates.

I will really like this tournament idea if it helps elevate the Intercontinental Championship and Big E with his title defense.  The tournament bracket has some compelling matchups in it for sure.  This was a good opening match to kick the tournament off.

Cole tells us that we have a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion in Daniel Bryan. He isn't with us tonight as he's celebrating his marriage to Brie Bella, but we get his celebration from last week.  They run the video package from the pre-show that highlights all the goings on between Bryan, The Shield, and The Authority.  Batista and Orton join Triple H and Stephanie who are conversing backstage.  We don't get audio, but they all shake hands.

Warrior Moment:

They send it to the Intercontinental Championship match between Warrior and Honky Tonk Man at SummerSlam 1988.  Warrior captured the belt that night when Honky Tonk called out for "anyone to come out" for the match.


Triple H tells Batista and Orton that he knows both want to win the title, but Bryan is not on the show tonight and they have a bigger problem - The Shield.  He says he has been dealing with these guys for a while and he doubts anyone can stop them.  Stephanie says that she knows, and she's looking at them.  Triple H says that he said it last week and will say it again - when the three of them are on the same page no one can stop them.

Batista says that's great and all, but he came back to be champion.  Orton agrees with Hunter about not being stoppable together, but he has to agree with Dave and this isn't their problem.  He and Batista exit and Triple H and Stephanie confer about what to do next.

Match #2 - Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel

The heels take control of Goldust as the commentators continue to talk about Bryan and Brie getting married and the issues of the Authority.  Ryback covers for two then holds Goldust down with a headlock.  Axel yells "he's done" from the apron.  Goldust comes back with a handspring elbow to get some distance, then he gets the hot tag to Cody who goes on a run.

Rhodes takes out Axel then hits a moonsault on Ryback, then a splash from outside.  Rhodes hits Ryback with a springboard dropkick for a good near fall.  Goldust gets involved but Axel baits him to the ropes and pulls it down.  Rhodes hits Axel with the Disaster Kick, then tries a springboard move on Ryback but gets nailed with a meathook clothesline for the win.  Rybaxel celebrates.

Surprising result here.  I wonder if this means that Rybaxel will get the push, or Rhodes and Goldust have fallen out of favor or something?  I also saw something go by over Wrestlemania weekend that seemed to point that Ryback might go back to the "Feed Me More" gimmick...

The announcers hype up another round of free trial for the WWE Network and all the various programs available.  They feature Legends House in a teaser package.  That show premiers this Thursday at 8PM EST.  Coming out of break, we get a "Boliever" commerical.

Match #3 - Paige vs. Alicia Fox

Paige comes out to a nice reaction.  Early on, Alicia hits a trifecta of backbreakers while the announcers debate if Paige is a flash in the pan or if she will be in it for the long haul.  Fans chant for Paige as Alicia gets a near fall. Alicia continues to control the offense and says "sorry!" to the fans.  Paige comes back with a flash kick to the midsection then fires off with some strikes and a trifecta of clotheslines.  She locks on the Scorpion Cross Lock and the crowd does pop for that move.  Alicia submits.

That was a million times better than anything we normally see from the ladies.  The live crowd popped for the finish with the Scorpion Cross Lock finisher.  I am a bit surprised that we saw Paige give up so much offense, but none the less, it worked.

The announcers recap the issues between Batista and Randy Orton and The Usos.  They run video footage from last week's beat down and say that The Usos called out Orton and Batista for tonight.  That match is next.

Match #4 - The Usos vs. Batista and Randy Orton

The Usos make their entrance first, donning Warrior themed paint and shirts.  The announcers hype Extreme Rules coming up next month briefly.  Orton and Batista make their entrances.  The Usos waste no time and attack Orton and Batista quickly, hitting double dives and leaving Orton and Batista reeling.  They keep the offense up for the first few minutes of the match but Batista and Orton take control.  Strike exchange mid ring between Uso and Orton that Orton eventually gets the better of. 

Uso kicks Batista, but takes a spinebuster.  Batista continues to control Uso in the ring, and Orton attacks the other at ringside.  Out of nowhere, here comes The Shield.  They dispose of Orton outside the ring.  Batista is left to fend for himself.  The Shield surrounds the ring, and Batista wildly attacks but Roman Reigns hits the ring and nails the Superman Punch on Batista.  Batista rolls to ringside and Orton gathers up Batista.  The Shield and Orton and Batista jaw at each other from their positions.

Remember how the announcers kept pointing out how The Shield was not Batista and Orton's problem?  Now they are.  Simple storyline advancement for the possible Evolution 2.0 vs. The Shield match down the road.  And The Usos seemed to be on Batista and Orton's level, so that is a plus for them.  But we need to hear them cut a promo.

Up next, Mark Henry vs. Cesaro!

Warrior Moment:

Wrestlemania 6.  Warrior vs. Hogan.  Title vs. Title.  Warrior emerged victorious with both titles.


Batista and Orton are incensed.  They come across Triple H, who simply says "told you" and walks away.

Match #5 - Cesaro (w/Paul Heyman) vs. Mark Henry; Intercontinental Championship #1 Contender's Tournament

Paul Heyman comes out without music.  He says he is the advocate for "the man who conquered The Streak, Brock Lesnar."  He reminds us of that about five more times.  He says that Brock has asked him to show these historical photographs.  He runs several still shots of Taker walking away alone, then Lesnar hitting several moves.  He says Taker left alone after a beatdown at the hands of Lesnar.  "In three seconds, 1-2-3, the Streak was conquered."  The live crowd boos.  He says isn't it ironic that a loss to Lesnar truly immortalized Taker.  He says that as Lesnar's advocate, we all must listen especially when he anoints a new talent, "The King of Swing, Cesaro"

No music as Cesaro comes to the ring with Heyman.  The announcers talk about him winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale.  Mark Henry makes his way to the ring and JBL wishes Cesaro luck in swinging Henry.  Henry yells at Heyman to "stay out of my business, or I will make you  my business."  Henry controls Cesaro in the early going, tossing him out of the ring.

Cesaro goes on a run, hitting combinations of uppercuts, but Henry shoves him down again.  Cesaro regroups out on the apron after a two count.  Henry tries to hit the World's Strongest Slam but Cesaro escapes and hits an uppercut from behind.  He hits another off the ropes, then hits Henry with the Neutralizer to advance to the next round.  Heyman gives us the result announcement.  Cesaro and Heyman celebrate as the announcers let us know we still have two more matches tonight in the first round of the tournament.

Heyman could be a block to Cesaro really getting over.  Fans feel like they want to cheer him, but now he's paired with the heel Heyman.  The no-music entrance is unique.  Still seeing those Cesaro Section signs....interesting.


Triple H tells Brad Maddox that this is simple - find The Shield and tell them they have a match in the main event.  He asks if he should tell them who their opponents are, and Stephanie says "no"

Match #6 - Alexander Rusev (w/Lana) vs. Xavier Woods

Lana comes out to the stage to cut an introduction in a hot red dress.  Admittedly, she gets my attention.  She tells us that monuments will be built for him and the fans will be the ones to build them.  She introduces Rusev, who does his entrance routine and poses in the ring.

Quick squash.  After some clubbing offense, Rusev hits a slam then locks him in the Accolade (Camel Clutch) for the submission win.  R-Truth jumps in the ring to break up the hold when Rusev won't let go.  Lana breaks that up and Truth tends to Woods.  Rusev attacks Truth and takes him out, then Lana and Rusev pose. We get a recap as Lana and Rusev continue to pose.

Basic squash to continue to introduce Rusev to the roster as a powerhouse.  Lawler's quip about his tights wasn't needed.

Ultimate Warrior Moment:

We get a highlight of Warrior vs. Rick Rude in a cage at SummerSlam in a world title match.  The announcers hype another free trial of the Network with all the Wrestlemania 30 coverage.  They send it to a teaser of the Daniel Bryan documentary.

Match #7 - Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter); Intercontinental Championship #1 Contender's Tournament First Round

Swagger didn't get a televised entrance, but Sheamus does.  Cole quickly recaps the results so far as JBL says this will be physical.   Sheamus opens up with clubbing offense on Swagger while the announcers talk about Cesaro and Heyman.  Sheamus sets up to go a clubbering at the apron, but Zeb gets involved.  That opens it up for Swagger to counter and hit a belly to belly outside the ring.

Swagger stretches Sheamus out in the ring.  Another belly to belly gets two.   Swagger continues to control the offense while the announcers debate who The Shield might be facing in the main event.   Sheamus creates separation with a clothesline.  Sheamus delivers a series of moves complete with a high knee and a big kick to the back for two.  Swagger gets caught in the ropes, and Sheamus goes a clubbering.

Sheamus hits the battering ram for two.  An exchange in the ropes results in Sheamus missing another battering ram, right into the Patriot Lock.  Sheamus turns it over but Swagger plows him right out of the ring then focuses the offense on the leg.  Out of nowhere, Sheamus hits a charging Swagger with the Brogue Kick to get the win.  Colter looks disgusted and Sheamus sells his leg being hurt.  He advances on to face the winner of Barrett vs. Ziggler yet to come.

This was a good match, but it could have been better personally.  Just feel like I expected a bit more.

Another vignette for NXT talent, and it's for Adam Rose.  Back in the party bus known as the Exotic Express.  Same video we saw last week.

On Twitter, Drew said Rose needs to make his entrance with the party bus and all.  I agree.

Warrior Moment:

We get some comments from Triple H and Stephanie, along with some soundbytes from Warrior himself.  They close with an excerpt from his Hall of Fame Speech to hype Warrior Week on the Network.


Damien Sandow is cutting a promo, saying he is deserving and he won't be silenced.  Big Show's music hits and he makes his way down.  Sandow insists he won't be silenced no matter who comes out, and all of us have to listen until he's finished.  He tells Show if he has something to say to keep it to himself.  He asks if we're going to boo him and cheer Show.  He says we should all be begging to touch him because he deserves it.  He has earned it.  The fans boo and he asks if they think he hasn't deserved it.

Sandow turns to Show, who is smugly watching on.  He asks what he has to say about all this.  Show says nothing and Sandow says that's what he thought.  He says he deserves it and Sandow says Show sees the future of WWE when he looks at Sandow.  He sees a future champion, and he sees greatness.  Show has had enough, and it's the knockout punch.  Sandow's out, and the announcers say it's about time.  Show exits.

Damien Sandow is the most wasted talent in WWE at the moment.  A good promo, made bad by the Big Show.

Wyatt cut in.  Harper is whistling "he's got the whole world in his hands" and Wyatt leans in and says "we're next."

Hype for Big Show vs. Swagger for Main Event tomorrow night live on WWE Network.

Drew's your hook-up for Main Event coverage tomorrow night.

In-Ring Segment:

"Birmingham....we're here."  Here come The Wyatts to the ring.  The lights stay down for Wyatt to cut his promo.  He says when we see blank canvases, he sees a beautiful painting.  When we hear sirens, he hears a symphony.  He insists he has never once lied to the fans.  He says John Cena has made a career of lying to the fans.  He says Cena is no man, but he is a beast.  He tells the kids to not worry because Wyatt will never let him do it again.  He says he has Cena against the ropes and he needs that last little push.

"Abigail shall be my sword through the crusade but I shall not slay this monster, not yet.  I just wanted to come out and play."  He says he knows Cena's back there and asks "how about it, John."  Cena obliges as his music hits and he comes to the stage.  He says the last thing he needs is another push and asks if the fans are ready to have some fun.  He accuses the Wyatts of coming out so seriously.  He says the monster that Wyatt is trying to bring out doesn't exist.

Cena says he doesn't judge but when he looks at the Wyatts and could get them to happy hour they'd be the life of the party.  He insults each of them, saying Wyatt is secretly a ladies man.  Cena goes on and talks about Wyatt's family.  He uses really bad photoshopped images to show Sister Abigail, Wyatt's mother and a baby using each Wyatt family member's face in them.

Wyatt says that when Cena gets threatened all he knows to do is make jokes.  Cena says Wyatt found out that when John Cena gets serious, Bray Wyatt gets beat.  He asks what happens if Wyatt loses again.  He says Wyatt will be the desperate man.  Cena says Wyatt talks every week, but without his family he can't back up what he says.

Cena poses a challenge.  He tells Wyatt to face him at Extreme Rules inside a steel cage.  Wyatt says he likes it and they've been playing catch with knives.  One of them will miss and get stuck.  Wyatt asks if Cena is 100% sure it won't be him.  He says this is his backyard, and the world belongs to him.  He falls to his knees to sing "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands." and they do the Wyatt cut-out.

Terrible, terrible Cena here.  Fortunately, Wyatt is strong enough on the mic to make up for it and shine  in the situation.  The cage match will give Wyatt an escape win so Cena won't actually lose.

Cole hypes up the main event of The Shield facing unknown opponents.

Match #8 - Fandango and Layla vs. Santino and Emma

Early, Santino tries the Cobra on Fandango.  Quickly he tags out to Layla.  Emma has to tag in, and she locks Layla in the Dilemma in the ropes.  Emma goes up top, and Fandango takes a shoulder block from Santino.  Off the distraction, Emma gets pinned by Layla.

Yeah, that happened.  Filler stuff there.  Honestly, was trying to clean up more important parts of the show.


Stephanie is chastising Kane for his late job performance.  She says he has been quibbling with people below his intelligence and hasn't dealt with Daniel Bryan.  She calls him a shell of what he used to be; he used to be the Big Red Monster and asks what happened to Kane.  Kane stands up and stares down at Stephanie then turns to his mask under a glass box.  He takes the glass off and picks the mask up.  He says he will evicerate Daniel Bryan and send him to hell.  Stephanie smiles.

This is a bit of a reboot for Kane, which should energize him heading into a program with either Daniel Bryan or The Shield.

We get a BoLieve promo, then the announcers hype up Warrior Week on WWE Network.  They send it back to last week's appearance on Raw by the Warrior, showing his promo.

Hype for the main event, then the final of the first round of the Intercontinental Championship #1 Contender Tournament.

Match #9 - Dolph Ziggler vs. Wade Barrett; Intercontinental Championship #1 Contender Tournament First Round

Ziggler's in the ring, waiting for Barrett to make his entrance.  I'm afraid I've got some bad news, as Barrett comes to the ring.  Cole runs down the results so far and reminds us that Big E will face the winner of the tournament at Extreme Rules.  A matchup of past champions with Barrett holding the title three times, Ziggler one.

Chain wrestling to start, then Barrett poses at the ropes looking for a "bad news" chant.  Barrett starts to take over with a suplex and a knee drop.  Barrett whips Ziggler to the corner hard and gets a two count out of it.  Barrett continues to control the offense.  After a choke in the ropes, Ziggler starts to mount a comeback with a drop kick.  He and Barrett tumble out to the floor.  They battle there, and Ziggler ends up taking the ring post to the face.

Ziggler gets back into it by sidestepping a charge.  Barrett collects the ring post, and Ziggler hits a cross body.  He follows with ten corner punches and a neckbreaker.  Ziggler tries the Fameasser, but Barrett avoids and hits Wasteland for a near fall.  Barrett sets up a pumphandle slam, but Ziggler counters and hits the Fameasser for two.   Ziggler tries a charge but Barrett sidesteps.  He goes up to the second rope and takes too long so he gets caught.  Ziggler tries a superplex off the ropes but Barrett counters.  Ziggler goes up again and hits a modified X-Factor for a near fall.

Barrett hits Winds of Change for a good near fall.  Barrett protests then cues up the Bull Hammer.  Dolph ducks it and tries for a roll-up but can't get it.  Barrett throws Ziggler up and he hits hard, then follows with the Bull Hammer to get the victory.  He gets Sheamus in the next round.

Barrett cuts a promo and says he's afraid he has some bad news.  "Standing right here is Bad News Barrett, and mark my words, this is your next Intercontinental Champion."  He poses the Bull Hammer as Cole runs down the brackets for the semi-finals.

This match could have stood to find another gear, but this was still a very good television match.  I wonder why we don't see more of these guys, because they worked really well together here.  Heck, I'd like to see more of them in general - good workers.

Cole talks about Daniel Bryan being away on his honeymoon after getting married to Brie Bella last Friday.  He says when Bryan returns, he will have to face "this man."  They run a monster Kane promo package.

Match #10 - The Shield (Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose) vs. Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger, Fandango, 3MB (Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, and Drew McIntryre), Titus O'Neil, Ryback, Curtis Axel, Alexander Rusev, and Wade Barrett 

As The Shield makes their entrance, Cole recaps what happened at the end of last week's show, with The Shield coming to the ring to assist Daniel Bryan in the main event segment.  The announcers are all wondering about this one.  Slater charges the ring and gets tossed around by The Shield.  Things settle in and Slater squares off first, and The Shield tags in and out on him.  Rollins ends up in the wrong part of town and the 11 heels take turns working on him.

Ryback takes his shot on Ambrose.  Ryback ends up outside the ring and takes a big spear from Reigns.  The action breaks down and all eleven heels and the three Shield members get into it.  The match ends in a DQ right there.  Rollins hits a big dive over the ropes and takes out all eleven heels in one clip.  Big moment to pop the crowd.  They get back in the ring and motion for the eleven to come at them.  The eleven do that, and beat The Shield down.

The Evolution music hits.  That actually gets a big reaction as Triple H, Batista and Orton come out to the stage.  Triple H takes his coat and tie off and they slowly walk to the ring.  The eleven heels exit, and Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista continue the beatdown.  Reigns gets some shots in but it's too late.  Batista Bombs and RKO's all around.  Ambrose tries to gets some offense in but it's not happening.  Reigns tries to crawl toward Triple H and he goads him on.

Triple H hits Reigns with the Pedigree, and closes the show with one simple line: "Believe, in Evolution."

God, I hope this is just a short term thing.  Evolution was cool 10 years ago, and the youth we thought was starting to rise just took a major back seat.  The live crowd popped initially for the music but ended up falling flat on this segment.  Not much heat here at all.  People look at this group with such fondness, but it really had more to do about the big name value of the individuals more than the group itself.

The Warrior tributes throughout the night were well done.  The #1 Contender Tournament is a nice booking idea that gives a boost to the Intercontinental Championship a little, even though the title isn't valued all that much.  It's at least a good starting point though.  One can only hope we'll get some more mid-card title emphasis going forward.  Right now in the post-show they're featuring Big E, so that's a good thing.

I'll have more to say on this show sometime tomorrow evening in Raw Afterthoughts.  We'll also be talking about this show in RingRap Audio on Wednesday night as well, so feel free to hit us with your questions and thoughts as well by tweeting to @RingRapAudio or @RingRap with the #AskRingRap tag.  Thanks for watching along tonight! 

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