Tonight, it's all about the money - Money in the Bank, that is.  Eight men will square off to see who will be the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion in a ladder match, then seven more men will battle to retrieve the golden briefcase that contains a contract for a title shot anywhere, and any time, for that championship.  Who will emerge victorious?  Who will  be that looming threat over the champion for the next year?

Also tonight, Daniel Bryan appears on the pre-show to discuss his health, Paige and The Usos both defend their championships, and Big E tries to get a measure of revenge on Rusev.  The full card stacks up as follows:

Big E. vs. Rusev (w/Lana)

Summer Rae vs. Layla; Fandango is special guest referee

Goldust and Stardust vs. Curtis Axel and Ryback

Paige (c) vs. Naomi (w/Cameron); WWE Divas Championship

The Usos (c) vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan; WWE Tag Team Championship

Seth Rollins vs. Jack Swagger vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Bad News Barrett vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Rob Van Dam; Money in the Bank Contract Ladder Match

Randy Orton vs. Kane vs. John Cena vs. Cesaro (w/Paul Heyman) vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Roman Reigns; WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match.

Pre-Show Open, Live from the TD Garden in Boston, MA

Renee Young welcomes us to the pre-show as they pan the crowd.  Booker T is getting a chant during her pre-amble.  She introduces the rest of the panel - Booker T, Alex Riley, and Christian.  He calls himself the Fresh Prince of Ladder Matches.  Renee hypes Daniel Bryan addressing the fans since he was stripped of the title.  Riley says one can tweet questions using the hashtag #WWEPreshow.  Renee sends it to Tom Phillips in the Social Media Lounge.  He asks for fans to tweet their picks for the two ladder matches tonight.

He says Cena, Wyatt, and Reigns are popular title match picks, and Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are popular picks for the contract match.  He sends it back to the panel, where Renee hypes up the WWE World Heavyweight Championship ladder match. She feeds it to a video recap of the story, including Daniel Bryan talking about winning the title and his neck injury. Each competitor gets a short promo in the video package.

Back with the panel, Christian says he can't make a pick.  Riley picks Bray Wyatt, talking about his physical toughness.  Booker T says he's going with Orton because he has Kane in his back pocket.  Renee asks about Roman Reigns, and Christian says he has not been in a ladder match and that goes against him. 

She sends it to Byron Saxton, who is with Reigns backstage.  He asks how Reigns plans to assess and attack.  Reigns says the only thing to do is to attack and attack some more.  Once everyone is down, he will climb the ladder and claim the titles, then go back to the head of the table where he belongs.  "Everyone will know that this big dog runs this yard."

Back with the panel, Renee Young sets up a "by the numbers" video package for the Money in the Bank match.  Back live, Renee Young tells us that Bad News Barrett is officially out because of his shoulder injury.  Riley picks Kofi to win, Christian picks Dolph Ziggler, and Booker T picks Seth Rollins.  Riley highlights the story between Seth and Dean Ambrose.  Renee asks how much a factor Seth is, and Christian puts over his ability and says he has as much of a chance as any other.

No word on a replacement for Barrett.  Guess this renders Drew's pick wrong.

They hype Bryan's appearance, then roll it into a hype video package of Randy Orton's success last year at Money in the Bank, and his cash-in at Summerslam with Triple H being the catalyst for that moment.

Vickie Guerrero gets her own Countdown show on Tuesday, on the Network.

In Ring Segment:

Michael Cole introduces Daniel Bryan, putting it over as him granting his first interview since being stripped of the title.  Bryan comes out, doing the full-on "yes!" chants and circles the ring.  No neckbrace, notably.  Boston's reaction is pretty decent and he soaks it in. He tries to hush the crowd to move the segment on but they have none of it and chant "no!"  He instead cranks a "yes!" chant back up.

Cole welcomes him back and asks how his recovery is going.  Bryan says he has some bad news, and says he's not sure when he's returning.  His strength isn't coming back in his arm and there is talk of a second operation.  He promises he will return, and will be better than ever.

Cole swings it to talking about the WWE World Heavyweight Championship ladder match, and asks his feeling about a new champion being crowned tonight.  Bryan says he would rather be competing tonight rather than watching.  He says he has been fighting an uphill battle all his life and it wouldn't be a Daniel Bryan story without a fight.  He promises to come back and win the title again.

Cole feeds him some Twitter questions.  One fan asks who Bryan thinks is the biggest threat to win the title.  Bryan says it's either going to be Cena, Orton, or Reigns.  Reigns is the only one who gets cheered.  One fan asks how he felt when Bryan was stripped, and he says he felt disrespected because no one called him either.  He says it bothered him how smug Stephanie was when she made the announcement.  He says someone will wipe the smile off her face someday.

Bo Dallas' music hits and he comes to the ring.  He says he's been listening to everything Bryan has been saying and how he can't compete.  "Gosh, that's gotta be a pain in the neck!"  He says life is not about the destination, but about the journey, and Bryan can still climb the ladder of life and make his way to the top.  All he has to do is Bo-Lieve!

Bryan appreciates the concern, but it feels like Bo is acting like a "bo-ner."  That brings a fan chant.  He says he feels like he speaks for all when he says "Bo, Leave."  Bryan's music hits and more "Yes!" chants break out.

A good segment, with Bryan putting as good a face as possible on his bad news of possibly more surgery being required.  Dallas got a bit of a rub from being out there too.  Why not throw Bo in that Contract ladder match - nothing to lose there.

Back with the panel, they go around the panel one more time for the title picks.  Riley sticks with Wyatt, Christian picks Orton, and Booker T picks Randy Orton as well.  Renee gives us a final sell going into the pay per view.  Wyatt cut in first though.

Luke Harper says that The Usos time is up.  "We're coming."  Rowan leans in and says "Run."

"Money in the Bank" Pay Per View

They open with a video package highlighting the story that brought about the title ladder match, then the contract match as well.  They interject short talking clips in the video from each competitor.

Cole welcomes us to the sold out TD-Garden and hypes the Money in the Bank event.  We're right into the first match!

Match #1 - The Usos (c) vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan; WWE Tag Team Championship

As The Usos make their entrance, Cole asks King and Lawler if they're ready for tonight and he also introduces the Spanish announce team and lets them talk in native tongue for a few moments.  The Wyatts make their entrance with a few bars of He's Got the Whole World in His Hands before cutting to some generic rock for the rest of it.  They recap how this match got set up over the past couple weeks.  JBL hypes that if Harper hits his clothesline, there will be new champions.

Jey starts with Harper.  Striking to start, and Jimmy hits a blind tag to get involved.  Harper comes back with a good dropkick in order for the Wyatts to take control of the match.  Rowan controls the offense for a few moments.  The Usos use a double team to take advantage of Rowan.  They follow up outside the ring with one of the Usos hitting a flying forearm off the barricade.

Harper runs a minor distraction, which causes Uso to take a shove off the ropes to the barricade.  Harper, outside the ring, steps on Jey's head then throws him back in the ring.  He follows with a springboard senton for two.  Rowan tags in and clubs away, then uses a claw then tosses Jey across the ring with it.  Jey tries for sunset flip a bit later, but Rowan is too big for that.  Rowan tries a leg drop, but Jey moves.  Harper tags in, takes out Jimmy then hits Jey with a big boot for two.

Rowan back in slams Jey and tries for a splash but Jey moves.  Hot tags to both fresh men.  Jimmy goes on a run of offense, hitting both Harper and Rowan with Samoan Drops.  Corkscrew move off the top gets a near fall on Harper.  A pair of superkicks puts Harper down for a good near fall.  Jey tries to catch Rowan outside the ring, but he gets caught.  Jimmy hits a dive, but turns around into Harper's offense.

Harper and Rowan set up a double team, but Uso kicks Rowan out of the way.  Jimmy rolls up Harper but only gets two.  He turns around into a sit-out powerbomb for a good near fall.  Lots of flying around starts, with Harper hitting a big dive that leaves both Usos laying.   Back in the ring, the Wyatts hit a double team.

Harper charges Uso in the corner, but Uso moves.  Harper gets hung up then superkicked out. Rowan hits a move then goes up top.  He's not too stable.  Uso crotches him by hitting the ropes.  A tag, and the brothers hit the double superplex.  In the end, the Usos hit splashes, and they pick up the victory.

Winner - The Usos to Retain the WWE Tag Team Championship

A great opener.  JBL did a good job of putting this over as the toughest defense that the Usos have had to date.  All four guys worked hard, the near falls were believable, and there was a good mix of brawling and wrestling.  Got the show off on a good foot.

At the announce position, Cole talks about the fate of The Shield.  He feeds it into a video recap of the moment of Seth Rollins' heel turn and subsequently moving to Dean Ambrose being put in the Contract ladder match.

Dean Ambrose cuts a promo, talking about grabbing Rollins by the tie and lapels and chewing Rollins up. He says there's a debate if he should climb the ladder and claim the briefcase, or smash Rollins' face with the ladder.  "Case, or about both?"  He says when Rollins asked "his daddy" Triple H to put him in the match, he didn't know what he was asking for.  He says when he collects the briefcase, "daddy's going to be mad at you."

Match #2 - Paige (c) vs. Naomi (w/Cameron); WWE Divas Championship

Cole points out the tension between Naomi and Cameron but says in an interview they are here to do business tonight.  They talk about how this match got set up and run some highlights.

The action spills outside early on.  They talk the story between Cameron and Naomi though.  Early on, it's all Naomi after a dropkick from Paige.  Naomi hits a dive out on the floor, and Paige barely beats the count back in the ring.  Naomi keeps the offense going, and they go through a sequence of roll-ups for two.  Naomi locks Paige in a submission hold, but Paige doesn't give up.

A bit later, the ladies end up on the top rope.  Naomi slips, and both go tumbling to the floor.  After a count of eight, Naomi tries a backslide.  Paige kicks Naomi in the midsection, then locks on a "stump puller" submission, then rolls her up for two.

Naomi comes back with a string of offense.  She hits the Rear View  for a two count, then tries a split leg moonsault.  Paige gets the legs up, which causes Naomi to crash and burn.  Paige comes back with a DDT to grab the win.  Paige celebrates in the ring, while Cameron consoles Naomi and they exit.

Winner - Paige to retain the WWE Divas Championship

The ladies put on a good title match - not great.  I expected Paige to retain, which she did, and I expected something more in terms of story featuring Cameron.  The announcers pointed that out at times but it seems nothing really came of it.  That spill out of the ring was pretty nasty when they slipped from the ropes.  Notable was the reaction of the live crowd.  More "flavor of the month" booking, with no incentive to care about the champion.

Cole hypes up the WWE Network, and all three announcers sell the value of the Network.  He feeds it to the Panel for some comments.  They repeat their picks for the match tonight, then Renee Young feeds it to the "by the numbers" video they showed on the pre-show.

Back live, Damien Revere comes out and criticizes Adam Rose and the Rosebuds.  He cuts a heel promo saying that if he knew Boston would be filled with halfwits, he would not have warned anyone of anything.  He says that Boston will forever live in the shadow of New York City.  That draws some hard boos.  Adam Rose's music hits, and here he comes with the posse.  JBL says the bunny needs to be put down.

Rose tells Sandow to turn his frown upside down, because Boston is the place to party.  "Don't be a lemon, be a rosebud."   This is an impromptu match.

Match #3 - Damien "Paul Revere" Sandow vs. Adam Rose

Rose gets the early advantage on Sandow, who is working in Revere clothes.  Rose locks his legs on Sandow in the corner, but the match turns in Sandow's favor.  He takes it to Rose, hitting an elbow drop, a knee drop, and the Elbow of Disdain after yelling "The elbow is coming! The Elbow is coming!"

Rose begins to come back, stomping on Sandow in the corner.   Sandow comes back and hits a series of moves, hitting the "You're Welcome" for a near fall.  JBL's still upset about cheeseburgers and rabbits.   Sandow tries to hit a moonsault off the ropes, but he misses.  Rose comes back with the Party Foul to get the victory.  Rose and his posse dance in the ring afterward.

Winner - Adam Rose

I guess Sandow isn't going anywhere any time soon.  And the match wasn't all that much to talk about.  The live crowd didn't react too much, visually at least, to Rose.

Cole points out celebrities in the crowd, then moves to hype the Contract match, which is next.  He reiterates that Bad News Barrett will NOT be in the match after an injury that happened to him on Smackdown at the hands of Jack Swagger.  They move into short promos from each of the competitors of the MITB contract match.  Rollins says there's always a plan B, RVD says everyone is looking at the winner, and Dolph says he plans to show off.  Colter cuts Swagger's promo for him, comparing Swagger to historical people from Boston.

Match #4 - Money in the Bank CONTRACT Ladder Match:  Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Jack Swagger vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston

In entrance order it's Rollins, RVD, Swagger, Ziggler, Kingston, and Ambrose.  Ambrose goes right after Rollins, Swagger pairs off with Kingston, and RVD and Ziggler.  Kofi runs up the ladder and splashes RVD with an assist from Swagger.  He clubs Swagger with the ladder and sends him to the floor, the makes a play for the case.  In a neat spot, Ambrose shoves the ladder over, but Kofi hits the top rope and catapults himself to splash RVD and Swagger at ringside.

Rollins and Ambrose are left in the ring.  They battle, with Ambrose hitting a double underhook suplex on Rollins onto a ladder propped in the corner.  Ouch!  Rollins rolls outside.  Now the scramble is on.  Dolph and Kofi battle on the ladder, with Swagger trying to interject.  Kofi and Dolph kick him away, then Ambrose clotheslines him out.  Kofi and Dolph team up to clothesline him out.  They look at each other, run back up the ladder, and battle there again.

RVD makes a play for the case, but Kingston shoves him down. Swagger pulls Kingston down, then RVD and Kingston run a ladder into Swagger.  Kingston and RVD abttle on the ropes.  Swagger knocks Kofi down with a ladder.

Swagger sets up a ladder and goes up top.  He pulls RVD from the ropes to the ladder, and tries to set up a superplex.  RVD fights his way out of the predicament, sending Swagger to the mat in a back bump situation.  RVD plays to the crowd with his thumb pointing, and it blows up on him.

Rollins re-enters and he and RVD battle at the top.  Swagger re-enters, and he sets RVD up for a powerbomb and hits it off the top of the ladder.  Ambrose gets back in the fray, going right after Rollins.  He hits him with a top-of-the-ladder superplex.  What a spot!

Ambrose ends up alone, and he heads up the ladder.  The live crowd pops for it.  Swagger pulls him down.  Rollins climbs the ladder, and Ambrose goes after him.  He knocks the ladder down with his shoulder.  Trainers check on Ambrose and he argues with them.  He tells the trainer to pop it, but they send him backstage instead.  Rollins makes a play for the case.

Rollins eyes up the ramp, and sets a ladder up realizing Ambrose is out.  He climbs but here comes RVD.  They battle.  Kofi starts building a bridge of some sort with ladders.  They all battle on the ladders.  RVD falls to the mat, and Kofi nearly grabs the case.  Rollins goes through the bridge ladder, and the crowd fires up when Kofi goes for the case.  Ziggler gets back in, and he drags Kofi down.

Ziggler goes on a run, clubbing Swagger in the corner, hitting the Fameasser on RVD, and taking out Swagger a second time.  Ziggler hits the Zig Zag on Kingston on a ladder.  OUCH!

Ziggler sets a ladder up as the announcers tell the story of lightning striking twice.  Ziggler climbs but Swagger locks him in the Patriot Lock.  Ziggler pulls himself up the ladder though, and gets rid of Swagger.  Ziggler has the case in his hand, but Seth Rollins hits his leg with a chair.  Rollins disposes of Ziggler, and the fans chant for Ambrose. 

Ambrose charges the ring and grabs the chair, slamming Rollins repeatedly.   With Rollins disposed of, Ambrose crawls up the ladder.  Kane's pyro hits, and here comes Kane.  He chokeslams Ambrose then hits him with a tombstone.  The live crowd boos that.  Kane holds the ladder as Rollins climbs the ladder to claim the briefcase.  Cole rants, saying that Kane is again doing the bidding of the Authority.

Winner - Seth Rollins to claim the Money in the Bank Contract

Seth is backing up the aisle as the announcers rant about what just went down.  Triple H's music hits, and he and Stephanie come out to celebrate with Seth Rollins.

Oh, fuck that finish, seriously.  The match was great otherwise.  Some really wild spots and some good teases from almost everyone in the match.  I am almost laying money on Ambrose hitting Kane with something in the title match to keep him out of the title scene, rather than Rollins running out to help Kane win.

Backstage, Byron Saxton talks to Randy Orton.  Orton puts Seth over for winning, but says he needed all the help he could get, whereas he won't need help tonight.  He says whether or not the live crowd, the fans watching at home or the WWE Universe likes it or not, he will walk out the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  Saxton asks him about Roman Reigns, and Orton just gives him a mean face.

Match #5 - Curtis Axel and Ryback vs. Goldust and Stardust

Axel's got new duds.  He looks like Colt Cabana.  Early on, there's a rough spot where Cody throws Axel to the ropes, and both Dusts laid down, forcing Axel to hop both of them.  Stardust keeps playing his role well though and the crowd seems responsive.  Goldust ends up selling for the heels for a bit.

Ryback sets up for the Meathook on Goldust.  Goldust counters with a back elbow and gets the hot tag to Stardust.   He disposes of Axel, and Ryback tries a gorilla press but Stardust floats over and hits his uppercut move.  Axel gets involved but goes crashing over the top rope.  Outside, he shoulder blocks Goldust into the barricade.  Ryback tries for Shellshocked, but Stardust counters out and hits Cross Rhodes.  He gets a near fall but Axel breaks it up.

Stardust rolls Ryback up for the win.  After the match, Axel attacks Stardust, but Goldust helps him, and they hit a double team move on Axel to dispose of him.  They pose afterward.

Winner - Goldust and Stardust

Stardust was the match highlight, but I'm not sold.  Axel looks indy-riffic in that singlet.  I'm fine with the fact that it's a draw on his family history though, but he needs other colors or something - it just looked bad.  If this was a buffer match, then it did what it was intended.

They show sights around Boston, then go into a recap of the situation between Layla and Summer Rae.  Backstage, Byron Saxton talks to Fandango about it.  Fandango loves triangles.  Saxton says he is the special official between Layla and Summer Rae and asks if he can call it down the middle.  Layla interrupts and says he can, because he's in love with her.  Summer Rae interjects and talks about love, saying Fandango loves long legs, not a sawed off runt like Layla.  Layla says that he is "abreast" of the situation.  More arguing over who loves who and why.

Match #6 - Rusev (w/Lana) vs. Big E.

Rusev emerges from the stage, carrying the Russian flag and accompanied by Lana.   Lana starts to cut a promo but Boston cuts her off.  Tonight, Rusev's opponent will be waving the American flag, a flag that is supposed to represent a great nation.  She laughs, calling it a joke.  They're giving her the "what" treatment.  She says the leader of the world, Vladmir Putin will be watching Rusev prove Russian superiority.

Like it's on cue, Big E emerges with the American flag.  Early on, Big E gets a forearm shot in on Rusev and the two settle in to some back and forth action with Rusev controlling most of it.

Rusev tries a splash but Big E moves.  He follows with a belly to belly, but Rusev comes back with a series of strikes.  Rusev charges, but Big E hits a Rock Bottom type move for a two count.  Big E fires up and tries for a splash, but when Rusev gets up and tries for his thrust kick, E holds on to the ropes.  E hits a belly to belly throw, then follows with a big spear through the ropes.  Big E hit hard, as did Rusev.  Lana screams at Rusev.

Back in the ring, E gets two.  Rusev's coughing up blood.  Big E looks for the Big Ending, but in the ropes Rusev hits a kick.  Rusev comes back with the thrust kick then fires up.  Lana calls for "crush" and Rusev locks on the Accolade.  Big E gets big eyes and he starts to fight out of this, almost getting out, but Rusev sinks it  back in and Big E taps.  Rusev holds it on until Lana tells him to break it.

Winner - Rusev

Big E's promo did nothing for him, and he didn't get much reaction early on.  But they fired up for him when he started his run of offense and tried to get back into things.  Big E fought strong at the end to try and counter the submission too.

They swing to the panel to discuss the first MITB match.  Booker T says "that's the way it goes" when it comes to the Authority being involved in it.  Christian says it was a great match, but the Authority wanted their guy to win.  Riley says Ambrose was within inches of changing his life, and this isn't right.  Renee asks what may happen for Rollins next.  Riley says it's looking good for Orton now.  They recap the Daniel Bryan segment from the pre-show, with Bo Dallas coming to the ring to address him.

Backstage, Nikki and Brie Bella are talking.  Stephanie interrupts, asking what's going on and why Brie is there.  Nikki says it's her sister and she brought her as a guest tonight.  They say they're looking at their favorite video, and they show Stephanie getting dumped in the slop last week on Raw.  Back live, Stephanie demands Brie be removed from the building.  She says she'll go willingly, and hopes Stephanie enjoyed the mud bath.  Nikki pleads momentarily, but Stephanie tells her to make sure Brie stays gone, then steams with crossed arms as Nikki leaves.

Match #7 - Layla vs. Summer Rae; Fandango as guest referee

Summer out first, Layla second.  They eye up Fandango, then Layla hits some strikes.  Summer comes back with a corner splash, then plants her leg in Layla's face.  Fandango starts a count but gets distracted.  Layla comes back with a submission hold and Fandango just doesn't have any idea what to do here.  A CM Punk chant gets a bit of traction but dies quickly.  The live crowd doesn't care.

Summer Rae comes back with a DDT and throws some strikes.   With one kick, Layla puts away Summer with a straight count from Fandango.  Layla and Fandango kiss and Layla does a kitty-scratch kind of thing but she actually kicks Summer in the face on accident.  Summer cries in the ring as Layla and Fandango dance away.

Winner - Layla

Meh.  Who cares.  No storyline support, no reason to care about any of the characters involved, just flat filler.

They show ring crew setting up the ladders.  The WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match is up next for the main event.  They run the video package from the pre-show to hype up the main event, stripping Bryan of the title and setting this match up.

Match #8 - Money in the Bank WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match: John Cena vs. Kane vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Orton vs. Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Cesaro (w/Paul Heyman)

Triple H and Stephanie come out first, all smiles.  Cue the shenanigans in this one.  Sheamus is first to enter, then Bray Wyatt who gets a face pop though he's a heel.  Del Rio is next, then Cesaro to a decent reaction. John Cena up next to his standard mixed reaction, even in his home town.  Randy Orton is out next, with a smug Stephanie being shown applauding his entrance.  Roman Reigns gets a nice pop when his music hits and he makes his way through the fans.  Kane is the last man out.

I lost the Network for a few moments in the early going of this one.  The heel characters establish the "every man for himself" fact early on.  Cesaro and Del Rio fight over a ladder, then turn it into Orton.  Wyatt splashes the ladder and the heels involved.  Kane was clear of it though.  He sets a ladder up and encourages Orton to climb up to get the titles.  Reigns breaks things up.  Orton takes a bump to the head that opens him up.

In the ring, Cena gets the better of Bray Wyatt.  He calls for the Five Knuckle to some boos from the live crowd.  He instead ends up taking an uppercut from Cesaro. Cesaro and Sheamus battle on the ladder.  Wyatt wipes out the ladder, leaving Sheamus and Cesaro hanging, literally.  Sheamus crashes and burns, then Cesaro.

Outside the ring, trainers work on Orton.  He is bleeding from the head still.  After a moment he attacks Del Rio, slinging him into the steps. Sheamus and Orton brawl, with Sheamus going after that cut on Orton's head again.  Sheamus bounces him off a ladder then off the announce position.

There's a massive scrum with everyone trying to climb up the ladder and hitting each other with strikes to prevent other men from climbing.  It boils down, with Kane holding the ring.  He folds the ladder up and sets it at the ropes.

Sheamus hits Cena with the Brogue Kick, then says "you can't see me fella."  Sheamus sets a ladder up, thebCesaro plays erector set now, setting a bridge up from the corner to the ladder mid-ring.  Sheamus and Cesaro fight on top of the ladder again.  Roman Reigns enters, deadlifting the ladder and rocking it backward away from the belts.  Cesaro and Sheamus keep battling, then Cena deadlifts it back upright.  The fight continues at the top of the ladder.  Cena tries to climb up but Wyatt stops him.

Kane runs Wyatt to the ladder.  Kane pulls Cesaro down, leaving Sheamus with the belts.  Kane and Orton scramble to get Sheamus down.  Kane gets a second ladder out and sets it up at ringside, with one in the ring.  Kane positions the ladder, but Reigns hits him with a spear.  Orton shoves the ladder onto Reigns.

Orton and Reigns are in the ring.  Orton cues the RKO, but instead gets the superman punch from Reigns.  He eats Sheamus' feet on a charge though.  Reigns comes back and goes on a run, hitting a bunch of moves on people, including a spear to Cesaro.  He's taken out the whole field except for Cena.  He and Cena stare down, then start exchanging punches.  Cena loads the AA, but Reigns counters and hits a spear.  That draws a cheer from Boston.

Reigns sets up a ladder but Orton pulls him down and hits the backbreaker off the ladder.  Triple H and Stephanie applaud.  Wyatt recovers, pulling Orton down and dropping him with Sister Abigail.  That got a big reaction.  He goes up but Del Rio stops him, throwing punches to bring him down.  Del Rio hits his step up enzugiri then the low superkick on a kneeling Wyatt.

Del Rio makes a play for the titles but Sheamus shoves the ladder over.  Del Rio falls into the ropes then takes the Brogue Kick.  Sheamus goes up, but Cesaro pulls him off and into an uppercut.  He hits the Neutralizer and makes his own play for the titles.  Orton pulls Cesaro down and hits the RKO which got cheered for the spot.

Orton goes up again, but Reigns gets back in the fray and fights him on the ladder.  Orton's bleeding bad now.  He takes a couple headbutts, but Kane gets back in things.  He grabs Reigns and chokeslams him.  Orton's all alone, with Kane.  Kane holds the ladder for him as Orton begins the climb.  Triple H and Stephanie smile.

Cena re-enters the match.  He hits Kane with the AA, then pulls Orton off the ladder and hits the AA on him onto Kane.  Cena sprints up the ladder to grab the titles and successfully claims them.  Cena is the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  He gets a mixed reaction from the live crowd, Triple H and Stephanie sell disgust, and Cole and King put Cena over as the greatest WWE Champion of all time.

Cena poses with the belts, still on the hook from above the ring.  He gets on the corner closest to the announce position, holding them up for the fans.  He smiles at Triple H and Stephanie, kind of thrusts them forward at them, then continues to celebrate as the show goes off the air.

Winner - John Cena to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion

This was alright, but I think the first MITB match was better.  Guys were constantly in motion in this one, unlike the other where guys disappeared for long periods of time.  Orton was all kinds of bloody and doctors at ringside never did get him bandaged right - could be a combination of sweat and blood and a whole lot of other things.  No cash-in hint from Rollins, which I was expecting when someone other than Orton won.

I'm sure there's going to be a lot of complaints about Cena winning.  I'm personally not a fan myself and wanted WWE to take a risk on Wyatt or Cesaro, but of the guys in the match if they're looking for a transitional champion to get to Brock Lesnar, he makes the most sense.

This was a hard show to lay out, I would suspect.  I thought there were only really three good, strong matches on paper.  I felt like they should have opened with the MITB Contract match, but the tag title match was good and entertaining.  We got a lot of filler stuff though through hour 2 with the Fandango silliness among other things, so I find myself hoping they'd have done something differently.  But, a lot of guys worked hard on this show and really put it out there.  Don't judge this show solely on the result of the main event, or what you think was predictable.  It wasn't a terrible event.

I'll have more on this tomorrow with a hits and misses list.  Drew will be by to catch all the fallout on Raw starting at 8PM EST and we'll discuss this, and probably do some fantasy booking, on RingRap Audio later this week.  Be sure to hit us with your comments and questions on Twitter (@RingRap) for discussion!  Good night, and thanks for watching along.