WWE's Pay Per View Money in the Bank airs tonight starting at 7:30pm Eastern for the preshow, 8pm Eastern for the main show.  We will have live results and reaction to the event.

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Jimmy & Jey Uso vs. The Shield (c) for the WWE Tag Team Championship

Lots of nice double-team moves in this match.  The Uso's have control for a good portion of the opening.  Roman Reigns on the defense, but Seth Rollins pulls him out of the ring to regroup as we go to a brief commercial.

The Shield in charge after the break.  Slowly wearing down The Uso's.  Rollins has a headlock in.  Blind tag to Reigns.  Jey almost gets the hot tag but with Rollins outside, he keeps it from happening.  Rollins hits a running clothesline outside the ring with the distracted ref.

We barely make it back from break to see a high-spot - The Uso's are on fire and Jimmy splashes both men outside the ring.  Crossbody splash and a 2-count. Samoan Drop, 2-count on Rollins.  Good intensity.

We nearly get a superplex that gets turned into something else, but Roman Reigns swoops in and turns it into something TOTALLY different - he somehow powerboms all three men at the sametime, sort of.  Hard to explain, but awesome.

Rollins eats a Superkick to the face, and Jimmy Uso hits a splash.  He goes for the cover, but Reigns barely makes the save.  Jey and Reigns fight outside the ring.  Jimmy gets Rollins up on the shoulder and the crowd shows their appreciation with a "This is awesome" chant.  Reigns gets a blind tag as Rollins powerbombs Jimmy into the corner.  Jimmy hits and stumbles forward, right into a spear from Reigns.  The Shield gets the win.

Winners: The Shield to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships

Excellent match that took a little while to get going.  Easily the best pre-show match in ages, and really, this should have been on the main card.

Main Card

World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Fandango vs Dean Ambrose vs Jack Swagger vs Antonio Cesaro vs Damien Sandow vs Cody Rhodes vs Wade Barrett

A small handful of the participants cut promos on the way to the ring.  Fandango dances in the middle of the ring early on, but quickly all hell breaks loose and bodies go everywhere.

Swagger and Cesaro pair up, so do Sandow and Rhodes.  Swagger and Cesaro toss a ladder at Rhodes Scholars.  Cesaro practically carries Rhodes over to a ladder and tosses him in.  Swagger whips Sandow into the same ladder. 

Rhodes hits a nice disaster kick on Cesaro, and Swagger makes a run for the briefcase, but Ambrose breaks that up.  He starts to set up a ladder, but Wade Barrett stops him,  Barrett clears the ring.  Fandango hits a leg drop from outside the ring onto a ladder on Barrett.  Fandango sells his leg and tries to climb up.  Sandow stops him. 

Ladders everywhere.  Sandow suplexes Fandango onto a ladder.  Wade Barrett breaks a rung off one of the ladders and uses it as a weapon.  Clever.  Barrett and Ambrose climb up.  Swagger yanks Barrett off the ladder and Cesaro catches him with a European Uppercut.  They try to do the same to Ambrose, but Ambrose fends Swagger off.  DDT off the ladder.  Now Cesaro and Ambrose on the ladder.  Cesaro grabs for the case but Cody Rhodes makes the save.  Rhodes gets Cesaro on his shoulders in a cradle and drops him onto a ladder.  Both men are down.

Rhodes in the ring still, Barrett comes in. Barrett destroys Rhodes.  Outside Sandow and Swagger go at it.  Barrett clears the ring of all ladders save one.  Swagger heads in to stop Barrett.  Barrett drops down, heads back up and hits the Bull Hammer on Swagger.

Barrett climbs up and is within reach. but Fandango with the save.  Fandango flips over the ladder for a power bomb on Barrett.  Summer Rae cheers him on.  Fandango goes for the climb but Ambrose stops him.  Ambrose hits his finisher and climbs up the ladder.  Cesaro runs in and collapses the ladder.  Ambrose shoulders the ladder and swings up.  Swagger and Cesaro both pick up the ladder. .  Ambrose back-flips up the ladder but ends up getting tossed outside.  Swagger sets Cesaro up on his shoulders and they walk towards the briefcase.  Fantastic!  Out of nowhere, Cody Rhodes dropkicks Swagger's legs out and both men go tumbling. 

One by one, Rhodes hits CrossRhodes on Fandango, then Barrett.  Rhodes is on fire.  The fans are really into this match.  Rhodes heads outside for a ladder, but goes for the larger one instead.  Rhodes sets it up, and makes the climb.  Out of nowhere, Ambrose climbs up and they go at it at the top. Ambrose hits headbutts, but can't pull it off.  Rhodes reaches through a ladder rung and pulls Ambrose through, hitting his head on the ladder repeatedly.  He drops off, but The Shield makes a run in.  Rhodes fends them off, but they manage to bring him down. 

The Shield keep the ring clear, giving Ambrose time to get to his feet.  This is all perfectly legal.  Ambrose is about to start his climb and The Uso's hit the ring to get The Shield out of there.  All hell breaks loose outside as Ambrose makes the climb, but Cody Rhodes sends Ambrose off the ladder into the fight outside.  Cody sets the ladder back up and makes the climb.  The fans are going crazy.  He's almost at the top, but Damien Sandow pushes him off and grabs the briefcase to get the win.

Winner: Damien Sandow

Great match with some innovative stuff.  It's getting harder and harder to be creative in these types of matches, but I think having all heels here actually helped, because they could all do dastardly things.  The fans were definitely pulling for Cody.  Sandow will do well with the briefcase, I think.

Brad Maddox comes out to pander to the crowd.  He makes cracks about filling Vickie's high heels.  He says he put Vickie Guerrero in the analyst team.  He asks Philadelphia to give her a warm welcome.  He tries to get a "Thank you Vickie" chant going.  They're not having it.  He plays a tribute to Vickie on the TitanTron.  It's mostly embarrassing stuff.

The Miz's music kicks in, and it's not clear if he's interrupting or it's time for his match.  I guess it's time for his match.

The Miz vs. Curtis Axel (c) for the Intercontinental Championship

Obviously, and ECW chant breaks out for Paul Heyman.  Axel in charge early on.  Action spills outside of the ring, but Miz tosses Axel back in.  Paul Heyman talks trash to The Miz, while the ref is looking at Axel.  Miz fakes getting punched by Heyman and drops to the floor.  The ref tosses Heyman out!

Action continues as the fans chant "We Want Heyman."  Back and forth, but Axel gets a nice dropkick in.  Axel goes for a back body drop but Miz reverses.  Axel misses a dive in the corner.  Miz gets some momentum.  Knee and boot to the face.  Miz in charge.

Miz goes for his finisher but Axel counters.  He goes for a Perfectplex, and Miz teases a Figure Four.  Countered.  Axel hits a Perfect Plex.  2-count.

Miz locks in the Figure Four, in the middle of the ring.  Axel teases tapping out, but manages to reverse the hold.  Miz flips it back over.  Axel grabs the ropes.

Axel hops around the ring and Miz chases him.  Axel slips into the ring and manages to get the better of Miz.  He hits his finisher to score the win and retain.

Winner: Curtis Axel to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Pretty significant victory for Axel, especially without Heyman at his side.  Both men worked well together and the fans were, for the most part, behind Miz, but really, they were behind Heyman.

AJ Lee (c) vs. Kaitlyn for the WWE Divas' Championship

I'll be honest, I missed the beginning of this. When I picked up, AJ just went for a pin attempt  She's working Kaitlyn's arm now.  She locks in an arm lock and bridges it.

AJ clings to Kaitlyn.  My video keeps freezing.  Bear with me. 

Nice Tilt-a-Whirl into a Black Widow.  AJ has it locked in.  Kaitlyn is forced to tap.

Winner: AJ Lee to retain the WWE Divas Championship

I wish I was able to catch more of this match.  I don't think it lived up to their last one, but it was still quite good.

Ryback vs. Chris Jericho

Y2J chant to start it off.  Back and forth.  Early on Ryback ducks outside the ring.  Action heads outside the ring.  Jericho up top, he hits Ryback in the back of the head.  Ryback gets some offense as a "Goldberg" chant breaks out.  I think it's safe to say at this point Ryback is nothing like Goldberg.

Ryback gets a two-count. goes for a headlock.  Bodyslam to Jericho.  Jericho on the apron, he gets launched to the announcer's tables.  Ryback tosses Jericho around the ring pretty easily. 

My video cut out again, but when I came back, Ryback was setting Jericho up for Shell Shock.  He gets loose and hits a Code Breaker (I think) but Ryback powerbombs him instead.  Jericho manages to hit a Code Breaker through the ropes and lays Ryback out outside the ring.  The ref counts.  Ryback barely makes it back in. 

Jericho hits a splash from the top and goes for the pin.  He runs in on Ryback but Ryback presses him and sets him up for Shell Shock.  Somehow Jericho reverses it into a DDT. 

Jericho goes for a Lionsault, but Ryback rolls back.  Jericho lands on his feet but Ryback rolls him up for the sudden pin.

Winner: Ryback

Video issues aside, I just couldn't get into this match from the start.  The build was terrible, and the match itself wasn't too much better.  Sorry guys.

Nice video package highlighting the WWE Performance Center in Florida. 

World Heavyweight Championship match up next.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Albero Del Rio (c) for the World Heavyweight Championship

Traditional championship announcement here.  Ziggler goes for an early roll-up.  The fans are really into him tonight.  Headlock by Del Rio early on.  Nice dropkick from Ziggler and a two-count.  Ziggler hits his series of elbows.  Crowd counts along.  He makes it to 10.

Del Rio hits an enzuigiri on the apron and tosses Ziggler into the barricade.  Back in the ring, he goes for a pin attempt.  Two count.

Ziggler misses a running splash in the corner and gets his face stomped in. Del Rio using the ropes to his advantage. 

Del Rio climbs to the top, and out of nowhere Ziggler runs up and hits a face buster from the top rope.  Two-count.

Del Rio misses a shoulder block in the corner and goes into the pole.  Later he manages to get Ziggler in the corner for a series of shoulder blocks.  He misses an enzuigiri and Ziggler hits a Fame-asser for a two-count.

Del Rio hits a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a quick two-count.  He goes up top, but Ziggler catches him with a dropkick.  Not quite sure why, but AJ skips down to the ring, and around the ring.  Dolph pleads with her that he's got this. 

AJ stands back but watches.  Del Rio goes for another tilt-a-whirl, but Ziggler reverses it into a DDT.  He climbs up top but Del Rio catches him.  Front-facing superplex and a two-count from Del Rio.

Del Rio goes for the cross-arm breaker but Ziggler reverses it.  Ziggler gets a kick to the face and gets sent up in the air for a pin attempt.  Del Rio goes in for another kick as AJ slides into the ring.  Dolph catches Del Rio's foot and AJ hits Del Rio with her title to cause the DQ.  Del Rio retains.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio via DQ.

After the match, Ziggler and AJ argue in the ring.  Dolph walks away as AJ pleads and cries. 

Excellent match from both men.  Not crazy about the finish, but up to that point, the action was non-stop and really solid.  Even in loss, this sets Ziggler's face turn in a better direction.

Mark Henry vs. John Cena (c) for the WWE Championship

Crowd is super into this.  Henry drops Cena down pretty quick.  Henry in control with a slow pace early on.  Running splash in the corner.  Outside the ring, Henry does a front-suplex onto the steps. 

Henry holding a slow pace, but Cena hasn't gotten much offense in.  Cena fires back with punches and a dropkick, but he can't bring Henry down.  Henry knocks Cena over easily.  He picks him up by the ankles and swings him around.

Henry misses a splash in the corner and Cena runs in to get a bodyslam, but Henry is too much and falls on top of Cena.

Cena gets some momentum and hits a shoulder block.  He goes for a backdrop, and goes for 5-Knuckle Shuffle.  He hits it.  He goes for the Attitude Adjustment and can barely get Henry up.  He drops him and doesn't connect with the move.  Henry goes for a cover.  2-count.

Henry goes for something, but Cena reverses it into a DDT.  Cena manages to get Henry up for AA, but Henry kicks out.  Cena heads up top and goes for a body splash, but Henry catches him.  Henry hits the Worlds Strongest Slam, but Cena kicks out.

Henry goes out of the ring and grabs some chairs.  The ref has the chairs removed.  Henry removes a turnbuckle, but of course Cena sends him into it.  Cena goes for the STF.  Henry grabs the ropes.  Henry pushes both Cena and the ref away at the same time.  He kicks Cena below the belt when the ref isn't looking.  He goes for a cover.  2-count.

Henry picks Cena up for the WSS once more, but Cena leaps out and locks in an STF.  Henry reaches for the ropes but Cena pulls him back and hits it again.  Henry taps.  Cena retains.

Winner: John Cena via submission to retain the WWE Championship

After the match, Mark Henry beckons the ref over to help him walk backstage as Cena celebrates in the ring.

Very good match between these two, but that was expected.  Henry is doing the best work of his career and John Cena never fails to deliver in a title match.

WWE Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match: RVD vs. Christian vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton vs. Sheamus vs. CM Punk

The bell rings and I guess that means it's a six-man match.  Nothing happens initially.  The RVD chants break out, and as he goes to thumb-point, he gets attacked by, well, everyone.

Little by little, the ring clears, til it's CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan.  As RVD makes a play to come back in, both men knock him off the apron.  Kicks vs. elbows and kicks.  Back and forth.  Punk hits a chop on Bryan.  Bryan flips over Punk and nearly falls, but recovers nicely.  Meanwhile, Sheamus slips in with a ladder.  Orton slides in and starts clearing out, but RVD makes an impact.  Kicks all around.  RVD stands tall.

Christian goes for an unprettier, but RVD sends him down on a ladder.  He hits rolling thunder on Daniel Bryan, on a ladder, but Orton flings him outside.  He kicks Orton in the head and goes for the Five-Star but gets hit with a ladder and ends up outside the ring.

Christian has a tiny ladder in the ring and is dealing damage.  He sets up a large ladder and makes the first move for the title.  Sheamus catches him but Christian wiggles free.  Christian gets hit with a ladder and he's out.

Sheamus climbs up and RVD pulls the ladder out from under him.  Nasty fall.  The refs check on Sheamus and he's ok.  Sheamus hits a rolling senton on RVD on top of a ladder.  Daniel Bryan kicked into the announcer's table.  Launched into the barricade.  Ouch.

Sheamus sets up a ladder from the apron to the announcer's table.  He flips up Daniel Bryan to toss him on it, but Bryan manages to avoid it.  Running knee to Sheamus instead.

In the ring, CM Punk sets up a ladder.  Orton and Christian are not amused.  Daniel Bryan grabs a ladder and joins in on the fun.  All six men on two ladders grabbing for the briefcase.  The damn thing is swinging everywhere.  All laders go down.  Orton may have tweaked his knee.

Sheamus on a roll clearing the ring.  White Noise to Christian.  RVD face first into a ladder.  Sheamus climbs up but Daniel Bryan is there to stop him.  Yes/No chants.  Sheamus clubs the hell out of Bryan's chest, on top of the ladder.  Good stuff.

Sheamus grabs for the briefcase and hangs on but CM Punk yanks him down.  Punk lays into Sheamus with chops.  Sheamus returns fire.  Running knee to the face in the corner.  CM Punk rides a ladder down on top of Sheamus. 

Orton's ok.  He runs in and attacks Punk. T-bone suplex into a ladder.  DDT to Punk.  Out of nowhere, Christian hits a spear.  He climbs up the ladder.  Slowly.  RVD is back in.  He hits Christian with a ladder.  Jump-spin leg drop to Christian.  He climbs up top.  A "We want tables" chant kicks in.  Nope.

Christian and RVD scale a ladder in the middle.  RVD makes a grab.  So does Christian.  Christian down in the middle.  RVD climbs up top to another ladder and hits the Five-Star Frog Splash from the top. 

RVD climbs up again but Sheamus meets him and they trade punches.  RVD gets the better but Sheamus pushes the ladder over.  Sheamus attacks.  Daniel Bryan comes in out of nowhere and deals kicks to both men.  Daniel Bryan goes on a rampage and jumps through the ropes onto CM Punk.  He runs back and in and does more damage.  He starts swinging a ladder and knocks Sheamus off the top rope onto a ladder.  Sheamus goes through the ladder.  Daniel Bryan climbs up to the top rope and goes to grab the briefcase, but Curtis Axel runs in with a chair and attacks him.  What?

Axel takes Bryan outside the ring and hits his finisher on the floor.  He walks towards Punk, who picks him up and nails him with GTS.

Paul Heyman walks out and starts yelling at Curtis Axel.  CM Punk barely crawls into the ring and starts climbing up the ladder.  Heyman still at ringside.  He gets the audience behind Punk. 

Heyman climbs into the ring and starts pushing a ladder into Punk.  He stares him down and hits him three times with a standing ladder.  He walks out.

RVD sets up the ladder and goes up to the top.  Orton pulls RVD off and hits an RKO on the way down.  Nice!  He climbs up to the top.  He holds it for a few moments and grabs the briefcase.  He pulls it down to get the win.

Winner: Randy Orton

Well, Orton winning isn't a surprise, but Axel and Heyman's involvement certainly is.  An excellent match from start to finish.  These men put it all on the line and it delivered.

I'm looking forward to seeing Orton with the briefcase.  He's doing the best work of his career right now and WWE can really invest in him again.

From top to bottom, a great show.  WWE delivered another excellent pay-per-view.  It wasn't without some hiccups, but overall a really solid event. 

Thanks for following along with me tonight folks.  See you tomorrow on WWE Raw!  Don't forget to follow along on Twitter and Facebook