Matt Hester

Does anyone even care about this match? I can tell you that I sure as hell don’t. How can the WWE expect anyone to care when they spend no whatsoever on making these belts mean anything. For the sake of picking someone, I pick the S.H.I.E.L.D to win in a non meaningful match.

Winner the S.H.I.E.L.D

Drew Koscelek

(Editorial Note:  be sure to read Drew’s prediction of the Turmoil Pre-show match to couple with this match prediction)

Later on, The Players will go to face The Shield, and despite having a solid match, they ultimately will fall.  There’s still so much they can do with The Shield, and as henchmen for Triple H, it makes sense that they win.  

Shield retains during the main show.

Bill Wentz

There isn’t a lot to say here.  There hasn’t been any direct build to a feud or story with any of the teams and The Shield.  The Usos do have some history, but I’m not sure I see them being the team to challenge.

The thing here is the story between “Corporation 2.0” and Daniel Bryan.  If the “Corporation” were showing cracks in their base, I could see the Shield dropping the tag titles.  But right now, the Corporation is solid, and getting their roll.  So, look for The Shield to continue to reign as the tag champions. 

Winner – The Shield.