Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler for the US Championship

Drew Koscelek

I have no idea what’s going on with Dolph Ziggler lately. He was pushed to the moon and had the biggest night of his career when he cashed in the Money in the Bank contract. He got sidelined with a concussion. Then, he starts getting buried miserably. Maybe all those interviews where he was bragging about stealing the show finally caught up to him…

Ziggler has a bright future, but I think he’s past the US Title at this point. That being said, there were plenty of main event talents that went from World Champ back to IC or US title in between major programs (Chris Jericho was the king of it). There’s no shame in being US Champion, and Ambrose has held on to the title for a pretty good stretch - since May 19th, in fact.

I don’t think they’re close to being done with the Henchmen storyline they’ve got going for The Shield, and having the titles enhances the image pretty significantly. Ziggler really needs the win, but for the oppression story they’re telling, it’s more appropriate to have him lose, preferably by some nefarious means. Maybe Ryback will interfere? Or perhaps the rest of The Shield? Or maybe Triple H will send Big Show down to the ring to do some shady things. I don’t know. Either way, Ziggler’s losing streak continues. Dean Ambrose retains.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Bill Wentz

Speaking of matches without stories… These two had only minimal interaction to set up this match. Ambrose has attacked Ziggler twice in order to give cause for this match to take place. Ziggler has been on a losing streak of sorts after losing his World Heavyweight Championship. Ambrose is the unquestioned leader of the Shield.

The work in this match should be fantastic if the two get into a rhythm. This is a good place to enable them to tell a story of Ziggler going up against a part of the “corporation” that has been punishing him of late. But as was the case for the tag championship, there are no cracks in that corporation – so there won’t be a title change.

Winner – Dean Ambrose.

Matt Hester

While it is nice to see Dolph Ziggler wrestling for some WWE title. The U.S title is hardly a step in the right direction for the Ziggster. Add in the fact that not nearly enough if any story line has been added, and you have a thrown together match with no meaning.

As far as the match itself goes it should be a solid bout. Both guys know how to throw down in the ring and given the proper time we can be in for a nice treat. Putting the strap on Ziggler doesn’t make sense for a couple of reasons. As mentioned before the U.S title does nothing for Dolph, and Ambrose losing the strap can only hurt his progress. Look for Ambrose to retain with a little help from S.H.I.E.L.D.

Winner and still champ Dean Ambrose