World Heavyweight Championship:  Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Rob Van Dam

Bill Wentz:

The big point in this match focuses on Ricardo Rodriguez, strangely enough.  Ricardo took a beating from Del Rio, then switched allegiances to join RVD for the past few weeks.  Ricardo was told he would not be at ringside for Sunday’s match, but will he listen?  It’s my hope that this less-than-compelling pairing of RVD and Ricardo is coming to an end.

I can’t see a big reason to change the title here initially.  But it does creep into my mind that there’s a briefcase floating around that hasn’t been cashed in yet either. Is it time to make a title move?  Quite possibly, but not on this night. 

Winner- Alberto Del Rio after Ricardo turns on RVD

Matt Hester:

I tried really hard to get into this feud but I just couldn't. The R.V.D and Rodriguez combination is just not working. The couple times I have seen Del Rio and R.V.D lock up in the ring has also been disappointing. You would think that two workers as good as these two should easily throw a 3 to 5 star match!

I wouldn't rule out R.V.D getting the pin, but smart money says that Del Rio finds a way to keep the belt. If I had to guess I would say that some how Rodriguez costs him the win. I just hope that these two can put on a match that we all know they are capable of.

Winner Alberto Del Rio

Drew Koscelek:

RVD’s pairing with Ricardo Rodriguez doesn’t make a lick of sense to me.  The “Numero Uno Amigo” is being set up.  In the immortal words of Admiral Ackbar, “IT’S A TRAP!”

At least, it better be, because if it isn’t a trap, it makes no sense.

Alberto Del Rio is a great heel champion.  He’s vile, disgusting, smarmy, ruthless, and cocky - everything a heel needs.  Meanwhile, RVD can’t cut a promo.  He says “Dude” a lot.  While he has value in the ring, I just don’t see him having the chops on the microphone to carry the belt by himself.  Ricardo is a great mouthpiece, but not for RVD.  Not in my opinion, anyhow.

Then there’s the looming threat of Damien Sandow.  We can never forget he has that briefcase.  It doesn’t feel like the time is right for a cash-in from Sandow, though.  The only way I could see Sandow cashing in is if RVD picks up the win.  The timing just doesn’t seem right to me.  Too early.  There’s still so much that can be done with Sandow to build him up, so when he does cash in, it’s a major deal.

I don’t see Del Rio losing here, and I’m fairly certain Ricardo will rejoin him.  The feud with RVD might continue, as a result, but I really hope they split RVD and Ricardo, immediately.

Del Rio retains.