WWE Championship:  Randy Orton (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

Bill Wentz:

The second hottest story in WWE right now should provide the best match of the night.  Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan can work and they’ll be given the opportunity to do so in their main event slot. 

The simple rule of the night for me is “expect shenanigans” when I think of this match.  For many, the downfall of this match’s story is that no one believes Bryan can win this match.  I will have to agree with that assessment to a point.  But on Raw and Smackdown this week, they did give Bryan those “hope spots” that allow one to think that maybe Bryan can pull off the win.

This story is far from over though, and Bryan leaving the show the title would be premature right now.  This is where the shenanigans come in.  I see Triple H sticking his nose in, or the Shield doing something, or even Big Show somehow getting caught in the middle.  Bryan may win, but he won’t be leaving with the title.

Winner – Daniel Bryan by disqualification, Randy Orton retains the title. 

Matt Hester:

This rivalry has brought us old schoolers a throw back to Austin vs. the System 2. At first I was kind of annoyed with how things were progressing, but I have to admit I was wrong. Daniels has done a fine job of selling the whole “the world is against me” attitude. Credit also needs to be given where its due to Randy Orton.

This is some of the finest heel work Orton has done ever. The back and forth from these two have been great and it has made this match a must see. In my heart of hearts I see Orton retaining the WWE title. However, I am going to go against my gut feeling and pick Bryan to

Bryan is way over with the crowd and it sets up an easy must see rematch at the next PPV. I can easily see this bout going at least 30 mins and it tearing down the house. I could be  wrong with this pick, but I just have a funny that the match goes down this way.

Winner and new champ Daniel Bryan

Drew Koscelek

I want Daniel Bryan to win so badly here.  He’s the hottest act in WWE today, and his feud with Randy Orton is a dream match - shady heel veteran using sneaky tactics and relying on the boss to help him get the win in the first place. 

To me, there seems to be more money in the chase - Daniel Bryan chasing after Randy Orton is a feud people want to see.  Once Bryan wins the title, where do they go from there?  It’s a tough call, really.

I’ve said in the past that WWE is setting up Big Show to face Orton next, thus predicting Bryan loses here.  But what if I’m wrong?  The more I think about it, maybe Daniel Bryan does get the win back, and then Triple H sends The Big Show after him?  What better way to get Bryan over than to have him knock down The Giant himself? 

I’m really torn on this match.  There’s a lot of ways they can go with this.  I’m going to try to be optimistic here, however.  Let’s cross our fingers for Daniel Bryan.  With The Corporation against him, there’s so many ways they can make his life a living hell if he gets the win.  But if he loses, Daniel Bryan could easily fall into obscurity.

Daniel Bryan manages to fend off The Shield with a little help, and he knocks Randy Orton out with his running knee.