WWE Divas Championship Match:  AJ (c) vs. Natalya vs. Naomi vs. Brie Bella

Drew Koscelek

For the life of me, I have yet to figure out and understand why this is a match.  On Monday, Natalya, Brie Bella, and Naomi teamed up to face Layla, Aksana, and Alicia Fox, thus breaking all apparent storylines from WWE’s Wrestling television shows.  I understand that Total Divas portrays the cast as friendly, if not straight up friends, but I think it’s extremely important to know how to separate the two shows.  I thought they were fighting and hated each other, storyline-wise, on Raw and Smackdown.  Who knew they were friends?

And let’s look at AJ, who cut a career-defining promo two weeks ago, but is now stuck defending the integrity of the Women’s, err… Divas division - and the title -  against three women that have a mixed track record in the ring.  I feel like this feud is a horrible step backwards from the hot feud AJ and Kaitlyn had just a month ago.  I understand that we need to move on to the next thing now, but the Total Divas feud is not it.  If WWE thinks that the reality TV audience that has brought Total Divas strong ratings is the same audience that is going to order this pay-per-view, they are sadly mistaken. 

AJ retains, or I riot.  Honestly I think we might see Nattie pick up this win here.  There’s got to be a title change on the card somewhere.  Might as well be the Divas title.  

Bill Wentz:

AJ is the heel champion that cut essentially a face promo against the other three several weeks ago.  Naomi is athletic, but very green.  Natalya is probably the superior worker of the four.  And Brie Bella can work if inspired to.

The story to this match works with the disdain that AJ has for the “Total Divas” cast.  She called them fake, cheap, and a whole lot of other insults.  The three have gotten their hands on AJ and gotten the better of her in three on one settings, but every woman is on her own in this match.

I hear there’s a mid-season finale of Total Divas coming up.  A title change might cause some attention here for the reality show.  And I’m also thinking they won’t go for the true worker of the group right away.

Winner – Brie Bella.

Matt Hester:

There were two possible popcorn matches, it was either this or the tag title match. WWE tradition says that the women usually get the nod when it come to popcorn bouts. AJ's promo may have started a spark, but it sure didn't create a fire for the Divas division. I see no
point in pulling the strap of the only thing relevant in this god awful division.

Winner AJ Lee