Hello, Internet.

My name is Shanna Harris, and this website has allowed me the pleasure of giving you a detailed report for my favorite WWE show, NXT.

I could not be more honored to step in and give you a list of reasons why you should be watching this show, because NXT is an action packed, wrestling intense show that doesn't leave you feeling overwhelmed by 3 hour viewing times or useless McMahon backstage segments.

One of the things I love about NXT is every show is almost always stacked. There's always a feeling that so much is packed into a short time period that the show ends when you least expect it. This week's show is particularly loaded with goodies. We have a US Title match, a dance contest, and the NXT championship being defended in the main event.

Let's get right into breaking down the show.

The very first thing we hear from our in-ring announcer is that Tyler Breeze has entered the building. More on him later.

Match 1: Dean Ambrose vs Adrian Neville.

As soon as the show starts, we get straight into the match I was most looking forward to seeing tonight. You see, NXT is primarily a training ground for the future WWE superstars, but WWE main event stars also appear on the show. Last week's episode of NXT saw Dean Ambrose challenge Adrian Neville to a single's match, and Neville suggested that the U.S. Title be put on the line. Challenge accepted and here we are!

This match showcased Adrian Neville's high flying. Dean was the cocky champion taking the hits, but still getting right back up and dishing out punishment when necessary. It was quite an enjoyable opener until (predictably) The Shield came out after Adrian Neville had Dean Ambrose pinned.

Adrian's tag team partner Corey Graves comes out with Xavier Woods (PH.D) to even the odd's and The Shield high tail it out of the arena.

All in all, a strong opener. It's about everything you'd expect from the participants.

Meanwhile, Backstage: Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy are backstage talking to Scott Dawson and Sylvester Lefort. Enzo and Colin mention that Scott has a big match with Mason Ryan (ugh) later on. Enzo and Colin then proclaim that Mason is S-A-W-F-T SAWFT while Dawson and Lefort only care about the money. What money, exactly? Who knows.

It's worth mentioning that Enzo and Colin were stomped by Mason Ryan last week when they were supposed to be competition in a match against Tons of Funk. A moment I wish I could forget.

Anyway, Mason vs Dawson is happening next week. Get hyped. Or you can do what I do and get bored at the thought of Mason Ryan wrestling. Either or.

DANCE BATTLE! Summer Rae vs Emma
(The winner challenges the NXT women's champion, Paige, in a title match on the next episode.)

Now, I know what you're thinking. You've been watching wrestling for years and you've been conditioned to hate anything that has Diva's or the word dance associated with it. And I agree with you. Most dance contests are normally pretty horrendous to watch and bomb horribly.

But this is NXT. While some of you may find this an insult to everything wrestling stands for, I actually smiled and had a pretty good time watching this. I was fully expecting this to be horrible and for me to have to trash it, but I actually enjoyed it.

Emma, NXT's dancing queen, is adorable and likeable (and has a fun Australian accent!) but can't dance at all. Summer Rae, who we know as Fandango's dancer, is NXT's ice queen and has so. much. attitude.

I'm all for when women have 1 hour wrestlefests and someone ends up bleeding, but something even better than that is when two characters make a segment that's an obvious bomb work in their favor.

The bottom line is that Emma won the DANCE BATTLE! Which makes her the number 1 contender for the NXT women's championship. Too bad Summer had to be a spoil sport and attack Emma after she won.

And that's that! The dance battle is history and we fade to black with Emma clutching her neck.

Match 2: Danny Burch vs TYLER BREEZE!

Let me get this out of the way immediately. I am absolutely and totally Team Breeze. From the very first time he debuted on NXT, I was completely sucked in. I'm not someone who likes to compare one character to another, but if I had to, the closest thing to Tyler Breeze that you're probably familiar with is John Morrison. But you know what? Tyler is better than Morrison. Because he's a male model with awesome wrestling ability. And his titantron is a real time image of HIMSELF walking to the ring, posing and being full of himself.

But you know the best thing about Tyler? He's not just pretty. He can handle business in the ring. He made relatively quick work of Danny Burch with a gorgeous spinning heel kick, and don't even think that during the match he didn't stop to take a few selfies for posterity.

Either way, Tyler Breeze is someone you should definitely keep an eye on. He will be a big star someday!

Meanwhile, backstage: Renee Young is backstage with our NXT champion, Bo Dallas. Renee reminds Bo that he "survived" against Antonio Cesaro last week, but Bo isn't worried about Antonio. Renee moves on to talk about Leo Kruger, his opponent this evening, reminding Bo that Leo wants to beat him and is not one to be toyed with. But Bo, displaying that oh-so irritating optimism, states that he will be okay. He also tells us to don't stop BO-lieving. Yikes.

Interview over!

In a sad update, despite all of Emma's hard work in that dance contest, Summer's vicious post victory attack has left Emma unable to compete. So, next week, it will be Summer Rae vs Paige in a match with the NXT women's championship on the line.

Match 3: Leo Kruger vs Bo Dallas.
Something that's always baffled me about NXT is the over the top hatred of Bo Dallas. Can I figure out Bo's character? No, because I haven't watched the show long enough. But it's a bit distracting to have the NXT crowd booing everything Bo does. By all appearances, Bo isn't a bad wrestler, but he is SUPER hated. I guess I'll just never get it.

In any event, Bo and Leo put on a clinic in the main event. These two have quite a history with each other, and they made every move meaningful and brutal all at the same time. It all ended with Bo finishing Leo with Leo's own submission, The GC3.Bo Dallas retains the NXT championship, and we fade to black with Leo Kruger's devastated face.

And with that, another week of NXT is in the record books.

I can't recommend this show highly enough, guys. NXT is a hidden gem in the massive plethora of WWE shows and web content. From the very first time I saw this show, I was hooked. I can only hope that my review will encourage you to watch NXT too.

I'm Shanna Harris, and I'll see you all next week when I review another episode of NXT.