After a week off from my regular NXT reports, I'm getting right back into my preferred weekly wrestling experience with this week's episode. Since I haven't caught up on any of last week's proceedings, I'm pretty interested to see how interested I am in this week's show. My hopes for this episode are large amounts of Tyler Breeze and Enzo Amore and very little CJ Parker and Corey Graves. Will my dreams come true?

Let's read on and find out together.

Match 1: Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy vs Sylvester LeForte and Alexander Rusev

Well, I got my wish! Enzo Amore (and his breast cancer ribbon haircut) and Colin Cassidy battle Sylvester Leforte and Alexander Rusev in a battle of.....well, I haven't quite figured that out yet. The storytelling for this mini tag team feud has been pretty lackluster. Both teams have been trading shots and getting beaten up at a pretty liberal pace, but for the life of me I can't remember what started this whole mess. Combining that with my lukewarm feelings on Alexander Rusev, and I'm not so happy about this match. Love Enzo (and Colin, I guess), not so hot on Alexander Rusev. Sylvester LeForte didn't have much time to do anything in this match before he was BRUTALLY attacked by Alexander.

It looks like my dream of having "The Legionnaire's" broken up is finally coming true. Which is a good thing for all of us. Rusev never quite fit in with Scott Dawson and Sylvester LaForte, and this give Alexander a chance to fly free on his own. The execution of this turn, however, was brutal. There was not a sound to be heard when Alexander betrayed his manager, so it's safe to say that Rusev's pairing with Dawson and LeForte wasn't getting over as well as those responsible hoped for.

Here's hoping for better, brighter future feuds for all involved.

Move of the match: n/a

Winner: Alexander Rusev and Sylvester LaForte

Match 2: Aiden English vs Jason Jordan

This match is the perfect example of why I love NXT. You have a guy with a theater\singer gimmick who is actually taken seriously by the watching audience. It's so great to not see so many juiced up muscle heads and instead we have people like Aiden taking a character that should fail and making it work. Not only that, but the NXT crowd signing along with Aiden and generally being receptive to a character of this sort without going "lol ths is gay" makes me pretty happy too. By the time ROSES were thrown into the ring after Aiden's encore, I was pretty much one satisfied girl fan. I'm surprised I didn't melt. Sure, not everyone will be into Aiden English, but he's my cup of tea and I need MORE TEA.

In any event, this was a clean and well paced wrestling match between Aiden and Jason. Both men looked impressive and Aiden finished the match with The Director's Cut. By the way, who says movie references in wrestling never works? NOBODY.

Aiden English wins and everything is just dandy!

Move of the match: The Director's Cut on Jason by Aiden. I'm a sucker for finishers.

Winner: Aiden English

Match 3: Paige vs Summer Rae (w/Sasha Banks) NXT Women's Championship match

I have to admit something. I'm very proud of Paige and her accomplishments in the ring. I was proud when she got crowned NXT Women's champion because I know she worked very hard to get to NXT and the championship is a culmination of her accomplishments. She's a great wrestler and I enjoy watching her wrestle. That being said, I don't exactly "get" Paige. I understand that she's the anti-diva and will outwrestle any of her fellow wrestlers at a moment's notice, but her character is lacking something. The screaming and wordless entrances don't do much for me. Like I said, great competitor, but her character needs a little something extra to get me hyped to see her. I've already come up with about 3 different dream matches that I'd like to see Bayley and Emma involved in. Yet for Paige, I don't want to see her doing much of anything. She's just kind of there for me. I'd like to see her evolve into a more accomplished personality, but only time and her hard work will determine if I ever turn a corner with her.

In any event, this women's match was about what you'd expect. Paige took it to Summer all the way through the match. With Sasha Banks booted from the proceedings early on, that left Summer to battle Paige one on one. In the end, Summer could not get past Paige's aggression (nor the Paige Turner) and Summer loses her opportunity to hold the NXT women's gold.

Move of the match: n/a

Winner: Paige

Post match shenanigan's saw Sasha Banks return to ringside to get her some of Paige, but Emma came out to assist Paige. In the course of taking a beating to Sasha Banks, Paige accidentally caught a vicious blow from Emma. Naturally, that led to Emma and Paige getting into a pretty intense stare down.

You know how I said I didn't have a dream match for Paige? I lied. I'd like to see her wrestle Emma for the NXT Women's Champion. Here's hoping the trigger is pulled on that match is pulled soon.

Match 4: TYLER BREEZE vs CJ Parker

You guys, CJ Parker is a buffoon. Not a fun buffoon or someone saddled with an awful character. CJ Parker is just a flat out, unredeemable idiot.

CJ's idea of trying to intimidate Tyler Breeze before the match is to shake his knees and make goofy faces at Tyler to show he's serious about beating him up. Seriously. He could make those same idiotic faces at a cat and get the same non-reaction he got from the crowd. I wish he would do that instead of being on my favorite wrestling show, because he's not needed.

CJ Parker is one of about a handful of wrestlers who I don't want to see under any circumstances. Sure, Tyler isn't the most manly character, but Tyler is a more accomplished ring hand who gets me excited to see him every week. CJ is not working, and will probably never work from an entertainment stand point. Every single time I see CJ, his buffoonery is so irritating and unfunny that I find it distracting. I don't think I've ever wanted a wrestler to go away as much as I want CJ Parker to. The crowd apparently agrees with me because as the match went on, CJ got so unbearable that the crowd audibly turned on him and started chanting for Tyler instead. This is one time in a list of many where CJ was supposed to be loveable and sympathetic character, but eventually got turned on by the crowd. He is HORRIBLE. I think having Breeze and CJ go against each other was a mismatch to begin with, but CJ is unbearable and he makes himself look worse with each performance. It's astounding to me that he's at this level and is still this bad.

Tyler Breeze is perfect and gives his best effort to make CJ look legit It's too bad that Parker can't stop being stupid long enough to make anybody else look good too. (That includes himself)

Move of the match: n/a

Winner: CJ Parker (UGH)

And so ends another week of NXT. Be sure to stay right here at Ring Rap for my weekly show break down. If my report has inspired you to watch NXT and get sucked in yourself, you can see this week's (and a bunch of past episodes) show by heading over to Hulu!

Until next week, wrestling friends.