Hello again, internet. It's Shanna, back with another NXT review.

As the weeks ago on and as I get more familiar with the characters, I'm discovering my favorites and not so favorites. While I think every episode should feature copious amounts of Tyler Breeze, I think CJ Parker should be banished from earth. But that's the beauty of this show. There's a little something for everyone, and of the two or so months that I've been watching this show, there's only been one show that I can call bad. That's almost 98% positive average. Not bad, eh?

This week's episode is no exception. The fact that this show is now readily available on Hulu, free of charge to all of us broke heathens, is fantastic for everyone. If you're the kind of person who consistently hates Raw and Smackdown, I dare you to watch one episode of NXT and see just how quickly you become addicted. It only took me two shows.

For those of us desperately looking for our NXT fix, I've got you covered! Let's get right into breaking down this episode featuring FAAAAANDAAAAN...okay, I won't do it.

The show's opening package is one announcing Fandango's debut to NXT, and it makes him look 1,000,000 times better than any of his appearances on Raw and Smackdown. Just sayin.

Match 1: Fandango and Summer Rae vs Emma and Santino Marella
Inter gender Tag Team match

I had to re-write the following paragraphs about 4 different times because each time I was done, something amazing happened that I HAD to tell you.

Going back to that thing I mentioned a few paragraphs up about Fandango. I'm sure some members of the IWC still don't get Fandango and why he's so amazing, but the NXT fans were on their feet and DADADAing to their hearts content as Summer Rae and Fandango made their entrance. I can honestly say that I like Fandango, and watching him at NXT only makes me like him more. Johnny Curtis took a character that so many predicted would fail spectacularly, and turned it into something entertaining.

Everything about his entrance and wrestling with Summer was pure gold. The smirking, dancing, and stetching at ringside will infurate the bitterest of wrestling fan, but I couldn't help but laugh and smile at what I was seeing. If me telling you that Johnny Curtis legit SHOOK HIS ASS in response to crowd adulation doesn't make you laugh, I'm very sorry for you. If Fandango's ass doesn't get you into the danger zone, Emma doing the Santino walk probably would. God, I love that girl so hard. And Santino for attempting Emma's ring entrance. WRESTLING GROUP HUG.

Anyway. All that ass shaking and fast walking nearly made me forget that there was a match going on after the entrances..

It's been a pretty serious road for Emma the past few weeks. Her and Summer Rae have been at war ever since Emma beat Summer and "stole" her NXT Women's Championship opportunity a few weeks ago. Tonight's match, while fun, was about Emma getting some sweet revenge on Summer Rae. They had 13 minutes of show time to put on a silly intergender match that we've seen so often, but with a hot crowd the combined charisma of Santino and Fandango, this match was far more fun than it should've been. I dare anybody to watch this and not crack a smile. Seriously.

Santino hits the cobra, gets the pin on Fandango, and THE END to one of the most entertaining inter gender matches I've seen in a long time.

Move of the match: There weren't very many "moves" in this match, so N/A

Winners: Santino and Emma

Match 2: Kassius Ohno vs Luke Harper

This match was about what you'd expect. Kassius attempted to avenge a beating he suffered by The Wyatt Family, but ended up taking another pretty serious beating himself. It's your standard big man match with the little guy getting some momentum, but not enough to get the W. There was also no post match shenanigans, so wut?

I'm also sad that the whole Wyatt Family wasn't there to cheer on Luke Harper, but we can't always have it all, can we?

Move of the match: Luke Harper's vicious boot to the face of Kassius Ohno.

Winner: Luke Harper.

Meanwhile, Backstage: BADA BOOM REALEST GUYS IN THE ROOM. Or in this case, the realest guys backstage. Enzo Amore calls himself and Colin Cassidy were closer than Siamese twins to becoming the #1 Contenders for the NXT Tag Team Champions. So he's understandably upset that those two "cheecharoos" (Scott Dawson and Alexander Rusev) handed them their first loss last week during the Tag Team Turmoil Tournament.
Colin goes on to say that it looks like the pair of them have been hitting the taco stand a little too much as of late, and that he wouldn't trust Dawson to fix his car despite the fact that he dresses like a mechanic. Colin says he'd rather have Dawson fix his teeth after he kicks them down his "troat". Colin declares Dawson and Rusev S-A-W-F-T SAWFT and that's the end of the interview.

Shanna says: It might just be me thinking this, but it looks like the seeds of a break-up might be happening here. Enzo doesn't necessarily need Colin Cassidy since he's got the juice of the group, but I'd hate to see them break up regardless. Or worse, making them wrestle against the super big time flat pairing of Rusev and Dawson.

Match 3: Corey Graves and Adrian Neville (C's) vs The Ascension
Tag Team Championship match

So. In last week's report, I wrote about how I got spoiled to the finish of this match. Which truly sucks because now my opinion is rather tainted. But regardless of that, I think NXT is going to have a hard time pushing The Ascension. While they aren't the typical tag team, they're also not the typical tag team. That's a problem. It's not because The Ascension lack wrestling ability, it's because they give me nothing to relate to. Rick Victor and Conor O'Brian are other worldly beings who want to win the championships because...well, we never quite figured that out. They just dominated their way into this match with the insufferable Corey Graves (and his too low/too tight pants) and his partner, Adrian Neville. They aren't very exciting to watch either. The Ascension are just there. I'm sure they have their fans, but what have they done that's truly exciting besides having a cool entrance? Nothing, that's what.

The last time these teams wrestled, it ended being being one of the worst matches I've ever seen on NXT. This time wasn't as bad as the last, but were it not for the result, it would've been a slightly above average tag team match. Corey being destroyed for most of the proceedings didn't hurt.

All in all, The Ascension win the titles and I'm left feeling a little anxious about just where we go from here.

Move of the match: From a seated position, Conor O'Brian lifted Corey Graves into the air (using his legs) and slammed him to the mat. It looks much better than described.

Winners (and NEW NXT Tag Champs): The Ascension

Match 4: Bo Dallas vs THIS GUY
The Bo Dallas invitational

The crowd at this NXT Taping wins at everything. They were on fire for the fun opening match, and even managed to name the unnamed opponent in the 1st match of the Bo Dallas invitational. Sadly, this was a squash so short that NXT didn't even see fit to give Bo's opponent a proper ring name. THIS GUY nearly pins Bo, after which Bo gave him the beating of a lifetime, follow by a spear to finish.

Bo Dallas is still your NXT Champion, and I'm still a BOliever, whether I like it or not. The BOTational rolls on!

Move of the match: Bo Dallas spearing THIS GUY for the pin.

Winner: Bo Dallas

Post match shenanigans saw Bo Dallas proclaim that he hardly broke a sweat during the match with THIS GUY. Bo then asked if there was anyone else in the back who wanted to challenge Bo for the NXT Championship. That could be Bo's biggest mistake yet because out comes LEO KRUGER. And then ANTONIO CESARO. Both men fight over who will actually wrestle Bo, with Cesaro appearing to let Leo be the man to fight, but it only leads to Cesaro cheap shotting Leo from behind and tossing him out of the ring. While Cesaro's back is turned, Bo leaps onto Cesaro's back, causing him to go to the floor.

And out comes EL LOCAL.


Match 5: El Local (Sami Zayn) vs Bo Dallas
Match 2 of the Bo Dallas Invitational

Local quickly puts down Bo with a big boot to the face in the corner, followed by 1-2-3.
El Local takes off his mask to reveal that he is none other than Sami Zayn and it looks like Zayn and Dallas will rumble for the NXT Championship, no matter how much Bo tried to avoid it. THIS is a match I want to see!

Too bad it won't happen anytime soon. Possibly next week, or at least I hope so.

And I'm sad to report that this is the end of this week's episode of NXT. Stay tuned for another great episode of the best show on WWE TV and keep your eyes at ring-rap.com for next week's NXT report.

Until next week, wrestling friends.