Welcome back! Here we are again. Another week of NXT, a show that now excites me more than Raw. There. I said it.

Anyway, NXT time is upon us, and we have one packed show. Let's stop the intros and get straight into the action that makes NXT such a unique and wonderful WWE wrestling experience.

Meanwhile, backstage: Corey Graves (yuck) is backstage talking to Renee Young when out of NOWHERE comes Rick Victor of The Ascension. Renee quickly skiddadles, and it looks like Rick has something to say. He tells Graves that he's tired of waiting for him, that this is The Ascensions time, and that they will rise. Graves starts mouthing off, only to be attacked from behind by Rick's tag team partner, Conor O' Brian. They kick Graves a few times while he's on the ground, and then Conor picks up one of the set fixtures and drops it on Graves, pinning him underneath it. The last shot we see is Rick taking possession of Graves NXT tag team championship.

Shanna says: Guys, any show that starts off with Corey Graves being beaten and pinned beneath a large backstage piece is my kind of show. And now it looks like The Ascension is making a move towards holding some gold. It's about time!

Match 1: CJ Parker (Holy shit, yuck) vs TYLER BREEZE (HOLY SHIT YAY!)

On last week's show, we saw CJ Parker photo bombing Tyler Breeze one too many times for Tyler's liking, and Breeze has thrown out a challenge to a one on one duel to teach CJ a lesson. This Tyler is not smooth, polished Tyler that we're used to seeing. He's really pissed at CJ, and CJ spends most of this match toying with Tyler until the last few minutes.

I've had a week to calm down and rationally think since we last saw CJ Parker. Perhaps last week he had a bad night and wasn't particularly convincing. Maybe this week would be better and CJ would be impressive, right?


Parker is just as annoying as he was last week with his forced hippie dancing and obnoxious faces during his match with Tyler. People can hate Tyler Breeze all they want, but as a character he brings much more to the table wrestling wise and entertainment wise than CJ Parker will. In this short match with Tyler, CJ was uninteresting as a character, and sloppy as far as his wrestling. The crowd wasn't buying his act either.Thankfully, this affair was kept short so we wouldn't have to suffer through CJ Parker style offense for very long.

All in all, I still don't like CJ Parker and I hope that Tyler beating him this week will be the end of their mini feud.

Move of the match: Tyler hitting CJ in the head with his cell phone and pinning him to win the match.

Winner: Tyler Breeze

Meanwhile, backstage: Renee Young is standing backstage and introduces Emma. Renee tells Emma that her feud with Summer Rae has gotten very personal since Summer cost her an NXT women's championship title shot, and Renee would like to know how Emma feels about that. Emma says that her eventual rematch with Paige (and her destiny) will have to wait, because she's got Summer Rae on the brain. Emma says that Summer only has to wait about 2 or 3 minutes, and then Emma will kick Summer's rear end all over the ring and celebrate her victory with some bubble blowing and some dance dance EMMALoution. She invites Renee to join her in some dance dance EMMALotion after she wins, Renee accepts, and one awkward EMMAFive with Renee later, Emma is on her way to the ring to take down Summer Rae once and for all.

Match 2: Summer Rae vs Emma

Ah, NXT ladies wrestling. Not at all like the ladies wrestling we see on the big show. No, here at NXT, these women are allowed to get physical. There's submissions, takedown attempts and all of the action is backed by an excited NXT crowd. There's no indifference to women's wrestling here. You might not find an AJ Lee style pipebomb on this show, but NXT women's wrestling is held together by all the women who compete and not just one or two people.

In any event, this match brought out a new side of Emma. A more aggressive one than we're used to seeing. She really took the pain to Summer Rae. In the end, Summer Rae has no answer for the increased aggressiveness of Emma, and she was forced to tap out to the Emma lock.

All in all, another solid match from Summer Rae and Emma, who have some great in ring chemistry.

Move of the match: The Emma lock that tapped out Summer Rae!

Winner: Emma

Post match shenanigans saw Summer Rae push Emma to the outside, grab Emma's bubbles from the ringside announce table, and dump the liquid right in Emma's eyes! Summer Rae leaves and mocks Emma one last time as she goes back up the ramp. Folks, this fight between them is NOT over!

And, may I say, it is really nice to hear a crowd genuinely boo a heel. Because they Booed Summer Rae when she dumped the bubble liquid in Emma's eyes. I'm not used to hearing that during a women's match. That being a reaction other than indifference or puppies chants. 

Meanwhile, backstage: Enzo Amore, Colin Cassidy, Scott Dawson and Sylvester LeFort are all backstage. Sylvester makes an offer to Enzo and Colin to join forces with him and Scott Dawson, and together they can eliminate Mason Ryan. Colin says that all Dawson does is LOSE. Enzo goes on to say that he and Colin are the realest guys in the room, and they wouldn't join Sylvester's "legionnaire" for all the money in the world. He tells Sylvester and Dawson to KICK ROCKS AND GET TO STEPPING. Dawson is insulted and declares that Amore and Cassidy have committed a 5 to 10 (meaning he'll beat them for 5 to 10 minutes), and goes on to call Amore and Cassidy Jersey Shore wannabe's!

A few S-A-W-F-T SAWFTS later from Amore and Cassidy, and we're finished with this backstage segment.

Meanwhile, backstage (part 2!): Summer Rae has her bags and is leaving the building, but not before she insults the poor red headed kid who happens to be standing by the door. Summer's halfway down the ramp when she's stopped by Sasha Banks, who tells Summer that she can't believe what she did to Emma. Summer proceeds to school Sasha
on her various accomplishments. She's on Raw and Smackdown every week. The Summerslam PPV was named after her. You know, that sort of thing. Summer then throws a big pile of salt right in Sasha's face by saying that Sasha's irrelevant! Instead of questioning Summer, Sasha should be following her.

Summer has another big pile of salt for Sasha, because she tells Sasha that she knows how her match with Paige (in 2 weeks!) will go. It'll be a nice clean fight that Sasha will LOSE because she doesn't have a backbone and isn't willing to do what it takes to get the W. In the final toss of SALT,  Summer tells Sasha that she better find her backbone and beat Paige (or as Summer says the witch) with it. Summer claps her hands in Sasha's face and tells her to get it together.

Daaaaaaaaamn, you gonna take that Sasha?

Match 3: Enzo Amore (w/Colin Cassidy) vs Scott Dawson (w/Sylvester Lafort)

The realest guy in the room vs the biggest...whatever Scott Dawson is. And this match was quite the bout. With the crowd firmly in Enzo Amore's corner, Scott Dawson proceeded to beat Enzo to within an inch of his life. Stomps on hands and heads sliding against the ropes and so much more. All in all, a solid match up from all involved until OUT OF NOWHERE Alexander Rusev attacked Colin Cassidy at ringside, which distracted Enzo and caused him to get caught up and beaten. I have no idea why Alexander attacked Colin, but by the looks of things, Team Lafort just got itself a new member. It's about to get too real between these guys in the future. Believe that.

Move of the match: Greco Roman Suplex (aka The Angle Slam!) from Dawson to Enzo. With love, I'm sure.

Winner: Scott Dawson

Meanwhile, in the ring: Renee Young is standing by with Sami Zayn, who found his popularity rocketing to new heights after participating in a 2 out of 3 falls match against Antonio Cesaro on last week's episode.

Talking over the "match of the year" chants from the crowd, Renee Young asks Zayn how he's feeling after his match. Zayn thanks the crowd for supporting him, but says that he feels conflicted by all the praise. Sami is happy for the attention and adulation, but he can't stop himself from thinking of the result of the match. He says that on that night last week, Anonio was the better man.

Renee goes on to say that Sami has been turning heads here at NXT, but she wonders what his next move will be. Sami says that he doesn't know when he'll meet Cesaro again, but he knows that he now has to look forward. And that his focus is the same that it's always been. While calling Renee a ray of sunshine (AMEN SAMI ZAYN), he says that he wants to become the next NXT champion. Not a second after he said that, none other than the NXT champion himself, Bo Dallas, make his way out to ringside to have a chat with Sami.

Fighting off the "No more Bo" chants from the crowd, Bo says that just because a few people on the internet said that Sami's match with Cesaro was good doesn't make him championship caliber. Bo reminds Sami that he lost his match last week, and they don't interview the losing team at The Super Bowl because that would be depressing! No, people only want to hear from winners. Sami excuses the lovely Renee from the ring because this might just turn into fisticuffs!

Sami asks Bo if there's a reason why he's out here, because it sounds to Sami like Bo wants to start something.Bo says he'd love to have a match with Sami, but that Sami injured him at Summerslam access. Bo thought Sami was better than that. Bo says that Sami is "a good kid", but that he's still so green. Bo says that Sami has a lot of work to do before he can be like Bo Dallas.

Sami asks Bo if he means being more like him means being champion, or does Bo mean being more like him mean being a person who is delusional and crazy who has no idea what the people around him truly think of him. Bo says he has no idea what Sami's talking about because everyone LOVES ME! EVERYONE LOVES BO (!!!!).

Sami informs Bo that the crowd is booing him out of the building, but Bo has no time for that. Bo says that everyone is chanting BO, not boo. For the sake of not being misunderstood, Sami asks the crowd if they're saying Bo or BOO. The crowd BOOOOOOOOO's like someone just punted a 5 year old.

Sami goes on to tell Bo that he came out here because he was scared. Bo saw what Sami did to Antonio Cesaro and he's scared that Sami will do the same to him, especially if the NXT championship is on the line. Sami asks Bo if he will give him a shot at the NXT Championship.

Before that question is answered, Zeb Colter appears! He tells Bo that as a hot blooded American, he does not have to answer any questions from that jack footed liberal standing in the ring. Long story short, Zeb declares that before Sami gets a title shot, he should prove to everyone that he is an American citizen by showing the appropriate legal documents declaring his status. Sami says that he can't believe this is happening, and he says that as soon as he's done beating Bo for the NXT Championship, he'll be sending both Zeb and Cesaro back to hell where they belong.

Which leads to JACK SWAGGER attack Sami Zayn from behind! After Swagger sneak attacks Sami and leaves him weakened, he cloaks Sami in the dreaded "Don't Tread on Me" yellow flag.

Shanna says: It looks like The Real Americans are invading NXT, and I couldn't be happier. Sami held his own in the match against Cesaro, and now it looks like he'll be fighting Jack Swagger next.

All in all, a very strong segment by everyone involved. NXT really knows how to blend stories and make every single encounter important, and it showed in this very lengthy, very hot segment. Bo Dallas was delusional like I've never seen him before, and it was GREAT. People can bag on him as much as they want to, but Bo plays the delusional fool very well, and tonight was a prime example of that. Sami Zayn was also incredible (and likeable!) here, and it'll be no shock when that man holds a championship one day. He's got the total package, my friends.

And we're still not done with the show.

Match 4: Adrian Neville vs Conor O'Brian (w/ Rick Victor)

I was wondering when someone in the back was going to give The Ascension something interesting to do. I've been wondering just how Conor and Rick would fair in legitimate competition (not a squash match), and they get their first shot at the NXT big time by taking out one of the NXT Tag Team Champions.

The Ascension has always been a strong wrestling unit, and O'Brian proved his worth tonight. Sure, he had the flashy, fast Neville that could do his flashy bit and make everything look dazzling, but too many other wrestlers have gone up against flashy guys like Neville and haven't been able to keep up. O'Brian not only kept up, but he had some offense of his own. The man is powerful, and Neville had to counter O'Brian's natural strength with his high flying. It worked this time, as Adrian tulimately gets the 1-2-3.

Move of the match: Adrian's Corkscrew Shooting Star press.

Winner: Adrian Neville.

Post match shenanigans' saw The Ascension beat up Adrian after the match. Corey Graves (yuck) hobbles down to assist his partner, only to be beaten up himself, further injuring his already damaged midsection. It is clear that The Ascension wants to be taken seriously, and they'll do it by injuring our NXT Tag Team champions.

And that ends this week's NXT.

This was another great night of NXT action. You're really doing yourself a disservice if you don't watch this show, people! If you haven't jumped on the NXT bandwagon yet, NXT is now not only on Hulu plus, but regular Hulu! The link for this week's episode is right here. You have no excuses to miss 55 minutes of the best WWE programming going. One episode is all it takes to get hooked, I swear. See it now, because this show is really heating up.

Until next week, folks.