Hello again, Internet. Shanna here, and it's time for my favorite show of the week: NXT.
This show has everything you need. Action, a diverse cast of interesting and fun characters, and a neat 55 minutes to get everything wrapped up.

What other WWE wrestling show can get things wrapped up in 55 a minutes and still be entertaining? This show!
I'm honestly amazed at the amount of bad mouthing I see about Raw and Smackdown every week when this show is BEGGING for eyeballs.

Okay, enough drooling. For those of you who missed this episode, I've got you covered. Keep reading!

Match 1: Leo Kruger vs Antonio Cesaro

It's the South African Hunter against the man of the people. Antonio Cesaro is back at NXT, and this time he's wrestling Leo Kruger. Kruger, at least in my opinion, is a middle of the road type of talent. Sure, he's physically impressive, but  he leaves something to be desired when he wrestles. I have yet to be impressed by the performance of Kruger, and in this match with Cesaro, he doesn't do very much to change my mind.

This match, like a few other Cesaro matches, started off slow. But it ended up building to a pretty intense finish. Leo took a serious beating for most of the match. Cesaro's brutal european upper cuts (all 12 of them) really rung Leo's bell. No matter how hard Kruger tried to last, Cesaro had another way to keep Leo down. In the end, Cesaro finishes Kruger with The Neutralizer, and so ends a very solid start to this episode.

Move of the match: The Antonio Cesaro uppercuts. (All 12 of them)

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

Post match shenanigan's saw Antonio take to the top rope and deliver a BEAUTIFUL knee to the throat to a downed Kruger. It looks like these two might have a little something going on here in the future. It'll be interesting to see if working with Cesaro gives Kruger any juice.

Match 2: Charlotte (w/Bayley!) vs Santana Garrett

This match has so many good things going for it. One being it's actual diva action. Meaning Divas in action for more than 3 minutes. And, crazy as it sounds, these ladies all have different (and strong) personalities and their own stories.
The debuting Santana Garrett looked great in her match with Charlotte, who I find extremely impressive as far as ring work. To be totally honest, Charlotte is miles ahead of The Bellas Twins and a handful of other current Diva talent on Raw.

The story of this match was Charlotte and Santana trying to have a clean fight when out comes Summer Rae and the newly bad Sasha Banks. Surprisingly, Sasha and Summer saw fit to mock their in ring competition until the Charlotte hit her (beautiful) cutter finisher (that Santana just slightly botched, but whatevs) that ended the match.

All botches aside, Santana Garrett is going to be a force to be reckoned with when she gets more ring training. Her match with Charlotte showed she has great potential. I'm excited to see more capable in-ring hands at NXT because that means the future of the Divas looks bright!

Move of the match: The slightly botched cutter from Charlotte to Santana. A move that still has no name. Such a crime.

Winner: Charlotte

Post match saw Summer and Sasha grab a microphone from ringside. Summer and Sasha brag about eliminating Paige from competition a few weeks ago. Summer says that as NXT's first lady (and with Sasha by her side), the BFF's will rule NXT. And there's nothing anybody can do about it.

And out comes Paige! Who was outnumbered and beaten down by the BFF's until out came Emma to help her. Summer and Sasha make a quick exit after the odds are even, and I'm left wondering when we'll see a tag team match between these ladies. Good stuff all around.

Meanwhile. Backstage: Summer Rae and Sasha are asked their opinion of Paige's return. Summer tells Timothy (ringside announcer for NXT) that she and Sasha aren't embarrassed. They just want to get even. Summer challenges Emma and Paige to a TAG TEAM MATCH next week. Which I'm sure Paige and Emma accept. I swear I didn't predict the tag team match. I just wanted it and it appeared!

Match 3: Mojo Rawley vs Danny Burch

I don't even know what to say about this match. I'm still in shock. Mojo Rawley isn't the kind of character that I'd like, but I think I LIKE him, you know what I mean? From his music down to his wrestling, everything about him is pure energy. Combine that with an...interesting finisher and I think we've got ourselves a winner.

It was a standard NXT debut squash match, but Mojo Rawley looks impressive right out of the gate. Mojo is here to stay, folks!

Move of the match: Mojo's flying seat. My own name for Mojo leaping in the air and SITTING on Danny Burch to finish him off.

Winner: Mojo Rawley

Meanwhile, backstage: Emma and Paige are backstage fighting with each other. Paige says she doesn't need Emma's help, and Emma counters that Paige was being beaten down until she jumped in to help. Timothy comes into view and tells them about Summer's challenge. Despite their obvious differences and Emma's disdain of teaming with Paige, the challenge is accepted.

Looks like it'll be Paige and Emma vs Summer Rae and Sasha Banks next week on NXT!

Match 4: Scott Dawson and Alexander Rusev vs Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy
Every single week, Enzo and Big Cass manage to find something really funny to insult their opponents with. This week it's SLOPPY JALOPIES. Which is a fitting description for the large and in charge Rusev and his tag partner Scott Dawson.

But despite the snappy names and jabbering mouths, Enzo and Big Cass can't overcome the powerful Rusev. He takes it to both me in the match while Dawson sees fit to mock Enzo and Colin. In the end, Rusev gives Enzo a running splash in the corner and locks in a camel clutch to an already injured Enzo to pick up the win.

Move of the match: A corner splash from Rusev to Amore. It's quite impressive.
Winners: Alexander Rusev and Scott Dawson

Meanwhile: backstage: The talented, and all around fantastic Renee Young is standing backstage with Sami Zayn, the NEW #1 contender to the NXT championship. Renee asks Sami how it feels to finally have Bo in his sights. He says that it feels good. The hardest part was getting the contendership in the first place. Sami says his plan is simple enough. Next week, he's going to beat Bo and.....

And Sami's thought isn't finished because in strolls Bo Dallas. Bo tells Sami that it 'really isn't cool" what Sami did to him last week. Bo says he thought him and Sami were friends. Bo says that Sami really HURT HIS FEELINGS. (LOLOLOL.) Sami says that he didn't mean to hurt Bo's feelings. He says that his going after Bo is nothing personal, but Sami really wants to be the NXT Champion and nothing else. Bo tells Sami that he doesn't have to do this. Bo says that him and Sami can go after the tag team championships, win, and rule NXT TOGETHER AS FRIENDS. Bo puts his hand out for Sami to shake. Sami AGREES to the plan to rule NXT, but not until AFTER Sami wrestles Bo for the NXT Championship. With that, Sami walks off.

Bo's last words? UnBOlievable.

I couldn't agree more.

Match 5: RVD VS Aiden English

I have to admit. The thought of RVD on NXT made me want to die inside. From his awkward pairing with Ricardo Rodriguez, to his subpar wrestling on the big shows, there's nothing about RVD that I currently enjoy.

I do, however, like Aiden English. A LOT. So it pains me to see him being fed to RVD in this fashion.

If you like watching RVD being RVD, you'll probably like this match. If you wanted Aiden English to win, you probably won't. No matter what I think, it's fair to say that Aiden took RVD to the limit, but RVD put him away with a 5 star frog splash. It was short and sweet, and then it ended.

Move of the match: N/A

Winner: RVD

Another episode comes to a close, and I'm left anxiously awaiting next week's episode. Sami Zayn vs Bo Dallas for the NXT Championship. It's gonna be a great one!

Until next week, wrestling friends.