WWE presets NXT Takeover this evening, starting at 8pm Eastern, live on the WWE Network.  We will have live coverage of the show, including thoughts and reactions, as the show airs.

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- Nice video package starts out the show, talking about change.  It highlights the former NXT Stars that have come through to the main roster.

- Live in the NXT arena, The Exotic Express parties it's way from the parking lot into the arena.  This is a lead-in from the pre-show.  Rose comes through the crowd rather than down the ramp.  Nice touch.  

- This match against Camacho is Adam Rose's chance to prove he's more than just a gimmick.

- Adam Rose vs. Camacho

- Camacho heads out, no nonsense.  The fans chant "Party Pooper" at him. Rose dances around a bit.  Camacho locks in a full nelson.  Rose shakes his rump at him, Camacho is not amused.  He leaps into Camacho's arms, and Camacho tosses him, stomping him down. Nice double underhook from Camacho for a two-count.  He locks in a sleeper of sorts, and Rose can't get out.  He gets to his feet and rolls Camacho over, but Camacho goes on the offense.  Rose charges up and shows some fire, but Camacho cuts him off with a boot to the face.  Two-count.

- Another sleeper here, Camacho still in control.  Leg drop and a kickout.  Rose gets some offense in and hits some punches.  Nice spinebuster.  Running elbow in the corner, then a kick, and he nails his Choo Choo Bronco Buster thing.  Rose nails Camacho with his finisher, the Party Foul, and gets the win.  Adam Rose wins.

- The party hits the ring and dances around.

Decent enough match.  Rose hit all of his spots, but really, Camacho did all the work.

- We get a promo video from Sami Zayn about his match later against Tyler Breeze.  Our ring announcer is very pleased to let us know Tyler Breeze has entered the building.

- Time for our NXT Tag Team Championship match!

- The Ascension (Connor & Viktor) (c) vs. El Local & Kalisto for the WWE NXT Tag Team Championship

​- I'm looking forward to this match for two reasons - I want to see The Ascension in a real match, and I want to see our luchas flip and fly everywhere. 

- The bell rings and The Ascension immediately attacks.  No legal men here.  Stereo hurricaranas from El Local and Kalisto to counter.  They run the ropes and The Ascension cuts them off with uppercuts.  Looks like Viktor and Kalisto to start it off.  Tag to Connor, they're really working Kalisto over here.  The Ascension use lots of tandem moves and keep control in their corner.  Viktor sets Kalisto up in the corner and hangs him upside down.  Tag to Connor, unloading kicks.  Tag to Viktor, headlock is snug.  Action spills outside, and Kalisto uses the ring as his weapon.  Hot tag to El Local, who's on fire.  He nails some innovative kicks, then a moonsault to get a near fall, with a save from Connor.  Kalisto makes the save too.  It's back to El Local and Victor, tag to Connor, and they nail Fall of Man to retain the NXT Tag Team Championships.  The Ascension retains. 

A better match than I've seen from The Ascension in a while, but it still felt like basically a squash.  Kind of disappointed in the booking there.

- A video package about Tyler Breeze airs. 

Sami Zayn vs. Tyler Breeze for the #1 Contendership for the NXT Title

- Both men have new music.  Sami Zayn's music is bad, but fitting.  Breeze's music is absolutely terrible. The men tease a lockup.  Zayn goes for the wrist, Breeze reverses it.  Zayn locks in the arm lock, but Breeze uses a dig to the eyes to get the advantage.  Nice armdrags from Zayn.  Back and forth action here, Zayn gets Breeze in the corner.  Breeze catches Zayn's foot and sends him tumbling over the top.  The ref counts to seven.  Breeze goes on the attack, unleashes a ton of kicks in the corner.  Boot to the throat, Zayn is on the mend.  Interesting bulldog into the second turnbuckle from Breeze.  Two-count.

 - Breeze unleashes the fury with elbows to the back of the neck.  Chokehold from Breeze.  They tease some suplexes back and forth, Zayn gets the better of the exchange, tossing Breeze forward.  Breeze on the apron, Zayn hits a springboard off the ropes and they go tumbling to the outside.  Zayn rolls him back in and heads up top.  Cross body for a two-count.  Breeze hits a few elbows to the head, but Sami catches and nails the Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall.  Breeze is out.  Zayn goes up top, Breeze stops him and hits a kick to the gut, followed by a nice DDT.  Two-count.  Both men struggle to get to their feet.  Breeze yanks Zayn off the mat into a powerbomb of sorts.  Two-count.  

- Breeze shows a mean side and gets nasty with fists in the corner.  Zayn hits a suplex into the turnbuckles as desperation and the audio on my feed cuts out.  Third time I've had a problem tonight.  Back in, they struggle to their feet.  They trade punches.  We nearly get a ref bump, Breeze flips out of another Blue Thunder Bomb attempt.  They reverse suplexes on each other.  Breeze hits a desperation superkick.  A very near fall there.  They struggle to their feet.  Breeze hits Zayn with a few punches.  Zayn slaps him.  Breeze gets pissed.  He goes for a whip, but Zayn holds on.  Zayn goes for something crazy, it looks like he slips, but they reverse it into something else pretty cool.  Zayn hits a nice powerbomb for another very near fall here.  Awesome action.  Zayn goes for the Hooloova Kick (sp?), but Breeze ducks out.  Zayn goes flying outside the ring at him instead.  He slides Breeze back in, then goes in the corner.  Breeze ducks the kick and it looks like there may have been a low blow in there.  Zayn sells the nut shot, Tyler Breeze uses the chance to hit the Beauty Shot.  He gets the pinfall victory.  Tyler Breeze wins.

Wow, what a match from these two!  From beginning to end, a stellar match, and proof that both men are ready for the main roster.  Tyler Breeze winning is the right move - having him chase Adrian Neville can be money.

- Highlights show that Breeze was just shielding himself from the kick, and it wasn't a legit low blow.  Nice finish. 

- Backstage, Natalya, Tyson Kidd, and Bret Hart chat.  

- Back in the arena, "The Ravishing Russian" Lana walks out to the stage.  She makes it short and sweet, and introduces Rusev, who carries a Russian flag with him.  In the ring, Lana cus a promo about Rusev reaching the top.  She commands we rise.  Mojo Rawley interrupts them.  He runs out with the American Flag.  He says he hears lots of things about Russia, but they're in the USA.  In the USA, they don't get hyped - they stay hyped.  He says he's gonna run out and shove the flag "right up your Putin."  He runs to the ring and gets the crap kicked out of him.  Rusev locks in the Accolade.  Mojo rolls around in pain.  Rusev's music hits, and he tosses Mojo out, then poses again.  Lana directs Rusev to continue the attack, so he does, this time with an Accolade on the ramp.

Brief, yet entertaining, promo from Mojo, however the extended beat-down was probably not appropriate for a guy they generally seem to be protecting.  

- Backstage, Ric Flair accompanies his daughter, Charlotte, to the ring.  They recap the tournament for the WWE NXT Women's Championship, plus some comments from all the participants. Apparently Kris Kristopherson is in the arena, by the way.  Paige's music hits, and she walks out to the ring.  She is not in ring gear.  She takes the mic and cuts a promo.  She says it's amazing to be home at NXT.  She wants to thank each and everyone one of the folks in the audience because she wouldn't be the Divas champ without the fans and NXT.  Seems sincere.  She brings up being the first NXT Women's Champion, and how they're crowning a new champion tonight.  They have to have strength, character, and grace.  The woman that holds this belt will hold the key to the future because hold that can lead (to the WWE Divas' Championship).

Charlote (w/ Ric Flair) vs. Natalya (w/ Bret Hart) for the NXT Women's Championship

- Charlotte gets a new theme too, and it's a pretty spiffy remix of her Daddy's theme.  Nattie doesn't need a new theme.  Her's is badass enough already.  The bell rings, and it's on.  The ladies lock up.  Nattie goes for an early pin.  Arm lock and a fireman's carry.  Headlock.  Charlotte gets in some offense and locks in an armbar.  Some good chain wrestling here from Natayla.  Nattle's leg gets caught, but she rolls through into a leg lock.  Nice spot.  Charlotte locks a headlock, Natalya reverses it, taunts Charlotte.  Woo!  Funny.

- Action starts to kick into second gear, and Nattie hits a nice rollthrough into a pin attempt.  Two count.  Body scissors, Nattie rolls Charlotte over.  Charlotte rolls over and hits some elbows to the face.  Nattie goes for an armbar, but Charlotte slides under the bottom rope.  They trade slaps to the face.  Natalya hits another rollup, but Charlotte hits a series of knees and a chop.  Flair leans in the ring and woos at Nattie.  He starts strutting.  Funny.  The ladies trade chops.  Charlotte nails Nattie with elbows in the corner.  Nattie hanging on to Charlotte, she drops her on her jaw.  A pair of covers, no dice.  She slams Natalya's face into the mat repeatedly.  She locks Natalya in the Figure Four Headlock.  Charlotte slams Natalya's head into the mat repeatedly.  Nattie goes to stand up but Charlotte reverses it and gets a near fall.  

- Natalya gets a nice stretch on Charlotte, but Charlotte reverses it into a dropkick.  Another near fall. Snapemare, running drop kick.  Natalya goes for a cover, get's two.  Charlotte hits the Ric Flair flip in the corner, but gets knocked off the apron.  Charlotte drags Natalya out to the apron with a nasty slam.  She rolls her back in the ring, goes for a cover.  Two.  Ric Flair jaws with the ref.  Charlotte heads up to the top rope and misses a pretty good looking moonsault.  Nattie struggles to her feet.  She hits a clothesline, gets a near fall.  Nattie sets up the Sharpshooter, has it locked in in the middle.  Charlotte reaches for her daddy, but Natalya drags her back in.  She rolls Natalya over and reverses it into a Figure Four Leglock.  She does it better than The Miz.  Natalya rolls it over, but Charlotte keeps rolling it.  Charlotte keeps it locked in  They trade slaps to the face.  Charlotte rolls the Figure Four to the apron and rolls off, which not only locks the legs but chokes Natalya in the ropes.  Clever spot, impressive.

- The ref breaks the hold.  Charlotte sends Natalya into the steps knee-first.  She rolls Nattie back in, then sets her up for the Sharpshooter.  This actually is terrible.  Natalya rolls out of it and goes for her own, but Charlotte kicks through and nails her finisher, Bow Down To the Queen, for the win.  Charlotte is the new NXT Women's Champion.

- In the ring, Charlotte and Ric Flair hug, Charlotte in tears.  Charlotte hugs Natalya and thanks her, then Ric and Bret shake.  This is pretty real emotion here, folks. Charlotte celebrates, and then offers to hold the ropes for Ric.  He declines and holds them for her instead.

When I settled in this evening to watch NXT, I hardly expected a 20-plus minute ladies match.  When they started a slow pace, I got a bit excited, but never thought it would go this long.  It was great every moment of the match.  Charlotte has a very bright future as champion and a bright future in WWE.  If she can find that last piece of the puzzle - her charisma - she will be a massive star for years to come.  She has the technique.  Natalya proved, once again, that she's under-used in WWE and is one of the best women wrestlers maybe ever.  I really hope this is a sign of things to come, from both these two, as well as the future of the Women's division.  

- Nice video package leading into our NXT Championship match.  Natalya and Tyson Kidd embrace backstage before he heads out to the ring.

 - Tyson Kidd vs. Adrian Neville (c) for the NXT Championship

- Full intros for both men, proper title introduction.  They stare each other down and lock up.  Kidd gets Neville in the corner.  He extends a hand after a clear break, then talks trash.  Headlock takeover from Kidd.  They reverse each other's locks. The pace quickens, head scissors and a stare down.  Kidd taps Neville in the head.  Kidd works the arm.  Neville tries to get free and flips through, getting fancy.  Neville arm drags Kidd over.  He's working the arm.  Kidd tosses Neville, but he lands on this feet.  Both men go for a dropkick, they mirror, no hit.  They kippup, impressive.  Trash talking ensues, then Kidd, nails Neville with an elbow.

- He starts kicking the hell out of Neville.  He whips Neville into the corner.  Kidd hangs Neville up in a tree of woe, then attacks the abs, followed by kicks to his back.  Dropkick in the corner.  Neville is out.  Kidd drops Neville with an elbow, and a near fall.  Headlock cinched.  Neville gets the audience behind him, and gets to his feet.  He lands a few punches to the gut.  Kidd drops him on the top rope, then dropkicks him through the ropes.  Kidd goes flying through the ropes onto Neville.  He rolls Neville back into the ring.  Two-count.  Neville gets some momentum and they collide with cross-body blocks in the middle.  Neville gets some elbows in, Kidd cuts him off with a kick to the gut.  Neville gets the offense, kicks to the body, dropkick to the head.  He goes up top and, nevermind.  He ties Kidd up in the corner and does the same exact kicks to the back Kidd gave him.  Running dropkick in the corner.  Nice exchange.  Neville springboards and nails a forearm to the cover, two-count.

- Neville hits some elbows and sends Kidd outside with a dropkick.  He runs the ropes and Kidd cuts him off with a boot to the face.  Kidd goes for the cover, gets two.  Kidd heads up top, but Neville stops him, cuts him off and sets him up top for a superplex.  Kidd fights out and flips over the top for a powerbomb, but Neville flips over and lands on his feet instead!  Wow!  Neville hits a nice sitout powerbomb for a near fall.  Neville unleashes some kicks, Kidd whips him into the ropes, Neville counters, then runs the ropes.  Kidd follows him and does a Russian Leg Sweep springing off the second rope.  Very nice spot.  Two-count.  Kidd climbs up top, goes for a something, but Neville gets the feet up.  Kidd was ready, but Neville rolls him up.  Enzuigiri into a dropkick.  Suplex attempt, countered, and BOTH men go tumbling outside.  Impressive!

- The ref counts to nine and both men just barely make it into the ring.  The ref counts them as they struggle to their feet.  They trade punches.  Neville hits a chop to the chest.  Kidd takes out the legs and goes for a Sharpshooter.  He locks it, but Neville counters.  Kidd rolls through and tries to lock in a triangle choke of sorts.  Regal calls it a Dungeon Lock.  He doesn't quite have it.  Nice move, still.  Neville gets free.  Neville on the apron, he goes for a shoulder block.  Kidd had him scouted.  Neville is caught up in the ropes, Kidd goes up top.  He hits a diving flip legdrop.  Only worth a two-count.  Kidd goes back up top again and kicks Neville off of him.  Neville back up top and tries to cut him off.  Kidd knocks him down again.  Third time is the charm?  Neville hits a top rope hurricarana out of nowhere, then hits the other turnbuckle to head up top.  He lands a gorgeous Red Arrow for the hard-fought victory.  Adrian Neville retains.

- Post-match, Adrian Neville celebrates.  Tyson Kidd sells the finish, struggles to even roll over.  Highlights roll, and really, this entire match is a highlight reel.  He stands on the ropes and holds the belt high.  Neville eyes up Kidd, who finally made it to his feet.  He walks over to him and extends his hand.  Kidd spits in the hand and shoulder blocks him on the way out.  Kidd hobbles his way up the ramp.  

I was a little concerned about the pacing of this match in the beginning, but it picked up nicely.  Some really awesome work from both men.  It wasn't the spot-fest I was expecting, and that's a good thing.  Once they really hit their stride, it turned into something truly special.  Glad to see Neville retain, but Tyson Kidd proved his worth in many ways, and I think he can make a great heel on the main roster, if McMahon can get over his size fetish.

Point blank, this was a fantastic show.  If you don't subscribe to the network, specials like this make it worth doing.  

I'll have plenty to say in Around the Ring with Ring Rap, which I'll be recording shortly.  Be sure to check it out.  Thanks for following along folks!  Goodnight!