WWE Extreme Rules is in the books.  Did Daniel Bryan retain the prestigious WWE World Heavyweight Championship?  Did Evolution crush The Shield?  Did John Cena survive The Wyatts?

WWE is taping Raw this evening in Albany, NY.  We will have LIVE coverage of the show starting at 8pm EDT.  Be sure to tune in and refresh the page for the most up-to-date thoughts and results.  And, be sure to follow us on Twitter @RingRap

- WWE Raw kicks off with our WWE United States Champion Dean Ambrose heading out to the ring.  He's flanked by The Shield.  Ambrose will be defending his title in a 20-man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal, per orders of The Authority.  The odds are not in his favor.  

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are at ringside.  The rest of the roster, practically, empties out to the ring.  Ambrose has had the title for 351 days.  Longest reign in WWE history.  They're not counting the previous lineage in that statement.

- Bodies start spilling out.  R-Truth is amongst the first few.  

- Battle Royals are... a bit of a strange topic for me. I don't really care for them but I do love the Royal Rumble.  It's different.  This?  Just a clusterfuck.

Titus O'Neil goes flying.  Sin Cara gets tossed on about five people.  Big Show is on a roll.

Sheamus beats the hell out of Damien Sandow's chest.  Heath Slater eliminates Sandow by accident as we go to break.


- Back from break, Ambrose is still in the mix.  Big Show and Mark Henry are taking names.  They have a staredown and it's on.  

- Everyone gangs up on The Big Show.  He gets eliminated.  Now it's Mark Henry's turn.  

- Leave it to Kofi Kingston to do something completely ridiculous.  He gets eliminated anyhow.

- Both Rhodes Brothers get eliminated.  Not sure if Cody caused it or not.  Santino gets the Cobra and eliminates Dolph Ziggler.

Ryback and Curtis Axel work over Sheamus.  Sheamus managed to fend them off, but Ryback gets a nice powerbomb in.  

- We're down to Ambrose, Ryback, Axel, Sheamus, and Jack Swagger.  A huge Goldberg chant breaks out.  Puh-leese.

Rybaxel double-teams Ambrose, but Ambrose manages to take out Axel.  He and Ryback duel on the apron.  The fans chant for CM Punk.  Ambrose eliminates Ryback very cleverly by taking out the legs.

- Ambrose eliminates Jack Swagger.  The fans are eating this up.  Sheamus blindsides him with a Brouge Kick.  He picks Ambrose up and tosses him out of the ring.  Sheamus is our new United States Champion.

- I'm disappointed that Ambrose lost here, but Sheamus needs something to give him some direction.  Ambrose looked like a star in defeat by lasting through the rest of the Battle Royal.  I could see this turning into a nice feud.

- After the match, Ambrose is in the ring, very upset.  The Shield stand with him.  Rollins says "What are you supposed to do?"  Triple H's music hits.  He has a mic.  "Last night The Shield and Evolution engaged in an unforgettable war."  He calls them lucky, but sees that their luck is running out.  Triple H books them in a 6-man tag match against The Wyatt Family.  That should be exciting. 

- Our announce team puts over Bray Wyatt's win over John Cena.  Plus, Bad News Barrett defends his newly won Intercontinental Championship against Big E.  We go to break.


- After break, a vignette airs for Adam Rose.  Just in case, need help with his catch phrases, he'll remind you in the vignettes.  Oh, he's debuting tonight.

- Backstage, Renee Young interviews Sheamus.  WWE needs more of these.  Sheamus says he's been spinning his wheels after his return.  He says this game is all about watching, waiting, and timing.  He says tonight was the perfect time to step back into glory.  Renee asks him to say something to Dean Ambrose, who was unfairly put in this position.  "No hard feelings, fella."

- Highlights air of Daniel Bryan vs. Kane from last night.  They show some of the craziest moments, including the flaming table spot.

- Backstage, Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan have a moment that Stephanie McMahon interrupts.  She congratulates him, and tells him he just angered Kane further.  She says she can only guarantee his safety if he stays put in this locker room for the rest of the night.  She closes the door, and there's a Kane mask attached to it.  Pretty dumb.

- Rob Van Dam hits the ring.    He's facing off against Cesaro, after the break. 


- After the break, Paul Heyman walks out.  "In case you didn't hear the breaking news, My Client Brock Lesnar..." You get the rest.  He says "I don't like your attitude."  He puts over Cesaro with about ten nicknames.  Cesaro's music is a bit different.  I missed his match last night, so maybe he had this last night.  I don't know.

- Cesaro hits an arm drag to start it off.  Shoulder block and a quick cover attempt.  Cesaro powers RVD into a tilt-a-whirl back-breaker.  RVD kicks Cesaro and hits a jumping kick from the top rope.  Rolling Thunder.  Cesaro ducks out of the ring.  RVD poses.  

- Cesaro heads back in and hangs up RVD on the rope.  He starts attacking the eye.  RVD flies out of the ring and lands on Cesaro outside the ring.  Standing moonsault off the apron.  Back into the ring with a springboard legdrop.  Near fall.  Cesaro catches RVD on the turnbuckle and gets control.  Elbow drop into a cover.  Only worth two.  Cesaro catches RVD in the middle of a spin kick, then sends him out of the ring.  Looks like he smacked his head on the apron.  RVD is laid out as we go to break.


- Back from break, Cesaro has control.  RVD rolls him up, but Cesaro stomps on RVD.  Cesaro hits a sweet uppercut out of nowhere.  Two near falls.  Nice running uppercut in the corner.  Near fall.  Cesaro is getting in some really nice offense right now.  RVD is on the mend.  RVD goes up top, but Cesaro hangs him up in the ropes.  Cesaro heads in, but RVD kicks him in the face.  Nice touch.  Cesaro slips outside the ring and attacks RVD while he's hanging on the ropes.  The ref calls to five and disqualifies Cesaro.  He continues the attack anyhow.  Heyman tells him he's going to get suspended, and practically drags Cesaro away.  RVD looks like he's out.  The trainers try to tend to him.  His eye is bleeding, slightly.  Cesaro has some major heat.  

Good match.  I was concerned about Cesaro getting heat.  Concerned no more.  This feud isn't over.

- WWE Network is apparently doing a promotion that gives out WWEShop gift cards to referrals.

Bray Wyatt takes the screen, says "We're here."  Candle blown.  Lights out.  Commercial


- Back from break, and The Wyatt Family is in the ring.  Wyatt says "Abigail always told me I was born to lead."  One day he will change the world.  He believed her, he always believed her.  He talks about people that always looked down on him and referred to him as a nobody.  He starts laughing. He says those people are the ones that made this day sweet for him, because last night he became somebody.  He talks about the singing child, and how he defeated John Cena.  They show a clip.  It was stupid yesterday.  It's stupid today.  Bray continues, says John Cena thinks he only wants to watch the world burn.  Wyatt says he's right - he wants to watch it burn down so it can be reborn.  He wants it reborn in his image.  

- Wyatt also says Cena thinks he does this only for himself, but Cena is dead wrong.  He does it for the children that are starving, the teenage girl that wakes up crying because they didn't think she was beautiful enough to be the prom queen.  He does this for all of us.  He says as of today, John Cena stands alone, and alone he shall fall.  The fans can remember him for what he truly is: a god.  Wyatt sings.  We go to break, but first a plug for the IC Title match, and our six-man tag match later tonight!


Rybaxel is in the middle of the ring, awaiting.  Looks like they're facing off against Goldust & Cody Rhodes.

- Back and forth action here.  Ryback getting some offense on Cody here.  It's a pretty extended beatdown here.  In hindsight, this isn't a tag match.  It's just Ryback vs. Cody Rhodes.  Whoops.  Ryback holds Cody up for a suplex, then drops him seconds later.  Goldust cheers Cody on.  Ryback hits a bodyslam, then a splash.  Two-count.  The fans start getting behind Cody, and he starts getting some offense.  Ryback slams him and goes up top, but misses a splash from the second rope.  Cody gets in some offense, takes out the leg, and hits a sloppy looking knee.  Two-count.  Cody nails Ryback with a disaster kick, then a springboard dropkick.  He goes up top in Curtis Axel's corner.  Axel goes to interfere, but Goldust cuts him off.  Axel slams Goldust into the post Cody is on.  Apparently Cody lost his balance.  Ryback hit Shell Shock for the win.

- Cody sells the match and doesn't really want his brother's support, but they're not really fighting.

- Backstage, Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are in the room.  She's nervous.  The lights go out and a Kane mask lights up.  They flee the room.  They run into Steph, and she claims not to have any idea what's happening.  She offers to have their car brought into the building.  We go to break.

Ryback vs. Cody Rhodes was a decent TV match.  Not sure where they're going with Cody and Goldust, but they're in no hurry to get there.  Meanwhile, Ryback and Axel are getting somewhat of a push here.  I'm ok with that.  As far as the Kane/Bryan story, I'm not thrilled with these shenanigans. 


- Back from break, we get some highlights of the WeeLC match.  I missed the match, but I hear it was fantastic.  In the ring, we've got a Cinco de Mayo celebration with Los Matadores and El Torito.  They're celebrating.  They do a stupid thing back and forth where one says WWE Universe with a "J" and the other doesn't.  This is terrible.  El Torito throws candy to the audience.  3MB interrupts.  Heath Slater says the party can't happen without "TresMB."  The party is here.  This has got to lead to Adam Rose showing up.

- 3MB wants to offer peace.  El Torito isn't sure.  They confer, and El Torito offers 3MB candy.  Hornswaggle accepts, then throws it in their faces.  They break out into a fight.  This terrible segment leads into 3MB getting tossed out of the ring.  Sadly, no Adam Rose.  Well, maybe it's for the best, really.  Anyhow, we go to break.


- Back from break, it's time for a new Bo Dallas vignette.  He wants us to Bolieve.  

- In the ring, Kofi Kingston.  The Ravishing Russian, Lana struts out to the ramp.  She says she is proud to be Russian, and she's proud to come from a country with the most dominant President in the world.  A pic of Vladimir Putin shows on the Tron.  Instant heat.  She says no man is safe from the Bulgarian Brute, who "now resides in Mother Russia."  Alexander Rusev comes out.  

- Kofi Kingston attacks immediately.  Little good, it does.  Impressive belly-to-belly suplex from Rusev.  He lays into Kingston with elbows.  Kofi hits a nice dropkick, and uses his agility to hit a bodypress.  Kofi hits a kick to the chest, and Rusev ducks the second one.  This is turning into a competitive match.  Rusev catches Kofi in midair, and nails a fall-away slam.  Lana tells Rusev to crush Kingston.  He slams him, then locks in The Accolade.  Kofi taps out.  

- Best showing from Rusev to date.  I don't know how much longevity this gimmick has, but right now, it's it's got promise.  

- Backstage, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella flee the arena.  What a wimp.  Brie enters the car, then Daniel Bryan sheepishly gets in.  Stephanie McMahon slams on the window.  She told him he could leave, but he can't leave til after his match, and if he leaves early, it's a breach of contract, blah blah.  Anyhow, he's up next.  


- Back from break, Alberto Del Rio is in the ring.  He's facing Daniel Bryan.  Brie Bella chills with him at ringside, holding the belts.  Bryan gets a dropkick.  Kicks in the corner.  Bryan gets caught with a backbreaker.  Del Rio gets 2.  The fans cheer Bryan on.  He flips out of the corner and hits a running clothesline on Del Rio.  Bryan hits Del Rio with a number of kicks.  He misses with the roundhouse, and Del Rio hits a Backstabber for a near fall.  He kicks Bryan to the floor.  

- Outside the ring, Del Rio slams Bryan into the barricade.  Brie Bella looks on.  Del Rio stands over Bryan as we go to break.


- After the break, Daniel Bryan is still recovering.  Alberto Del Rio has control.  Del Rio hits an enzuigiri in the corner.  He works the shoulder.  Del Rio goes up top and mocks Bryan, but Bryan catches him with an elbow to the face.  Two-count.  Action spills outside, and Del Rio drops Bryan on the barricade.  Ref counts to nine, and Bryan barely rolls in.  Del Rio hits a DDT.  Bryan ducks underneath a kick and nails Del Rio with one instead.  They trade punches.  Bryan gets the upper hand.  Drop toe hold into the turnbuckle.  Del Rio fires back with some shoulder blocks in the corner.  Nasty clothesline in the corner.  He sets Bryan up top and climbs up.  Bryan, naturally, fights out.  Diving headbutt.  Running knees into the corner.  Del Rio bails out, and Bryan flies after him.  

- Bryan heads up top again, and Del Rio catches him with an enzuigiri in the corner.  Del Rio gets a solid two-count.  Del Rio teases the cross-armbreaker, but Bryan counters.  He lands a beautiful tilt-a-whirl into the Yes Lock.  Alberto Del Rio taps out.

- Bryan and Bella celebrate in the ring.  Kane's pyro hits and they bail out of the ring and run back to the car.  Naturally, the car won't start.  "A wire is unplugged."  When he closes the hood, Kane is in the car.   Kane attacks Bryan and tries to reach through the sun roof.  Bryan peels off, just barely.  Kane is lying on the ground.  He sits up.  Brie screams. Kane chases after them and Bryan drives off.

Good match.  Fucking terrible storyline.  Seriously, this is terrible.  I've never been a fan of these "supernatural" stories, and this is no exception. 


- After break, another Adam Rose vignette, then a recap of the events we were just tortured with... I mean witnessed.  

Big E hits the ring.  He's using his rematch clause for the WWE Intercontinental Championship.  Our new champ, Bad News Barrett,  comes out.  He takes a mic.  "As you're new Intercontinental Champion, I'm afraid I've got some bad news."  He says there's going to be some changes around here, because the "deformed slobs" might have been worthy of Big E, but they'll need some cosmetic surgery to be worth of Bad News Barrett.  Decent promo.

- Big E goes on the offense early, and hits a few slams.  He goes for a pair of early pins, then a backbreaker or three.  Two-count.  Action heads outside, and he's attacking Barrett pretty aggressively.  The fans are cheering for Barrett.  Both men fight on the apron.  Big E misses a spear and goes shoulder first into the post.  He rolls to the floor.  Barrett attacks and rolls into the ring as the ref counts.  Big E barely makes it in as we go to break.  


- Back from break, Wade Barrett misses a kick in the corner.  Big E goes for a big splash, but Barrett gets the knees up.  Two-count to Barrett.  Barrett hits Winds of Change.  Another CM Punk chant breaks out.  Big E goes for another spear through the ropes, and Barrett nails him with a knee.  He flips the elbow pad and sets Big E up for the Bull Hammer Elbow.  Big E counters and hits a splash.  This time, he nails Barrett with the spear through the ropes.  Impressive.  Big E gets a two-count.  E hits a really nice belly-to-belly suplex.  He makes it a pair.  Straps down, and he sets Barrett up for the Big Ending.  Barrett weasels out and scrapes the eyes, hiding it from the ref.  He hits the Bull Hammer Elbow and picks up the win.  Bad News Barrett retains.

Enjoyable match between these two.  I've enjoyed Barrett's work for some time, and Big E is starting to hit the little things he's been lacking to take his game to the next level.  He has a ways to go, still, but he's improving.

- Tomorrow, on WWE Main Event, John Cena will address Bray Wyatt.  Nice touch to encourage viewership.  

- We get a recap of the Battle Royal and Dean Ambrose's loss earlier tonight.  Remember, The Shield and The Wyatts will square off later tonight!


- WWE gives us Mother's Day wishes by making fun of Mr. T's WWE Hall of Fame Acceptance Speech.  This is terrible. 

- Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter walk out to the ring.  Zeb has a deportation list.  There's a whole bunch of names on it.  Cesaro.  Santino.  Emma.  Others.  Zeb says today isn't Cinco de Mayo for Real Americans.  It's May the 5th.  The only reason anyone would celebrate this is to get drunk and vomit on themselves.  He's upset about the influx of illegal immigrants into WWE.  Paul Heyman is on the list.  Funny.  Also, Sheamus and Paige.  Zeb says Emma's dancing poisons the minds of America.  Before he's able to finish, Adam Rose's party hits the ramp.  Adam Rose comes out dancing his way to the ring.  If you've ever seen NXT, this is nothing new.  He climbs up to the apron, then falls back into the party.  They carry him around the ring a bit, then he gets back onto the apron.  He climbs into the ring and prances around, lollypop in mouth.  The fans sing the song long after it's over.  Rose eyes up Zeb, and grabs his moustache.  He tells him not to be a lemon, be a rosebud.  Swagger attacks, and Rose sends him over the top rope. The party climbs in and continues dancing.  Colter and Swagger bail out.

- I'm a little disappointed with that debut, mostly because there was no bus.  However, the spectacle looked good on TV.  Not sure how the live crowd enjoyed it, but they sang his song, which I guess is promising.  Honestly, I was hoping for a match.  Swagger is a good guy to get him over though, so... I suppose we'll see.  Adam Rose is all in on the character, so really, as long as his matches deliver, he'll be just fine.


- After break, it's time for our main event!  The Wyatt Family comes out first, full intro.  The Shield heads through the audience.  Ambrose and Rowan start it off.  The Shield tag frequently.  They're working over Luke Harper.  Seth Rollins in the ring, Harper takes control with an uppercut.  Wyatt in the ring, hits a nasty kick to the gut.  Tough to keep up with things here, lots of tags.  Ambrose hits a cross-body on Rowan and really stays on top of him.  Ambrose leaps out of the ring and takes out Harper.  He locks in a Figure Four on Rowan.  The Wyatts step in, so do The Shield.  We go to break with a staredown.


- Back from break, Luke Harper and Dean Ambrose are going at it.  Ambrose getting some offense, but he faceplants after some unique defense from Harper.  Harper isolated Ambrose and tags in Rowan.  Ambrose kicks Rowan in the head and sends both Rowan and Harper out of the ring.  Hot tag to Rollins, who immediately hits the Ring of Honor spot on both men.  Nice Corkscrew something or other from Rollins.  Rollins slams him face-first into the turnbuckle. Standing shooting star press.  Rollins goes for a springboard, but Harper knocks him down.  Luke Harper does some diving outside of his own.  He tears out the table and grabs a chair from the audience.  He tosses Rollins back into the ring.  

- Bray Wyatt back in the ring, he attacks Rollins and corners him.  Tag to Harper again. Harper nails Rollins with a boot.  Ambrose breaks the count.  He attacks Rowan and a brawl breaks out outside the ring.  Ambrose is laid out on the announcer's table.  I must've missed it, but Roman Reigns is MIA as far as I can tell.  In the ring, Harper and Rollins are up top.  Rollins fights out.  Rollins goes up top and hits the jumping knee. Hot tag to Roman Reigns.  He's on fire.  He takes out Wyatt, then Rowan.  Rowan tumbles out of the ring.   Jumping kick on the apron to Wyatt.  Boot to Harper.  Another jumping clothesline.  Reigns sets up for the Superman Punch, but Rowan attacks the leg.  All hell breaks loose.  Rowan and Harper are outside the ring.  Ambrose and Rollins dive out.  It's Wyatt and Reigns.  Wyatt gets some steam, and Reigns nails him with the Superman punch!  All three men of The Shield are in the ring.  They prepare Wyatt for the Triple Powerbomb.  Evolution's music hits.

- Evolution walks to the ring.  The Shield is aware of The Wyatts, and take them out before diving on Evolution.  Roman Reigns in the ring alone, he attacks Triple H, but Bray Wyatt sneaks up and nails him with Sister Abigail.  The Wyatt Family gets the win. 

- Roman Reigns is out.  Evolution takes advantage of the moment and attack.  Orton DDT's Rollins from the top rope.  Triple H sets up Reigns for a Pedigree, but Reigns flips Trips out of it.  Randy Orton hits an RKO, then Triple H hits his Pedigree.  Batista in the ring.  All three stand tall over The Shield.  They set Reigns up for a Triple Batista Bomb, and hit it.  Roman Reigns' mouth is bleeding pretty bad.  Looked painful, but added effect.  Evolution's music hits and the show ends. 

- Decent enough show, I suppose.  It wasn't without its share of problems, however.  The stuff with Daniel Bryan and Kane was downright silly.  Adam Rose's debut left something to be desired.  And, the Cinco De Mayo celebration was about as dumb as it could get.  WWE has a month to get things together before Payback, however, so time is on their side.

- Thanks for reading along with me tonight folks. Don't forget to tune in to @RingRapAudio this Wednesday, and keep an eye out for Bill Wentz's WWE Raw Afterthoughts tomorrow!  Goodnight!