Shanna Harris - NXT Columnist @AbsoluteSmark

NXT is my heart, but Raw is the job that helps me pay the bills, if you get my drift.

Unfortunately for me, that means sitting through segments I don't care much about to get to the one or two things I want to see. My likes and dislikes my differ from yours, so feel free to agree (or disagree) with my picks in the comments.

Worst: Fan Dang Miz

The powers that be in WWE are determined to make something good out of Miz and the experiment isn't working. I personally find this incarnation of Miz intolerable.

Let's all take a minute to remember Miz from last night. Leaping out from behind the stage because WACKY and doing bad dancing with Rosa because SILLY. Yuck. I don't want to see Miz trying to appeal to everyone by overdoing everything. I want to see Miz being a heel and getting punched in the face for being that.

But for now, all will suffer thanks to face Miz. Nice job, WWE.

Best: The Pipebombshell (Credit: CM Punk)

AJ Lee is quickly passing up Trish Stratus as my favorite diva of all time, and AJ's latest verbal thrashing of her unsuspecting fellow Divas is another favorite to add to my 'all time best' list.

AJ is one of two current divas who truly understands how to create a moment in wrestling. The reason AJ vs Kaitlyn worked so well was largely because the two of them understand that emotion and wrestling go hand in hand, and that it's not always about having the last word.

The collective response by the Total Divas cast (screeching, throwing of pom pom's, girl bye) is exactly what AJ was talking about in her promo. So, she mocked them to their faces AND showed them up without even breaking a sweat.

It's gotta be tough to be the best in a sea of mediocrity.


Drew Koscelek - Editor in Chief. @PsionStorm

There are some nights when you're feeling wrestling, and then you turn it on and you're not. Last night was one of those nights. A boring crowd and a boring show did not help.

It's really, truly eye opening that it took Daniel Bryan at 10:50pm EST to get the crowd off their butts and screaming for something awesome. Seth Rollins deserves a ton of credit too - the two men put on an awesome Raw main event and showed why they were ROH Champions, and why they are both on the WWE roster.

The Divas' crap was exactly that - crap. Howeve, once again AJ manages to make me actually give a damn about the division. Her scathing promo cut layers of truth into an otherwise horrible segment. Total Divas may be a ratings hit on E!, but it needs to stay on E! and off of Raw.

The only other redeeming thing was Curtis Axel FINALLY showing some fire with CM Punk. If he didn't sound like a robot backstage earlier in the night, I might actually be excited about his future. He needs to not talk. He needs to let Heyman talk. Things will be better that way.

One last thing - Yescalade: Predictable.  Fantastic.