Did you watch Raw last night? So did we! We're gonna tell you what we thought about it! So there!

Jay Ciaravino - King of WWE Smackdown Reviews

What I liked:

Cody Rhodes being fired. No, not because I dislike Cody Rhodes. I happen to think Cody is one of the best young talents on the roster. I liked this more for the fact that he is being thrown into a major story line. Yes folks, Cody will be back. You can bet your polka-dotted pajamas and gold face paint on that. When he does return, he'll be in the right spot for a big push, hopefully.

What I didn't like:

The Daniel Bryan/Randy Orton/Triple H saga encompassing nearly the entire show. Is this the only story line going right now? C.M. Punk and Paul Heyman had a great feud going on. Had? Well, they still have one going, but even with Punk's segment last night, it felt as though nothing else mattered unless it revolved around the Triple H edition of "Road to Serfdom". While I realize that it is an important story line, seeing as how the WWE Championship is involved, I would think that they would like to keep all viewers entertained, and not just the one's who have jumped on this Daniel Bryan bandwagon, (I'm still walking folks, I'll get a ride when Ziggler get's the WWE title).

Overall opinion of last night's RAW:

I'd say 6 out of 10. I like how the main story is unfolding, although I think it's starting to grow it's own little ugly head, and is definitely going to leave some guys on the back burner while the events role out. Point in case would be the fact that neither the IC, U.S., nor the tag team titles, have been slated to be defended at Night of Champions. How can you have a "Night of Champions" without representing all of the champions?

Drew Koscelek - Champion of Falling Asleep on the Sofa

I didn't see all of Raw. I got home late, watched about an hour and passed out. I'm sorry. What I did see was The Big Show crying like a baby at Stephanie McMahon. I didn't care for the segment, but Show might be the best actor WWE has ever had.

I'll leave the rest of the commentary for those that saw the show. Carry on.

Shanna Harris - Queen of the NXT Dance-Offs

Raw from last night was all about HHH destroying WWE from the inside. Him and Randy Orton went on a tear of destruction leaving no survivors. But there were two memorable victims from the show. Big Show attempted to stand up for Daniel Bryan last week on Smackdown, and this week he was made to pay the price for doing the decent thing. Cody Rhodes getting married is apparently a bad thing, so he was made to face Randy Orton, with HHH putting his career on the line. He lost that match and went on to deliver a top shelf promo that served to remind us just how much an injustice a Cody Rhodes firing is.

My worst of the night was easy for me to pick, but the best isn't so transparent. Let's find out what ultimately won out.

Worst: Rushed AJ Lee commentary and an abysmal looking beatdown.

So. The divas division continues to be a huge mess. The gang beatdown of AJ could've looked more polished and felt more emotional than it was considering that our Diva's champ verbally shredded Brie Bella, Natalya, Naomi and their counterparts on last week's show. There's something very important missing in the current incarnation of the Diva's division, and that something is fire. Let's say AJ Lee's "pipebombshell" was real. If I was standing in that ring last week and AJ ripped on me like that, the next time I saw her, to borrow a phrase from Stone Cold Steve Austin, I would stomp a mudhole in AJ Lee and walk it dry. Figuratively, of course. But apparently that promo wasn't enough to light a fire in anybody's ass. AJ was swinging for the fences and holding her own against 3 other Divas, and it didn't look like anybody else in the ring had the strength or power or urge to truly tangle with the black widow. I'm sure people probably get sick of me going on and on about how magnificent AJ is, but she really is in a class by herself. I've yet to see any woman come close to matching her in-ring intensity or wrestling ability (not counting Kaitlyn) and considering that a world class wrestler like Natalya and Tamina Snuka exists in the Raw hemisphere, that's a very sad period on the sentence of the Divas division.

Best: Making a good guy out of Cody Rhodes

People may be mesmerized at Big Show's struggles last night, but personally, Cody Rhodes was my favorite part of the show. I was really hoping him and Damien Sandow would be given the ability to tell a story that wrestling fans would talk about for years, but it appears that story has been put on the back burner. Cody's promo from last night is everything him and Damien Sandow should've been doing after Money in the Bank. Overall, it was an impressive and memorable performance from someone who I've liked, but haven't paid much attention to. I felt sorry for Cody and wanted to violently assault HHH and Randy Orton for putting him in that position in the first place.

Cody Rhodes is the future of the business, and this promo is every reason why he should be taken more seriously than he is.

Matt Hester - Indy Wrestling Extrordinaire

Not gonna go too crazy on this weeks Raw. I will however touch base on some of the pros and cons of the show.


Paul Heyman and CM Punk continue to deliever the goods in this feud. Out of all the story lines I have seen lately, this is the only one that has me sort of hooked.

Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes delivered a really fun bout tonight. Rhodes performance just shows again that he is ready for the prime time. I hope we see him get a push very soon. Orton is in prime form, his heel work is top notch and I am digging it for sure.


For a three hour show we are just not getting enough wrestling. It seems all we are getting out of Raw are recycled footage and long drawn out ring segments.

Ryback continues to suck the life out of me. Watching him wrestle makes my eyes bleed. At what point will the WWE cut their losses with this bum?

After AJ's scathing promo I thought for sure we would see some improved womans action in the ring. I guess I was giving the bookers too much credit, because it was your normal Divas nonsense.

The Big Show vs. Daniel Bryan bout was as predictable as crackhead looking to score a hit. I am sorry, I am just not feeling this storyline with Daniel Bryan. I hope it ends soon so we can move on from this poor Attitude Era flashback.