Here's the weekly roundtable for WWE Raw.  Read on to see what the staff thought about the show!

Matt Hester 

Tonight’s Raw was entertaining for a variety of reasons.  With that said, there were some let downs. Here is my list of complaints and compliments. If you disagree please feel free to let me know what you think.


Edge coming back was a no-brainer for many reasons. The crowd really popped for the hometown hero and he gave the audience what they wanted. I also thought his interaction with Orton and Triple H helped put a little life into this Ho-Hum story line they are running.

Randy Orton’s promo work has never been better than as of late. For years I knocked Orton for his lack of personality, and it looks as if he finally is getting it. Throw in his stellar ring work that he gives for the most part and you have a win/win combo.

Paul Heyman continues to sell his story with Punk like a champ. I think we all saw what was coming when he got “hurt”. Still, even as predictable last night’s segment was; it was still entertaining. I have to imagine this Sunday should be fun.

Santino’s return was desperately needed in my opinion. While having him pin Cesaro might not have been the best route. I look forward to his comedic hijinks in future Raws.

The work put in by the veterans was great this week. RVD managed to make an inept Ryback look solid in the ring. While Goldust still showed that he is a great in ring talent. I hope he tags along a little longer in this Rhodes vs. Triple H feud.

Traditionally Canadian crowds have always been a littler on the goofy side, and last night was no different - whether it was the Cole chants or the crowds love for maple syrup. The audience was very spot (Goldust chants) on, yet funny to get a couple chuckles out of me.

It is almost like watching my children grow up. I remember when Ambrose was a young pup in Dragons Gate, and Daniels was tearing things up over in ROH. Today’s fans are in for a real treat with the roster the WWE has. Now is the time for the passing of the guards in the WWE.


As a pro wrestling fan I should be used to bad gimmicks, but the Wyatt Family is just too much for me right now. They seem like a cross-breed of The Brood and The Godwinns (both were just god awful). Bray Wyatt has a nice pedigree (the Rotundo family); however this gimmick is just too on the ridiculous side for anyone to stomach.

I know I just praised RVD, but his promo work is and has always been terrible. This is why he never became an A-list player during any of his runs (besides ECW). He needs to stick to what he is best at, and that is rolling around the ring like a monkey.

Not too sure what Dolph Ziggler has done to get the snow job treatment he has gotten as of late. Maybe he got lazy with his development (it happens -  look at the Miz), or maybe he rubbed management the wrong way. Ziggler was keyed up and ready to become a big time player for the company, and now it looks as if he has taken way to many steps back. Let’s hope things get better for this talented grappler.

Drew Koscelek

WWE has lost touch with their go-home shows for pay-per-views.  While there was much of the show they did right (Daniel Bryan holding the WWE Championship over a fallen Randy Orton, CM Punk getting a level of revenge on Paul Heyman and company), overall they failed to deliver an exciting show.  There were some positives, but the majority of the show dragged.

The Divas division is a mess right now.  AJ had a major character-defining moment on Raw two weeks ago, and it's been lost in the shuffle of a terrible wrestlers vs. reality star storyline.  I might excuse the silliness if it weren't for the fact that one of the best women's workers in years is on the reality star team.  

I really enjoyed the match between Goldust and Randy Orton.  Despite the horrible story with the McMahon-Hemsley Regime Part 2, Orton showed why he deserves to be the champ and Goldust showed why he is one of the most respected workers of the past two decades.  It also shows that when you have a match that has meaning, and something worthwhile is on the line, it can make the fans really, truly care about the match.  I'm not saying all matches need to have this level of meaning, but it would do WWE some good to have the undercard matches provide some sort of importance.

Daniel Bryan should be married to The Shield for the next year.  He had great matches with Seth Rollins last week, and another great match with Dean Ambrose last night.  Throw in Roman Reigns, whom I have no doubt Bryan can make look like a million bucks, and you've got your feuds through Wrestlemania.  Bryan obviously deserves a higher profile feud, but I'm loving the matches nonetheless.

Sadly, the entire story with Bryan really seems to be just setting up Big Show to be the next contender.  I don't see Bryan winning this weekend.  I see Show finally snapping after the pay-per-view, and challenging Orton for the title.  He'll lose too.  It's kind of crystal clear, actually.  Somehow, in this whole mess, Cody Rhodes will get reinstated and he too, will face Orton for the title.  I'm ok with this, really, but it's a shame because Daniel Bryan is red hot and it's a shame to not put the belt on him immediately.

Last and final note: Paul Heyman was fantastic in his obvious role.  Predictable?  Yes.  Fantastic?  Absolutely.