Matt Hester, Indy Specialist

After last nights PPV let down, I was not expecting too much from tonight’s Raw. With that said, tonight’s Raw was very entertaining for a variety of reasons. I am one of the first on here to knock the WWE, but I will also give the devil its due.

The WWE planted a lot of seeds and if played right we can see some fun times ahead. Here are my pros and cons for this weeks Raw. As always, if you disagree please feel free to let me know what you think.


1) The new swerve with the WWE title being stripped was predictable but can work. Over the many years of pro wrestling, this has happened many times and the end result is usually some form of a tourney for the strap. If they do go this route again and insert the right people then we can be in for a treat.

2) Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan continue to deliver the goods. Bryan sold being screwed over like a champ very well tonight. As for Randy Orton, I have said this before and I will say it again: This is the best work I have seen from Randy Orton ever.

3) We don’t get to see daddy’s little girl to often in story lines these days. When we do though, Steph shows why she belongs in this business. She can be a face and with a snap of her fingers she will have the crowd ready to hang her. I plan to enjoy her part in this current tale before she disappears again.

4) For the first time since the Hart Dynasty I felt a glimmer of hope for the tag division. Last nights turmoil match was decent, and tonight on Raw the three way elimination bout was very well done. I am no fool though: I need to see these improvements on a regular basis before I am a believer. Still, it is at least a step in the right direction.

5) The Ziggs and Ambrose feud has the potential to be something special. I know its only for the U.S title, but considering these two won't be wrestling a main title soon I cant complain. I am more worried about solid bouts and good story telling over titles anyway.

6) Having the locker room explode and come out at the end was a nice capper to a solid post PPV show. In fact I would go as far as to say I enjoyed this more than the PPV. It will be fun to see how Trips “punishes” the roster next week for their defiance.


1) While I see that the WWE is trying to do something with the Divas division. The reality is they just don’t have a talented enough women's roster to make anyone care. I give the WWE credit for trying, but you can't feed the fans crap for ten-plus years and expect them to care now.

2) I know its a story line, but watching an old beat up looking Dusty getting knocked out was disturbing. Everyone knows that Cody isn't fired, and if the bookers gave this story line more than a second thought they could have done better. I will be glad when all this comes to a head soon.

3) I don’t get some of the gimmicks floating around in the WWE these days. Fandango is awful and is doomed to be stuck in the mid card at best. Don’t even get me started on The Wyatts, At least The IRS was somewhat comical. Rotunda's new gimmick is just straight up stupid, and it will not last a year.

Drew Koscelek, Editor

After essentially wasting $55 Sunday night, I tuned in to Raw to see Daniel Bryan get screwed out of the title, yet somehow come out ahead.  This is exactly what happened, and it's exactly what should have happened.  As predictable as the outcome was, it was still fantastic to see it play out on TV.

It's about time that someone else in the locker room stood up to Triple H and The Shield.  I'm sure we'll see some fallout on this on Smackdown this week, and for the first time in ages, I'm actually eager to see Smackdown.  I may even tune in to the show.

I'm disappointed it wasn't just one person that stepped up to the plate though, and I'm disappointed it wasn't a difference maker - someone that was in a higher position on the card.  Dolph Ziggler could have been that guy, and while he was out there, he was there with the other mid-card talent.  It waters down the effect.

I don't like the Rhodes angle right now, but it's not Dusty's fault, or Dustin's, or Cody's.  It's Steph.  I disagree with Matt - every time Steph is on TV I want to gouge my eyes and ears out.  She's a horrible actress and brings down the quality of the show.  Her bi-polar character is more maddening than some women I've dated.

And don't even get me started on The Big Show.  I'm sick of watching him cry each week.  

Heyman and Ryback has potential, but it's too early to tell.  I stand by my earlier statements that Ryback has the charisma that Axel lacks, and can make the pairing work.  Glad Heyman is sticking with Axel though.  I would've been disappointed to see him just dropped like a stone.

Los Matadores will ultimately be a nice addition to a pretty decent tag division.  Can we get them in the ring, please?  I'm enjoying these tag matches every week.

Good Raw overall.  If you missed it, watch it.