It’s been one week to the day since WWE held Wrestlemania XXX.  One week since Daniel Bryan won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, after pulling double-duty on the grandest stage of them all.  One week since The Shield decimated Kane and The New Age Outlaws, one week since Bray Wyatt had a standout performance against John Cena, and one week since Cesaro won the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.

The day after on Raw, we saw the debuts of Alexander Rusev and Paige (who won the Divas Title fairly quickly).  We saw vignettes for upcoming NXT standouts Adam Rose and Bo Dallas.  We saw The Wyatts get a definitive victory over John Cena, Sheamus, and Big E Langston.  We saw Emma get a decisive win over Summer Rae.  Cesaro joined forces with Paul Heyman.  The Shield and Daniel Bryan stood tall over The Authority.

Notice a pattern here?

With a few minor exceptions, Wrestlemania and the post-Wrestlemania Raw is all about The New.  It’s all about The Future.  WWE turned a corner this past weekend, and everything is lining up to push the new talent, and put the newer stars in a position of power.

Let’s take a look at Daniel Bryan: He’s been wrestling for 15 years now, but in the WWE, he’s only been there for about five years now.  In comparison to guys like Randy Orton, John Cena, and even Batista, that’s a drop in the ocean.  I hesitate to call him new, but he’s a fresh champion, and someone that the fans have been behind for a long time.  Simply put, this win is a long time coming.

Cesaro is in a prime-position to make a rise through the roster, and with Paul Heyman on the mic, I see him picking up where guys like Ryback and Curtis Axel failed.  I’m excited about Cesaro’s future, and especially his 2014.  I’m hoping to see him at least challenge for the title at some point this year.

Overall, things are looking bright.  We have some really talented folks from NXT that are already pending a debut.  Bo Dallas is getting a second chance at the main roster, and this time, he has a character that he’s fine tuned.  Adam Rose is clicking with the crowd at Full Sail, but will it translate on the big stage?  And what about guys like Sami Zayn?  Adrian Neville?  Tyler Breeze?  Charlotte and Sasha Banks?  Bayley?  Corey Graves?  The Ascension?  

WWE NXT has been focusing on character development, and so far, I’ve seen nothing but polished characters.  While I’m sometimes disappointed in the quality or length of the matches, I see nothing but a bright future for the stars - and WWE.  

WWE’s Future Started at Wrestlemania XXX, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.