Am I a day late and a dollar short? Well, that never stopped me before, so let’s get right to it.

Smackdown started things off with General Manager Vickie Guerrero in the ring. She quickly introduced the new WWE Champion Randy Orton. Randy would respond to Vickie’s offering of a hug, by shaking her hand instead. The Champ took to the mic, and explained that he was not aware of Triple H’s intentions at Summerslam, nor did he know that the Shield was going to attack Bryan on Monday night. He thanked those men for their support, and asked the WWE Universe for support. The response from the crowd was not what Orton was hoping for. The crowd got what they were hoping for when Daniel Bryan made his way down the ramp. Bryan started off by sending a thank you message to John Cena, extending his appreciation for the opportunity at Summerslam. Daniel then addressed Orton, claiming the Champ has had his career handed to him, thanks to his father and grandfather. He told Orton that he had to fight for everything. Daniel then requested his championship rematch for that night. Randy refused, and as the two came eye to eye, Orton tried to sneak in an RKO. Bryan would slip out of it and send Randy into the ropes, and then over the top rope with a dropkick. That would end the segment.

Randy seemed to want to distance himself from the McMahon-Helmsley part of the equation, I’m not convinced myself. Daniel Bryan’s segment felt like a rollover from the Cena segments, and quite frankly, it came off a bit whiny to me. I can only listen to a guy complain about the struggles of being short for so long, probably because I’m 6’5” and can’t relate. If we’re going to start calling him the “PG Stone Cold” I would suggest he quit complaining and start kicking ass.

Daniel would get his chance to kick ass later that night, when Vickie Guerrero made a match between Wade Barrett and himself at Barrett’s request. She added a stipulation to the match; the two would battle it out in a steel cage.

Match 1: Cody Rhodes vs. Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel w/ Paul Heyman

There’s not a lot to say about the match itself. Rhodes controlled most of the short contest only to lose out in the end to Axel. I’m not sure why Cody Rhodes is jobbing for the IC champ at this point. Rhodes has two victories over the presumed next World Heavyweight Champion, and should be mid to top card at this point. I am glad to see Curtis Axel getting some t.v. time though. Since winning the strap, he’s been an afterthought at best.

Winner: Curtis Axel

Paul Heyman got on the mic after the match to address C.M. Punk, claiming that he was emotionally distressed over the whole situation. Curtis Axel claimed that C.M. Punk didn’t deserve a title shot, (I didn’t know he was looking for one), but would challenge him to a non-title bout on Monday Night Raw. Punk would accept via twitter later that night.

Match 2: Dolph Ziggler vs. Big E Langston w/ WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee

First thought that came to my mind was, “Why am I seeing this match right now?” This feud is staler than a week old loaf of bread. Big E’s character is never going to advance if he keeps losing to Dolph Ziggler, and Ziggler has been in neutral since losing the World Heavyweight Championship. There’s nothing to report here except for the results.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Match 3: Christian vs. World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio….again

For the fourth time in two weeks we are blessed with this matchup. Please take note of my heavy sarcasm. I thought Christian wanted “one more match”? The match did turn out to be exciting, but this constant booking of the same match every week is probably one of the reasons why the ratings aren’t what they once were. Del Rio got the victory via submission, much the same way as he did at Summerslam.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Alberto grabbed a microphone following the contest to once again tell the Latino community that he was proud to be their hero. Then he was interrupted by Ricardo Rodriguez and RVD. RVD started to head down to the ring, and Christian took advantage of a distracted Del Rio and hit him with a dropkick off the top rope.

I’m still not sure what to make of the pairing of Rodriguez and RVD. And I’m a bit confused on how Rob can lose a title match at Summerslam, and then gets thrust into the WHC picture based on nothing more than his newfound alliance with the Champ’s former ring announcer. By all accounts, Dean Ambrose should be in that spot. It just goes to show that wins and losses mean very little in the WWE

Match 4: Big Show and Mark Henry vs. 3MB

You get three guesses who won the match and the first two don’t count. This was just an opportunity to show the dominance of this newly formed team of Big Show and Henry, as they set their sights on Roman and Reigns and the tag team titles.

Winner: Big Show and Mark Henry

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins showed up on the big screen to let Big Show and Mark Henry have a piece of their minds. They informed Show and Henry that this was a new era, and that they had to go.

Another Ryback Bully segment….

Match 5: Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett in a steel cage

This match really saved a rather uneventful evening in my opinion. The two men battled hard and at one point it looked as though Barrett was going to escape the cage and snatch a victory over the former WWE champion. Bryan hopped up at the last minute however, and grabbed Barrett back down into the cage and onto the top turnbuckle. After some swift kicks to Barrett’s chest, Bryan would sunset flip Barrett off the top rope, slamming him to the mat. Wade slowly made his way to his feet, only to be blindsided by a Busaiku knee kick to the face. Daniel covered Barrett and got the 1-2-3.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Daniel would celebrate his victory with the usual YES! chant as he made his way around the ring. Randy Orton was waiting in the wings though. As Daniel made his way to the end of the ramp, The Viper would slither out from under the ring, and nail Bryan with an RKO. The show closed with Orton raising his belt over the fallen Bryan.


Until next week.