WWE Smackdown is being taped this evening in Little Rock, AK, for airing on Friday, March 14th, 2014.  We will have results from the show as soon as they are available.

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- Sheamus def. Heath Slater (w/ Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal). 

- Triple H comes out alone to cut a promo about Daniel Bryan. He says Bryan isn't there and taunts the fans.  He's not happy with the fans, and he's going to start taking away their happiness starting tonight. He's going to destroy the Yes Movement at Wrestlemania, He says Bryan won't get his chance at the main event at Wrestlemania, and this year won't end happy for Bryan or his fans.  Triple H calls out Damien Sandow and blasts him for not getting in the ring on Monday.  Sandow has a match next.

- Seth Rollins def. Damien Sandow.  Sandow attempts to leave, but the rest of The Shield get involved and hit a Triple Powerbomb.

- Big E def. Fandango

- Recap of The Undertaker/Paul Heyman segment from Raw.  Bad News Barrett interrupts and says The Streak will end at Wrestlemania, which leads to children crying and keeping parents up at night, which leads to parents losing their jobs.  

- Cody Rhodes & Goldust def. Jack Swagger & Cesaro.  They tease more tension between The Real Americans.  They attack The Rhodes Bros., but The Usos run in for the save.

- Bray Wyatt def. Kofi Kingston

- Kane talks to The Shield backstage, and orders them ringside for the main event. They tell him they don't take orders from him, but they'll be ringside anyhow. It's "best for business."

- Nikki Bella def. Tamina Snuka. 

- Dolph Ziggler def. Alberto Del Rio. After the match, Renee Young interviews Ziggler in the ring.  He brags about beating Del Rio again, how he always steals the show, and how he'll win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale.  Huge cheers for Ziggler.

- Carlos Colon is announced as the next inductee into the Hall of Fame.

- The Wyatt Family cuts a promo on John Cena.

- Kane tracks down The Shield and makes them come out to the ring.

- Lana and Alexander Rusev have a brief segment on the stage.

- The Big Show def. Kane. After the match, Kane yells at The Shield and grabs Seth Rollins, but Roman Reigns spears him instead. They stand tall over Kane as the show comes to a close.

Source: LordsofPain.net