WWE Smackdown is being taped this evening in Tulsa, OK, for airing on December 6th, 2013.  We will have spoilers of the show available as soon as they are available. 

If you are attending the event and would like to contribute, please email me at dkoscelek@ring-rap.com, or DM me on Twitter, @RingRap!

- Show opens with a Randy Orton promo kissing up to The Authority.  Daniel Bryan interrupts, says he's first in line for the new champion, and challenges Orton to a match tonight.

- Big E Langston def. Fandango

- Bad News Barrett segment at ringside.

- Kofi Kingston comes out for a match but is attached by Alberto Del Rio.  The match never starts.

- The Shield cuts a backstage promo about who is facing CM Punk.  Ambrose gets the nod.

- Ryback & Curtis Axel def. Cody Rhodes & Goldust

- CM Punk def. Dean Ambrose.  Rollins and Reigns were not present during the match and did not interfere.

- Natalya def. Tamina

- Rey Mysterio & The Big Show def. Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro

- Another Bad News Barrett segment.

- Randy Orton def. Daniel Bryan after The Wyatt Family caused a distraction on Bryan.

Source: LordsOfPain.net