It’s that time.  SummerSlam is upon us and right now we’ve got an eight match card.  We haven’t done this in a while, but it’s always fun for the writers on here to post up their predictions (and of course make fun of each other when they’re totally wrong). 

I’ll let you in on a little secret about this prediction piece.  I don’t have any insider knowledge of the finishes, or what’s going to happen.  But these are the most electrifying picks in all of entertainment and if you disagree, well, it doesn’t matter if you disagree!   So, here ya go – the People’s SummerSlam picks.


Dean Ambrose (c ) vs. Rob Van Dam; United States Championship

RVD won his way into this with a victory in a battle royale on Raw.  His return to WWE has been fun, but feels somewhat random.  He hasn’t truly been inserted into a storyline with someone, and this could be a good place for him to be for the short term at least.  The match should be entertaining since both men work high-energy styles.  In the end, believe in Ambrose and believe in The Shield.

Winner – Dean Ambrose to retain the US Championship

Main Card:

Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow:

This feud just hasn’t been all that interesting from a storyline standpoint.    Rhodes is upset that he got crossed at Money in the Bank, but claims he’d do the same thing had the roles been reversed.  Nothing is stated to be on the line here, so Sandow’s briefcase is safe it would appear.  WWE seems to see something in Sandow, especially with how much offense he got in against Randy Orton last week on Raw.  I don’t think the match itself will be a clunker, but smarts will win out in this one.

Winner – Damien Sandow

Kane vs. Bray Wyatt (w/Luke Harper and Eric Rowan); Ring of Fire match

The Ring of Fire is to keep Harper and Rowan out of this one and the goal is to pin or submit your opponent – not set them on fire.  There are a couple points to my pick for this match.  It feels too quick to go to something this serious in the feud, but there is talk that Kane will be exiting for a little bit to film “See No Evil 2.”  This would be a way to write him out if he were to lose.  Also, I just can’t see Bray Wyatt losing his first match in WWE under the Wyatt Family gimmick.

Winner – Bray Wyatt

Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn vs. Big E. Langston and AJ; Mixed Tag Match

Dolph has issues with AJ.  AJ’s a (crazy) woman scorned.  Big E wants to end Dolph’s show.  Kaitlyn can’t get anything right except spearing AJ.  WWE hasn’t given much into this match.  I can’t be compelled to care too much either but I think the faces go over.

Winner – Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn

Natalya (w/Cameron and Naomi) vs. Brie Bella (w/Nikki Bella and Eva Marie)

Cue the “Total Divas” cat fight.  If you read my live Raw coverage, you know I’ve got nothing but disdain for the story leading into this one.  Natty is a good worker, and it’s a shame she’s saddled with this kind of stuff.  Hopefully once “Total Divas” is over she’ll be treated better than this.  But on this night, I think she gets a small measure of revenge.

Winner – Natalya

Alberto Del Rio (c ) vs. Christian; World Heavyweight Championship

Christian won a triple threat match on Smackdown to get here.  I’m a bit disappointed with his constant “one more match” theme to this feud, but that aside he and Del Rio have had some good in-ring work leading up to this match.  Christian got the better of Del Rio last night on Smackdown.  It feels very formula for what will happen on Sunday, but honestly, I see no immediate need to move the title off of Del Rio.

Winner – Alberto Del Rio to retain the World Heavyweight Championship

CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar (w/Paul Heyman)

This story speaks for itself.  If you’ve read my live coverage, you know that this match is the one I’m waiting for more than anything else on this card.  Punk and Heyman have been brilliant on the microphone, and the brawls that Punk and Lesnar have had on Raw have been well done to both show Lesnar’s physical dominance and Punk’s “never quit” spirit.  On this night, I think Punk comes up a little short and the gratification of him getting to Paul Heyman is delayed just a little.  Punk will stand tall, but not at SummerSlam.

Winner – Brock Lesnar

John Cena (c ) vs. Daniel Bryan; WWE Championship with Triple H as special guest referee

Until the McMahons stepped aside and let the wrestlers talk, I was not at all into this match.  Bryan and Cena had a good exchange on Raw this past Monday in their final hype for the title match.  That helped pique my interest and get me a little bit excited for this match.  There are a lot of moving parts here though.  You have Randy Orton out there with the Money in the Bank Briefcase.  Vince doesn’t want either man in the match to be champion.  Triple H is the referee and you wonder if he will screw one of the two men over either on purpose or accidentally.

There are also some rumors flying around that John Cena needs some sort of elbow surgery (he even referenced his elbow issue on Raw in a promo, saying it looked like a football).  So, with all the moving parts and potential for injury, it makes this a tricky prediction.

By the end of the night, we have a new WWE Champion.  But I don’t think it will be either man in the match.  Daniel Bryan might be better served to be in chase mode and keep his momentum going.  As for the match…

Winner – John Cena to retain the WWE Championship

But, after he does that…

Randy Orton cashes in Money in the Bank and becomes the new WWE Champion

These are the announced matches as of today.  There are rumblings that Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns will end up defending their tag championship against Big Show and Mark Henry, but that will remain to be seen.

Be looking for other staffers to post their predictions throughout the weekend!  I'll be back tomorrow at 7PM EST with live SummerSlam coverage, starting with the free pre-show.  We'll wrap up our SummerSlam coverage on Monday with a staff roundtable that will break down the night's events.