Chavo Guerrero def. JTGI would say this match was mediocre, but it was also pointless. These two are never on television, so why should we care?The finish was the only good part of the match, and the rest was predictable since we've seen this match a few times before. Giving the win to Chavo was the better choice, seeing Eddie's anniversary was last Saturday. Different, but good facial look for Chavo by the way.Trent Barretta def. Curt HawkinsYet another mediocre match, but only because of the high-flying persona these two have. They work well together, but didn't they work together in the same exact match a month ago?Hawkins got no reaction, which kills me seeing he could be something great, but of course Baretta gets a little reaction even though he is going nowhere in his career. The finish was botched, but that wasn't the biggest problem.Why the hell did Baretta win? It baffles me why Caylen Croft, the other half of the Dudebusters, was released and not Baretta.Unless Baretta gets some kind of mega singles push (please don't), then this was terrible booking. Don't be surprised if you see either or both of these men future endeavored soon.Yoshi Tatsu def. PrimoMost of it was botched, and even though the crowd was kind of in to it, I was bored out of my mind and I'm still making this Match of the Night. By my count, this was the fifth time we've seen them fight in a singles match on Superstars.The finish was decent, but I'm glad Tatsu got the win here seeing he has more potential than Primo. Best part was CM Punk commentating, he has a future job at the announce table when he's done wrestling.Melina and Gail Kim def. Maryse and Alicia FoxThe four lost Divas who have lost so much potential all because of Lay-Cool. The match wasn't terrible, but it wasn't good. So yet again, like the other matches, I'm going with the term "mediocre."The only highlight of this match was CM Punk at the announce table. I can't even remember the match finish I was so distracted.Final ReviewWorst show in a long time. Usually there is at least one good match on every week, but this week there was not a good match to be seen on Thursday Night.Each match was played out before and not good because of it. The matches went by quick and I'm glad because the hour went by quickly and I couldn't take anymore of it.Like previous weeks, WWE should go back to the format of having at least one or two good mid-carders on the show to make it seem worth watching.