It's time for the November tradition that is WWE's "Survivor Series."  The event comes to us live tonight from the Banker's Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis and kicks off in just a few minutes with the free pre-show that will be broadcast on YouTube.  The card tonight looks like this:

  • Two members of Three Man Band (Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, and Drew McIntryre) vs. Team Co-Bro (Zack Ryder and Santino Marella)
  • Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. R-Truth; WWE United States Championship
  • Eve (c) vs. Kaitlyn; WWE Divas Championship
  • Team Foley (Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan and Kane), and Randy Orton) vs. Team Ziggler (Dolph Ziggler, Team Rhodes Scholars (Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes), Alberto Del Rio, and Wade Barrett); Traditional 5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match
  • Big Show (c) vs. Sheamus; WWE World Heavyweight Championship
  • CM Punk (c) vs. John Cena vs. Ryback; WWE Championship fought under Triple Threat Rules

Check back periodically throughout the evening as we bring you live results and reaction to tonight's pay-per-view.


Scott Stanford and Matt Striker introduce the show to us.  They run through a graphic for the five-on-five match and talk about Cody Rhodes' injury.  They recap what happened to him on Main Event (and that was a nasty bump).

Backstage, Team Ziggler talks about how Team Foley made a huge mistake by allowing the fans to pick his last man, The Miz.  He gets serious and says he's concerned about the fallen comrade, Cody Rhodes.  He says he found a suitable replacement that is strong and smart - David Otunga.  The fans groan, as does the rest of the team.

Dolph encourages the team to get on the same page.  Del Rio steps up and agrees, saying that Ziggler will get eliminated quickly and the team can follow his lead instead.  They bicker a little and Dolph asks if they're with him.  The team isn't enthusiastic for sure and Ziggler tells them it's "theirs to win."

They run a video package to highlight and recap the Big Show vs. Sheamus feud.

Match #1 - Three Man Band (Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater) vs. Team Co-Bro (Zack Ryder and Santino Marella)

Santino sells for most of this one.  All three men of the Band are present and the announcers talk about Drew being in Europe "booking dates for their tour."  Ryder gets the hot tag and hits the Broski Boot on Mahal.

The finish comes when Drew McIntryre hits Ryder with his cast.  Mahal hits his finisher to pin Ryder.  3MB celebrates.

The match was fine enough.  They changed it back to this from Kidd and Gabriel.

The announcers talk about how this will turn Indianapolis on its ear tonight.  They feed it to a recap of the John Cena/AJ/Dolph/Vickie saga.


Josh Mathews interviews R-Truth.  He says he's going to beat Cesaro and bring the US Championship back to the US.  Josh attempted to ask Little Jimmy something, but Truth initially denied his existence.  At the end of the interview, Mathews points that out but Truth ducks back into the frame and says Little Jimmy was in the bathroom and makes Matthews apologize.

They set up the WWE Championship match with a video package highlighting the three men in the match later tonight.  That's the end of the pre-show.

WWE Survivor Series:

We open up the show with a recap of the two main title match feuds.

Cole, Lawler, and JBL are our commentary team for the night.  JBL picks a little fun at Lawler and asks "no heart attacks, please." Cole points out this is their first time working together as a trio.

Match #1 - Brodus Clay (w/Cameron and Naomi), Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio, Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd vs. Primo and Epico (w/Rosa Mendes), The Prime Time Players, and Tensai; Survivor Series Elimination Style Match

Seems Clay dropped some weight - coincidence with the Hostess closing?  Sin Cara and Mysterio are in pink that doesn't match.  Rey looks like he's got pajamas on.

At one point Tensai gets a tag, and gets taunted with "ALBERT!" chants.  The heel team controls the action, working Sin Cara until he can get a hot tag to Brodus.  Brodus splashes Tensai and hits big offense on three different opponents.  Mysterio and Sin Cara team up to hold the ropes open while Gabriel and Kidd hit suicide dives to the Players.  Mysterio and Cara follow up with moonsaults onto Primo and Epico.

The big men are left in the ring in a showdown. Clay botches a suplex type move and Tensai hits face first.  Tensai comes back and pin Clay after that.  Brodus eliminated by Tensai. Gabriel comes back a short time later and pins Tensai with a crucifix move. Tensai eliminated by Gabriel.

Tyson Kidd hits a victory roll to pin Titus O'Neil about 14 minutes in. O'Neil eliminated by Kidd. He comes back with a submission on Epico, by locking on the Sharpshooter. Epico eliminated by Kidd. Cole points out that Kidd used Bret Hart's move, which draws JBL to say "I'm sure he'll be mad about that, too..."

Mysterio tags in and he gets the better of Primo.  He twists himself around Primo to score a pinfall. Primo eliminated by Mysterio.  Darren Young is all that's left.  The faces take their turns hitting high spot moves on Young, with Mysterio getting a top rope splash to get the win.

Winners - Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, Tyson Kidd, and Justin Gabriel as survivors.

Surprised they focused on the tag teams here, but a pleasant surprise.  The fans woke up a bit when Kidd went for the Sharpshooter.


We get a shot of Kaitlyn walking when she gets attacked by someone in a blonde wig.  Kaitlyn fights back and gets the wig, showing it's Aksana.  Eve shows up and asks if Kaitlyn is okay, but Kaitlyn shoves Eve down and mocks her.

Match #2 - Eve (c) vs. Kaitlyn; WWE Divas Championship

No reaction at all for the challenger when she comes out.  She did get a little bit from them when she played to the fans from the ropes.

Kaitlyn gets a fast start, then Eve battles back.  The fans actually are paying attention because they make fun of Eve when she slips at the corner climbing the ropes.  Kaitlyn pushes Eve over the ropes to take back control of the match.

Eve begs off once the action is back inside.  Kaitlyn slaps her then throws Eve around by her hair a couple times.  She hits a backbreaker like move for a near fall.

Eve holds on to the apron to prevent being dragged to mid-ring.  Kaitlyn approaches and Eve uses the ring apron to trip her.  Eve hits a neckbreaker to get the win.

Winner - Eve to retain the Divas Championship

Decent effort, but the crowd didn't care much.

They recap the bickering within Team Ziggler from the pre-show.


Foley is watching while Kane and Daniel Bryan and Miz and Kofi Kingston respectively bicker.  Orton is sitting in a corner not really caring at all.  Foley yells "enough" and tries to rally the team together.  He asks for them to put their hands together and do his "bang bang" thing.  Everyone but Orton complies.  Orton stands up and tells Foley he hates him, which Foley sells as Orton being ready to go.

Match #3 - Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. R-Truth; WWE United States Championship

Cesaro cuts a promo about Thanksgiving, saying the only thing the US has tobe thankful for is that he is holding the United States Championship.  The fans boo the promo, and as R-Truth comes out they cheer.

Cesaro controls Truth with a rear waist lock.  The crowd is dead here, but they come to life as Truth begins to come back.  He runs through his usual offensive set.  He hits a Jawjacker but only gets two out of it.

Cesaro counters the scissor kick and hits his big European Uppercut.  He hits the Neturalizer to put Truth away.

Winner - Antonio Cesaro to retain the United States Championship

Kind of a dull, flat match here.  The action was fine but it was just kind of there.

We get a video package featuring David Otunga for TLC, much in the theme of the commercials you see for lawyers on TV.  Sheamus hits Otunga with a chair.


Cole points out that Rock is tweeting during the show.  Rock says it doesn't matter who wins tonight in the Triple Threat match, since he will be the next WWE Champion.  They send it to highlights of the AJ/Vickie/Dolph/John Cena saga.  Cole points out that AJ tweeted she has evidence of Vickie being caught red-handed.

In Ring Segment:

AJ skips to the ring.  She says that Vickie Guerrero has given her no choice but to do what she's going to do.  She talks about people throwing out accusations when they have their own lies to hide.  Vickie storms out but AJ points to the Tron. She shows a picture of Vickie with Ricardo, eating burritos.  She then shows a picture of Vickie with JR, eating BBQ.

Vickie stammers that none of it happened.  AJ asks why Vickie's getting so worried if nothing happened.  She goes on with a picture of Vickie dancing with Brodus Clay, in lingerie.  All of these pictures are photoshopped.  AJ says she wants Vickie to feel as ridiculous as she has.  Vickie tells AJ reality won't be slapping AJ in the face, but Vickie will.

AJ stares at Vickie and she backs up.  AJ smiles and says she doesn't want to fight and points out that she will lose her job if she lays a hand on Vickie.  She goes on and says the Board of Directors also say that Vickie will lose her job if she slaps AJ.

From behind, Tamina shows up and hits AJ with a Samoan Drop then hits the Superfly Splash.

Didn't do much for me, but hopefully this means we see more Tamina vs. AJ and a whole lot less of Vickie Guerrero.

They run hype video for the Attitude Era DVD.


Josh Mathews is with Paul Heyman.  He asks if CM Punk has any tricks left in order to get out of the triple threat match tonight.  Heyman takes exception and brags up Punk's title run of 364 days and is the eighth longest reign in WWE history.

Heyman says Ryback is taking WWE back to caveman days by dragging his knuckles on the ring.  Punk was the first to beat him.  Heyman tells us Punk is prepared to not only survive but thrive tonight.  He puts Punk over as not only the WWE Champion but also the best in the world.

The announcers turn our attention to the World Heavyweight Championship and feed it to a video recapping the Big Show vs. Sheamus feud.

Match #4 - Big Show (c) vs. Sheamus; World Heavyweight Championship

Justin Roberts handles the intros.  Show slaps Sheamus' chest early, leaving some welts.  Sheamus mounts a comeback but Show stops it with a spear as Sheamus jumps from the second rope.

Show keeps control of the match.  He teases a Vader Bomb but Sheamus sneaks up under him.  Sheamus gets Show on his shoulders and holds him there for a second.  That perked the crowd up a little.  Sheamus hits the Electric Chair for a near fall that Cole telegraphs.

Show tries a chokeslam, but Sheamus counters and hits White Noise for a two count.  When Sheamus hits those big moves that show off his strength, the crowd is reacting.  Sheamus teases the Brogue Kick and loads it, but Show pulls the official in front of Sheamus.  Scott Armstrong (the referee) ends up eating the kick instead.

Trainers and referees come out from the back.  Sheamus apologizes but turns around right into the WMD punch from Show.  Show covers but the officials have a discussion.  They talk then to Justin Roberts, who announces that Sheamus has won via disqualification.

Show gets upset and swears at the referees.  "This is the World Championship, dumb ass!" he's heard saying.  Show argues but Sheamus has gotten a chair.  He beats Show down with it, and Show begs that Sheamus stop.

"One more time" gets started by the fans and Sheamus hits him a few more times.  Sheamus tells Show to beg, which he does.  Sheamus throws the chair away and turns to go, but turns back and drills Show with the Brogue Kick.  Show crawls to the back as the crowd chants for Ziggler to come out and cash in.

Winner - Sheamus via DQ, Big Show retains the World Heavyweight Championship

An entertaining match with a well-executed finish with the official taking a bump to draw the DQ.  Wasn't as good as the Hell in a Cell match and felt like it might be the middle of a series - so look for these two to go again at TLC.

Match #5 - Team Ziggler (Dolph Ziggler, Damien Sandow, Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez), David Otunga and Wade Barrett) vs. Team Foley (Kofi Kingston, Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan and Kane), The Miz, and Randy Orton); Survivor Series Elimination Tag Match

Mick Foley is with his team and watching from ringside.  Early on, Sandow goes to leave because he's getting roughed up. Kane runs after him and tracks him down, and brings him back to the ring.  Kane chokeslams him and pins him. Sandow eliminated by Kane.

Kane and Daniel Bryan start arguiing.  Kane grabs Bryan and pushes him over the top rope, then turns right into the Zig Zag from Ziggler.  Kane eliminated by Ziggler.  Otunga tags in and gets the better of Bryan for a moment.  JBL chimes in on commentary that one has to "love a guy that married well."  Bryan gets back into it and locks on the No Lock. Otunga eliminated by Bryan.

Barrett gets in the match and hits his elbow, now called the Bull Hammer, on Kofi Kingston. Kingston eliminated by Barrett. Del Rio gets in the match now, taking on Bryan.  He gets the better of Bryan, making him tap out to the Cross Arm Breaker.  Bryan eliminated by Del Rio.

The Miz tags in for the first time.  He tags Orton almost immediately.  Orton works a bit, then hot tags Miz who runs some offense on the heel team.  Miz hits Skull Crushing Finale on Barrett. Barrett eliminated by The Miz.

We're down to Orton and Miz vs. Del Rio and Ziggler.  Del Rio catches Miz with the jumping enzuigiri in the corner. Miz eliminated by Del Rio. Orton enters slowly, but confidently.  The announcers talk about how Orton has been the sole survivor for his team the past few years.

Del Rio gets the better of Orton then goes for the ropes.  He jumps, but eats a drop kick from Orton.  Ricardo runs a distraction and Orton eats the same jumping enzuigiri kick that Miz just took.  Del Rio only gets two.  Foley gets involved, taking out Ricardo with a right hand and Mr. Socko.

Orton teases the RKO.  Ziggler gets in the ring and hits an awkward-looking dropkick on Del Rio.  Orton strikes with the RKO. Del Rio eliminated by Orton.  Now we're down to two.

Orton starts hearing voices and does his viper pose.  He teases the RKO but Ziggler holds on to the ropes.  Ziggler hits the Zig Zag and gets a great near fall out of it.  Some of the live crowd seemed disappointed in that.

Orton hits the hanging DDT and looks at Ziggler.  He backs to the corner and teases the Punt, but Ziggler hits a superkick instead.

Winner - Dolph Ziggler as the sole survivor for his team.

A good finish to the match.  How they follow this win up is most important now as it's a big win for Dolph.  They could take a lot off of this if he wrestles and loses on Raw tomorrow night, for example.

They show some Touts, with a guy screaming "Feed me more!" in his.  They feed it to a video package that sets up the triple threat main event.

Match #6 - CM Punk (c) vs. John Cena vs. Ryback; WWE Championship fought under Triple Threat Rules

Cena comes out first, and he's got a new T-shirt.  Looks like it commemorates his 10th anniversary on the main roster.  Punk and Heyman come out next, and Ryback last.

Cena takes the early exit.  Punk works Ryback over momentarily, then Ryback no-sells.  He hits a fallaway slam that sends Punk outside.  Cena enters and hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Ryback.

Punk comes back and hits a top-rope move on both guys.  Cena gets knocked to ringside by a discus punch from Punk.  Punk goes to work on Ryback, but Cena gets back in the ring and rolls Punk up for a two.  They keep working the rapid spots with one guy outside, but the guy outside recovering quickly to get back in the action.  Ryback no-sells some Cena offense.

Ryback teases his finsher, but Cena trips Ryback down and locks on the STF.  The announcers sell it that they've never seen Ryback in real trouble like this as Ryback sells the submission.  Punk comes off the ropes with a Macho Elbow to break it up.

Cena and Punk team up and double-suplex Ryback through the announce table.  Cena runs through his trademark moves in the ring on Punk, but Punk counters the sequence with the GTS for a good near fall.  Cena comes back and hits the AA for a near fall of his own.

Punk uses the educated feet on Cena.  Cena ducks one and tries to get the STF, but can't lock it in.  Punk hits the running high knee in the corner.  Ryback is still selling the shot through the table.  Cena locks on the STF on Punk, but Ryback makes his way back into the match.  He pulls Cena to the floor then clotheslines him.

Ryback gets in the ring as the fans chant "Feed me more!"  Ryback measures Punk and delivers a clothesline, then picks up Punk for ShellShock. He hits his finish on Punk and goes for the cover but Cena makes a desparation save.  Ryback hits Cena with ShellShock for good measure.

Out of the fans come a group of guys dressed in black.  The three men jump Ryback - they were identified as Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.   They team up on Ryback and powerbomb him through the Spanish announce table.  Cole is screaming "what is going on?!" and JBL points out the match is still going on.

Punk crawls over to Cena and covers to pick up the win.

Winner - CM Punk to retain the WWE Championship

Afterward, the announcers sell shock while Punk celebrates.  Cole points out the three men that attacked Ryback are from developmental.  Punk and Heyman limp away while Ryback sells being knocked out in the tables. 

They feed it to a replay of the attack and say that these three men may have affected history in WWE because Punk will be champion for one year as of tomorrow night.  They show Punk at the stage celebrating and yelling "best in the world" as the show ends.

They delivered a newsworthy main event with the three-way format.  This puts Ryback further in "monster" category with the way they went about it, which is good.  His failures in the first two big title matches he was in, well, not so good.  Not sure what they'll do next as an "out" for Ryback, unless this invasion means they'll move him to something else now rather than another shot at the belt.

Of course the newsworthy part of this truly was the debut of some developmental talents like Rollins and Ambrose.  Finally, some new people on TV, maybe.  We'll see if this is more than just a one-off shot at the pay-per-view.

People will groan about the non-finishes of the title matches, and probably with cause.  But you have to remember this lineup got shuffled two weeks ago, which hurt the overall booking of this pay-per-view.  There was some good work in the ring throughout the event, but the crowd was flat for some of it as well.  The undercard was weak also.

Join me tomorrow night for live coverage of Monday Night Raw as we get the fallout from tonight's pay-per-view event.  Thanks for watching along.