WWE's yearly pay-per-view TLC (Tables, Ladders, and Chairs) is airing this evening, December 15th, 2013.  We will have live results from the show, starting with the preshow, at 7:30pm EST.

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Joining things in progress... 

Fandango (w/ Summer Rae) vs. Dolph Ziggler in the Kickoff Match

Ziggler has the fans behind him and has the advantage most of this match.  My coverage is spotty, I apologize.  Fandango blocks a Zig Zag attempt, and heads up top, but Ziggler cuts him off.  He goes up for a Superplex, but Summer Rae distracts Ziggler.  It's enough for Fandango to hit the leg drop for the win.

Winner: Fandango

Decent enough kick-off match, but some of the tag matches we've seen lately to start PPVs have been higher caliber.  


We start out with an appearance from The Authority - Stephanie McMahon and Triple H.  Stephanie cuts a promo about the importance of the unification match.  A massive "Yes" chant breaks out.  Of course it did.  Triple H talks about Lou Thesz and Buddy Rogers taking their respective titles 50 years ago.  

They say tonight one man will walk as champion.  Will it be John Cena?  Randy Orton?  We shall see! I still think it will be Triple H.

We get our proper intro.  Worth noting, Vince McMahon is on site and walked out of the limo when Trips and Steph stepped out.  No other on-camera appearance yet.

Fireworks!  Haven't seen those in a little while...

We are live in Houston, TX tonight.  Looks like we're kicking things off with a bang.

CM Punk vs. The Shield (Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins) in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match

Ambrose starts it off with Punk.  Looks like this is a tag match after all.  Lock up.  They talk trash, then Ambrose tags in Rollins.  Rollins and Punk go at it.  Punk with shoulder blocks in the corner.  Punk keeps Rollins from making a tag, but Rollins gets through and tags in Roman Reigns.  

Reigns hits a nasty elbow thanks to a little assistance from his corner.  He keeps Punk in the corner and taks in Rollins.  The commentary team seems more interested in the Tweets of WWE Legends instead of the match.  (Speaking of Tweets, go follow us on Twitter @RingRap!)

​Ambrose in the ring, torturing Punk and whipping him into the corner.  Tag in to Reigns.  Reigns hits a nasty clothesline and Punk tumbles out of the ring.  Reigns roars and charges at Punk, but misses and goes flying over the announcers' table.  The ref counts as Rollins helps Reigns to his feet.  Reigns makes it in for 8.  Reigns is selling an eye injury.  Punk attacks it viciously.  Reigns manages to toss Punk outside.  He tags in Rollins.  Reigns rolls out of the ring to sell the injury.  

Ambrose distracts Punk long enough for Rollins to hit an enzuigiri.  Punk barely kicks out.  They replayed the clip of Reigns hitting his eye on the chair.  A doctor is tending to him.

Rollins goes for a Go2Sleep, but Punk reverses it and sends Rollins crashing into Ambrose.  Kick to the head.  Punk gets a near fall.  

Nice series between Punk and Rollins.  Running knee in the corner, clothesline, and we're heading up top.  Diving cross-body and a two-count.  He rolls directly into the Anaconda Vice.  Ambrose breaks it up.  Tag in to Ambrose.  He and Punk fight it out up top.  Jumping elbow.  Two count!

He calls for GTS.  Ambrose slips out.  He hits it on Rollins instead.  Ambrose slides out again, and Reigns out of nowhere goes for a spear.  He hits Dean Ambrose instead!  Punk tosses Reigns out and pins Ambrose for the win!

Winner: CM Punk

The story here up to - and through - the match is the potential breakup in The Shield.  Looks like that will continue.  A pretty good opening match, but it felt like all four of these men should be doing something more important.

Post-match, The Shield talk it out as Ambrose sells the spear.

Backstage, Renee Young interviews AJ Lee and Tamina.  She cuts a promo about always winning when it counts.  She's been champ 182 days, but that's not good enough to get her a Slammy.  

AJ Lee (w/ Tamina) (c) vs. Natalya for the WWE Divas Championship

AJ and Natalya waste no time breaking out some chain wrestling, and this leaves me excited for what's to come.  AJ ducks out of the ring.  Nattie chases her, but Tamina steps in.  AJ takes advantage and floors Natalya outside the ring.

AJ locks in a reverse headlock.  Natalya powers out and slams AJ into the corner.  AJ hits a double boot and sends Nattie into the corner.  Stomps to the gut.  AJ misses a running attack, but reverses a suplex attempt into a submission.  Natalya powers out and counters a sunset flip attempt.  Snap Suplex.  Let's make it two.  

Nattie locks in the Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring.  AJ is nowhere near the ropes.  She crawls to the apron but Nattie drags her back in.  AJ manages to kick out of it.  Tamina distracts Nattie and AJ locks in the Black Widow.  Natalya rolls out of it.  Spinning clothesline.  

Nattie goes for the Sharpshooter again, but AJ rolls it into a pin and clings to Nattie's hair for the tainted win.

Winner: AJ Lee to retain the WWE Divas Championship

This was a very good Divas match, one of the best ladies matches I've seen since the series with AJ and Kaitlyn.  If you're a fan of women's wrestling, watch this match.   

We get a nice video package putting over the two Heavyweight Championships.

Sandow cuts a nice promo picking on Texas.  

Big E Langston (c) vs. Damien Sandow for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Langston gets the early advantage here. Running splash in the corner, then a back body drop to Sandow.  Sandow regroups outside.  He gets the advantage with some fierce attacks, then a headlock.  Some back and forth action here.  Sandow hits a series of headbutts before the Elbow of Disdain.  

Sandow hits a dropkick and gets a near fall.  Jumping knee to the throat.  Big E hits an electric chair drop to reverse the tide.  It's back and forth again.  Sandow goes for a full nelson.  Big E powers out.  Sandow hits Big E with a boot.  Big E hits a running freight train thing.  Big Ending for the win.

Winner: Big E Langston to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Good match between these two, but it was about what I expected.  Sandow is in a holding pattern and Big E needs to hold on to that belt for a bit.

Backstage, Vince McMahon approaches Randy Orton.  They have words and it's hard to hear, but it seemed as if VKM wished him luck.

We get a recap of the impromptu brawl between The Miz and Kofi Kingston during the kickoff show.  Naturally, they get a match tonight.  

Time for the tag match!  The Real Americans hit the ring first, followed by Rey and Big Show, then Ryback and Curtis Axel, then the champs.

The Real Americans (Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro) vs. Rey Mysterio & The Big Show vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel vs. Goldust & Cody Rhodes (c) for the WWE Tag Team Championship

This is a Fatal 4-way Elimination Match.  Ryback and Cody start it out.  The announcers stress you can tag anyone you want here.  It's going to be difficult to keep track of everything here.  Goldust and Axel are going at it now.  Goldust made a blind tag to Big Show.  Show hits some aikido wristlocks on Axel.  Interesting.  Slap to the chest.  Make that two.  Make that three.  Poor Axel.  

We pick things up to a new speed with a tag to Rey Mysterio.  He gets some momentum on Axel, but Axel manages a tag to Ryback.  It's Goldust and Ryback now.  The Real Americans haven't been in the match yet.  Ryback goes for a powerbomb, but Goldust rolls through it and gets a roll-up pin to eliminate Ryback and Axel.

Ryback & Curtis Axel are eliminated

Cesaro and Swagger jump in fresh.  They start working over Goldust in their corner.  Action spills outside and Swagger nails Goldust with a clothesline.  Tag to Cesaro.  Goldust fights out of the corner, but Cesaro stops him and deadlifts him into a suplex.  Two-count.

Swagger and Cesaro continue working Goldy over.  He gets a near fall on a rollup.  Goes for a tag to Cody, but hits a springboard elbow instead.  Tag to Cesaro, who cuts him off and goes for the Cesaro Swing.  Nice double-team by The Americans.  Two count.  Swagger Bomb in the corner, blind tag to Cesaro who follows it up with his leapfrog stomp.  

Goldust hits a move very similar to a Canadian Destroyer.  He goes for the tag, but Swagger takes Cody out.  Big Show sends Swagger over the barricade.  Cesaro plants Rey with a boot.  The only guy left to tag is Show.  Goldust makes the tag.  It's Big Show and Cesaro.  Cesaro feeds into him.  He locks in a choke slam, but Swagger interrupts.  Show KO punches Swagger, then KO Punches a diving Cesaro and gets the pin.

The Real Americans are eliminated.

It's down to the champs and Rey/Show.  Interesting matchup.  Goldust and Show start it out.  Show hits Goldust, sending him out of the ring.  He lifts Goldust up from outside the ring.  Back and forth, Goldust hits a top rope splash for a near fall.  Another near fall for Goldy.  Tag to Cody Rhodes.  Double-team suplex on Show.  Cody takes the big man down.  Hot tag to Mysterio.  Things picked up!  Rey goes up top and hits a seated senton.  Kick to the head and a two-count.  

Cody nails Rey with a Disaster Kick right in the jaw.  Rey barely kicks out.  He goes for a Cross-Rhodes.  Rey sets him up for the 619.  Goldust interferes, Rey sets him up too.  He hits the 619 on Goldust but ignores Rhodes.  Big Show gets involved outside and the action spills out.  Cody and Show going at it.  Show face first into the pole.

Cody springboards off the top rope but Rey reverses it into a powerbomb.  Near fall.  Rhodes goes for the Cross-Rhodes, but misses.  Set up for the 619.  Cody catches him.  They reverse each other back and forth.  This is awesome.  Cody nails Rey with a Cross-Rhodes and gets the pin this time.

Winners: Goldust & Cody Rhodes to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships

From beginning to end, this was an awesome match.  One of the best tag matches of the year, and it certainly went to another level towards the end.  The right team won.

Backstage, The Primetime Players, Khali, and Los Matadores play with wrestling toys.  WWE destroys the credibility of their wrestlers with segments like these. They try too hard to make badasses look cute. 

Looks like we have another unadvertised match.

Brodus Clay (w/ Sweet T and the Funkadactyls) vs. R-Truth (w/ Xavier Woods)

Well, it's a match, and we could've seen this on Raw.  Brodus gets Truth in the corner and sits on him.  Brodus essentially tortures Truth bit by bit here.  Tensai and Clay jaw outside the ring.  Tensai wants Clay to just pin him and get the win.  Back in the ring, Brodus sets Truth up in the Tree of Woe.  Tensai releases the Tree and argues with Brodus.  Brodus tells Tensai he's better than him.  Tensai walks away.  The Funkadactyls bail on Brodus too.  Truth hits a kick the jaw and gets the sneaky pin.  

Winner: R-Truth

This could have been done on Raw. 

Backstage, Vince McMahon wishes John Cena luck.

Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz in a No DQ match

Kofi immediately attacks The Miz.  They fight outside.  They fight inside.  Miz nails Kofi in the jaw when Kofi goes for a dive outside the ring.  They brawl outside, slamming each other into the barricades.  Kofi is more aggressive than usual.  Miz gets some offense in and rolls Kofi back inside the ring.

Miz slaps the taste out of Kofi's mouth.  He works the knee. Nasty kick to the leg in the corner.  Miz crotches Kofi on the barricade, then attacks with a running boot to the head.  Rolls him back in the ring.  Miz goes for his finisher, but Kingston rolls out.  He eats a clothesline for his troubles.  Miz hits a running clothesline in the corner.  He goes up top, but Kofi gets a dropkick to cut the wind out of Miz.  The crowd is dead and starts chanting "Boring" and "We Want Tables."

I guess the brass backstage heard this because they went home seconds later.  Kofi Kingston with Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Another match that didn't really belong on the PPV.  It was fine, for what it was.

Short video package about the Daniel Bryan/Wyatt feud.

Daniel Bryan vs. The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt & Erick Rowan & Luke Harper) in a 3-on-1 Handicap match

Bray doesn't bother getting out of the rocking chair.  It's Rowan to start.Tag in to Harper.  Harper works him over, but Bryan teases a surfboard on Harper.  Kicks to the body.  Harper stands up.  Kicks to the leg.  Harper slaps Bryan across the face.  Tag to Rowan.

They're using strength to toss Bryan around like a rag doll.  Tags back and forth.  Harper gets a near fall.  It's enough to spark Bray Wyatt out of his chair.  He takes off the hat and button-up shirt.  Tags in.  He taunts Bryan, says they could've been friends.  "I could've helped you."  He unloads on Bryan in the corner.  

Bray hits a SICK suplex in the corner and more or less throws Bryan instead.  He then crab walks and tags in Harper.  Freaky.  Rowan is in now.  Fallaway Slam.  Harper in, boot to the head.  Wyatt back in, he taunts Bryan, asks him to take his hand.  Bryan kicks it and gets some offense, but Wyatt cuts him off.  Harper in, sitout powerbomb and a near fall.

Bryan gets another wind and takes out Rowan, then goes up top to take out Harper.  Top rope back body drop.  The fans are going crazy for Bryan.  Here come the kicks!  Diving headbutt.  Rowan breaks up the count.  Kick to Rowan's face.  Rowan gets trapped in the ropes.  It's a freebie for Bryan.  Wyatt gets tagged in but Bryan takes him out first.  Rowan out of the ring.  Harper out.  Bryan rolls Wyatt up, near fall.  All hell breaks loose.  Bray comes out on top and hits Sister Abigail for the win.

Winner: The Wyatt Family

After the match, Bray cradles the unconscious Bryan.

Very good match.  A much different story than the earlier Handicap match.  I was surprised to see Bryan lose, and I actually had my picks reversed for the handicap matches.  Should be interesting to see where this goes tomorrow night.

We go to our panel where Mick Foley mistakenly calls Bray Wyatt "Way Bryatt."  Looks like our main event is up next.  Let's check that video package again.  

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. World Heavyweight Champion John Cena in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match to Unify the Titles

Orton comes out first.  Dramatic pause for Cena.  Both belts are already suspended above the ring.  They lower the belts a bit as Justin Roberts announces the match.

They lock up.  Audience is hot right now.  Both men jockey for position in the corner.  Headlock, shoulder tackle.  Cena immediately goes outside for a table.  Orton stops him.  He goes for a ladder instead.  Here's hoping for no injuries tonight.

Cena stops Orton from using the ladder and hits him with it.  Then Cena goes back to the table again.  He sets it up in the corner.  We'll be using that later, I think.  Early AA attempt.  Orton tries to push Cena into the table.  Reverse.  Orton outside, grabs a chair.  They're staring each other down.  Orton pushes the ladder out of the ring.  Swings at Cena with the chair, but he's stopped.  He gets through with the second swing.  

Cena bails out of the ring and Orton follows, grabbing another chair.  He swings at Cena but Cena ducks and Orton misses.  He sells it anyhow.  Sloppy.  Orton proceeds to stalk him with the chair.  This time, swing and a miss.  Cena grabs the chair and stars whaling on Orton's back.  

Cena sets up a table outside.  Powerbomb attempt, but Orton flips out and tosses Cena into the steps instead.  Orton grabs a ladder and climbs up.  Cena catches him.  Orton gets the advantage.  

Cena nails Orton in the gut with a ladder and then makes his climb.  Naturally, Orton stops him.  Orton rushes at Cena with the ladder, Cena ducks, and the ladder goes flying out of the ring.  Orton sets up a chair in the corner.  We still have that table set up too, fyi.  Cena hits his shoulder tackles.  Five Knuckle Shuffle?  Nope.  Orton sends him into the chair head-first. 

Orton grabs another ladder and makes the climb.  Denied.  Cena climbs up, but goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle from the ladder instead.   Orton on the apron, Cena hits him in the head with the ladder, sending him back into a table.  Cena sets the ladder up in the middle of the ring.  He climbs up.  Orton barely makes it in, takes the ladder out, and hits an RKO.  Both men are in the middle of the ring.

Both men are out on their feet, but they fight back and forth.  Cena hits a running clothesline, sending Orton outside the ring.  Cena picks up the steps and takes Orton out.  Orton looked like he was bleeding after that one.  Another shot with the steps.  Cena grabs a table and slides it into the ring.  I'm not seeing any blood after all.

Cena heads back out to get Orton, but Orton hits Cena with a microphone.  Orton attacks Cena with the mic repeatedly.  Cena is loopy.  Orton sets Cena up for a punt to the head.  Cena dodges it and hits an AA, sending Orton through the table.

Cena staggers into the ring and sets up a ladder.  He makes the climb.  He reaches the belts, but Orton takes the ladder out from him.  Cena holds on, handing from the belts.  Orton hits him with a chair and unloads, taking him out of the air.  He beats the tar out of him with the chair.

Orton goes for one more swing, but Cena tackles him into a table and both men are laid out.  Orton goes digging around under the ring and finds a set of handcuffs.  He cuffs Cena to the bottom rope.  Orton holds the key and climbs into the ring.  He taunts Cena.  Cena kicks at him.  Orton tosses the key into the audience.  Cena tries desperately to break the cuffs on the rope.  Meanwhile, Orton goes outside to grab a much larger ladder.  Cena tries to use a ladder to break the chain.  Orton hits Cena with a chair, but Cena kind of doesn't sell it.  Strange.  

Cena starts to unscrew the turnbuckle, and he manages to pull it off.  The two men fight on the top of the ladder, rope dangling from Cena's hand.  Cena hits Orton with the metal clamp from the corner.  He knocks Orton off the ladder.  Cena goes for the belts but Orton gets up.  Orton grabs the ropes and pulls Cena off after a struggle.  Cena goes through the other table in the corner, but barely.  Orton climbs up the ladder.  Cena is laid out.  Orton has the belts in his hands.  He unclamps them and takes both belts down, picking up the win.

Winner: Randy Orton to Unify the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship

After the match, Orton celebrates.  Vince, Steph, and Triple H all come out to the ring.  They congratulate Orton on his win as Cena looks on from outside the ring.  We end the night with nothing shady.

Very good match with a clever finish.  I entirely expected a screwjob of sorts, and we didn't get one.  I'm glad for that.

Looks like Randy Orton is The Guy for the near future.  I'm ok with that.  Cena has been on top for a while now, and Orton has been doing some really excellent work lately.

Bill will likely be chiming in with his thoughts on the show tomorrow evening, and will have the helm for WWE Raw.  Let us know what you thought of the show, either on Twitter @RingRap, or email me dkoscelek@ring-rap.com!  Thanks for following along tonight!