It appears WWE intends to roll out a different sort of branding for their house shows.  WWE Raw and Smackdown branded house shows will be wrapping up on May 26.  Starting with shows on May 31 and going forward, the house shows are all listed as "WWE Live" events, rather than the former brand-specific Raw or Smackdown events.

Really, this is long overdue.  WWE hasn't exactly honored the brand split for some time now on TV, and for many fans the Smackdown branding carries the stigma of a "B" show given how it's presented at times on TV.  Of course all the more savvy fan has to do is look at the advertised talent to determine the level of event they will be getting and determine from there if it's worth going to or not.  A casual fan, however, may be more inclined to go see a "WWE Live" event rather than a specifically branded one.