Ring-Rap.com welcomes you to our "quick results" coverage of Wrestlemania 28, live from Miami, FL at Sun Life Stadium.  Check back on the site periodically throughout the evening for results and opinion about tonight's show.The confirmed card is as follows:
Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos vs. Beth Phoenix & EveRandy Orton vs. KaneTeam Teddy vs. Team Johnny; Winning team controls both brandsIntercontinental Championship: Cody Rhodes (c) vs. The Big ShowWorld Heavyweight Championship: Daniel Bryan (c) vs. SheamusWWE Championship: CM Punk (c) vs. Chris JerichoThe Undertaker vs. Triple H; Hell in a Cell with Shawn Michaels as special refereeJohn Cena vs. The Rock
Pre-Show Match: Primo and Epico (w/Rosa Mendez, c) vs. Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd vs. The Uso Brothers; WWE Tag Team ChampionshipCommentary for this match is handled by Josh Matthews and Matt Stryker.Lots of high flying in this one from both challenging teams.  Late in the match, Justin Gabriel tries his 360 splash, but one of the champs gets his legs up.  One of the Uso brothers hits a splash on Gabriel, but Primo hits the Backstabber on the Uso brother to get the win.Winner - Primo and Epico to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship
Lots of high flying to please the crowd and warm them up.  Glad they didn't omit the tag straps from Wrestlemania, even though it was in a dark match.  Means a little something to have them there.
Striker tells us that the first match will be Daniel Bryan defending his World Heavyweight Championship against Sheamus.
Expected placement for this one - a lot of huge happenings at the end that would really overshadow them.  Should be a good affair though.
Backstage:Scott Stanford interviews Daniel Bryan, with his girlfriend AJ.  Bryan brags about defending the title at Wrestlemania for the first time tonight.  Bryan does his "yes! yes! yes!" thing while AJ does a lap around him.They send it to a video preview of the Hell in a Cell match, then footage to hype Rock vs. Cena.  It's showtime.Wrestlemania Open:Lilian Garcia opens by singing America the Beautiful.  Various members of the armed services stand at the stage with the American flag.  A huge "USA" chant starts at the end.
Always emotional for me, and she absolutely killed it.  Great performance.
A video package runs of various clips of Rock, Cena, Triple H, and Undertaker, interspersed with various Wrestlemania highlights.Match #1 - Daniel Bryan (c, w/AJ) vs. Sheamus; World Heavyweight ChampionshipBryan gets a lot of love from the fans and a "Yes!" chant broke out.  That turns as the bell rings and Bryan calls a time out to give AJ a kiss.Bryan turns around and eats the Braugh Kick from Sheamus and that's the match.Winner - Sheamus to win the World Heavyweight Championship
Wow.  Just...wow.  From dark match last year to one move this year.  Not much improvement.  The fans popped for the title change, but as a fan I wanted to see a real match not this joke.  I will say that Bryan didn't lose much and it sets up a rematch, but Sheamus looked really weak in my eyes.
Backstage:The Miz plays cheerleader, and rallies Team Johnny saying that losing isn't an option tonight.  He says he won last year at Wrestlemania, and the team will win tonight.  The troops aren't too responsive, rolling their eyes.  Otunga sipped his coffee then introduces John Lauranitis.  He's dressed like Brother LoveHe brought up great moments in Wrestlemania history and says that Team Johnny will become a part of the elite tonight.Announce Position:Michael Cole hypes up next year's Wrestlemania, which is going to be held at the new Meadowlands stadium outside.  He sends it to a video package that advertises a contest to win one of 100 free tickets for the event.Match #2 - Randy Orton vs. KaneFans are still chanting for Daniel Bryan as the match gets started.  Kane hits a low drop kick on a seated Orton early.  They trade fists but Kane gets the better of it, picking up a near fall.  He follows with a sidewalk slam for another near fall, but the fans didn't buy it.Orton starts to rally, hitting his signature offense.  He ends that sequence with the elevated DDT, then tries the RKO but Kane counters and goes on a run of his own.  He goes for the top rope clothesline, but eats a drop kick from Orton.  Orton comes up holding onto his knee for a minute.Orton teases the punt kick with Kane down, but instead gets a choke slam for a good near fall.  A little later, the two men battle on the second rope.  Kane ends up getting the better of the exchange, and hits a choke slam from the second rope to get the win.Winner - Kane
All in all a good match, though it started off a little slow.  But I didn't see that finish coming.
Backstage:Santino, Mick Foley, and the guy who is on "Deadliest Catch" plug the season premier that is coming up.  Santino and Mick use the Cobra and Mr. Socko respectively to smash crab legs up.  Ron Simmons walks in to see what's going on and simply says..."DAMN!"Prior to the next match, Justin Roberts thanked those of the National Guard who were attending the event.Match #3 - Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Big Show; WWE Intercontinental ChampionshipAfter Cody makes his entrance they recap Show's embarrassing Wrestlemania moments in video.  Show then comes to the ring.Cody immediately ducks out to take a powder at the bell.  Show goes after him, but Cody quickly hits the ring and delivers a sliding kick.  Rhodes tries to follow it up with a dive, but Show catches him and throws him back in.The match ends when Show knocks Cody out with the WMD Punch.Winner - Big Show to win the Intercontinental Championship
Surprising that Show went over here to win the strap.  A bit of a forgettable match, but it was fine.  Show probably won't keep the strap long though.
They set up the Divas match with a video package.Match #4 - Beth Phoenix (c) and Eve vs. Kelly Kelly and Maria MenounousNot exactly sure what that wild headdress thing is on Beth's head as she comes to the ring.  They run a video package to recap what happened on Extra to set this match up before the face team hits the ring.  Cole brings up Maria's various injuries (for the first time, never was addressed on Raw leading up).  Maria didn't wear extra protection though.Kelly and Eve start off, and Kelly gets the better of the exchange.  She tags in Maria, and there's a funny sight when you see Eve's fake tan having rubbed off on the seat of Maria's white pants.  Kinda funny for juvenile reasons.  The Daniel Bryan fans get the "yes!" chant going again.Beth tags in and goes to work on Maria.  Jerry Lawler asks if the official would stop it.  Eve gets the tag and thought she had it won, but Maria kicks her out of the ring.  Kelly gets the hot tag and goes to work, while a small chant of "skid marks" goes up.Kelly hits a Molly Go Round, but Beth comes back and teases the Glam Slam.  Kelly counters it to a bulldog then tags Maria back in.  Maria slowly climbs the ropes while holding her ribs.  Beth catches her and presses Maria, but Kelly pulls her down.  The face team runs Beth and Eve together, knocking Eve off the apron.  Maria uses a roll-up to pin Beth.Winner - Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos
Obvious booking decision with the celebrity involved.  Odd that they'd have her pin the Divas champion though, but that's a sign they just don't care about the belt.
Backstage:Matt Stryker is with Shawn Michaels.  He talks briefly about the Hell in a Cell match.  Shawn says that Undertaker ended his career, and calls it irony that Shawn could do the same to him this year.Justin Roberts in the ring says that Wrestlemania 28 has set a Sun Life Stadium attendance record of 78,363.  In response fireworks go off, and they show a really nice wide screen shot of that.Justin then introduces Jim Ross to the announce position, and he walks out in all black and sporting a goatee.  Ross would be on commentary for this next match.  Lawler urges Cole to shake hands with Ross, which he eventually does and welcomes him aboard.
JR plays a lot of kayfabe on his blog and kept saying he wouldn't be at Mania and didn't know his plans.  But that said, this is a great move, and should enhance the HIAC match a lot if given the chance.
Match #5 - The Undertaker vs. Triple H; Hell in a Cell, with Shawn Michaels as special referee.JR calls this the biggest honor and privilege to call this match.  Michaels comes to the ring first, and is sure to salute JR.  Trips comes out through this entrance set that looks as if he's walking out of a skull.  Really cool scene.  Taker comes out last through the fog.  He's sporting some new leather it would appear.  Pyro goes off as he makes his way down the entrance ramp, as well as pyro on top of the stadium.  Big match feel.The two men are center ring, and Taker pulls the hood back to show a crew cut look with a slightly longer mohawk.  They stare each other down as an "Undertaker" chant gets started, but H doesn't flinch.  Looks like H says "you're going down" to Taker.  As Taker looks up, the Cell starts to come down to the theme of Metallica's "The Memory Remains".Early going, the two men exchange punches and Taker gets the better of it.  Shawn interjects and tries to admonish Taker for something but Taker blows him off (no rules in Hell in a Cell, right Shawn?)Taker is controlling the early going.  He hits a legdrop on H, who is hanging part way over the ring apron.  Trips comes back with a DDT out of nowhere, then tries the Pedigree on the steel steps that were brought into the ring.  Taker backdrops his way out of that.  You can see a cut from a shot Taker took with those ring steps.H comes back with a spinebuster on the steel steps.  Impressive bump.  Trips is bleeding from around his left eye somewhere.  Taker sets up Hell's Gate, but H picks Taker up and slams him to get out of that.  H pulls a chair from ringside and hits Taker across the back with it twice.They clear the ring steps out after Hunter uses them on Taker.  He goes back to work with the chair and pins Taker, but Taker kicks out.  After Taker kicks out, Trips tells Shawn to end the match, or H would.  Taker pleaded with Shawn to not end it, while Trips pulls out a sledgehammer and repeats his demand.  Taker tells them not to and takes a boxer's style pose.  Trips hits him in the head with the sledgehammer and gets a real near fall.About 16 minutes in, Trips has the sledgehammer and winds up to hit Taker with it, but Shawn stops him.  H is irate and demands Shawn call for the bell.  Shawn teases it, but Taker instead applies Hell's Gate to Shawn.  Trips breaks up the hold with the sledgehammer.  Taker ends up locking Trips in the same hold, but Shawn is down.Trips is still holding the sledge, but lets it go as he goes out from the submission.  Shawn is down, so Taker lets the  hold go.  Referee Charles Robinson hits the ring to fill in for Shawn.  Taker hits a choke slam on H and covers, but Hunter escapes at the last moment.Taker isn't happy with that so he choke slams the official.  Shawn comes back and hits Sweet Chin Music on Taker, then H hits the Pedigree for an incredible near fall that the live crowd went nuts for.H tries to set up another sledgehammer shot, but Shawn stops him.  Hunter didn't like it so he throws Shawn out of the ring.  Taker rallies with an offensive flurry, hitting his trademark "Snake Eyes" drop, a boot and a leg drop.  Hunter gets the Tombstone, and Shawn is able to come back and count the pin.  Trips kicks out at the last moment, and Taker is shocked.Michaels sits in the corner with this look on his face which really sold the battle going on.  Taker and H traded shots from their knees, then got to their feet.  The fans were behind Taker, booing Triple H.  Hunter hits the Pedigree again, and Taker kicks out at the very last second.  Really great near fall again that the fans bought into.Slowly, both men get to their feet and each grabs a weapon.  Taker grabs a chair, H grabs the sledge.  Taker was able to get to his feet first though and put his foot on the sledgehammer so Hunter couldn't pick it up.  Taker wears H out with the chair while Shawn looks on in anguish.  Taker keeps up the assault.Shawn steps in and pleads with Taker to pin Triple H.  Taker does so, but H kicks out the writhes in pain for a minute.  He grabs the sledgehammer.  Taker shakes his head at Triple H and says no, but Triple H tries anyhow.  Taker stops him.  Trips is shot, and shoves Taker in the chest after the sledgehammer is taken.H gives Taker the crotch chop and clearly says "f*** you", which is bleeped.  Shawn turns his back like he can't watch, and Taker hits H with the sledge.  Taker does his trademark throat slash then hits Hunter with the Tombstone to put him away.  The announcers sell that Taker is now 20-0 at Wrestlemania.Taker lays down on the mat, and lowers the straps of his ring gear and you can see some really nasty welts.  Shawn looks at both guys in the ring, looking worried.  JR says we'll never see HBK in the ring again because of Undertaker, but he goes on to question whether we'll see either Triple H or Undertaker compete again.Shawn helps Taker up, then raises his hand in victory.  Taker drops to a knee and sticks out his tongue while pyro goes off.  Shawn stands over H, and looks at Taker.  Taker comes over and helps Shawn help Trips up, then the three head out together to the stage with Shawn and Taker helping Trips.  The three turn to face the crowd once they get to the stage, and the fans give a long standing ovation and deservedly so.  The three men share a hug.Winner - Undertaker
I hope, if you're only able to follow the events tonight in text, that you can catch a replay.  My writing does not do this justice.  This was incredible and they managed to follow up last year's classic with another great moment.  They told a great story, covering last year and even the matches with Shawn.  JR was brilliant on commentary and added to the event as well.  It all worked - even when I know I groaned at the prospect of another Triple H / Undertaker affair.  It was awesome.
Rey Mysterio, among others, appears in a Slim-Jim spot.  They recap the Hall of Fame event from last night, showing Ric Flair.  Cole and Jerry Lawler talked about the Hall of Fame at ringside.  They recapped the Hell in a Cell match briefly, then sent it to the Hall of Fame segment.Howard Finkel is in the ring, and he does the introductions for the new Hall of Famers:  Mil Mascaras, the son and daughter of Yokozuna accepting on his behalf, Ron Simmons, The Four Horsemen as a stable (Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham, and JJ Dillon), Mike Tyson, and Edge.  Edge was the headliner of this class, as he got his entrance music played.  He was visibly emotional as he took his bow.
Good placement to allow the fans to come down from HIAC.  And I'm glad that TNA and WWE worked something out to allow Ric Flair to appear.
Backstage:Heath Slater is trying to get Flo Rida to allow him to be part of the act later on.  He asks what he can do and Flo Rida tells him to hold his mic.  Slater gets arrogant, and Flo Rida shoves him.  Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks laugh at Slater.Match #6 - Team Johnny (David Otunga, Dolph Ziggler, Mark Henry, Jack Swagger, The Miz and Drew McIntryre) vs. Team Teddy (Santino Marella, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, The Great Khali, Booker T and Zack Ryder); Winner gets control of both brandsTeam Johnny is accompanied by John Lauranitis and Vickie Guererro, while Team Teddy is accompanied by Teddy Long, Aksana, Hornswaggle, and Eve.  Brie Bella introduces Team Johnny, and Nikki Bella introduces Team Teddy. Everyone has on their team shirt.  The fans are not really into this but in part probably from HIAC.Miz is in a pinning predicament late, but Ziggler gets there very late to break it up.  In fact it looked like he was too late.  The fans let him hear it.Zack Ryder gets a moment of glory to lead the crowd in "Woo woo woo" with Eve, who had made her way into the ring for that moment.  As the official makes her leave, it draws Ryder's attention enough for Miz to hit the Skull Crushing Finale to get the win.Eve gets in the ring and it looks like she's going to comfort Ryder but low-blows him instead.  Booker yells at her that she has real problems, and Eve struts her way up the ramp while the rest of the team is in the ring.  Eve soaks up the boos as she looks back at them.Winner - Team Johnny, giving John Lauranitis control of both brands.
The wrestlers tried hard, but it was hard to give too much investment here.  Sure, folks were burned out from Hell in a Cell, but this was never built up right and just was really doomed to fail in terms of interest.
They air an ad for Extreme Rules, then show a shot of Alex Rodruigez and Torrie Wilson at ringside.  Oddly enough, A-Rod drew a lot of boos.  They also show a video for Wrestlemania Axxess.Backstage:Johnny Ace's victory parade has made it backstage, and past CM Punk who is getting ready for his match.  Lauranitis of course has to gloat but Punk doesn't flinch.  Lauranitis says he wants to be sure the title bout is a wrestling match, so he tells Punk he will lose the belt if he loses his temper and gets disqualified.Match #7 - CM Punk (c) vs. Chris Jericho; WWE ChampionshipJericho comes to the ring first, and he's got a patriotic "lite brite" jacket with red, white and blue lights.  As Jericho is making his way to the ring they run a video recap of the feud between him and Punk.  Punk is out second, and they really do up a video wall and pyro display fitting for the Champion.Punk goes on offense early, but Jericho stands up and slaps him.  That irritates Punk and he goes back after Jericho again, stopping before the official could DQ him.  Jericho does the slap thing again, and the announcers sell it that Jericho was trying to get Punk to lose his temper and get DQ'd.Jericho started with the taunting questions "Punk, how's your father?" was the first and it launched another Punk attack.  Punk sold frustration well as he paused.  Punk tries a top rope move, but Jericho ducks outside.  Punk dove from the top rope anyhow and clotheslined Jerich out on the stadium floor.  "Punk, how's your sister?" was the next taunting question Jericho tosses out with a shit eating grin on his face.Punk grabs a chair and chases Jericho into the ring.  Jericho begs him to use it, but continues to insult Punk's family.  Punk uses his feet instead of the chair and kicks Jericho, then charges him in the corner.  Jericho gets his feet up and turns on the offense.Jericho hits a suplex from the apron to the floor on Punk and that wakes the crowd up.  He follows that back in the ring with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker that got a near fall.  Punk goes to the ropes for a move, but Jericho grabs him from behind and slams him from the second rope to the mat.  In the replay you can see Punk's head bounce off the mat.Punk battled back and tries a bulldog, but Jericho counters then goes for the Lionsault.  Punk gets his knees up.  Jericho stops short and tries to lock in the Walls, but Punk rolls through to counter.  Punk goes top rope again a little bit later and tries the elbow drop but Jericho put his knees up.  He follows with the Codebreaker, and Punk's momentum takes him outside.Jericho scrambles to get Punk in the ring.  Punk was able to recover to hit the GTS, but Jericho is too close to the ropes and gets a foot on them.  The fans didn't buy in to that much.About 15 minutes in, Jericho tries a suplex but instead drops Punk across the top rope.  He follows that with a Lionsault that lands on Punk's lower body.  Punk kicks out of his cover and goes on offense again.  He sets up a Frankensteiner, but Jericho counters that into the Walls of Jericho - very neat spot.  Punk is able to break it at the ropes.Jericho didn't like the officiating on that and bickers with the ref.  He charges at Punk, who backdrops him to the outside.  Punk follows up with a suicide dive.  Punk tries a springboard move but eats the Codebreaker instead.Punk teases the GTS, but Jericho avoids it and goes back on offense.  Jericho goes up top but Punk recovers and hits Jericho with a kick to the ribs then loads the GTS.  He hollers out "BEST IN THE WORLD!!!" and the crowd pops.  Jericho escapes it again and is able to get his Liontamer hold on.  Punk tries to get to the ropes but Jericho drags him back to mid-ring.Punk is able to wiggle his way under Jericho and tries a roll-up.  Jericho rolls him over instead and the two men battle.  Punk locks on the Anaconda Vice and yells at Jericho "Tap out, you son of a bitch!"  Jericho uses his knees to break the hold and tries to get the Walls on again.  Punk lands some strikes and goes back to the Anaconda Vice again.  This time, Jericho taps out.Winner - CM Punk to retain the WWE Championship
A bit clunky early on, but they poured it on toward the end.  Really great match between these two.  I can't give it match of the night - that goes to Taker and Hunter based on the story they told and how they told it - but I did enjoy this once they hit their stride.  Not sure what the Johnny Ace stuff was about, but it did seem to suck a little life out of the crowd early on when Punk would really go after Jericho while he was baiting Punk with family questions.
Brodus Segment:Brodus Clay and his dancers got their entrance, then Brodus literally does call his Mamma to tell her he is at Wrestlemania.  He introduces his momma, and some African American woman comes out and does a dance.  Several others came out dressed like "momma" (padded backside and all) and they all danced with Brodus.  He refers to them as "Momma Clay and the Bridge Club"
That was campy as hell.  The Brodus gimmick is growing on me, but damn, this wasn't a very good segment.
They show a trailer for The Rock's new movie, "GI Joe" coming out this summer, then feed it to a Rock vs. Cena video package.Sean "P-Diddy" Combs introduces Machine Gun Kelly.  He does a song as a John Cena video airs on the big screen behind him.  At the end of the song, he defines the term "underdog" and says that he and Cena are both underdogs.  The fans boo him.John Cena then hits the ring with his usual "My Time is Now" music.  He's got a green shirt now - more Fruity Pebbles.  Definitely a "Rock" crowd as he gets booed.Justin Roberts then introduces Flo Rida, who comes out and does a song with a group of dancers behind him.  There's a video package of The Rock going on on the big screen.  The Great One then makes his entrance with his normal music.Match #8 - The Rock vs. John CenaJustin Roberts handles in-ring introductions with both men in the ring.  Rock is clearly the crowd favorite here.  The two have a staredown in the center of the ring and the crowd goes crazy.  Immediate "Rocky" chants from the fans in Miami.  They also go with the dueling "Let's go Cena" "Cena Sucks" chants early on too.  Here we go.They lock up, and Cena pushes Rock away.  They lock up a second time, and Rock shoves Cena down.  Cena kind of smirks as he gets up.  Rock locks on a headlock and sells the effort with his facial expression.Rock runs through a flurry of offense that ends up with him rolling Cena up.  Cena gives this dorky look of surprise after that was all over.  They run the ropes and Cena ends up getting the better of the exchange, locking on a headlock which drew boos from the Miami faithful.Cena hits Rock with a stiff clothesline, then locks on a bear hug.  Rock charges Cena a short time later and Cena pulls the top rope down, which leads to Rock tumbling out to the floor.  Cena follows him out and drops him on the announce position.  The official asks if Rock wants to go on, which he does.  Rock fans clearly outnumber the Cena fans, but the Cena fans are holding their own.In the ring, Cena keeps up the offense, hitting a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall.  Rock fired back, but Cena locks on a bear hug to slow him down.  Rocky came to life though and threw a series of hands to Cena to take him down.  He set up to hit the People's Elbow and the crowd went nuts.  Cena pulls him down though and went on offense again.Cena smirks at the crowd and gets booed.  He does his "you can't see me" bit and hits the Five Knuckle, then smiles as he sets up the AA.  Rock avoids the AA though, and the two connect with clotheslines.  Both men are down.The Rock comes back with another round of offense, but Cena manages to hit the AA out of nowhere for a good near fall.  Rock came right back with the Rock Bottom for his own near fall, and Cole kind of killed off the suspense a little by yelling "The Rock did it!" before Cena kicks out.Rock keeps up the offense and hits Cena with some punches.  He talks trash at him and says "shut the f*** up", which is censored.  Cena battles back and goes to the top rope.  He hits his top rope leg drop for a near fall.Rock battles back again, taking Cena down and locking him in the Sharpshooter.  Cole asks if Cena would tap on this stage  (of course not, you tool!).  Cena drags himself to the ropes to break the hold and gets booed heavily.  Rock drags Cena back to mid ring and locks it on again.  Cena drags himself back to the ropes a second time.The battle spills to ringside, and Rock throws Cena into the stairs.  Cena tries a sunset flip moments later but instead turns it into the STF.  Rock drags himself toward the ropes, and Cena releases the hold.  He drags Rock back to mid-ring and locks it back on again.Rock sold the STF well, and that he was going to pass out from it with his expression.  Cole says that Rock would rather pass out than tap out.  The official checks Rock's arm and does the lift and drop count.  Rock's arm fell twice, but the third time he held it up then crawls his way to the ropes to break the hold.Cena gets to his feet and walks toward Rock, who greets him with a Samoan drop.  Cena fights back from it and tries the AA but Rock counters an hits the Spinebuster, followed by the People's Elbow for a near fall.Rock gets to his feet first, but Cena uses a small package to grab a quick near fall.  Both men are down, and slowly get to their feet.  Cena throws Rock to the corner then tries another roll-up to get a near fall.  Rock ends up on the top rope.  Cena goes after him, but Rock punches him back down to the canvas.  Rock goes back up top.Rock hits a cross body block, but Cena rolls it through and loads the AA.  This time he hits it and covers Rock for a great near fall.  Cena stands up and mockingly tries the People's Elbow, but Rock gets up and hits him with the Rock Bottom to pick up the win.  The crowd popped HUGE for the finish as Cole says he doesn't think there was a loser in this one.Winner - The RockRock plays to the fans as Cena sits on the entrance ramp looking dejected.  He stands on the second rope with his arm raised and pyro goes off around the top of the stadium.  That's how it ends.
A very, very solid main event.  I will stop one step short of great here but these two guys worked their asses off and it showed.  Cena certainly didn't lose anything in defeat and got in more than his share of offense, especially early on.  He will go on and get his mixed reactions and still be loved by women and kids, and the majority of the live crowd and many on pay per view get to go home happy with a Rock win.
What I really enjoyed here was a decisive, clean finish.  No run in from Brock Lesnar (as was strongly rumored may happen).  No handshake or hug afterward either.  Great ending.  I'd still like to see Lesnar show up somewhere but I doubt that will happen.
My pick for match of the night was Hell in a Cell.  Awesome storytelling and compelling action.  The three big matches all delivered well and were very fun to watch.  The Rock vs. Cena lived up and Punk and Jericho did put on a great show after a slow start.
The night was pretty much as expected otherwise.  I was really disappointed with Bryan vs. Sheamus though and hope we see more from that in the future.  Really, Wrestlemania hinges on what they hype up as their big events and I would say that viewers got their money's worth tonight with this event.  Try to catch a replay if you've been following along in text only - I think you'll enjoy it.
Join me tomorrow night for live coverage of Raw as we bring you the fallout from tonight's event.  Coverage kicks off at 9PM EST.