The following is a summary of the happenings at this morning's Wrestlemania 30 press conference that took place live on the WWE Network at 11AM EST.  This is our delayed coverage.

WWE Wrestlemania 30 Press Conference, Live from the Hard Rock Café, New York, NY on WWE Network

Josh Mathews opens up the broadcast and brings in The Bellas.  They agree that AJ will no longer be Divas Champion after Sunday but can’t agree on which one of them will hold the title.  Brie mentions Daniel Bryan going after the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and says that the fans want it, and it has to happen.

Mathews brings up “your fiancée, John Cena” to Nikki and she says “not yet.”  She talks about Cena vs. Wyatt and says that the Cena you see on TV is the one you see at home.  “He’s real and authentic.”

Brie talks about how Bryan has connected with the fans because they haven’t seen anyone like him in a long time.  Summer Rae interrupts and Mathews asks about her issues on Total Divas.  Summer says she is new and has to prove herself.

Mark Henry checks in and the ladies check out.  Henry talks about enjoying Axxess because of his young children and watching them interact with other fans.  He talks about the Andre the Giant Battle Royale but is cut off by music.

Michael Cole opens the press conference proper.  He talks about the effect that Wrestlemania has on communities, then turns it over to Stephanie McMahon.  She talks about Mania history and her father’s role in its creation.  She talks about Andre slamming Big John Studd, and Hogan and Mr. T beating Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff.

She hypes that Wrestlemania 30 will be available on all platforms and held in front of a capacity crowd in New Orleans.  She throws out her “putting smiles on faces” line and talks about the various charitable outreaches in New Orleans during Mania week.  She lays it on real thick talking about WWE stars reading to kids.

Cole introduces Hulk Hogan, saying he has main evented a third of the Wrestlemanias.  Hogan tries to play to the reporters but they’re not playing along.  He calls it “the cat’s meow” for him to be back at Mania this year.  He talks about some of his own Mania moments, like when he slammed Andre.

Hogan says “we’re all immortal now” because it’s going down on WWE Network.  He says he is happy to be home and asks “whatcha gonna do?”, trying to get reporters to play in but again they don’t.  He finishes his line and says it’s great to be home again.  He poses for some photos.

I’m fine with the media not playing in, but at times like this it’d be nice to see some fans involved – especially with it being broadcast on the Network – to liven up the atmosphere.

Triple H is next and says it’s usually more lively when they’re in the building.  He says if Hogan couldn’t wake them up there’s not much he could do.  He talks about the multiple hats he wears in WWE, but says he’s a fan with a dream.  He talks about NXT and how the dream starts there for many.  Hunter mentions the Wyatts, the Shield, and Big E. Langston, saying they were once NXT talents that are now on the Wrestlemania stage.  He hypes the Network coverage of Mania week and the $9.99 price tag.

He says it’s time to put his talent hat on.  He says no one exemplifies the Wrestlemania dream more than Daniel Bryan.  He says the dream is out there because of the Yes Movement.  “Unfortunately for Bryan, his dream intersects with mine.  Unfortunately for Bryan, that’s not going to work out too good.”  He says “only The Game is forever.”

Cole introduces Daniel Bryan, who tries to do a “Yes!” chant but that goes nowhere.  He says it’s funny that the media doesn’t know what to do when he comes out.  He talks about the dream of becoming the best and headlining Wrestlemania.  “And here I am, it’s unreal.”

Bryan discusses how Hunter doesn’t care for him as a businessman.  He points out a guy in the crowd rocking Wyatt Family style clothes and Bryan says he is more like that guy.   Bryan says the fans have more power than they think.  He points out that he’s wearing a suit today and doesn’t want to sound like a hypocrite, but people can make a difference even though they think the world is run by corporate types.  He closes with his “yes!” bit.

Cole introduces Batista, and he points out how quiet things are.  He says he’s not going to use the script today and the script writer should be fired, unless it was Stephanie.  He points out that no one did the “yes” bit with Bryan, calling it awkward silence.

Batista says he had time between movies so he decided to come back and be WWE Champion.  He mocks himself with “BooTista” and “Skinny Jeans” monikers.  He says he plans on wearing his one pair of skinny jeans every week just to piss people off.

 Batista says he wanted to do some things outside of WWE, but his heart has always been with the business.  He says he is a pro wrestler first and that’s what he loves.  He talks about how special it is for him to be at Wrestlemania 30, and admits it sucks that his title match will now be a triple threat match.  He says he will deal with it and this is the last time we will see him as a non-champion.

Batista was fun there.  He showed more charisma than he has since he came back.

Cole says “that was interesting” then introduces Randy Orton.  He comes to the stage with the belts and cuts a brief promo about retaining the titles.  All the men in the title picture pose for pictures.  A small “Yes!” chant gets going when Bryan and Triple H are together.

Cole introduces John Cena next.  He says he sees a few members of the WWE Universe and the media, and based on their silence they’re hanging on every word.  Cena pokes fun at Batista’s comments then tells a story about a man excitedly telling Hulk Hogan that he was at Wrestlemania 3.

Cena says WWE puts on the show of shows at Wrestlemania and so that every person who puts their eyes on it can have that one moment where they can say they were there.  Cena puts over Wrestlemania 30 as revolutionary because the company is giving everyone an even better chance to say they were there via the Network.

Cena says they will appreciate and honor the past with stars such as Hogan returning, and the card is “one for the ages.”  He stresses that Wrestlemania is 30 years old this year but it is still revolutionary.  Cena closes with a Hogan impersonation.

Afterward, there’s a photo session with those who participated, then joined in by Great Khali, the Bellas, Summer Rae, Natalya, Mark Henry, Alberto Del Rio, Big Show, Naomi and Cameron, and Eva Marie to wrap it up.

Typical WWE Press Conference fare here.  Batista was particularly engaging and fun to listen to. No big song and dance like last year, which was good.  The crowd was particularly stiff, so nothing really played well with any of the talents.

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