WWE Monday Night Raw Live Coverage for 11/9/2015 – Jolly Olde England Show from Manchester, Survivor Series Build Continues, Raw Without Rollins, Championship Tournament Hype and More

WWE Raw comes to us tonight from across the pond in Manchester, United Kingdom – recorded earlier in the day and broadcast in the normal 8PM EST time slot on USA Network.  It’s the first televised show without Seth Rollins, who went down with a serious knee injury last week.  How will the Authority handle this situation?  Will they begin to work toward their Championship Tournament now?  What will come of Roman Reigns, the number one contender?  Also, it’s rumored that Undertaker has made the trip over to England.  Will he try and extract a measure of revenge on the Wyatt Family for their attack on him and Kane? With Survivor Series happening in just a couple weeks, the build gets started now.

Show Open, On Delay from Manchester, UK

After the Raw intro, Triple H’s music hit and he made his way to the ring.  Cole talked about Rollins’ injury, and said he’d be out six to nine months.  He sent it up to Hunter in the ring, who got a “Triple H” chant.  Interesting that the heel authority got chants.

He takes a moment to acknowledge “the man” Seth Rollins.   He talks about how Rollins was the hand picked Authority champion, saying he picked his way through everyone to hold on to the championship.  Hunter explains the injury and calls it tragic.  “Seth Rollins is no longer the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.”  The fans didn’t like it much.

Hunter talks about determining the number one contender, saying that he would face Rollins for the title at Survivor Series.  He introduces Roman Reigns.  Reigns gets a very mixed reaction.  JBL says “chaos brings ladders.”  What the hell does that even mean, anyhow?  Once in the ring, Hunter tells Reigns it looks nice and says a tournament starts tonight to determine a new champion.

Hunter makes a plea that it’s unfair for Reigns to go to the back of the line again and work his way back to the top slot.  He says the other guys could be fighting for the right to face Roman at Survivor Series.  Hunter tells Roman that when they were looking at someone to be the face of WWE they “strongly considered” him.  I can’t see where Hunter saw the charisma in him, however, given his mic skills.  He says that Rollins had one thing Reigns doesn’t – the ability to do absolutely anything.

Hunter replays the end of Wrestlemania, asking if it stung a bit.  He talks about how Rollins took his moment, and says Reigns has been met with a lot of walls since Wrestlemania.  He asks Reigns if he wants to be the man, which is met with some “Woooo!” calls.  “If you want to be the man, you just have to be my man.”  A heel turn would be good for Roman Reigns, really, but I’m not sure now is the time.

Reigns asks if he will get what he already earned by selling out.  Hunter derides the term “sell out” calling it an excuse.  “If you don’t want to be criticized, be nothing, do nothing, and say nothing.”  Good advice for life, really.  Hunter talks about misguided reality then asks Reigns if he wanted to put the belt on his shoulder since he was a boy.  “You want them to build a monument in your honor.”

Hunter makes a play on family.  “I’m talking about setting up your daughter’s daughter.”  He asks Reigns to join the Authority and offers a handshake.  England wants him to do it, oddly enough.  Again, heel turn would be good, just not now.

Reigns says he did it his way and never took a handout.  No one can take that away.   He tells Hunter to shove the offer.  Nice short effective line.  Hunter thanks him for proving why he didn’t choose him, and tells him his match starts now.  Big Show’s music hits.  So, gee, Big Show vs. Reigns #143980378430?   Hunter fist bumps Show as he comes to the ring.  I’m not at all excited about this idea, but we’ll see how it goes.

Match #1 – Big Show vs. Roman Reigns; WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Match

Slow plodding work from Show in the early going.  Going back to the opening segment (which wasn’t bad, really), the one thing missing was that Reigns has never really openly spoken to fighting by a moral code.  I think that would have resonated more with fans when he stood up to Hunter.  This is your typical Big Show match, so far.

The announcers are doing a good job of telling the “moral code” story here, actually.  Shame they didn’t build it up out front of this night better.  Show hits a splash for a near fall.  Not a lot of reaction from the Manchester fans as Show dumps Reigns to ringside.  Reigns fires back until he gets slammed by Show, who yells “I’m a giant!” to absolutely no reaction.

Show locks in a bear hug after the break.  JBL says he admires Reigns’ tenacity but can’t believe Reigns turned down the offer to be handed the title tonight.  Reigns hits a Samoan drop as Cole talks about Rollins’ injury.  Reigns begins his comeback until Show swats him down.  Right now, this match is following the formula of Show beating Reigns down until he makes the babyface comeback.

A pair of drive-by kicks lead to a Superman punch attempt but Reigns gets chokeslammed out of mid air.  That was pretty neat.  Show calls for the WMD, but Reigns gets the Superman Punch and a spear for the win.  This was fair enough, and Reigns got a bit of shine off of it, but we’ve seen this far too many times for it to be important.  The announcers put Reigns over well here, and talk about Reigns overcoming yet again.

The Wyatt cut in hits and they feed it to a recap of Undertaker’s debut at Survivor Series, and Kane’s debut in 1997.  We’re to get a “paying respects” segment by the Wyatts later.  Again, Wyatt talks well, but I’m not sure how this ends and if it ends well for Wyatt overall.  I also know what happens via spoilers, and it’s clear where they’re going here.

Celebrity moment as they show Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney in the fans.  Kevin Owens’ music hits to a nice pop.  Owens cuts a promo, and finally, we get to hear from him!  He says we need change in WWE, and they’ve been cheering for the same old garbage for years.  Brits are eating it up, but he calls them the dumbest fans in the world for worshiping the Queen of England and pretend the Royal Family is a thing.  Not a strong heat generator according to my speakers.

He says the change is to benefit him alone.  He calls himself a prize fighter, and when he stands in the ring with both the IC and WHC championships, no one can deny that this is the Kevin Owens Show.  Mixed reaction.  But it’s good to hear from Owens on the mic though.  Sound promo.

Match #2 – Kevin Owens vs. Titus O’Neil; WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Match

I like Titus and think he’s a solid midcard player.  He is very aggressive in the early going before we head into a commercial.  Back with the show, Owens is in control.  Thinking more about these brackets, I’m not sure I like them all that much – the first two matches are pretty formula.  I think the Brits might be going into business for themselves as  “JBL” chant fails to get traction.  Oddly enough, the face positioned Titus is getting booed here.

Owens lands the pop-up powerbomb out of nowhere to grab the victory.  Again, a predictable result and a serviceable match between the two.  It never got out of first gear though.

Renee interviews Paige backstage, and she gets smarmy about Renee for her false accusations about Natalya.  Paige calls Becky Lynch a rat.  She says tonight she will take out the B and at Survivor Series it will be her and that “C.” An alright promo, I suppose.  Just happy that they’re focusing on a feud between Charlotte and Paige.

Another Wyatt cut-in and we get another video recap of Kane and Undertaker moments.  Consistent hype for the Wyatt segment to come later on, I give them credit for that.

Match #3 – Paige vs. Becky Lynch;

Get a break from the WHC tournament here.  They recap Paige turning on Becky and Charlotte.  They keep talking about how personal this is, but the fact that Becky has been too far in the background until now it seems forced. Charlotte watches from backstage at that odd angle that makes us pay far too much attention to her tits.

Not a lot of reaction until Paige yells “this is my house.”  The commentary team continues to round back to Reigns refusing Triple H’s offer early in the show.  I get that it’s the overall major story of the night but this deserves some better attention than this.   Nice exploder suplex from Becky.

I can’t tell right now if the fans are quietly invested or not interested.   Paige hits the RamPaige too close to the ropes so Becky grabs the ropes.   Paige tries for the PTO but Becky gets into the ropes again.   The two exchange roll-ups and Becky wins.  A good match here from the two ladies.

The post match angle had Paige lock Becky in the PTO on the announce table.  Paige got cheered for this – then again, it’s the hometown crowd. Charlotte runs out for the save, and Paige walks off.  I don’t know how I feel about this being mind games by Paige, really.  Again, the buildup of the new women has been so bad it’s hard to really feel much.

We’re getting a whole week of Undertaker highlights on WWE Network.  Sounds like some stuff worth watching.

The announcers talk about the Wrestlemania ticket sales being hot already, and show highlights of the Wrestlemania fan fest that happened last week.  Even with all the uncertainty with the card it’s interesting that tickets are going so hot.

Match #4 – The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler; WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Match;

Here’s one of the things this tournament is missing:  Promo time.  I want to hear from Ziggler, Miz, O’Neil, Big Show, etc., as to why this is important to them. I want to know why Reigns, Owens, etc., want to win.  This just feels like “just another series of matches” and nothing more than that.

The two work some quick offense in the early going, with Miz avoiding a superkick.  Miz’s claim to fame right now is an infinity scarf.  That’s another issue I have with some of the folks in this tournament – they don’t feel special.  Miz is doing something logical here and pointing his offense on a leg of Ziggler.

The match was fine, and ended somewhat abruptly with a superkick.  Ziggler is moving on, and he’ll get some fan love for sure.  I highly doubt he makes the finals though.

More Undertaker and Kane highlights courtesy the Wyatt Family.  I think this is great consistent hype for the segment coming up later.  I am guessing this closes the show.  A great reminder of how interesting the Hell No team was too.

They recap John Cena facing Alberto Del Rio at Hell in a Cell, winning the US Championship.  Odd that this is the first mention of John Cena since he lost the title.  Anyhow, here comes Del Rio to cut a promo.  Colter has a few things to say about MexAmerica.  He of course cuts on the British, who are giving “what” chants.  He gets some heat for saying that Germany tells them what to do, and Scotland doesn’t want anything to do with them.  He throws in a hygiene joke too before saying that Putin will eventually be telling them what to do too.

Del Rio says that this place is populated by haters.  Colter says he doesn’t want to talk to sub-human people and talks about the opportunity that Triple H has handed them.  On Thursday night, the tournament continues on Smackdown and the world will see Del Rio run the table and become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  Viva MexAmerica.

This was fine, but it didn’t generate a ton of heat really.  The local insults did the most damage. As an aside, I do like Smackdown having tournament matches too, as it draws some attention to that program as well.  I just hope they get some hype behind this thing.  It has a great opportunity to change some character directions but not if it’s just treated like “just another match.”

Match #5 – Natalya vs. Naomi (w/Sasha Banks and Tamina)

Natalya doesn’t wear underwear under her gear.  Confirmed by the mesh netting.  Anyhow, the focus ends up being on Sasha Banks.   The story here is clearly about causing friction inside Team BAD, which I totally don’t get. Then Natalya puts Sasha in the Sharpshooter?  This is a clumsy story, all the way around.  I wish I knew where they were going with this.

More Undertaker and Kane highlights as we get some consistent sell for the Wyatt segment later on in the show.

Match #6 – Sheamus (w/King Barrett) vs. Cesaro; WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Match

They showed Barrett cutting a promo on Wayne Rooney (soccer star) during the break.  I would be fine with this on any other show, but playing to the celebrity factor takes off of the tournament as well.  Again, no promos from Sheamus or Cesaro, something this is sorely lacking from everyone.  The only promo we’ve gotten so far is from Del Rio, and it wasn’t all that hot.

Irish Curse backbreaker from Sheamus a few moments in during this physical affair.  They head into a commercial.  Back with the match, Cesaro is getting strong chants from the crowd.  I wish WWE would see this and do more with the Swiss Superman.  Sheamus pulls the punk card and Cesaro starts hulking up.   A really nice counter to Sheamus’ Irish Curse then a nice fireman’s carry slam.  And that swing is way over, judging by the reaction when he calls for it.

Cesaro is favoring his arm as they both just beat the count.  A good near fall kickout by Cesaro out of White Noise.  This is a good match – Sheamus gets all sorts of flak but it takes two to tango.  Another good counter of offense by Cesaro to slip under the Brogue and try to go for the Sharpshooter.  They’re doing a good job of selling the arm here too.

Time to go on the UpperCut Express, then a great drop kick.  Cesaro is really showing up here and I just shake my head as to why he’s not featured more prominently.  Cesaro gets a nice win off a distraction because Wayne Rooney smacked Barrett, and that drew Sheamus’ attention.  My concern is Reigns vs. Cesaro coming up – is Cesaro simply getting fed to WWE’s chosen boy?  This match though, so far is the best of the night.

Match #7 – Dean Ambrose vs. Tyler Breeze (w/Summer Rae); WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Match;

They have Tyler cut a promo with Summer backstage.  He focuses on his looks and says that we’re looking at the new face of WWE.  Eh, a so-so promo.  It seems to be the most attention they’ve put on someone wanting the title though.   Breeze plays coy early and tries to protect himself from Ambrose’s offense.

I like how they’re hyping Breeze up, but let’s be honest, the finish of this match really isn’t in doubt, which again is an issue with the tournament setup.  Nothing feels special, important, or unpredictable.  I don’t want to bury this thing first night out, and maybe next week when they’ve had a chance to build some better creative around the following rounds it will be better.

Ambrose turns Prince Pretty inside out then goes top rope for the missile drop kick on a standing Breeze.  He sells it but Breeze attacks the arm.  Ambrose ends up winning off a small package.  I am okay with this going down this way, but it’s not the best use of Tyler Breeze really.  Having him squash some guys is the better way I think.

They’re doing a great job of hyping this Wyatt segment for the later part of the show.  Really building up Undertaker and Kane’s accomplishments and the fact that Wyatt has taken them out.

They run down the matches we’ll see on Smackdown for the title tournament.  These matches don’t scream compelling for the most part, and suffer from the lack of hype behind most of the guys involved.  I think they can be good from a work perspective though.

Match #8 – The Usos and Neville vs. The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods)

New Day cut their traditional promo coming to the ring.  The reaction was fairly mixed to it, as some fans really were into the gimmick and others weren’t.  They did boo when Woods said that “English magic is garbage.”  The fans reacted positively to the Usos as well when they came out.  They dove into a commercial early in the match.

This was a fun match, but short.  New Day plays the numbers game well and used some cheating heel tactics to grab the victory with Woods using the ropes for leverage.  It didn’t overstay its welcome and was serviceable to get to the main event segment.

They give us a final sell for the Wyatt segment to close the show by recapping the angles that put Kane and Undertaker out after Hell in a Cell.  The Wyatts are next for the eulogy segment.

In-Ring Segment:

The Wyatts head to the ring, and they recap last week’s segment where Wyatt had “assumed” Taker’s powers.  Gotta admit, I hope they don’t get get hokey this week.  The English fans sing “he’s got the whole world in his hands” and Wyatt drinks it in.

Wyatt talks about change, calling it inevitable and part of life.  He says that tonight they celebrate change and celebrate the spirit of Kane and the Undertaker.  Wyatt talks about their history and calls them the benchmark of power for two decades.  He asks everyone watching to bow and pay respect to “the legends, the icons that are Kane and the Undertaker.”  That gets him some Undertaker chants.

Wyatt calls the fans fools and says their respect is his respect.  He claims to have taken the torch and burned Kane and Taker straight to ashes.  He says it all belongs to him now.  This promo is good, but I just can’t get over the feeling that it ultimately will fall short when he loses – unless this leads to Wyatt getting put over on the big stage.

He says the Apocalypse is here and drops the mic.  On the video board, we get the same video package that we saw before highlighting the Brothers of Destruction putting people away.  Wyatt watches, and Taker’s voice rings out “Rest…in…Peace…”

Fire shoots from the ring posts and Wyatt looks scared.  The familiar gong hits and Manchester pops.  This can only mean one thing…well, two.   It’s the Brothers of Destruction coming through the fog to Undertaker’s music.  Looks like we’re getting Undertaker and Kane vs. the Wyatts at Survivor Series, and I’m not totally opposed to that.

I really like how the announcers are handling this, saying that Wyatt has opened hell up yet not belittling him in the same voice.  Now the rest of the Wyatts join Bray after the cut in sounder.  Manchester has woken up for this and they’re eating it up in full.

Taker and Kane dispose of Harper and Rowan, only to face Strowman.  Harper and Rowan get a double chokeslam, then Strowman gets a clothesline on them.  They sit up, then dispose of Strowman.  They dump him over the announce table, then go back in the ring to double chokeslam Wyatt.

I have no issue with this, really.  If they’re heading to a Wyatts/Brothers of Destruction match at Survivor Series, then you have to get there somehow with only a couple weeks to the event.  This gave the England fans a big moment to pop for and logically set up a possible match.  That’s how the show ends.

I hope you enjoyed the “alternate form” coverage tonight.   Because this show was taped earlier today, we knew the spoilers would be out there and decided to go against the standard play by play format we usually use for tonight.  If you like it, let us know, and maybe we’ll do more of it in the future.

Not a bad show, as the title tournament matches helped prop it up a bit.  A shame they didn’t do more to give the tournament some heat with the use of promos and such, but given the short notice perhaps they didn’t have all the time to plan that they would have liked.  We’ll see how it continues.

Drew Koscelek will be by tomorrow with Around the Ring for more thoughts on Raw and more.  I’ll be by with Smackdown spoilers and on Wednesday with Ring of Honor coverage.  Thanks for following along.


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Ring Rap Audio: 11/07/15 – A discussion on Alberto Del Rio, analyzing the potential top matches at Wrestlemania 32, who can replace John Cena, and more!

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Plus, as we approach Survivor Series, the build for Wrestlemania begins.  Few top matches are clear – who do we think will be paired up?

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Ring of Honor Weekly Television, Taped September 19, 2015 at Shrine Auditorium in San Antonio, TX
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WWE Smackdown *SPOILERS* for the Show Airing 11/05/2015

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WWE Monday Night Raw Live Coverage for 11/2/2015 – The Road to Survivor Series, Roman Reigns as Number One Contender, Wyatt Family vs. Undertaker and Kane, and More

WWE rolls into Denver, CO tonight as we begin the road to the Thanksgiving weekend tradition – Survivor Series.  All signs point to Undertaker and Kane taking on the Wyatt Family at the fall quarter major event.  Wyatt has gotten the better of both of the Brothers of Destruction within the past week.  Will the Family continue to flex their muscle over them, or will the Brothers find a way to rebound?  Also, last week we saw Roman Reigns become the new No. 1 Contender to Seth Rollins’ WWE Championship.  How will the two former Shield partners build their story?  Will Dean Ambrose continue to stand beside his friend, or will he turn?

Show Open, Live from the Pepsi Center in Denver, CO.

We go right in the arena and welcome Roman Reigns to the ring as he makes his way through the crowd.  Nice ovation for Reigns as Cole puts him over as the new number one contender.  Cole continues, saying that Reigns has had a “career defining week” by beating Bray Wyatt and moving on to win the fatal four way match to become the new No. 1 Contender.  They show highlights of the match.

“Based of of your energy I am proud to be here in Denver Colorado, and I am proud to be the new No. 1 Contender to the WWE Championship.”  He credits Rollins for being good in the ring, but calls him a brown noser and says he kisses the Authority’s ass.  He says he doesn’t like people who pucker up, lie, and stab him in the back.  He says Rollins has been lucky, but his luck’s about to run out.  He says no force around will stop him from becoming the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  “Believe…that.”

Rollins’ music hits and he comes to the stage.  He laughs and says that Reigns wants him to believe that he will do what no one else has done and take the title from him.  He steps back to acknowledge the compliment that Reigns paid, and says that Reigns “is good as well” and Rollins would not have recruited him to the Shield if he weren’t.

Rollins recounts Wrestlemania, saying that Reigns stood toe to toe with Brock Lesnar and took everything he had and dished it back.  “But how did that night work out for you, Roman?”  Rollins laughs and says that he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and won the match that night.    Rollins talks about Reigns’ accomplishments, and calls him “good” but he will always be remembered as second best and “the guy who used to carry (Rollins’) bags.”

Cue Stephanie and Hunter.  They stop at the stage, while Rollins is about halfway down the ramp.  Stephanie trolls the crowd, asking if they want to see Reigns vs. Rollins for the title.  Of course the fans want to see it, but she tells them it won’t happen.

Hunter laughs and says he knew the fans would fall for it.  He says he knows they are in high altitude, but wasn’t sure how high the fans are.  Stephanie mocks giving that match away in Denver.  She says that the title match will take place at Survivor Series.

Hunter then sets up a traditional Survivor Series match for later.  He says Rollins will captain a team, and Reigns will captain the other.  He tells Reigns to pick his team wisely, as his survival might depend on it.

So, it’s clear that Hunter and Stephanie are heels tonight.  Will this change later?  We shall see.  Anyhow, I think it should be a good main event, but how on earth do they plan on keeping this show interesting by tying up ten people with the match?  Also, this match will be tricky as you can only assume that they will set Survivor Series up out of this main event match.  Let’s see how this goes…

Cole hypes the match, then moves on to shill that there will be a four way Divas match to determine the new number one contender to Charlotte’s Divas championship.  They recount Bray Wyatt and the Family carting out Undertaker and Kane and ask if he will continue to dominate them tonight.  They show Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler walking backstage, and they’re up next for the first match.

Back live, they show that Triple H has sent a WWE Championship belt to the Kansas City Royals for winning the World Series.

Match #1 – Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens;

As Ziggler comes to the ring the announcers talk about Tyler Breeze being a thorn in the side of Ziggler since he debuted.  Owens cuts a picture-in-picture promo, calling himself the greatest Intercontinental champion of all time.

In the early going, Owens targets Dolph’s knee that he sells.  Ziggler comes back with a DDT that sends Owens to ringside.  As we go to break, Tyler Breeze makes his entrance with Summer Rae.

Back live, Breeze and Rae are sitting in VIP at ringside.  They recount that the distraction let Owens take control, hitting a fallaway slam into the barrier.  Back live in the ring, Owens controls the offense with a back splash and a headlock.  They talk about Summer streaming things live on Facebook Mentions from ringside.

Ziggler uses a jawjacker to break free of Owens.  Ziggler mounts a comeback with a clothesline and a neckbreaker.  An elbow drop gets him two.  Ziggler tries the Fameasser but Owens counters.  Ziggler rolls Owens up for two twice in a row, but eats a suplex from Owens.

Owens tries the Cannonball but Ziggler superkicks him and falls into a cover.  Breeze takes a selfie with Owens and Ziggler in the background.  Ziggler goes after Breeze, and turns right into the Pop-Up Powerbomb for the win.  Cole says to give Breeze the assist.

Breeze and Summer take pictures then Breeze slides in the ring to take a selfie over the fallen Dolph.   Dolph throws a right hand but takes the Beauty Shot.  They do the selfie thing again, this time with Summer joining them, with Ziggler down and out.

They accomplished a couple things here, and that is the forwarding of the Ziggler/Breeze feud primarily.  One complaint I have is from covering the Smackdown spoilers is that Breeze is showing a mean streak on that show, and we’re not seeing it on Raw.  We need to see more of that.  Also, good to see Owens get a win.

Cole recounts the Authority talking about this being the 29th Survivor Series.  He feeds it into a video package from 1987, and the very first Survivor Series.  That event pitted teams led by Honky Tonk Man and Macho Man Randy Savage.  Back live, they hype the Survivor Series style main event of Team Reigns vs. Team Rollins to come later tonight.

Backstage, Kevin Owens is taking his tape off when Seth Rollins approaches him.  Rollins compliments him on the win but Owens asks where things are going.  Rollins laughs and talks about Wrestlemania season being around the corner.  He asks if Owens would be into the idea of a champion vs. champion match between he and Owens at Mania.  Owens likes it, and Rollins says “how about we start with you joining me tonight on Team Rollins.”  Owens says that he likes it and he’s in.  “But just remember, you owe me one.”

Back with the announcers, they recap the goings on from last week between Paige, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte.  They  hype up the four way match between Becky, Paige, Brie Bella and Sasha Banks.

Renee Young interviews Becky Lynch, calling her the “B in PCB.”  Becky takes joking exception, then calls Paige’s attack an eye opener.  She says she can’t wait to get her hands on Paige.  Renee points out that if Becky wins she’ll have to face her friend Charlotte.  Brie interrupts and says that Becky doesn’t have to worry about facing her friend, saying she will win, not “Charlotte’s whacky sidekick.”  Becky says that she takes that as a compliment coming from Nikki Bella’s “pathetic doormat of a sister.”

Good that their characters got mic time but the insults were just horrible.

Cesaro gets his entrance just before the break.  There are a lot of “Cesaro Section” signs.

Match #2 – The Miz vs. Cesaro;

Cole tells us that the thing on Miz’s head is an Infinity scarf.  Off in the crowd, the Ascension and Stardust hold up “Stardust Section” signs.  Miz tries to quiet an already quiet crowd to take his glasses off.  Early on, Miz locks an arm bar on but Cesaro does several kip-ups, which draws “Cesaro” chants.

Cesaro catches Miz and hits him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.  Time to go on the Uppercut Express, and Cesaro hits a couple before Miz bails to ringside.  Miz uses the opportunity to drag Cesaro into the post, then runs him into the barricade.  Back in the ring Miz hits a big boot for two.

A bit later, Miz tries to set up the Skull Crushing Finale.  Cesaro counters and plants Miz on the apron.  He sets up the swing, swinging Miz around some 25 times.  He finishes Miz off with the Sharpshooter for the win.  Cesaro plays to the fans, while Stardust applauds politely from his position.

This was another good showcase for Cesaro here.  Lots of signs for Cesaro on the hard cam side.  Interesting that Stardust just floats around in the backdrop of Cesaro and Neville.

Cole hypes up the Wyatts appearing next to address claims that they have “destroyed the souls of the Brothers of Destruction.”

They recap the two angles involving the Wyatts and Undertaker and Kane from Hell in a Cell and the following Raw.

In-Ring Segment:

The Wyatts make their entrance.  Cole says that Wyatt claims that the spirit that once dominated the Brothers of Destruction now belongs to Wyatt.

“Every night is a special night, but tonight I wanted to know that everyone in this building and everyone watching – I wanted to give them something they’d never forget.”  Wyatt says he plans to give something truly special.  He says we all bore witness to him and his brothers carrying out the rotting carcass of the Undertaker.  “And you have all witnessed me and my brothers carrying out the scorched body of Kane.”

He says the bodies are not what they wanted, calling it temporary and eventually useless.  “But a soul lives forever, unless that soul is consumed by a higher power.”  Wyatt calls himself that higher power.  He says he wants to give us something that we will never forget.  He says that he and his family have successfully harvested the souls of Undertaker and Kane.

He says that power is surging in his veins, and it feels really good.  He says that power has become inconceivable, and it belongs to him.  He says he summons the thunder and the lightning.  Pyro and sound effects go off.   He says he summons the forces of darkness “because I am Bray Wyatt, and I am the eater of worlds.”

He says it is within his power to scorch “your world” straight to hell.  Wyatt poses like the Undertaker and pyro goes off at the stage.  A video package starts to roll, highlighting Undertaker and Kane as the Brothers of Destruction.  Wyatt pauses and looks on.  The video disappears, Wyatt laughs and yells “Follow the Buzzards.”  Cut out to break.

There’s gotta be some eye rolling from anyone above the age of about 7 with the hocus-pocus of the segment.  The promo itself was fine, but the other stuff could have been done without.  I expected it, but it’s just not working for me.

Back live, Cole hypes the Divas four way, then we get hype for Team Reigns vs. Team Rollins.  Time for the next match!

Match #3 – Lucha Dragons vs. King Barrett and Sheamus;

As they make their entrance, Cole feeds it into a video package giving us a look at the Lucha Dragons.  As Barrett and Sheamus come out they discuss the previous segment.

Early on, Sheamus shoves Kalisto around.  Cole tells us that Rusev got hurt and will be out of action a couple weeks.  Kalisto unloads some kicks and takes Sheamus down for a one count.  Sheamus comes back with offense to take Kalisto down.  Barrett tags in and goes to work.

Barrett tries a belly to back but Kalisto lands on his feet and tags in Sin Cara.  He takes Barrett down then tags in Kalisto again, and they team up for a monkey flip splash.  Kalisto goes up top and gets his legs swept out from under him.  Barrett throws him into the barrier going into break.

Cole tells us that it’s been all Barrett and Sheamus during the break.  They control Kalisto.  The announcers talk about Sheamus possibly cashing in the MITB briefcase on Seth Rollins.  Meanwhile, Kalisto dives over Sheamus and gets the hot tag.

Sin Cara takes out Barrett, then unloads offense on Sheamus.  He hits a DDT, then follows with a dive on Barrett.  He sets up a springboard move, but Sheamus catches him.  Cara counters out, falling to a corner.  Sheamus charges but eats the post.  Sin Cara goes up top but Barrett crotches him.  Sin Cara falls onto Sheamus’ knees.

Sin Cara chops away, but Sheamus takes him back down for two.  Sheamus confronts the official, then ties Sin Cara up in the ropes for Ten Beats of the Battern.  He tags in Barrett, who lands some knee shots and a big boot for two.  Sheamus tags back in and tries for a delay vertical suplex, but Sin Cara counters for a DDT.  Both men sell, then hot tags both ways.

Kalisto unleashes kicks then a springboard shoulder tackle.  Short huracanrana on Barrett gets two.  Sin Cara takes Sheamus over the ropes clumsily with a cross body, and Barrett cues up the Bull Hammer.  Kalisto ducks it and delivers Salina Del Sol for the victory.  The Dragons play to the fans during the recap.

Character development is important, and that video package didn’t do much for it.  We still only know the Lucha Dragons do high spots.  That development is important to connect with fans, and it’s just not there – something we’ve talked about at length.  The match was fine, but the video was a tell that the Dragons would go over.

Backstage, Jack Swagger approaches Zeb Colter.  He says it’s been too long, then questions Alberto and Colter joining forces.  Colter tells him to not get judgmental and says it’s time to unite rather than divide.  He says he would ask Canadians if they weren’t so simple minded.  He says that Mexico and the US have great people and resources and he’s trying to unite them.

Swagger tells Colter that “it’s him” and he wants to understand what’s going on with Colter and Del Rio.  Del Rio enters and tells Swagger to stay out of their business.  Colter again reiterates his desire to unite countries.  Del Rio tells Swagger about looking for trouble, saying he came to the right place.  “Viva, MexAmerica.”

This whole introduction of Del Rio can be summed up in one statement from Drew Koscelek.  “I’m not feeling it.”  It just feels odd, and I’m hoping that the longer term payoff is worth it.  Del Rio could have come in as a major heel creating an injury angle with John Cena that would have had more impact than this has to date.

Match #4 – Alberto Del Rio (w/Zeb Colter) vs. R-Truth;

The announcers talk about how everyone’s confused about Colter and Del Rio aligning.  Rare R-Truth sighting too.

Early on, Del Rio gets an armbar in the ropes, but Truth comes back with a spinning heel kick.  He follows with a scissor kick.  Del Rio came back with a running enzugiri in the corner.  He eventually tied Truth up in the corner, kicked him a couple times, and hit the double stomp to win.

The fans were quiet for the biggest part of this match.  I think that’s a sign that no one knows what to make of Del Rio right now.  I think they wanted to like him going into his return, but right now have no idea what to think while they wait for it to play out.  It needs to be a strong payoff.

They recap Survivor Series 2005, which featured Raw vs. Smackdown.  Randy Orton won that match, eliminating Shawn Michaels in the end.  (They didn’t include the part that Undertaker showed up to attack Orton afterward).

Back live, they hype the release of WWE 2K16.  You can’t get the new Divas, but you can play Stone Cold mode.

Backstage, Seth Rollins is walking when Big E bellows out.  They tell Rollins he needs partners, and offer their services. Rollins says that they’re in, but they play by his rules.  He then says they’re short one guy.  Kofi and Big E wish really hard on their unicorn horns and Xavier Woods pops up.  Kofi puts it over to the power of positivity and the unicorn.

Rollins reluctantly agrees that they’re in.  Woods sets up a tune on the trombone for him and Rollins dances with him momentarily.  “Okay, we cool?  See you out there.”  Rollins exits.

Backstage elsewhere, JoJo asks Sasha Banks if she has anxiety about the match tonight.  She quotes the fans chanting for her.  Banks says that she always delivers.  She refers to herself as the Boss, and says that she is coming for Charlotte and her title.  She then tells JoJo that she didn’t get the  memo that Halloween was Saturday based on her attire.

Match #5 – Becky Lynch vs. Paige vs. Brie Bella vs. Sasha Banks; Fatal Four Way for the right to face Charlotte at Survivor Series.

Becky Lynch got her entrance before the break.  The rest come out after the break.  As Paige makes her way to the ring they recap Paige attacking Becky and Charlotte last week on Raw.  Cole hypes that Becky needs to keep her emotions in check tonight.

Paige sits back in the corner as Brie tries to cover Becky quickly.  Banks breaks it up and covers for herself.   Becky gets her shot at Paige, landing several hands.  Becky settles in to work on Sasha, locking on an armbar.  Brie attacks, and Sasha disposes of her to the corner where Brie looks like she got shot.

Becky rolls up Sasha, then they roll through for another two count.  Becky uses a backslide for two.  Becky and Sasha face off momentarily, then Becky takes Sasha down with a leg whip.  Becky controls the early going with a couple leg drops.

Brie flies out of nowhere for a drop kick.  She screams “Brie Mode” and lands running knees on Sasha and Becky. Paige superkicks Brie, then Becky takes her to ringside.  Becky throws Paige to the barrier, then Paige returns the favor, throwing Becky to the steps.

Back in the ring, Banks sets Brie up for the double knees for two.  Sasha kicks Paige to ringside and yells “this is my house now.” Brie slingshots Banks into the ropes and covers for two, then follows with a bulldog for two.  Brie takes too long to set up a move off the ropes and Banks moves.  Paige sneaks in for a cover that Sasha breaks up going to break.

Out of break, Brie is landing her husband’s famous kicks.  Denver is chanting “yes!” with them?  Really?  She lands kicks to Paige, then lynch.  Paige breaks things up, and Brie gets the better of her.

Paige perches Brie up on the ropes.  Brie fights her off but Sasha grabs her by the hair and they fight up on the ropes.  Paige gets back into the mix and the three of them exchange shots.  Becky gets in the fray too, and it’s a tower of doom spot.  All four women sell, with Banks rolling to ringside.  Denver thinks it’s awesome.  Good, but not awesome.

Becky, Paige and Brie go at it.  Becky is the aggressor, hitting Paige with a T-bone suplex.  Becky locks Brie in the Disarmer but Sasha breaks it up.  They go at it from there.  Sasha hits a backstabber and rolls it over into the Bank Statement.  Paige breaks it up, throwing Sasha to the post.  She hits Becky with the Ram Paige and covers for the win.

In the ring, Byron Saxton interviews Paige. “Oh, you like that, Denver?”  She calls the other three women “losers” and says that anyone who cheered for them are losers.  She says that anyone who cheers on “little baby Flair” will be losers too.  “Because this is my house!”

A solid match.  Probably one of the strongest we’ve seen since they’ve set up this “Divas Revolution.”  Paige was the obvious winner from go out of all of them, but the match was entertaining from bell to bell.  I would rather have seen Sasha win, though, because I feel like they’re dropping back to someone “established” rather than establishing a new character.  Paige’s promo was short and effective.

They run another recap of traditional Survivor Series matches.  This time, it’s the 2014 edition putting Team Cena vs. Team Authority.  Dolph Ziggler put on a heroic effort (that was never followed up on) to send the Authority off of television for about 4 weeks.  They hype the Survivor Series “Team Rollins vs. Team Reigns” match for next.

Surprised they’d go there because this was the match that put Hunter and Stephanie on the shelf for a while.  More so, because it shows how stipulations mean absolutely nothing.

Backstage, Charlotte is interviewed by Renee Young.  She says it’s obvious that Paige will do what she has to in order to win, but she will also.  She begs Paige to keep beating the drum about her being there because she’s the daughter of Ric Flair.  She says every time she hears that she works that much harder.  She says that Paige made this about family, not just the title.  She says she will show Paige the hard way that she has earned the Divas Championship.

Effective.  No woo! either.  Normal, spoken in her own personality, and believable.

New Day enters for the main event.  They cut a promo, talking about being survivors with Woods surviving being put through a table, and the team having survived the Dudleys.  They say their favorite band is Survivor, as is their favorite reality show and Destiny’s Child song as well.  They say they will lead Team Rollins  to victory because New Day Rocks.

Meh.  Lukewarm stuff here.  Not funny, nor heat drawing.  The fans sat on their hands.

Match #6 – Seth Rollins, The New Day (Big E, Xavier Woods, and Kofi Kingston), and Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns, The Usos, Ryback, and Dean Ambrose; Five on Five Survivor Series Match;

The rest of the heel team comes out after the break.  Reigns comes to the ring first, and waits for his partners.  We get the surprise of the Usos returning for this one to a good reaction.  Ryback plays to the fans and gets a nice reaction as well.  Ambrose is last out, and he gets a nice pop also.  Rollins looks concerned.

Woods insists he has it as he starts off with one of the Usos.  He runs right into a superkick, and here’s the tag to Jey Uso and Woods is sent to the showers quickly as we go to commercial.

Xavier Woods eliminated.

Back live, the heels are controlling Jey.  They work quick tags, with Big E helping Owens hit his cannonball.  They talk about working on Jey’s shoulder, then digress into a conversation about Rick Rude and Randy Orton.  Cole says that Orton has a shoulder injury and will be out a while.

Kofi comes off the ropes only to be greeted with a shot to the midsection.  Jey tags to Jimmy and he goes to work, hitting a Samoan Drop.   The Usos follow up with simultaneous dives onto Big E and Kofi at ringside.  Back in the ring,  Uso sets up  a dive and hits it.  Kofi’s off to the showers.

Kofi Kingston is eliminated.

Big E attacks, but Uso comes back with a superkick.  He tries going up top, but Owens interjects.  That allows Big E to crotch him and hit the Big Ending out of it.  That sends Jey to the showers.

Jey Uso eliminated

Owens gets the legal tag, and he hits Jimmy Uso with the pop up powerbomb to quickly send him out of the match.

Jimmy Uso eliminated.

Three on three match now with Reigns going against Owens.   He lands a big kick to Owens, then lands a shot on Rollins.  Ambrose comes back with a clothesline to send Rollins to ringside, then follows with a dive.  Chaos breaks loose with Ryback taking out Big E and Ambrose and Rollins fighting.  Reigns hits a Samoan drop, then calls for the Superman punch.  Rollins interjects, and that lets Owens hit a superkick.  Both men sell going into the break.

Back live, Big E covers Roman Reigns for two.  Rollins gets the tag and stomps away, then lands punches.  Rollins taunts as Reigns struggles to his feet.   Reigns fires back with right hands but Rollins hits a DDT for two.    Rollins rolls it over into a sleeper-like hold.  There’s a light “feed me more” chant starting.

Reigns starts to fight to his feet and sends Rollins into the ropes but Rollins hits a neckbreaker for two.   Tag out to Owens, where Rollins gets in a few extra shots before Owens begins his offense.  He hits a running senton for two.  Owens taunts, which draws Ambrose’s attention.  Rollins and Owens team up for a suplex on Reigns.  Rollins hits a charge and Reigns sells on the mat.

Rollins throws some punches, but Reigns starts to hulk up.  He starts landing shots, and Rollins takes a cheap shot on Ambrose.  Reigns sends Rollins to ringside, then gets the tag to Ryback.  He goes off on Big E, hitting a shoulder block then a spine buster.  He sets up for the Meathook, but Big E takes him down.  Big E teases his splash, but Ryback gets up and hits the Meathook out of it.

Chaos breaks loose for a few moments, with Owens hitting a back senton on both Big E and Ryback to break the cover.  Owens takes a drop kick from Ambrose off the buckle and rolls to ringside.  Ambrose follows with a dive, but Owens catches him and tries to feed him to the apron.  Ambrose counters with his “sit and spin’ clothesline off the apron.  Rollins throws Ambrose into the steps.

Back in the ring, Big E hits a belly to belly and gets two.  He tries to set up the Big Ending, but Ryback slips out and hits Shellshocked.  To the showers, Big Epsilon.

Big E eliminated.

Seth Rollins jumps Ryback from behind right away, hitting him with a double sledge to the back.  He hurries up and hits the Pedigree on Ryback to send him packing.

Ryback eliminated.

We’re down to Reigns and Ambrose vs. Rollins and Owens.  Ambrose gets a near fall after his flying elbow on a standing Owens.  Rollins hits a kick then a superkick for a near fall, but Reigns breaks it up.  Owens tags back in and hits a gutbuster.

Owens taunts, then throws strikes.  Owens asks Rollins if he wants to finish Ambrose off, and tags him in.  Rollins hits his flying knee then tags in Owens.  “Why won’t you die, Dean?” Rollins asks from the corner.

Ambrose fires back with strikes but Owens cuts him off with a knee.  Rollins jaws at Ambrose about being a third wheel while Owens holds him up.  Owens asks Rollins what he’s doing.  Ambrose breaks away and throws punches at both guys, but Owens lands a punch of his own.  Rollins cues up another flying knee but Ambrose moves.  Rollins collects Owens, then Ambrose follows with Dirty Deeds to send Owens to the showers.

Kevin Owens is eliminated.

It’s down to Rollins vs. Ambrose and Reigns.  Rollins tries to escape, but Ambrose cuts him off.  Reigns gets his hands on Rollins, rouging him up all around the ringside area.  He hits the drive-by on the announce table, then feeds him back in the ring to hit his ten corner clotheslines.

Tag to Ambrose, and they set up the Doomsday Device.  Rollins escapes and Ambrose gives chase.  Rollins grabs a chair from ringside as Ambrose drags him back in.  Rollins hits Ambrose with the chair to cause the DQ.  He roughs Reigns and Ambrose up for good measure.  Team Reigns picks up the victory.

He throws Ambrose into the timekeeper area, then hits Reigns with the chair again.  He gets the chair and gets in the ring again as Cole says this is about making sure Reigns isn’t 100% for Survivor Series.  As Rollins gets in the ring Reigns springs to his feet and hits a Superman punch that sends Rollins to ringside.  Rollins runs with the title in hand.

Rollins gets to the stage and poses with the belt.  Reigns eyes him up from the ring as the show ends.

Smart booking here to not have Reigns pin Rollins.  They didn’t need to give that away and I wouldn’t as they build up to the match at Survivor Series.  I enjoyed the main event and thought they did a good job of delivering a match that felt important.  The Usos returning tonight was a nice surprise and they should instantly slot into somewhere prominent in the tag division, which I feel helps add more life there.

This show was good.  I thought the pacing was fairly decent, and there were some things that happened with purpose.  The women put on a solid effort, and we saw the beginnings of Survivor Series starting to come together.  I think if they can keep delivering something like this, Survivor Series could turn into a very good show.  Plus, there was minimal filler and minimal Authority, so that makes me happy.

Drew Koscelek will be by tomorrow with Around the Ring to discuss this show and more in detail.  I’ll have your Smackdown spoilers tomorrow night, as well as Ring of Honor coverage on Wednesday.  Thanks for watching along tonight.


Ring Rap Audio: 10/31/15 – Analyzing the WWE 3rd Quarter Financial Results, Network Subscribers, plus a look at the new WWE Performance Center class, Roman Reigns as #1 Contender, and more!

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WWE announced their 3rd Quarter Financial Numbers in a conference call earlier this week, and some hot topics were the recent TV ratings and the WWE Network subscriber count.  Bill Wentz, Dru Atanacio, and Drew Koscelek take a look at the information in detail and break it down.

Plus, WWE posted a list of the newest students at the WWE Performance Center, and there are quite a few notable names, including some former Tough Enough contestants and a few indy wrestling standouts.  Who are the ones to watch?

Finally, with Roman Reigns as the new #1 Contender for Seth Rollins’ WWE World Heavyweight Championship, we find ourselves asking the question:  Is he ready?  Is there someone else better suited?

All this plus lots more!

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Around the Ring w/Ring Rap for 10/29/2015 – ROH Weekly Show Thoughts, Rusev’s Injury, TNA World Title Series Thoughts, More

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Senior Writer Bill Wentz is back yet again to bring you the Thursday night edition of Around the Ring.  Topics in this podcast include:

  • Expanded thoughts on Ring of Honor’s weekly TV program
  • Rusev’s injury status
  • Thoughts on TNA’s “World Title Series”
  • …plus more!

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TNA Impact Afterthoughts for 10/28/15 – The World Title Series Rolls On, Kong vs. Kim, Uno vs. DJZ, Storm vs. Abyss, Grado vs. Galloway, Hardy vs. Robbie E, and more!

Another week, another episode of TNA Impact that is lacking in original content.  The World Title Series continues with no end in sight.  These match-ups make little sense in many cases, and despite being hyped up as a big deal, once we actually get into the arena they don’t feel like a big deal at all.  Grado vs. Drew Galloway?  Crazzy Steve vs. Aiden O’Shea?  How is that a big match any day of the week?

One thing TNA did a good job of was hyping Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong in the main event.  It’s a match I have a hard time getting excited for though, since it’s a bit watered down at this point.  Still, they have had a legendary feud in the past and their matches have been a big deal, so it’s good for TNA to hype it in that fashion.

The match delivered too.  It was much better than their Bound for Glory affair, and showed that the two can still have good chemistry together when the story allows it.  Gail Kim going over was the right call for my tastes, though I’m still against the women being a part of this tournament.

How about the rest of the show? Continue reading