TNA Impact Wrestling 04/24/15: Knockouts Themed Episode featuring Taryn Terrell vs. Awesome Kong for the Knockouts Title, Four-Way for the Number One Contendership, Mickie James, Angle vs. Young, plus more!

Our show opens up with Josh Mathews flying solo again.  Kurt Angle heads out to the ring.  He talks about being scheduled to defend the TNA Heavyweight Title against Eric Young.  He says what he’s about to do is necessary, and he calls Young to the ring.  He obliges.

Angle talks about his plea for the return of the old Eric Young, and last week he got a glimpse of him.  He asks Young tonight, who is he going to fight.  Young says people have been calling him crazy his whole life, but that crazy took a weird turn when he became World Heavyweight Champion.  He said it was taken away from him, and people got in his ear, telling him things about different people.  He says it spiraled out of control and was near impossible, but Kurt Angle stopped it when he turned his back on him, and Young didn’t jump Angle from behind.  He says he stopped himself from smashing him with a steel chair – he did the right thing.  Young says tonight, Angle will be wrestling the best Eric Young – the real Eric Young.

Austin Aries comes out, briefcase in hand.  He interrupts and says he has something he thinks everyone will want to hear.  He says the real Eric Young is the one that turned his back on his best friend and left him laying.  Aries says he wants to cash in his briefcase, and essentially kicks Eric Young to the curb.  He says tonight he’s going to walk out as the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.  Eric Young doesn’t look amused.  Neither does Kurt.

I’m sure this will lead to Young snapping more than he already has, somehow.  I was looking forward to Angle vs. Young, too.

Taryn Terrell cuts a promo backstage and says tonight she proves herself against Awesome Kong.

But first… our Four Way #1 Contendership Match for the TNA Knockouts Championship

Gail Kim vs. Angelina Love vs.  Brooke vs. Madison Rayne to become the #1 Contender for the TNA Knockouts Championship

Madison Rayne runs out during Brooke’s intro and attacks her from behind.  All four start brawling outside the ring as we go to break.

We return to the action in progress.  After a little bit of chaos, Gail Kim clears the ring and hits a splash in the corner on Madison Rayne, but Angelina Love hits a spin kick.  Rayne and Love team up on Kim.  It doesn’t take long for Madison Rayne to kick Love and go on the offense on her own.  She misses a dropkick off the second rope, giving Gail Kim a chance to recover.  As Kim charges Rayne, Brooke tackles her.  She attacks Rayne with a face buster and a near fall.  Brook and Love fight it out now.  Kim locks in a submission on Rayne.  Love chains on a submission on Gail Kim.  Now it’s Brooke’s turn, trying to submit Love.  Rayne breaks free and kicks Brooke.

Brooke hits a neckbreaker on Rayne, then goes for a top rope elbow.  Love breaks up the pin.  All ladies are laid out.  One by one, they start coming to their feet, hitting their finishers.  Brooke ultimately hits her finisher on Rayne and gets the three count.

Winner: Brooke to become the #1 Contender

A solid four-way match with some very good action.  I haven’t seen enough of Brooke as a serious competitor to weigh in fully here, but I like that they’re giving her the chance.

Drew Galloway cuts a promo with The Rising, thanking the fans for standing up for pro wrestling.  Myka and Eli Drake challenge The BDC.  Myke is representing The Rising.  Who will the BDC choose?

Eric Young is approached backstage.  He’s asked what his thoughts are about Austin Aries cashing in.  He asks the cameraman how he would feel, and says he couldn’t possibly understand.

The BDC come out, and The Rising shortly thereafter.  MVP addresses them, and says he’s been thinking about The Rising’s message, and says tonight it’ll be a one on one match.  He implies it’s MVP that’ll be wrestling, but Kenny King attacks from behind.

Myka (w/ The Rising) vs. Kenny King

The bell rings, and King has the advantage.  Galloway is pissed, and yanks King’s legs out from under him, and the ref catches it.  He ejects both Galloway and Drake from ringside.

Myka picks up some steam, until King crotches him on the ropes, and sends him to the outside.  The BDC attacks Myka while the referee is distracted.

King has control until Myka hits a nice back suplex.  He hits a powerslam, and goes for a cover, but naturally MVP distracts the referee.  Low Ki gets involved, and Kenny King hits a nice kick to the head for a very near fall.

Myka lands a Samoan Drop and the ref is clear for the count.  He gets the pin and the victory.

Winner: Myka

Almost immediately, the BDC attacks.  The Rising comes out to even it up, until Homicide comes out with a baton, attacking anyone in black and yellow.  They focus on Galloway as MVP gets a pipe from under the ring.  Low Ki nails him in the cut.  The BDC poses amongst the chaos as we go to break.

I think it’s fair to say I’ve had enough of the BDC at this point.  Every match from them is the same.  I’m done.

Backstage, Galloway says he started this with a pipe, Low Ki evened the odds, but next week he wants him in a steel pipe on a pole match.  Dear lord.

Doll House make their debut.  Jade and Marti Belle skip and play their way to the ring.  It’s… weird.  They correct Christy Hemme for saying something wrong.

Jade vs. Laura Dennis (aka Cherry Bomb)

Cherry Bomb has quite a following on the indy scene.  She gets the better of Jade early on, but Jade hits a suplex and starts freaking out.  She makes a few pin attempts with no luck.  Belle starts licking a jawbreaker or something or other and Jade licks it too, before going back on the offence.  Jade turns her back on Dennis, and she gets the advantage.  Meanwhile, the referee sends Marti Bell packing, but she chooses to attack the referee and subsequently heads into the ring to attack Dennis too.

Winner: Laura Dennis via DQ

Dollhouse didn’t like the verdict and surround Hemme.  They attack Hemme and throw her into the steps, then put the jawbreaker into her mouth and skip away.

TNA has a pretty straight forward women’s division.  This feels extremely out of place.

Backstage, Kurt Angle approaches Eric Young.  He doesn’t know what to say, and says he should have the match.  Young says it keeps happening time and time again.  He tells Angle he respects what he’s done and he respects that he came to him to talk about it, but he’s done talking.  Young says he doesn’t even know if he wants to be there anymore, and he walks away.

Magnus stands in the middle of the ring and thanks the fans for their support this year.  He says tonight isn’t about him – it’s about his fiance, and he introduces “one of the greatest female supporters of all time” Mickie James.

James comes out and thanks the fans and Magnus.  She talks about returning to support Magnus, and thanks the fans. She talks about being in the ring with the greatest women in wrestling (and beaten them).  Holding the title gives purpose, but now she has a different purpose – her son Donovan.  She says as of tonight, she’s going to go home and be a mom.  She chokes up as she starts to say this, while the fans chant “Thank you Mickie.”

James Storm comes out to the ring.  He tells her there’s no crying in wrestling.  He says he’s known her a long time, and the people know him as a guy that drinks beer, loves hot women and drives fast cars.  He talks about Mickie being the girl that wears cowboy boots instead of heels and drinks wine out of boxes instead of fancy cups.  He gets the fans riled up in a “Mickie” chant.  He says he doesn’t want to see her go and he’s sure the people don’t want to see her go either.

Magnus says he appreciates what he’s doing, but it’s been a difficult decision. James says that’s the problem, because if it’s a difficult decision it shouldn’t be made.  Mickie says she’s made her decision and she feels it’s the right one. Storm says he understands but all he’s asking for is “one more time.”  She gets caught up in the moment and agrees.  “One more time!”  Storm is very excited and leaves the ring.  Magnus doesn’t look terribly pleased.

This is somewhat confusing, because this Storm is very likeable and fits him more than his Revolution gimmick.  I get that’s the point – he’s being someone he’s not to get what he wants, and this is going somewhere, but for my tastes, I’d much rather see THIS James Storm on a regular basis.

As far as Mickie goes, well I figured something would be up, as I doubt they would put her retirement on a pre-taped episode of Impact.

Backstage, Magnus and James have words, and he’s upset.  She says she got caught up in the moment and says just one more match isn’t a bad idea.  He says he supports her.  Davey Richards approaches Magnus and asks for a moment of his time, says he should watch out for James Storm because he’s the devil.

A short segment but it felt like a very natural conversation.  I like things like this.

Davey Richards vs. Manik

They lock up.  Richards flips and rolls his way out of a wrist lock.  Manick has some fancy moves of his own, and this is the furst time I’ve seen Manik given an opportunity to go since TNA’s debut on Destination America.

Richards catches Manik with a kick to the face, sending him outside.  They head back into the ring.  Manik locks in a submission, with Richards breaking on the ropes.  The action heads outside again, but not for long.  Back in the ring, Manik has control and works the arm.  He hits a series of suplexes for one.  Manik locks Richards in an armbar over the ropes.  After the hold is broken, Richards catches him with a kick to the gut.  He lays into Manik with a flurry of kicks.  Richards get a near fall. He heads up top for a stomp.  Manik catches him with a pair of feet to the face.  Richards with a roll-up for two.

Richards pops Manik into the air for a kick to the face, followed by a spin kick for the win.

Winner: Davey Richards

A very entertaining match.  I always enjoy watching these two work when given the time.

Khoya and Abyss attack Davey Richards after the match, slamming him onto the apron. Abyss sets him up for a choke slam onto the steps.  The Hardys run out for the save.  They send Khoya into the steps, send Abyss to the floor, and clear Manik from the ring as well.  They tend to Davey Richards.  He’s good.

Backstage, Ethan Carter III and Tyrus get all fancy.  Tyrus is holding balloons.  EC3 says he has a big announcement about his new campaign – #EC32015.  He refuses to give the interviewer details beyond that.  After the break, EC3 and Tyrus head to the ring.  Trouble Trouble Trouble.  Tyrus has the balloons.  He looks ridiculous.  There’s a podium in the ring, and EC3 speaks.  He says “Ask not what EC3 can do for you, but what you can do for EC3.  He says he stands before us as an ideal, and today is a day that will live in infamy.  He says he is a unifier with golden aspirations as he unifies those who chant “You can’t wrestle” and those that chant “Yes he can.”  He’s declaring himself as the next TNA World Heavyweight Champion.  Officially.  He talks about his undefeated streak for 20 months, and touts his pinfalls.  He says he’s going to take the company in the right direction over the next four eight years.  He shows us a graphic titles #EC3FORCHAMP, and it shows unemployment rates going down by 79%, and “Unmotivated Children and Lazy Millenials” down by 67%.  Hilarious!  He says “I love this speech too.”  He says the entire US will become “Carter Country” with “One Star to represent 50.”  He talks about taking the title worldwide, and into outerspace.  “I will take this title, shoot it into space with myself.”  He says he will defend it in orbit, on the Moon, or on Mars.  “Martians take notice, I’m coming for ya!”  He concludes by saying “God bless TNA Wrestling, and God bless EC3.”

Mr. Anderson heads out to the ring to interrupt.  EC3 says he’s not invited.  Anderson tells him he’s got a hell of a future.  EC3 says he’s endorsing him as next champion, but Anderson cuts him off.  He talks about the BS he spews and thinks he’d be a great candidate for President, and makes an “Anthony Weiner” joke.  Tyrus steps up.  Anderson tells him he can’t do it alone, and that championships aren’t won by politicking or with goons, but by blood and sweat and hard work.  Anderson says he broke his body for 11 years before he won his first championship.  EC3 takes off his jacket and the two start going at it.  Anderson clears Tyrus out and EC3 bails out before Anderson can hit the Mic Check.  Smart move, boy.

EC3 continues to be absolutely fantastic in everything he does.  Seriously, if you aren’t watching TNA Impact, and you are looking for a reason, here’s your reason right here.  Anderson was just fine, penis joke aside.  He’s a good promo, but he relies too much on sophomoric humor.

We get a video package about Taryn Terrell winning the TNA Knockouts Championship.  Epic music, quotes, the works.  The vignette moves to Awesome Kong’s path of destruction.

Awesome Kong vs. Taryn Terrell (c) for the TNA Knockouts Championship

No in-ring intros here, which disappoints me.  Terrell takes the mic before the match.  She tells Kong they should give the Impact Zone the match they deserve and make it a No Disqualification match.  I have no idea if Kong agreed or not.  She just stood there.

So there it is.  It’s a No DQ match.

Kong quickly tosses Terrell out of the ring.  Terrell literally runs at Kong and bounces off like a rubber ball.  Kong swings her into the guard rail.  Ouch.  She grabs a pair of kendo sticks and thwacks Terrell.  Powerbomb to the steps fails and Terrell stands on Kong’s hair.  Kong knocks her off into the ring.

Terrell sells the shoulder as Kong rolls her over.  She misses a splash to the mat.  Both ladies to their feet at the same time.  They trade blows.  Terrell gets the best of Kong with a dropkick.  She goes up top and lands a cross-body for two.  The fans chant for tables.  Terrell obliges.  The table goes into the ring.  They continue to fight as The Dollhouse makes their way to the ring.  Terrell sets up the table in the corner and tries to do a cutter on Kong through the table.  Kong slams her head first instead, and goes up for a splash.  As she sets up, Dollhouse starts hitting Kong with the Kendo Sticks.  Terrell doesn’t bat an eyelash, sets Kong up for a powerbomb through the table (which is successful) and gets the pinfall victory.

Winner: Taryn Terrell to retain the TNA Knockouts Championship

After the match, Jade and Marti Bell enter the ring.  Terrell says everyone thought she couldn’t beat Kong, but she wanted to prove them all wrong.  She says if you mess with her, you mess with her friends.  She places a jawbreaker into Kong’s mouth and says “This is our house.  This is Dollhouse.”

Terrell’s demeanor changed completely once she hit the powerbomb, and while she did a great job of slipping into a heel persona, it really, truly, came out of nowhere.  I’m excited to see Terrell in a role that is a little more substantial, as her current character seemed very one-dimensional and, well, boring.  She looks like she’s going to have fun with this and I completely applaud that.  However, there was no explanation, reasoning, or foreshadowing.  It felt very much like it was hot-shotted, and I’m not a fan of that.

Backstage, Austin Aries heads to the ring.  He’s asked why he’s cashing in tonight.  He says he’s the one that sets the bar here, the measuring stick.  He has to beat Kurt Angle – no games, no bullshit.  He starts to head away and is stopped by Eric Young, who gives him a death stare.  Young leaves with a suitcase in tow.

After a break, Josh Mathews resets the show, recapping what just happened in the Knockouts match.  We see a backstage hidden cam, and Magnus asks some of the producers/camera men to keep an eye on Mickie James for a little while.  They leave to go follow her, apparently.

With five minutes left in the show, Austin Aries music hits for the title match.  I suspect he’s not going to even have a match tonight.

Looks like I’m right – Eric Young attacks Aries from behind, takes his briefcase, nails him with it, then piledrives him on the floor outside the ring.  One security guy runs out.  He gets decked.  Young sets Aries up with a second piledriver – on the steel steps – and nails it.  Kurt Angle runs out and pulls Young off of him.  He pushes him away.  Angle turns to tend to Aries and Young attacks him as well.  He stomps Angle’s head into the steps, then takes Angle’s knee brace off of his leg.  Angle comes up bleeding.  Young locks in a Figure Four Leglock outside the ring.  Josh Mathews yells “Eric Young’s crazy” as the show comes to an end.

Not an unexpected ending to the night, but somewhat disappointing to see not one but two advertised title matches didn’t happen – Young vs. Angle advertised since last week, and Aries vs. Angle as advertised throughout the show.  That said, it’s the way to go.  Young has a legit claim to a title match and his reaction fits his character.

The rest of the show was good, but failed to live up to the advertising.  They marketed this as a special Knockouts episode, but if special means getting three ladies matches instead of one, well then I guess it was successful.  Otherwise it was business as usual.

What did you think of the show?  Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter @RingRap!


The NXT Report: 04/22/15 – Owens vs. Riley, Lynch vs. Bayley vs. Charlotte to be the #1 Contender, Itami vs. Parker, Rhyno, Balor, more!

It’s been a little while since I’ve sat down to watch a wrestling show without a laptop in my hands.  Too often it’s easy to get caught up in the match and just start typing everything that’s happening, rather than just watching as a fan, and enjoying the match.

Tonight, I kept the laptop shut, and I tried to keep the cellphone usage to a minimum.  Below are my thoughts on this week’s episode of NXT, approximately 20 minutes after finishing the show.

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Ring Rap Audio: 04/21/15 – WWE Extreme Rules Preview and Predictions, Taz Leaves TNA, Daniel Bryan Removed from European Tour, The Briscoe Brothers, ROH War of the Worlds, Raw, Jericho Podcast w/ Stephanie McMahon, and more!

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WWE’s Extreme Rules is just a few days away.  Get the toys ready, because it’s gonna be a party!  But despite the jokes, how is the show shaping up?  How is the card looking on paper, and will it deliver?  And, how effective was Raw in building up this show?  Bill and Drew take a look.

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WWE Monday Night Raw Live Coverage for 4/20/2015 – Extreme Rules Go-Home Show, Final Hype for John Cena vs. Rusev and Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton, Triple H Makes “Tough Enough” Announcement, and More

Six days from tonight it’s Extreme Rules, the one night of the year where WWE gets extreme.  We know that Rusev will challenge John Cena for the US Championship in a Russian chain match.  How will they put a final sell on that match?  Randy Orton will face Seth Rollins in a cage match, but the RKO is banned.  How many RKO’s will we see tonight?  Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus will have a Kiss me Arse match where the loser will kiss the winner’s ass.  Really?  Also, Triple H has a big announcement regarding the return of “Tough Enough” this year.  Will he name a head trainer? Is it going to be him?

Show Open, Live from Albany, NY at the Times Union Center

They open with a recap of the events of last week concerning Randy Orton and Seth Rollins.  Each man won their match, which enabled Rollins and Orton to establish stipulations for the title match at Extreme Rules.  Rollins picked that the RKO would be banned, and Orton selected a cage match stipulation.

Live in the arena, there is a cage hanging above the ring and it’s being lowered.  Cole reminds us of the stipulations in the title match as Randy Orton’s music hits.  He walks to the ring as Cole asks JBL who got the better end of the deal.  JBL says that Orton got the better part of the deal by taking away the Authority from Seth Rollins.   Booker doesn’t think Orton can pull it off against Rollins.  Orton gets in the cage and plays to the fans as Cole reminds us again of the RKO being banned and the Authority being unable to interfere.

Orton says that “for someone who prides themselves on being the smartest guy in the room” Rollins is a dumb bastard.  He says that Rollins made a mistake by banning the RKO.  He admits the RKO is not his greatest weapon.  He says his greatest weapon is inflicting pain on those who deserve  it, and Rollins is someone who deserves it.

Orton says he doesn’t need the RKO to win, because it would be too quick.  He say it will be slow, agonizing and painful.  He says that once the door is closed and all is secure, he will break Rollins’ jaw so the fans don’t have to listen to him run his mouth.  He says he will drag him to a corner and stick a boot so far in him that it won’t just knock the wind out of him  but might even break a rib.  He continues to explain the beating he will give Rollins, and says once it’s over, so will Rollins title reign.

Rollins’ music plays and he heads out with J&J Security in tow.   He says he doesn’t want to state the obvious, but  Orton has anger management issues.  Orton asks him if he just realizes this.  He says he doesn’t have an anger problem, he has a Seth Rollins problem.  He says he will do everything in his power to make that problem go away on Sunday.

Rollins says he wasn’t listening much because he was responding to emails, but sums up Orton’s promo.  “I’m a jerk, you’re gonna beat me up, and all these miserable losers ate it up.  Does that sum it up?”  He says he plays the game of human chess better than anyone and he’s on track to be the greatest WWE Champion of all time.  He says he can out maneuver anyone in the ring and out think anyone outside of the ring.  “All of this, I’m the best at it.”

He calls Orton one of the greatest superstars of all time and “a sure fire Hall of Famer. But as good as you are, I’m that much better.”  Rollins says he can make all the threats he wants, but Orton will not walk out champion, and that is a promise.  He tells Orton to get it out of his system.

Orton interrupts and repeats “get it all out of my system” a couple times.  He says that after commercial break, he will go backstage and RKO every son of a bitch he sees, then he will RKO Rollins by the end of the night.  “And that is a promise.”  Orton’s music plays and the announcers discuss what Orton just said.

A decent promo segment.  Rollins came off well as a confident champion who plays people rather than a vulnerable chicken shit champion.  Orton teasing to hit a bunch of RKO’s tonight is good as well, as fans love that move and there’s the tease of hitting Rollins with one by night’s end.

Cole hypes Triple H returning tonight to make a big announcement regarding Tough Enough.  Booker recounts his time on that show briefly, saying he knows nothing about the announcement because he’s not a part of the Authority.

Match #1 – Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper

Ambrose’s music hits and he heads to the ring for the first match.  Cole says it’s to avenge attacks that Harper has pulled off on Ambrose.  As Raw comes back, we get a recap of the attacks on Ambrose by Harper from both Wrestlemania and the following Smackdown.

Harper cuts a brief promo, saying that he doesn’t understand why Ambrose isn’t afraid of him, but after tonight he will be.  It’s a brawl early, with Ambrose hitting a flying sledge shot and throwing hands.  He tries to set up Dirty Deeds and end it quick, but Harper hits a superkick then throws some hands of his own.

Ambrose sends Harper to ringside then hits a suicide dive.  Ambrose runs Harper into the steps, then Harper sends Ambrose into the fans.  The fight spills out into the crowd then back to ringside.  Ambrose leaps off the barrier into a hand from Harper.  They battle to the stage, where Harper tries to lawn dart Ambrose into the light board.  Harper teases a powerbomb off the stage, but Ambrose counters.  Harper throws Ambrose off the stage but he lands safely.  Harper ducks backstage, and Ambrose plays to the fans.

Backstage, J&J Security makes sure the hall is clear for Rollins.  The PTP spring up and do the seal bark.  Titus says they’ll get out of there.  Rollins barks at a stagehand about it being funny.  Triple H shakes Rollins up some more and laughs.  Hunter tells him that he looks like he sees an RKO around every corner, and doesn’t want to see his champion sweat.

Rollins laughs it off.  He assures Triple H that he will handle Randy Orton on Sunday.  He says that he knows Hunter has been busy with Tough Enough, but he wants to know if he’s seen the situation with Kane.  He says he can’t worry about Orton and Kane.  Hunter says that he got the messages and saw the show, and they’ll talk when Kane arrives.  Rollins leans in and says that he needs more security.  Hunter tells him it’s one guy.  JBL says from the announce position that it’s one viper.

Nice guy Hunter here.  I wonder if they are planning to change his character direction, or if he’s just doing that tonight because of the Tough Enough announcements.

Match #2 – Lucha Dragons vs. New Day (Big E and Kofi Kingston w/Xavier Woods)

Cole hypes that this match will determine who faces Tyson Kidd and Cesaro at Extreme Rules.  Back live, New Day is clapping their way to glory getting greeted with “New Day Sucks” chants.  The match starts with a chant off as Big E and Kalisto square off.

Kalisto tries his huracanrana but Big E catches him.  He lands on his feet.  They set it up again, and Kalisto uses a kick to keep him off balance.  Sin Cara gets the tag and hits a cross body for a one count.  Kidd and Cesaro watch on from backstage.  New Day starts to take over the offense, with Big E hitting a big clothesline on Sin Cara.  “New Day Sucks” chants ring out going to break.

Back live, Kofi is in control, hammering away on Cara.   Tag to Big E, and he keeps the offense going.  More “New Day Sucks” chants.  Off a backdrop, Cara gets the hot tag to Kalisto.  He fires up on offense, with a short huracanrana on Kofi for two.  Big E throws him to the ropes, but Kalisto hits a springboard enzugiri.  They hit simultaneous moonsaults off the ropes to the outside in an impressive spot.

The count is in effect.  Kofi and Sin Cara go to the ring, but Xavier Woods grabs Cara’s leg.  Kofi beats the count for the count-out win.  The Dragons sell at ringside as New Day celebrates.

Out of nowhere here comes Randy Orton.  He RKO’s Xavier and Kofi.  Big E thinks he wants some, but instead backs away from the ring.  Orton plays to the fans, holding up two fingers.

I would have preferred seeing Lucha Dragons vs. Kidd and Cesaro, as I think that offers a better match.  That said, I think this was a creative finish to this match, and they could always change things to put Lucha Dragons in a three way or something similar.  I do like the idea of fans waiting for Lucha Dragons to get their first title match though too.

After some sell for the Network, Cole tells us that we’re going to see the “first televised” Russian chain match on Sunday between Cena and Rusev.  He feeds it to a recap of the angle between Cena and Rusev after Cena defeated Bad News Barrett.  Cena will still issue another open challenge for the US Championship.  Rusev will be content to wait until Sunday for his rematch.

Up next, JBL says we’ll get a recap of the brutality that Big Show unleashed on Roman Reigns.

Back live, Cole sets up a video package that started on Smackdown.  They recap Roman Reigns’ promo from Raw on Monday where he “disrespected” the Big Show in the UK.  They set up the footage of the beating Show gave Roman, then recapped his promo on Smackdown where he followed it all up and described the beating, including chokeslamming him on the car.  Show says he chose not to so he could face Reigns in a last man standing match at Extreme Rules.

Cole hypes their match and describes the rules.  Booker says Big Show feels unstoppable right now and JBL says it might be impossible to keep the giant down.

Match #3 – Fandango vs. Curtis Axel

Fandango dances his way to the ring.  Axel mimics him in the ring before the bell rings.  Axel gets the early advantage, hitting a drop kick.  He rips his shirt off but Fandango rolls him up for a quick two.  He hits a drop kick, then follows it up with a nice twisting suplex.  He hits the leg drop to get the win.  The announcers recap it briefly, then they show Fandango playing to the crowd a bit.

Fandangomania is not nearly as hot as it once was.  London ate it up, but it seems to have passed its time at least in Albany

Cole and JBL hype that the “Miz” brand is up for grabs as Miz faces Damien Mizdow later.  They show Triple H walking backstage with a smile.  He puts his phone in his pocket.  Cole says he has an important announcement regarding Tough Enough, up next.

Tough Enough Announcement Segment:

Triple H comes to the ring as Cole describes the match that he had against Sting.  JBL says that the Attitude Era came to life with the NWO and DX appearing.  They discuss the announcement regarding Tough Enough, and Booker jokes that he’s still waiting on a text to see if is going back.

Hunter says that a year ago the Authority was at a crossroads and they were looking for the future of WWE.  He says that if you look at it a few weeks after “the greatest Wrestlemania ever,” fans would agree that Seth Rollins is that man.  That gets boos.  Hunter goes on to say that it’s time to find the next Seth Rollins, and says that Tough Enough returns on June 23.

He asks who hasn’t dreamed of being a WWE Superstar.  He asks who hasn’t closed their eyes and imagined the roar of the crowd and hearing their music hit.  He asks who hasn’t dreamed of standing in the ring in front of millions watching on TV and thousands watching live in the arena.  He asks who hasn’t imagined standing at Wrestlemania with the WWE Championship.  He says that the dream of being a WWE Superstar is better than any other dream.

He says that fans have their chance to turn that dream into reality and it starts now.  He pimps “” for submitting videos to be one of the ten men or five women who will compete.  One man and one woman will be chosen by WWE decision makers and the fans to receive contracts, making them WWE Superstars.  “Do you have what it takes?”  He challenges those who think they have what it takes to show the world that they are tough enough.

Kane’s music hits, and he walks out to the ring.  Cole and Booker talk about Kane’s mental state after last week.  Hunter tells Kane  that he’s a bit seasoned to be involved with Tough Enough.  Kane talks about the voicemails and messages he left for Hunter.  Hunter says he got them, but he was going to let Kane cool down.  Kane says he can’t deal with the constant disrespect from the man that he helped become champion.  He says that if Hunter calls Rollins the future then his decision becomes obvious.  “I’m giving you my two week notice.”  Hunter says they should go backstage and talk as men.

“Whoa, whoa whoa…not worth the investment, are you kidding me?”  Rollins emerges from backstage and says that if Kane wants to quit, let him.  Kane says that Rollins didn’t call him a loser when Kane had his hand wrapped around his throat last week.  Rollins taunts Kane, who gets in his face and yells that Rollins is a spoiled punk that has been handed everything and thinks he earned it.

Hunter attempts to break them up, but Kane keeps going.  He asks Rollins if he thinks that it would be any different if they recruited Dean Ambrose instead of Rollins.  Kane yells that they could have made El Torito champion if they wanted to.

Hunter breaks them up and screams “Enough!  This is not how we do business.”  Hunter says Kane did what was right and what was best for business.  Hunter says no one has been more loyal to the Authority than Kane.  “Which is why, in your steel cage match against Randy Orton at Extreme Rules, I am making Kane Guardian of the Gate.”  If anyone tries to get in or out, they will have to go through Kane.

Kane thanks Hunter and says he won’t let him down.  Rollins says this is ridiculous and asks why Kane is being rewarded.  Hunter asks what he just said, and Rollins repeats the stipulation.  He tells Rollins that he better get on the same page with Kane, really fast.  Rollins reluctantly shakes Kane’s hand, tosses the mic down and leaves.  Hunter pats Kane on the back then the pair leave.

I smell a swerve.  Kane looks to be the guy leaving the Authority, but instead he slams the door on Orton’s head.  Then we get a series of Kane vs. Orton matches that are tired and worn out.  Kane vs. Rollins has more possibilities and I think I might be able to get behind those things.  But I get worried that WWE will go the predictable road, and that could be a problem.

Cole hypes that we’ll hear from Roman Reigns about Big Show’s attack from last week’s Raw.  JBL says that Rusev will wait for his rematch for the US Championship on Sunday, but Cena will still have his open challenge tonight.  Cole hypes that we have a new #1 Contender for the Divas Championship.  He sends it to a recap of last week’s Battle Royale, with Paige getting the win.

They then go to the recap of Naomi beating down Paige in her post match interview.  Cole says Paige is out of action until further notice.  Naomi will take on Brie Bella, however, next.

Backstage, Kane and Rollins bicker some more.  Triple H steps in, and he tells Kane he has known him for 20 years.  He calls Kane one of the toughest men he has met, but he’s corporate now.  He tells Kane he is no longer hell fire and brimstone.  Kane says that he still is, and he will prove it.

Rollins asks Hunter if he sees what he’s saying now.  Hunter tells Rollins a lot of people made him champion, including the guy that walked away.  Hunter tells Rollins he will have the match he was scheduled to have last week, and will face Dolph Ziggler.  Hunter tells Rollins to show the world what he already knows.  Rollins says he will destroy Ziggler and the world will know what he’s about.  Rollins says he is no longer the future, he is the man.

Match #4 – Naomi vs. Brie Bella

Naomi is still using the “Funk is on a Roll” music but no dancing or smiling.  She cuts a picture in picture promo where she says she’s tired of waiting in line like a good girl, and says that she took Paige out of the equation last week.  She asks how many times she has to beat a Bella before she gets a title shot.  Naomi dominates the early going as Nikki tells us that she will face anyone that steps up.

Back from break, Naomi continues to dominate Brie, hammering away.  Nikki says she might be the most athletic diva on the roster, but she hasn’t won the title despite having chances.  Naomi continues the assault, kicking away at Brie.  Brie gets in the ropes but Naomi uses the whole five count before breaking.

Brie kicks Naomi, then both end up on their back.  She starts to fire up with a clothesline and a drop kick.  Running knee to the face leads into a missile drop kick for two.   Naomi throws a knee to the gut then hits a bulldog into the buckle.  Naomi tries a cross body but Brie rolls out of the way.  Brie gets two.

Naomi hits the Rear View and grabs the win.  She calls out Nikki and plays to the fans.  Nikki stands up with the title belt and holds it above her head.

The action itself wasn’t bad and told the story of Naomi’s heel turn appropriately.  However, no one knew what to do with this match.  Naomi turned heel last week, and the Bellas have been the heels of the division.  Did the Bellas turn?  Brie did her “Brie Mode!” yell and fans responded to it.  Confusing as hell.  Also, I was really hoping for some repackaging for Naomi with the heel turn, but she’s still got that Funk music and the butt-butt finisher.

Backstage, they show catering.  Heath Slater sits down with Erick Rowan, and says he will accept Cena’s open challenge.  He will be the new US Champion.  Rowan shakes his head and walks away.  “Hey, you’re walking away from the new US Champion!”  RKO through the table!! Orton picks up a bite of something then says “that makes three.”

We get another shot of the RKO on Slater, then Cole hypes that we’ll hear from Roman Reigns about Big Show’s attack, next.

In-Ring Segment:

Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring through the fans.  Cole sets up a recap of the attack on Reigns by Big Show last Monday.  Reigns says he doesn’t feel like talking, but he feels like fighting.  He calls out Big Show “right now” and paces in the ring.  Instead, Bo Dallas’s music hits and he comes to the stage.

He says he can’t help but notice anger in Reigns’ voice.  He makes a Yoda reference and says “anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering.  We all know you have suffered.”  He recaps Reigns getting choke slammed and failing at Wrestlemania. “Roman, let’s face it, you’re kind of a bust.”

He calls Reigns “Outlaw Jack in Kevlar” and the Tim Tebow of WWE.  He says Reigns has gotten chance after chance and failed.  He says it doesn’t have to be that way, and Reigns could one day be champion.  “All you have to do is Bo Lieve!”  Reigns hits the Superman punch and spears him down.

Reigns grabs the mic again and says Show chooses not to fight tonight, but he will have no choice on Sunday.  He will bring the big fight to Big Show on Sunday, and you can “Bo Lieve” that.  Reigns plays to the fans as the announcers debate if Reigns can bring the fight to him.

I see more in Bo Dallas than this comedy jobber, which is a shame.  Also, this particular crowd didn’t seem to care much either way about Roman Reigns, which isn’t good either.

This show is dragging hard tonight.  It’s killing my interest in Extreme Rules right now.

They show Dolph Ziggler backstage getting ready.  The announcers say that we will get the match we were supposed to get last week when Rollins and Ziggler face off later.

Match #5 – Sheamus vs. Zack Ryder 

As Sheamus makes his entrance, they hype the “Kiss Me Arse” match between Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus on Sunday.  Zack Ryder, welcome to the gallows.

Sheamus gets a mic and asks the official to ring the bell.  Brogue kick right out of the box.  “That was quick!” He says he could pin Ryder, but Ryder deserves more than a five second match.  He kicks Ryder a few times and chokes him against the ropes as he continues his promo.  He says none of the fans would last more than 2 seconds with him.

Sheamus continues the abuse, saying there are too many pretenders in WWE.  “You don’t belong in my ring.  In fact, that’s a good idea.”  He tosses Ryder over the top.  Sheamus walks around saying that he’s giving them a chance to embrace real men and real stars.  He says the only one who looks stupid are the fans, “and this guy.”  He hits another Brogue Kick on Ryder and throws him in the ring.

He heels on the fans and asks where their New York spirit is, and if they’re not entertained.  He sets up one more Brogue Kick.  Ziggler charges the ring and hits Sheamus with the Zig Zag.  Sheamus sells on the ramp as Eden tells us that Sheamus won by DQ.  Ziggler demands that Sheamus come back and fight, but JBL says that Ziggler should bring lipstick for the match on Sunday.

If they did this with Ryder when he was hot, this would have worked great.  The fans didn’t care much, they didn’t react when they announced him from Long Island (admittedly, some of my upstate friends say they aren’t all that friendly with the city types), and they didn’t react to the taunting from Sheamus.  This was a good idea, but no one played along.

Cole hypes up that John Cena will come out for the US Championship Open Challenge, next.

Match #6 – John Cena (c) vs. Kane; WWE United States Championship

Cena’s music hits and he gets serenaded with “John Cena Sucks” as normal.  He cuts a promo, asking if Albany has something left in the tank for him.  He goes on, saying that this Sunday is Extreme Rules, where WWE gets extreme.  He addresses some of the boos in the crowd, saying that Rusev has some fans in the arena tonight.

Cena runs down the rules of the Russian Chain match.  He says the Rusev fans will dig this, and says that Rusev will beat him lifeless and stomp to all four corners to win back the US Championship and prove Wrestlemania was fluke.  He calls it a hell of a plan, but there’s one problem. “I’m John Cena.” For ten years, he has proven that he can’t win them all but when he gets knocked down, he gets back up.

He lays out his plan to beat Rusev on Sunday and says that he will prove Wrestlemania wasn’t a fluke, but a statement.  Cena calls the US Championship a symbol of excellence and a symbol of opportunity.  He says that Rusev has an opportunity to have a chain shoved up his ass.

“I know what ya’ll are thinking.  Does that mean I won’t defend the US Championship tonight?  Hell no, we’re gonna have  a fight up in here.”  He says he’s in a fighting mood, Albany is the place to be, and the John Cena Open Challenge starts now.  “You want some, come get some.”  Here comes Kane.

Cole recaps the earlier segment where Kane said he was still hell fire and brimstone.  Kane starts off with a lot of hard shots on Cena to start as the dueling chants get underway.  Seth Rollins watches on backstage on a monitor as Kane continues the assault.  Cena tries to start some offense, but Kane hits him with a side slam.

Kane keeps up the offense with whips to the corner.  The fight spills outside, where Kane throws him into the barricade.  They discuss Rusev wanting to wait til Sunday for the chain match. JBL says Rusev wants Cena to be beat up but still be the champion.  Kane keeps up the assault with his clubbing offense, with Rollins watching on with a smile.  A suplex gets Kane a two count.

The assault continues, with Kane driving knees into Cena’s midsection.  They ask how smart this is by Cena.  Cena hits a shoulder block, but Kane counters the second one.  He follows with a corner clothesline, but Cena counters the second one.  Cena hits his side slam and tells Kane he can’t see him.  Kane goozles Cena and hits the chokeslam for a near fall.

Kane yells at the official, then backs off and sets up for a tombstone.  Cena counters and hits the AA to retain the championship.  Cena plays to the fans as he backs up the ramp.  JBL hypes Rollins vs. Ziggler for later.

Sigh.  This wasn’t awful, but it takes you out of the moment when Cena gets dominated for several minutes and then beats Kane with one move.  And one thing notable is that is that Cena might have his fans and haters, but they make noise – they didn’t do that for Reigns.  Interesting that we have seen nothing of Rusev to this point.  Still time to hear from him, I suppose.

Backstage, Kane sells the AA and crosses paths with Triple H.  They just look at each other and Kane walks on.

Renee Young interviews The Miz.  She says that his brand is on the line tonight.  Miz calls himself the A-Lister and says that for Mizdow to challenge him for his brand is a joke.  He holds up a copy of The Marine and calls it his movie.  He says that he did his own stunts and went through boot camp to do it.  He says he will wake up tomorrow morning and celebrate the film’s release.  Renee Young interrupts him to go to Byron Saxton.

I don’t understand this match over a  brand.  Mizdow has nothing on the line, but Miz has everything to lose?  Very odd.

Saxton is with Cena.  He congratulates him for a successful title defense.  Cena says that Kane was certainly unexpected.  He says that on Sunday the Champ is….getting sideswiped by Rusev.  Rusev attacks him and locks him in the Accolade with a chain across Cena’s face.  Officials break it up and Cena is left laying.

Well, there’s the Rusev appearance.  It was a good attack with a smart use of the chain to sell the stipulation of the match.

Match #7 – The Miz vs. Damien Mizdow (w/Summer Rae)

They recap the angle between Miz and Mizdow to set this match up.  JBL quips that Furious 7 and Marine 4 combined to make over a billion.

Early on Miz gets caught in a backslide for two.  Miz comes back with a quick roll-up for two of his own.    Miz beats Mizdow down in the corner.  Miz hits a seated Mizdow with a kick for a two count.  Miz sets up his corner clothesline, but Mizdow catches him coming in with the neckbreaker/backbreaker combo.  Mizdow gets a near fall.

Mizdow sets up the Skull Crushing Finale but Miz rolls him through and grabs the tights for a two count.   Miz tries to set up the Skull Crushing Finale, but the action rolls over to the rope.  Summer Rae reaches up and rakes the eyes, and Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Miz grabs a mic and starts his catchphrase, but Randy Orton pops up and hits the RKO.  The fans pop big for that.  Orton plays to the fans as the announcers let us know that it’s four and Orton has one for Rollins yet.

The announcers run down the card, pointing out that Dean Ambrose will face Luke Harper in a street fight, and New Day will face Tyson Kidd and Cesaro for the tag titles on the Kickoff show.  Noteworthy is that JBL says that the Intercontinental Championship match will take place “if Daniel Bryan’s health permits.”  Cole hypes the main event, yet to come.

Back live, the announcers talk about WWE winning Cynopsis awards for excellence in social media and the Network.

Wyatt cut in.  He asks what it is that motivates him.  “But you, you’re different, like me.” He says that whoever it is can lift all the weight in the world but he can’t lift the weight of his personal failure.  He says about all this person can see is Wyatt’s face looking down at him until all of their hard work fades away, “and so will you my friend.  Behold, the new face of fear.”

Match #8 – Adam Rose (w/Rosebuds) vs. Ryback

As Ryback comes out, they show footage from his Tough Enough appearance in 2004.  JBL cuts in a “new face of…uh…”line.  Ryback attacks Rose out of the gate, shoulder blocking him in the corner.  Rose hits a missile drop kick and repeated forearm drops to get Ryback down.  He covers but Ryback throws him off.

Rose gets on Ryback’s back, and he turns it into an electric chair.  Ryback hits the Meathook, and it’s time to finish it.  Shellshocked puts Rose away.  The hot dog and the banana jump the ring, and Ryback attacks them.  Double Shellshocked to the food.

“What did the banana say to the hot dog?  Nothing, because their asses just got shellshocked!”  Ryback plays to the fans with Feed Me More chants.  Rosa crawls in the ring and tends to Adam Rose.

Backstage, Renee Young asks Kane about his roller coaster night.  She asks about Kane’s reaction to a tweet on social media where J&J Security tweeted about Kane needing Depends and Dentu-Creme.  Kane storms to the Authority’s office and confronts Rollins.  He tells Rollins to say it to his face.

Rollins apologizes and says he realizes that Kane has helped him get to the top.  He says the Orton situation has him worked up and he wishes Kane wouldn’t bring up the fact that he helped Rollins.  He tells Kane he’s sorry and he knows that Kane is the bigger man, literally and figuratively.  He dedicates his match against Ziggler to Kane tonight.  Rollins and J&J leave the room, and Randy Orton is in the hall watching them walk away.

Back live, they hype Rusev vs. Ryback for Smackdown.  Dolph Ziggler makes his entrance for the main event.

Match #9 – Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins (w/J&J Security):

Ziggler makes his entrance as the announcers talk about Ziggler earlier attacking Sheamus.  They hype Ziggler’s match at Extreme Rules.  Rollins gets his entrance as they talk about his interactions with Kane throughout the night and the Orton promise from the top of the show.

Rollins throws strikes and Ziggler returns them.  Ziggler clotheslines Rollins over the top, and he tumbles out with him.  The fight spills around the ring and they brawl.  As Ziggler gets back in the ring, he takes a kick from Rollins.  Ziggler takes Rollins down for a two count, then stretches Rollins out.

Ziggler tries a drop kick, but Rollins catches him and slingshots him to the corner as we go to break.

Back live, Cole says that Rollins has dominated through the break.  Rollins splashes Ziggler in the corner then taunts the fans.  He drops a knee and covers for two.  Rollins continues to control the action, stomping away on Ziggler.  He hits a belly to back suplex for two as JBL talks about champions Rollins has a long way to go to be better than.  Booker proposes that 15 years from now, Rollins could be that “Futuristic” hall of famer.

Ziggler starts to mount some offense, hitting a corner splash.  Rollins cuts him off with a kick to the midsection, but Ziggler comes back with a DDT for a near fall.   Rollins comes back with a roll-up for two, then hits an enzugiri for a good near fall.  Both men sell.

Rollins sets up a buckle bomb, but Ziggler rolls through and counters for two.  He hits a superkick for a good near fall.  Mercury and Noble sell concern at ringside.  Sheamus runs out for a distraction and taunts Ziggler.  Rollins gets the buckle bomb, then hits an underhook DDT to get the win.

Rollins and J&J pose in the ring.  Rollins gets a mic and says he did what he said he would, and prove he’s the man.  “As for Randy Orton, your little RKO won’t save you.  I’ll prove once and for all…”

Hunter’s music interrupts and he makes his way to the ring with a purpose.  He takes the mic and says “the man who will defeat Randy Orton on Sunday, Seth Rollins.”  Hunter goes to speak but Rollins takes the mic back.  He says he wants to finish his thought.  “I just proved I’m the man by dismantling Dolph Ziggler.  He says that he will prove that this is his WWE by pinning Orton’s shoulders to the mat on Sunday, which will render Kane as the gatekeeper completely useless.

“And look, speaking of Kane, you’ve gotta…”  Here comes Kane again.  Triple H and J&J Security run up to stop Kane and Seth Rollins calls for the cage to come down.  Kane continues to try and get to the ring as the cage comes down.  The crowd starts cheering though.

Rollins turns around, and there’s Randy Orton in the cage with him.  They scrum briefly, and Rollins tries to escape.  With Rollins on the ropes, Orton pulls him down and hits him with the RKO out of mid air.  Hunter looks pissed and Kane laughs. Orton circles him and takes the belt for a moment.  He lays the belt across Rollins then poses for the fans.  The announcers recap one more time that the RKO will be banned on Sunday, then sell the Rock and Wrestling cartoon happening on the WWE Network as we close the show.

This didn’t feel too important as a main event, because everyone was looking for Orton to come out and hit the RKO on someone – hopefully Seth Rollins.  They got their wish and reacted appropriately to it, but it took away from the match.  I’d love to see them build Ziggler with a steady push and work a full program with Ziggler and Rollins – I think they have chemistry and could have a pretty good program over the title.  WWE needs to build some stars, and this could be a decent option.

I didn’t come away from tonight clamoring to see Extreme Rules.  I thought they did some good things to get to the pay per view.  Rusev vs. Cena got decent attention, as did the closing segment getting to Rollins vs. Orton.  But there was a lot of lackluster stuff that went on here too.  I’m not at all excited about New Day contending for the tag titles.  The Divas championship feels directionless.  And there’s a big glaring void that is Daniel Bryan’s health concerns and whether or not there will be an IC title match.

As always before a pay per view, Drew and I will break it down for you tomorrow night on Ring Rap Audio.  We’ll discuss the card and make our picks, and you can listen and tell us how wrong we are.  Comment below, visit our Facebook page, or hit us on Twitter @RingRap.  Ask us stuff about Raw, Extreme Rules, and all topics wrestling in general and we’ll touch on them during the show as well.  Thanks for reading along tonight.


TNA Impact Wrestling 04/17/15: Tournament for the World Tag Team Championships Leading to an Ultimate X Match

Just a few weeks ago, The Wolves handed in their tag team championships, forfeiting the titles after Eddie Edwards suffered a serious ankle injury in the ring.  This week?  8 teams fight for the chance to enter an Ultimate X match for the titles.  This episode is all about Tag Team Gold.  Let’s get started!

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Ring Rap Audio: 04/14/15 – Jey Uso Injury Update, New WWE Performance Center Hires, WWE Raw, Extreme Rules, Plus a Discussion on Kicking Out of Finishers, and more!

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Bill is back to feeling like a human being again, which is great news, because we are fired up about this episode.

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WWE Smackdown Results for 04/16/15 (Spoilers)

WWE Smackdown filmed earlier today in London, England.  Below are the results/spoilers for the event.  If you attended the show, and would like to send in your thoughts, please email me at

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WWE Monday Night Raw Live Coverage for 4/13/2015 – Jolly Olde England Show, The Build to Extreme Rules Continues, Orton vs. Rollins and Cena vs. Rusev Stipulations, Diva’s Battle Royale, More

Tonight’s Raw broadcast comes to us from the UK, where the show has already happened.  Extreme Rules is just a short two weeks away, and the hype is in full swing.  Rusev will challenge John Cena for the US Championship, and they will get their stipulation set.  Also, Randy Orton and Seth Rollins will face off for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  They too will get a stipulation, and tonight they set that course as well.  The Divas battle to see who faces Nikki Bella for her Divas Championship and a whole lot more.

Show Open, Taped Earlier Today at the O2 Arena in London, UK:

Then, now, forever.  The Raw intro rolls and it’s got a British theme to it.  Pyro explodes inside O2 Arena and the show gets a rousing ovation.  Michael Cole has made the trip to tell us that over 16,000 fans are there to see Raw.  Here comes John Cena to open the show, to a chorus of boos and “John Cena Sucks” sing song.  He just smiles and charges the ring.  He holds up the US title to a chorus of boos.

JBL asks Cole how his neck is, and Cole tells him to hold off on that.  He feeds it to some shots around London and they talk about being able to sight-see.  Cena gets a mic.  He tells the fans to not adjust the volume as “Raw is live from London, and London is loud.”  He waits out a series of chants.  He says that there are times where he and London don’t get along, but there are people as far as you can see in the arena.  He says London has more passion and excitement than any audience they work in front of.  That draws a “Yes!” chant.

He says he got heat for saying it last time, but he says it again: “I think London deserves Wrestlemania.  Tell me I’m wrong.”  Those who make those choices have decided London will wait. “Just like Rusev, we could fight right here right now, but he wants to wait til Extreme Rules.”  He says the fans would rather see a fight than listen to him talk, and he says the John Cena US Open Challenge starts now.  “You want some, come get some.”

Bad News Barrett answers the challenge to a big ovation.  Barrett smiles as the fans chant for him, then thanks them but “I haven’t done anything yet.”  He says he agrees with Cena, saying “why should I wait to face Daniel Bryan for the Intercontinental Championship when I can beat you for the US Championship in front of the greatest nation in the world, England.”

Wrestlemania in London is pretty unlikely, but it makes the fans happy when Cena brings it up.  They should at least get a pay per view.  Anyhow, a solid promo that got us to the opening title match.

Match #1 – John Cena (c) vs. Bad News Barrett; WWE United States Championship

JoJo handles the introductions once Barrett gets to the ring.  Barrett gets a pop, and Cena of course gets booed.  The match will start after the break.

Back from break, the two tie up.  Cena controls Barrett with a headlock then knocks him down with a shoulder tackle.  Cole talks about how Rusev is watching on with interest.    Cena goes back to a headlock.  Off the ropes, Barrett kicks Cena, who rolls out.  Barrett plays to the fans as the announcers rant about Barrett sucking up.

Cena gets back in the ring and goes behind Barrett, hip tossing him to the mat.  At their feet, they exchange strikes then Barrett lands a big boot.   Cena starts to fire back with a shoulder tackle, but Barrett ducks the second.  Barrett knees Cena, who is tied up in the ropes.  He drives him to the floor with a big boot.

Off the apron, Barrett yells ‘bang bang” and drops an elbow from the apron a la Mick Foley.  That gets him two back in the ring.  Barrett charges Cena in the corner but he moves and hits a drop kick.  Cena hits a cross body for two.  He lands the side slam and poses for the Five Knuckle, but Barrett rolls out.  The fight spills outside where Cena eats the steps.  Back in the ring Barrett gets a two count.

Barrett goes up top to drop an elbow, but Cena rolls out of the way.  Side slam and a Five Knuckle for Cena.  He loads the AA but Barrett counters and hits Winds of Change for two.  Strike exchange ensues.  Cena whips Barrett to the corner, but on the charge Barrett lands a suplex off the ropes.  Cena turns it into the STF but Barrett breaks it in the ropes.

Mule kick from Barrett, then a low superkick for two.   Strike exchange enuses again, with the fans chanting “yay!” “boo” with each strike.  Barrett hits a kick to the midsection then hits Wasteland for a near fall.

Barrett calls for the Bull Hammer.  Cena catches him coming in and loads the AA for a good near fall.   Cena quickly tries for the AA again, but Barrett counters and hits the Bull Hammer for a good near fall of his own.  Booker says “Tell me I did not just see that.”

Barrett cues it again, but Cena ducks and hits his springboard stunner.  He follows with the AA to get the victory and retain his title.   Cena kisses the belt and poses as they run through a recap of the finish.  Rusev’s music plays and Lana comes out to a big cheer.

She talks about how Cena despises Rusev for his waiting for the rematch.  She says “by waiting we have had time to negotiate.”  Rusev blindsides Cena with a chain in the ring.  She says that she has talked to the Authority and their match at Extreme Rules will be a Russian Chain match.  Rusev poses with the chain and the title belt as the Russian flag falls.

This was solid, and the live crowd rolled right along with it as well.  They bought into the near falls by both men as well.  The post match attack by Rusev was done pretty well too, but what’s the difference with a Russian Chain match compared to anything else?  The broadcasters were pretty underwhelming thoughout this one too.

At the announce position, JBL asks Cole to discuss the situation with Brock Lesnar and the possible  lawsuit that he is filing.  Cole says it’s a personal matter and he will discuss it at another time.  He feeds it to a recap of last week’s triple threat match between Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, and Ryback.  He says that both Rollins and Orton will compete tonight, and whoever wins their match will get to pick the stipulation for their match at Extreme Rules.  Orton will face Cesaro, and Rollins will face Dolph Ziggler.

The Bella Twins’ music hits, and they make their way to the ring for commentary for the Divas Battle Royale.  The winner gets Nikki at Extreme Rules.

Match #2 – Diva’s Battle Royale, winner gets a title shot at Extreme Rules:

Natalya is signing autographs as we come back.  Paige gets a big reaction from the home town fans.  Summer Rae, Cameron, Rosa, Alicia Fox, Naomi, Emma,

Natalya and Summer pair off and battle on the apron.  Rosa eliminates both of them with a kick.  Rosa got  eliminated but I missed by who.  Alicia hits a drop kick to eliminate Emma as she climbs the ropes. Cameron and Alicia pair up on Paige then try to eliminate her.  Paige fights back, but the two stay on her with Cameron hitting a low kick.

They send Paige to the apron but she hangs on.  Naomi hits the two with a Rear View.  Alicia and Cameron get sent packing, so it’s Paige and Naomi.  In the ropes, Naomi drags Paige out to the apron.  Nikki asks if both fall out, will there be a title match.

Paige stays alive then knees Naomi in the ropes.   Naomi kicks her and tries to shove her away, but Paige works back in.  Naomi hits an enzugiri.  Paige hits a superkick then sends Naomi to the floor.  Nikki stands up and holds her belt up as Paige talks at her from the ropes.  Cole says we’ll hear from Paige when we come back, but we’ll hear Roman Reigns talk tonight about the Wrestlemania main event.

Very surprised they didn’t go with Naomi here, given the wins she has been getting lately.  This was what it was.  The final pairing action with Paige and Naomi was the highlight.

Byron Saxton is with Paige.  She is now the #1 Contender for the Divas Championship.  She says she won the title her first day in WWE, then teamed up with AJ to win for the first time at Wrestlemania.  She says nothing feels better than to win the battle royale in front of her home country.  She talks about working carnivals and small shows to get to WWE.  She points out her dad “and the best friends in the world.  This is my house!”

Saxton asks if she has anything to say to Nikki Bella, but Naomi attacks her.  It rolls outside and Naomi roughs her up at ringside, throwing her into the barricade a couple times.  The official backs off Naomi  and she leaves to a chorus of boos.  The announcers call it “out of character.”

A surprising heel turn, but one that might work out because Naomi was in need of change.  I am guessing her marriage to Jimmy Uso will get ignored a la Daniel Bryan/Brie Bella rather than turn the Usos as a tag team as well.

Wyatt cut-in.  He talks about obsession to the point of it becoming sin.  He says love can cost one everything they’ve worked so hard for.  He says “you’re in luck, friend” because he has decided to reach in and rip out the love and fill it with fear. “Sooner or later, you’ll have to watch everything fade away.”  He says he is doing “friend” a favor.  He tells the person to pay attention, and “behold, the new face of fear.”

Match #3 – Lucha Dragons vs. The Ascension:

No televised entrance for the Ascension.  Cole points out the Spanish announce team as the Lucha Dragons make their entrance.  Conor goes to work on Sin Cara early, and the Ascension works quick tags on him.  Brits chant “NXT!”  There’s some commenahatin’ going on as Sin Cara hits a drop kick to create space.

Kalisto gets the tag and he fires off with some fast offense on Viktor.  Spinning back springboard elbow from Kalisto, then he poses on the ropes for Sin Cara  to hit a dive.  Late, Salina Del Sol from Kalisto leads to a swanton from Sin Cara to net the win.  The announcers recap it for us, and the Ascension lick their wounds.

Cole hypes the WWE Network being free in April, and JBL touts the on-demand video library and pay per views.  Cole hypes up that Roman Reigns will talk about Wrestlemania’s events, next.

Back with the show, Cole credits Fall Out Boy for the Extreme Rules theme.  Booker T is in the ring and he welcomes Roman Reigns for the interview.

In-Ring Segment:

Reigns makes his way through the crowd.  Cole talks about what happened at Wrestlemania and if it affected Reigns at all.  JBL credits Reigns for weathering the storm against Brock Lesnar, but Seth Rollins took it away with a cash-in.  Cole recounts the night after Mania attack and JBL says he has been “justifiably suspended.”

Booker talks about Reigns’ “opportunity of a lifetime” at Wrestlemania, and it was all ripped away.  He asks how Reigns’ mental state is.  Reigns says he is mentally strong for a reason.  Fans chant “suplex city!” and Reigns says he went there but woke up the next day.  He says it didn’t feel good to go to Suplex City, but he said they didn’t lie because they said it would be a brutal fight.

He says that he said he would hit the Beast in the mouth, and make him taste his own blood.  He said that he would win, and he came “this” close.  He credits Rollins for “doing what he was supposed to do by capitalizing on the moment.”  He says he had punches yet to throw, but Seth Rollins took the moment away from him.   Reigns says he has beaten Rollins, so he will eventually become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Booker says he believes him, but if it weren’t for Big Show, Reigns would be facing Rollins at Extreme Rules.  Reigns says that Big Show screwed him.  He wishes he could credit Show for his accomplishments, but he says lately Show seems to be Seth’s Giant Bitch.  “Am I right?”  There were some “thank you Big Show” chants.

Show is on the tron, laughing and saying that he needs to stop Roman before he says something really stupid.  He says that Reigns failed at Wrestlemania.  “While you were losing the biggest match of your life, I won the Andre the Giant battle royale, making me the most dominant giant in history.”  He tells Reigns he failed.  Whether making orders or following orders, Show says that his pleasure will be making Reigns the most epic failure in WWE.  Show says that Reigns won’t even get a sniff at the WWE Championship.

“Every time you get up, I’ll be there to knock you down.”  Reigns calls Show a jumbotron giant.  He says there are two types of guys – guys who come out and fight and kick ass, and “guys like that.”  He says that Show is either too lazy, or doesn’t have the balls to say these things to his face.

Reigns tells Show that if he continues to stick his nose in his business, he will take the trophy, shove it down his throat, retire him, “and you can believe….that.”  Reigns shakes hands with Booker and plays to the fans.   Reigns heads up the ramp as Cole recounts some of Reigns’ comments.

At the stage, Show attacks Reigns, tossing him into the set and the taxi.  Live crowd is chanting “please retire” I think.  Show throws Reigns into the taxi again to “you sold out” chants.  Show hits a running knee against the car, then puts Reigns up on to of the car.  He climbs up there and choke slams Reigns on the car.  More “you sold out” chants as Show leaves and Reigns sells on top of the car.

That wasn’t a bad promo.  Reigns came off much better – or at least less grumpy – than he was after Wrestlemania.  The attack was decent, but I just don’t give a damn about this feud.  This needs to be the end of the line for Reigns and Big Show.

Back with the commentators, they recap the attack.  They hype the damage to the cab and talk about how Reigns refused medical attention and walked off on his own.

Match #4 – Randy Orton vs.  Cesaro (w/Tyson Kidd and Natalya)

As Orton comes to the ring, Cole says that Kane has come up with some unique stipulations regarding Randy Orton and Seth Rollins’ match at Extreme Rules.  Orton poses and JBL asks what happens if both men win.  Cesaro comes out with Tyson Kidd and Natalya.

They tie up early as Cole again reminds us that this is to determine stipulations at Extreme Rules.   Cesaro lands a kick in the corner then a series of uppercuts.   Orton returns them in kind.  Cesaro tackles Orton down then drives a shot to his midsection.  Cesaro talks to Kidd at ringside briefly.

A counter from Orton sets up the elevated DDT, but Cesaro counters back.  Kidd gets involved and pulls Orton off the apron, and he doesn’t take kindly.  Orton clotheslines Kidd down, and that throws the match out.  Orton wins by DQ, but Kane stops the celebration.

He says that the enthusiasm of the Authority to return to work is not strong enough for them to come to London.  He says he is still in charge and is fair and impartial.  With the stipulation for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at stake, Kane says it’s important that the match not end with a disqualification.  He says that the match will re-start as a 2-on-1 handicap match.

Kidd and Cesaro attack Orton from behind going into break.

Match #5 – Randy Orton vs. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro (w/Natalya)

Back on the show, Kidd controls Orton in the corner.  Cesaro gets the tag but Orton sets up the elevated DDT.  Kidd stumbles but breaks it up.  Kidd tries the Sharpshooter but Orton kicks him away.  He lifts Orton over into an uppercut by Cesaro.

A bit later, Orton sets up and hits the elevated DDT, and he’s hearing voices.  Cesaro drags Kidd to ringside for the save.  Orton goes after them, dropping Cesaro off the barrier.  Kidd hits him with a move off the barrier himself.  Kidd hits a big elbow drop for two.  Kidd chokes Orton on the ropes.

Orton hits Cesaro with a scoop slam.  Kidd tries a springboard move, but BAM!, RKO out of nowhere.  Orton picks up the win, and the announcers talk about Orton’s options now that he has won the right to select the stipulation for Extreme Rules.  They recap the finish sequence as Orton poses for the fans.

Backstage, Rollins is watching on a monitor.  Rollins asks Kane if he has any brilliant ideas.  Kane tells him that he should win his match against Dolph Ziggler so that he can also pick a stipulation.  Rollins says that he won’t face Ziggler.  He wants to face Jamie Noble, saying Noble will lie down for him.

Noble rants, saying it was Kane’s idea for the triple threat match last week and to let Orton get a win to pick a stipulation.  Kane tells him that he might have something that involves car batteries and testicles.

Rollins tells him to calm down, and admits that Jamie might be on to something.  Kane tells Rollins he will be at ringside to watch his back as always.  He asks if Rollins is afraid of Ziggler.  Rollins laughs and says he isn’t, but he needs the victory tonight.

Rollins says he needs to fight someone who knows what is  best for business.  Kane asks if Rollins is implying that he will lay down for Rollins.  Rollins says that the number one priority is to protect him and his championship, so maybe Kane is the man for the job.  Rollins says he could get Triple H on the phone.  Kane scowls and leaves.  Rollins laughs and tells J&J that Kane knows he has no choice.

The Authority angle needs to die a quick, painful, and once and for all death.  I’m not really interested in seeing Kane go babyface but I guess I can live with it if Kane is going to hang it up soon.  I hate “I’m going to tell” stuff in wrestling – even a chickenshit heel doesn’t need that one.

Match #6 – Adam Rose (w/Rosebuds) vs. Dean Ambrose

The Rosebuds are dancing at ringside as we come back, then Ambrose gets his entrance.  During his entrance, the announcers recap the rough bumps that Ambrose took at the hands of Luke Harper at Wrestlemania and the Smackdown after.  Ambrose hits Rose with a suicide dive as the Rosebuds look on.  Back in the ring, Ambrose hits his slingshot clothesline then finishes Rose off with Dirty Deeds.

Backstage, Kane is on the phone then Big Show walks up.  He recalls Survivor Series, saying he knocked Cena out not because he liked it but he did what he had to do to be on the winning side.  Show calls The Authority the winning team.

He says that “best for business” is something Triple H and Stephanie hold dear.  He says that Randy Orton becoming champion is not best for business.  He pleads with Kane to do what needs to do.  Kane says he will do what is best for business.  Show pats him on the back and leaves, with Kane deep in thought.

Match #7 – Stardust vs. Fandango:

Fandango got no entrance, and Stardust finishes his as we come back.  Stardust goes to work on Fandango early, clubbing on him and hitting him with a forearm off the ropes.  He hits a front suplex, then whips Fandango to the corner hard.  Fandango comes back with a heel kick then goes up top.

Fandango tries his leg drop but floats over when Stardust gets up.  Stardust comes back with the disaster Kick to get the win.  Fandango gets a mic and says he realizes what the problem is.  He says he has been sharing his gift of dance with “you” when he should be sharing it with the world.  He breaks out the old music and walks across the barrier and dances a bit on it.  The UK loves it and dances along, and Fandango plays to the fans.

I wonder – one night deal, or a permanent move of some sort?  One thing is that there will be the removal of the awkward role Rosa has with him.

Backstage, Kane is in his locker room.  Daniel Bryan asks Kane what he’s doing, but Kane tells him to leave.  Bryan asks what has happened to him.  Bryan says he gets it – Kane is going to lay down for Seth.  He says that Kane thinks one of the best things for business is to emulate a move that put WCW out of business.  Bryan tells Kane that he should go out and tombstone Seth on the steel steps and nearly end his career.

Kane screams at Bryan to leave.  Bryan tells him if he has any pride, he won’t be a stooge, but he will be a man.

I suppose this was pretty well done.  I’m not all that locked in to anything concerning the Authority, so it’s kind of already a miss, but the story is the most compelling thing they’ve done with Kane in a while.

Match #8 – Kane vs. Seth Rollins (c, w/J&J Security)

Rollins comes out first to a rousing ovation of boos.  Kane gets applauded by Rollins as he comes out in his suit and tie.  Rollins and J&J have a bit of fun with the title and his t-shirt.  Kane pulls off his jacket and tie off as the bell rings.  Rollins wonders what he’s doing.

Kane confronts Rollins mid ring.  Rollins says “lay down, and let’s get this over with.”  Kane kneels to boos, then sits down as the jawing continues.  Rollins covers but Kane kicks out with authority.  Rollins begs off to the corner as J&J gets in the ring.

He goozles the two of them and shoves them from the ring.  Rollins yells at him that this is his WWE and demands Kane to lay down.  Kane slaps Rollins down and cues the chokeslam.  Rollins yells at him to think about his job and begs Kane to back down.  Kane pulls his hand down and closes his eyes.

Rollins demands he lay down as London chants no.   Kane kneels again as Rollins tells him this is his WWE.  Kane hits the chokeslam and calls for the tombstone.  He lays down and pulls Rollins’ arm over him and the official counts.  JBL says he lost all respect for Kane.  Rollins laughs as Cole recounts that Rollins also has the right to select a stipulation for their match at Extreme Rules.

Backstage, Mizdow is walking toward the arena.  He is up next.

Rollins is a good wormy heel, and admittedly I’m curious as to where the whole thing with Kane is going, but this wasn’t compelling for me.  If Kane would have gone through with the tombstone the place probably would have come unglued live though.  JBL was off on his call of it too.  Very odd for the heel announcer to condemn Kane as he did when he normally commends the heel’s actions.

Match #9 –  The Miz vs. Damien Mizdow (w/Summer Rae):

Miz gets booed out of London, Mizdow gets a hero’s welcome.  Mizdow hits the neckbreaker/backbreaker combination at one point, and one of the announcers says he does it better than Miz.   In the end, Mizdow rolls Miz up for a quick three count win.  He and Summer taunt Miz from the ramp.

Backstage, Prime Time Players cut a promo on New Day and The Ascension.  They say they have something special, and then turn around and put on matador hats and say that they are Los Matadores.  They say they forgot something, and hoist up a rainbow bull.  Young says his favorite color is rainbow.  O’Neil throws the mask off and says they should be Lost Matadores, because they lost their pride and dignity.  He asks who even heard of Puerto Rican bullfighters. They do the millions of dollars dance.

So, they gave the Prime Time Players a chance to cut that lousy promo, but can’t build a good feud for Miz and Mizdow, something that fans cared about?

Match #10 – Ryback vs. Luke Harper:

Off the ropes early, Harper hits a wicked superkick to disorient Ryback.  He follows with a gator roll then comes off the ropes, but Ryback greets him with a powerbomb.  Ryback sets up the Meathook, but Harper ducks out of the ring.  Ryback follows and takes the announce position top plate to the face.  The match ends in a DQ.

Dean Ambrose’s music hits.  Ambrose charges the ring and hits a Thesz Press.  He tries to set up Dirty Deeds, but Harper escapes through the crowd.  Ambrose poses to the crowd as the announcers recap briefly that Harper has roughed Ambrose up.

These quick matches are doing NOTHING for any story they are trying to tell among them.  It’s not that the action is poor, it just not compelling.

Cole sets up a recap of Naomi turning heel on Paige earlier on.  Backstage, Byron Saxton interviews Naomi.  She starts to say she’s sorry for the attack but laughs.  She says it’s not about where they are, it’s about her.  She asks why they had to have the battle royale, and says it doesn’t make sense.  She asks if wins and losses mean anything.

She talks about AJ briefly, saying that she was in the same class but she’s retired now.  She says she’s over it and people have been mistaking her kindness for weakness.  She says she won’t wait for her opportunities anymore, she’s going to take them.

Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring and Cole says that it will be interesting to see what he has to say about being booted out of his match with Seth Rollins earlier.  Back in the ring, Ziggler tells Kane that if he thinks that laying down for Rollins was best for business, then he should change his name to the Devil’s Favorite Dumbass.  He takes a page from Cena’s playbook and issues an open challenge to anyone in the back.  The man that answers is Neville – to a big reaction.

Match #11 – Neville vs. Dolph Ziggler:

Early tie up with Ziggler and Neville returning arm bars as the announcers talk about Neville’s history.   Ziggler hits a drop kick and Ziggler goes back to working on the arm.  Neville floats over a Ziggler corner charge, flips his way to the opposite corner, and hits Ziggler with a boot to the face when he charges.  Neville controls Ziggler with a headlock.  Ziggler comes back with a big DDT going to break.

Back from break, Neville hits a big moonsault onto Ziggler out on the floor.  Ziggler sells at ringside as Neville walks down the barrier and hits a big 450 splash off the barrier.  He drags Ziggler back to the ring to get a two count.  Ziggler has a small cut on the bridge of his nose.

Neville sets up  his next move.  Ziggler fights out but takes a kick.  Ziggler comes back with a superkick of his own for a two count.  Ziggler charges but Neville ducks.  Neville goes up top for the Red Arrow but Ziggler rolls out of the way.   Neville lands on his feet and charges but Ziggler runs him into the post.  Ziggler hits the Zig Zag to get the win.

The announcers put over Neville as being “great someday” and Ziggler helps him up.  Sheamus hits the ring and assaults Ziggler then hits the Brogue Kick on Neville.  Sheamus poses then pie faces Ziggler.  Ziggler attacks Sheamus, taking the fight to Sheamus with a forearm shot.  It spills outside and Ziggler continues to rough him up.  Sheamus comes back with a Brogue Kick to put Ziggler down, then he poses on the announce table to boos.

The action between Ziggler and Neville was pretty good.  Neville hasn’t lost anything but I really would liked to have seen a cheap finish here to protect him, especially since Sheamus got involved anyhow.  I hope they’re not saving Neville for that spot where his offense is needed to wake up live crowds.  Sheamus’ heel run is off to a good start too.  The brawl was well done, and Sheamus is carrying himself like a badass.

Cole talks about Show and Reigns’ confrontation earlier.  He feeds it to a recap of Show’s attack on Reigns where he roughed up Reigns against the taxi and the LED board.  Cole hypes up the Extreme Decision segment for next, where Orton and Rollins will select their stipulations for their title match at Extreme Rules.

Back with the show, Cole says that Triple H will have an announcement for us next week on Raw regarding Tough Enough.  Seth Rollins’ music is playing as he comes to the ring.

Extreme Decision Segment:

Rollins and J&J Security come to the ring.  Rollins is walking gingerly to sell the chokeslam.  There are chairs in the ring for Rollins and Security to sit in.  Rollins lounges in the chair and says the fans can boo him all they want but it doesn’t change the fact that he is the future of WWE.  He says he is the greatest WWE World Heavyweight Champion of all time.

He says at Wrestlemania, he beat Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar on the same night.  He says he beat Kane earlier, and Kane should be out there handling business.  He says Kane relieved himself of his duties for this segment and Rollins will take care of it.  He addresses those that question Kane’s actions, saying that a real man knows when to lay down for the good of the team.

He says because he beat Kane earlier, he gets to pick a stipulation for Extreme Rules.  He says that he has a doozy and calls Orton out.  Orton makes his way to the ring.  Cole reminds us that Orton also gets to pick a stipulation and JBL says Orton has a vivid imagination.

Orton eyes up Rollins sitting in the chair.  He calls it “one hell of a set up” and asks if he’s comfortable.  Orton says that Rollins makes everything so complicated.  Orton proposes getting rid of the furniture, fighting right now, and one man gets to pick the stipulation over the other man’s unconscious body.  “You would be the unconscious one, in this scenario.”

Rollins says that he likes things complicated, and says that it creates opportunities which is where he thrives.  He says “this is what power looks like.”  Rollins gets up and says that his stipulation will eliminate Orton’s greatest weapon.  Rollins says without it, Orton doesn’t stand a chance. “At Extreme Rules, the RKO is banned.  And Randy, let me remind you, the Authority always wins.”  Rollins laughs.

Orton credits Rollins for the way he thinks.  He says that he was going to take away Rollins’ greatest weapon, but what is that weapon.  He asks if it’s Rollins’ strength or speed and says no.    “Despite what you think, it’s not your intelligence either.”  He says his greatest weapon is his connection to the Authority.  Orton says that his stipulation will be to have their match inside a steel cage.

Rollins asks Orton if he thinks that scares him.  “I’m Seth Rollins.”  Rollins asserts that he isn’t afraid of Orton and says that Orton is simply going to be his first victim.

Orton says “well, since the RKO is banned at Extreme Rules, I guess we have to give the people what they paid to see right now.”  He dumps Rollins’ La-Z-Boy over, then attacks J&J.  He throws Rollins into the chair again, then continues to pound on him in the corner.  J&J try to help Rollins get away, but Orton catches him again and tries for the elevated DDT.  Mercury pulls Orton off, but takes the RKO for his troubles.  Rollins grabs his title belt and runs for the stage.

Orton stares at him from the ring as Rollins looks back clutching the belt and yelling “it’s my time.”  Orton poses on the ropes for the fans as Cole sends the show home with hype for the Ultimate Warrior special on WWE Network airing now.

I thought this was a decent closing segment.  It got to the stipulations both men wanted without a lot of unnecessary pomp and circumstance.  Rollins did really well with his part of it, showing the right looks at the right times (like the close-up after Orton announced the cage stipulation where he looked rattled but tried to remain confident), and Orton did a good job with his promo as well.

The live crowd seemed drained by the end of this show, and it felt like a marathon for me watching as well.  This was an up and down kind of show.  There were things about it that were good, and there were some good in-ring matches.  There were other things about it that just felt inconsequential and meaningless (the Fandango bit comes to mind).  It wasn’t hot by any stretch of the imagination.

Drew and I will be by tomorrow night to talk Raw, all things wrestling and more as we record Ring Rap Audio.  Be sure to ask us questions or weigh in with your thoughts via our Facebook page, Twitter @RingRap, or comment below.  Thanks for watching along tonight.


TNA Impact Wrestling 04/10/15 – Angle vs. Lashley vs. Young, Kong vs. Kim, The Rising vs. The BDC, and more!

TNA Impact is coming at us from the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL.  There’s heavy focus on The Rising and the BDC in the opening montage, which seems to indicate they will be a main focus of the evening.  We’ll see.

The opening segment of Impact seemed like a forced way to get Eric Young into the title picture.  While Bobby Lashley has a legitimate complaint, Eric Young’s case for being a contender is a little… flawed.  Hear me out now – he has won a number of matches lately, but they’re all against the same person.  To me, they should have him win against other opponents, but then again, being a heel, well he’s looking for any way into the title picture.

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Ring Rap Audio: 04/07/15 – WWE Raw, John Cena on Talk is Jericho, Smackdown goes to the USA Network, Tough Enough, AJ Lee, Steve Austin Addresses Rumors, plus more!

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Bill is a little under the weather this week, so we’ve kept this show a little shorter than most.  But frankly, there hasn’t been a wealth of topics to talk about in great length.  WWE Raw has some high points, but was mostly a drag.  The John Cena appearance on Chris Jericho’s podcast was entertaining, but hardly newsworthy.

Perhaps the biggest news from last week, however, was the departure of AJ Lee from WWE.  Bill and Drew take a look at her career.  Was she a trail blazer?  Is she Hall of Fame worthy?

All this, plus a look at WWE Smackdown moving to USA, Tough Enough returning, Steve Austin addressing rumors, plus more!

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