CM Punk Signs Multi-Fight Deal with UFC, Will Debut in 2015

Last night at UFC 181, CM Punk announced he has signed a muti-fight deal with Ultimate Fighting Championships, and will make his debut fight in 2015.

UFC President Dana White confirmed the signing, telling that this will be a different debut than Brock Lesnar. “He wanted to fight here,” White said. “He wanted to give it a shot, so we gave him an opportunity. It’s not like Brock Lesnar. We’re not going to throw the kitchen sink at him. Lesnar had a wrestling background. (CM Punk) going to fight a guy who is 1-0, 1-1, 2-1 — something like that.”

Punk was later part of a press conference discussing his signing, which is viewable below.  During the conference, Punk said “Can C.M. Punk fight? Yeah, I think everybody on some level can fight. It’s in our DNA. I intend to take this very seriously. Like I said with Joe Rogan cageside, I respect everybody who’s ever stepped foot in the cage and before I am done here everybody will respect me as well.”


Interview Highlight – Ken Shamrock Talks About WWE Listening to the Fans, His Own Hall of Fame Status, What He Would Change About WWE, and More

Mixed martial artist, UFC Hall of Famer and former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock gave an interview with recently.  Shamrock was asked about a number of topics in that interview, that you can see here.

Shamrock was asked about his Hall of Fame credentials as it pertains to WWE, and WWE had placed his influence on the product during his time there in proper perspective.  Shamrock replied:

“I don’t know if I can really speak to that. I do feel that I definitely deserve to be in their Hall of Fame based on the things that I did while I was there, being able to change that sport along with other people. I feel I earned that right based on what I was able to do there in a small amount of time.

I’m not sure that I can stand here and boast about that. The fans are the ones that really tell the tale and I think they speak very loudly about where I stand in pro wrestling. I don’t think that there are too many people who would tell you that I don’t deserve to be there.

Obviously, a lot of times the fans aren’t listened to, or their opinions are overlooked a lot. Today’s promoters just push them aside and don’t listen to what they want and they want fans to ‘shut up, sit down and enjoy the show’, because we are going to do whatever we want to do, like it or not, because you are going to come to the show.

I hear it all the time in the WWE. I hear about how fans would like to see certain wrestlers, and obviously you can’t give them everything they want, but you at least have to listen to them and I believe they are being completely ignored. I’ve always said that I think the fans are most important that you have when it comes to the entertainment industry. They are the ones that matter most and they should be heard.”

Shamrock was also asked if there was anything that he would change about WWE:

“I would. In the WWE, I would push for them being to able have an outlet for the wrestlers for them to vent their frustrations, a personnel department where they could talk one on one and talk about what is going on in their lives. There’s nothing there right now. There are guys who are struggling in life and in certain situations and there is nowhere for them to turn. That is what I would definitely implement there.”

Shamrock also discusses his post-MMA life, what he is involved with today, and a few other topics in the short read.


Anderson Silva Continues a Remarkable Recovery, Cleared to Spar Again

Anderson Silva continues his remarkable recovery from a broken leg suffered at UFC 168.  Dr. Marcio Tannure, the UFC and Brazilian commission consulting doctor, has cleared Anderson Silva to begin sparring.  Tannure is also Silva’s doctor.

Dr. Tannure gave an interview to, explaining Silva’s progress to date from the injury and why there is still more work to do in order for Silva to get in the cage again:

“He was already cleared by his doctors in the United States, but he likes to hear my opinion because I was with him in every step of his recovery, including the surgery.  There is no exact timetable for this type of injury.  It could take three months, or one year, but he had a good recovery and we’re happy.  It’s going as expected.”

“It would be really premature to say something now [on a return date], he hasn’t even sparred yet.  His recovery was great, but now we have to work on his mind and get rid of the mental block.  It could take a while, maybe not.  It would be really hard to say right now he can or can’t fight this year.  It’s not the moment, and he’s the one that is going to feel that.”

“He has to start slowly.  It still is really hard for him to work on that.  He feels unsafe now, maybe sees some images on his head, so we can’t demand too much from him right now.  That’s the toughest barrier to overcome.  He will only lose this fear with training, and then he will know if he’s ready to fight or not.  That’s absolutely normal.”

UFC has to be licking their chops thinking that Silva might return in 2014.  But, as is to be expected, he has to get past the mental block of using his leg for full kicks again.  This could truly be significant, because as important as the physical issues are getting to where he can throw kicks with abandon mentally might be a bigger issue.  If the sparring work this summer helps him to move on from that quickly, then of course the possibility exists that he returns to the cage for a fight in late December.  If not, that certainly keeps the 2015 timetable in play as well.

Best wishes to Silva as he continues his recovery.


Recently Retired Chael Sonnen Receives Temporary Suspension from Nevada State Athletic Commission

The Nevada State Athletic Commission had a full agenda on Tuesday, and it contained the case of the recently retired Chael Sonnen.

In Tuesday’s hearing, Sonnen was slapped with a temporary suspension for a failed drug test, administered randomly by the commission on May 24 in Las Vegas.  The full disciplinary hearing will come at the NSAC’s next meeting.

On the heels of the news of a failed drug test, Sonnen, 37, retired from MMA.  He had planned to appeal, using arguments about being tested out of competition and taking something to combat the sudden stoppage of his testosterone replacement therapy treatments.  In Tuesday’s hearing, the Nevada Attorney General made one point very clear – the substances that Sonnen tested positive for are prohibited both in and out of competition.  He added that Sonnen did not request a therapeutic use exemption either.

Since Sonnen did not apply for the therapeutic use exemption, this will likely mean that he will get slapped with a year-long suspension.  This would surely affect any decision Sonnen would like to make regarding the choice to come out of retirement to fight again.  The AG in Nevada really put any attempt by Sonnen to blur the line between in-competition/out-of-competition uses to rest in his statement.  Even if Sonnen were to try and use the arguments in public forum, it will probably not do much for him.


UFC 174 – Johnson vs. Bagautinov Quick Results and Opinion 6/14/2014

This is a “quick results” post-fight report from last night’s Johnson vs. Bagautino UFC 174 card that took place in Vancouver, Canada and aired on FX and pay per view.

Preliminary Fights, on FX, from the Rogers Centre in Vancouver, Canada

Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan are on the call tonight.  We get some pretty ridiculous hyperbole launched into right off the bat via the voice-over guy on FX, who says Yves Jabouin has flirted with greatness in the past.  Goldberg and Rogan talk about the night’s event and feed it to the first prelim fight.

Preliminary Fight #1 – Tae Hyun Bang def. Kajan Johnson (KO, Lightweight Bout)

Johnson survived the first round and I’m not quite sure how.  Bang landed a huge left that knocked him out momentarily, but he came to and popped back up.  I think Bang made the mistake of going for a front choke that allowed Johnson time to recover.  Johnson finished round one strong.  In the second, the fight stayed pretty close, but Johnson was able to do more damage than Bang did.

Striking match in the third, and Johnson takes it hard.  Johnson threw a high kick but got knocked down and out by a big right hand from Bang.  Bang mounted and the official stopped it quickly.  Johnson kept leaving himself open to that right hand all night, and he paid for it.  It was an entertaining fight, with Bang getting some good reversals and of course the solid right hand to finish.

Preliminary Fight #2 – Yves Jabouin def. Mike Easton (Unanimous Decision, Bantamweight Bout)

They opened trading strikes, and Easton had the better striking in the round.  Jabouin got him down on his back a few times and for several minutes, but just didn’t capitalize on it in the round.  First round went to Easton.  Second round the complexion changes.  Jabouin changed the pace of the fight, quickening it, and Easton could not keep up with it. Utilizing takedowns and strikes, Jabouin easily took the second as Easton couldn’t keep up.

No one really controlled the third round though.  Easton mounted a comeback and seemed to have regained a little energy after being gassed in the second.  Each man had their moments, but neither dominated the third.  Easton would have won if he had won the round, but he didn’t.  Jabouin had a lot of offense throughout the fight, and racked up one heck of a strike total.  That second round really cost Easton in this one.

Preliminary Fight #3 – Valerie Letorneau def. Elizabeth Phillips (Split Decision, Women’s Bantamweight)

Phillips did a nice job of creating damage in round one, and Letorneau’s eye ended up a mess at one point with all the striking action going on.  Phillips barely won the round though, even though Letorneau might have done enough to take the round.  Letorneau took control in the second though.  Her striking was on target, whereas Phillips seemed to just be wildly throwing shots that left her open for Letorneau’s strikes to land.

It was more of the same in round three, with Letorneau just landing combinations while Phillips tried to pop shots in.  I have to give Letorneau a ton of credit for fighting through that mess of an eye injury.  She might have broken the orbital bone there.  I thought it was generous to give Phillips two rounds, and really not the right call, but the overall fight did go to Letorneau and that was the right call.  This was a sloppy fight, especially for Phillips.

Preliminary Fight #4 – Kichi Kunimoto def. Daniel Sarafaian (Submission, Welterweight Bout)

Kunimoto worked kicks and tried to get a takedown that Sarafian held off.  Sarafian tried to hook in a guillotine twice, and tried to escape after Kunimoto popped out.  That let him give his back up, and Kunimoto took advantage and locked on a rear naked choke to force the submission.  This was probably the most unexpected result of the night.  Kunimoto looked terrible in his debut and won that by disqualification due to elbows to the back of the head.  Sarafian was also expected to be the man with the advantage in the ground game too.

They re-air Jason Saggo defeating Josh Shockley from UFC Fight Pass before going to the main card on pay per view.

UFC 174 Main Pay Per View Card

Goldberg and Rogan break down the main event and discuss the other fights on the card.

Fight #1 – Ovince St. Preux def. Ryan Jimmo (TKO, Injury Stoppage, Light Heavyweight Bout)

Jimmo was the more active man in the opening round, landing kicks and being the early aggressor.  The round was close though, and could have gone either way in scoring.  Spt Preux got a late takedown but it didn’t matter a lot.  In the second though, the injury bug hits.  St. Preux went for a choke that Jimmo defended, and when he rolled to his knees he yelled.  Jimmo complained that his arm was broken.  St.Preux went for a kimura on his other arm, but the official stopped the fight.

St. Preux was passing the test prior to the injury though.  It’s a shame that Jimmo’s last two fights have been losses as a result of injury.  Bad luck there, for sure.

Fight #2 – Andrei Arlovski def. Brendan Schaub (Split Decision, Heavyweight Bout)

Arlovski is back after a six-year hiatus.  This was a bit of a strange fight, but it was nice to see Arlovski fight again.  In the first round there was a lot of tentative action with clinching and some striking.  Schaub landed a few solid punches, and Arlovski pushed in several times via clinches, but neither man did much.  Arlovski got a lot more active in the second round, landing more strikes than he did in the first.  An early low blow halted the action momentarily.  The live crowd didn’t care for Arlovski’s stalling at points either.

Schaub opened round three with missing some wild strikes, and Arlovski landed a hard left but couldn’t follow up.  At one point, Schaub was able to get top position after a takedown.  His face at the end was swollen, and one could speculate that he had a broken jaw.

This wasn’t a very good fight.  Neither man really did all that much to truly win, so I can give the split decision a pass.  Schaub needed to do more in the early going of this fight to take it, and he just didn’t do it.  Pretty uneventful bout.

Fight #3 – Ryan Bader def. Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante (Unanimous Decision, Light Heavyweight)

Feijao worked a leg kick to start, but Bader worked strong grappling.  He also did a good job of landing strikes in the early going, and won the first round.  He continued to control the fight into the second round.  You could see Feijao getting more tired as the fight wore on. The two were a bit tentative, and the live crowd was restless with them for that.  More of the same in the third, with Feijao shooting in and landing a hard right early on.  The fight ended with Bader getting top position, landing an elbow and body shots.  The live crowd wasn’t happy with the ground and pound.

This wasn’t an exciting fight, but it was a smart fight from Bader especially.  The third round got off to a shaky start for him, but the takedown he scored killed Feijao’s spirit.  Bader controlled from start to finish and grabbed the win.

Fight #4 – Rory MacDonald def. Tyron Woodley (Unanimous Decision, Welterweight Bout)

The live crowd was strongly behind Rory with huge “Let’s Go Rory” chants.  MacDonald landed some hard kicks, but Woodley shot in and took him down.  MacDonald popped back up though to a nice pop from the live crowd and threw strikes and a nice combination to finish.  MacDonald had a great round, and probably his best since the BJ Penn fight.  In the second round MacDonald hits a superman punch and an axe kick that didn’t land flush.  He really picked Woodley apart throughout the round when he got him up against the cage.  This is the MacDonald that has been missing in his last three fights.  He fought smart.

Woodley came out swinging wildly in the third, but MacDonald fired right back.  Toward the end, Woodley tried to throw some upkicks, but MacDonald landed a right.  He passed over to get a mount, then moved to side control.  He trapped Woodley’s arm and closed it.  Woodley isn’t one to get taken down much, but he really took it hard from MacDonald last night.  MacDonald worked a great fight, even though it wasn’t the most thrilling of fights.  He got his mojo back a bit, and he will move up in the division as a result of this fight.  If he beats a top five guy, he should be in line for a title shot after Robbie Lawler and Matt Brown get their shots at Hendricks.

Fight #5 (Main Event) – Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson def. Ali Bagautinov (Unanimous Decision, Flyweight Championship Bout)

Johnson started off with some leg kicks and body kicks.  Early action was tentative while Johnson looked to find an opening.  Johnson was able to bob and weave as Bagautinov missed his strike attempts.  Late, Bagautinov got a body lock and a late takedown, but Johnson popped back up.  They started slow, but Mighty Mouse started to pick the pace up, working nicely in the clinch.  He was off to a good start.

The second round was all about picking up the pace for Johnson.  Bagautinov really wasn’t having much success in the second round.  He wasn’t really finding a connection with some of the strikes he was throwing, and Johnson utilizing the knee strikes was really helping him to change the complexion of the fight.  Johnson kept up the pressure in the third round as well.  He kept working kicks and knees, keeping Bagautinov on his toes as he changed stances. Bagautinov scored a slam at one point, but Johnson popped up, hit a knee and threw a right.  Johnson put on a clinic and he wasn’t looking tired heading to the Championship rounds.

In round four, Johnson did slow down a bit, but he kept dominating.  Bagautinov did land a right to the chest and a hard body kick, and some more body strikes, but he really wasn’t finding ways to mount sustained offense.  Johnson kept working the knee strikes and clinches to throw knees to the head.  He almost got a choke right at the horn as well.  In the final round, Johnson opened with some punches and a nice combination.  He kept working knee shots and combinations.  At one point, it looked like he awkwardly bent his leg on a takedown from Bagautinov, but he was okay.

This was Johnson’s fight, start to finish – and one that causes fans to look to Johnson/Dodson II.  It wasn’t the greatest performance from Johnson, but he certainly put on a show against a 13-2 Bagautinov and controlled it from beginning to end.  Not everyone would be entertained by this fight, but Johnson definitely brought it all to win this one.

The UFC has a busy June, with two more events to close out the month, and there’s World Series of Fighting 10 on NBC Sports Network next week too.  We’ll post about those events and more as we can here on


Breaking: Chael Sonnen Ends 17-year MMA Career, Retires from Fighting

Chael Sonnen has suddenly announced his retirement from the world of mixed martial arts today.  This comes on the heels of word that came out on Tuesday that he had failed a random drug test with the Nevada Athletic Commission back on May 23.

This was Sonnen’s retirement statement:

“Right now, guys, I do want to take an opportunity to officially announce my retirement from competitive mixed martial arts.  I want to stay within the rules, and I don’t fully understand them.  And I have to put my health first, I have to put my family first.  If I know what I know now, and I know that this is going to work, and I’m going to be able to get my wife pregnant, and look forward to having a family, I’m going to do the exact same thing 20 more times, which is going to put me out of compliance 20 more times.  So, let’s just stop with that.  Let me just remove myself.

There’s gonna be a day when I am no longer going to have the title of fighter, and that’s just a reality Kenny.  But I don’t want there to ever be a day where I don’t have a title as parent and father and husband and my health has to come first”

Sonnen was a bit combative about the situation regarding TRT when he appeared on Fox Sports 1’s “America’s Pregame” Tuesday, and mentioned that he would appeal his situation.  That all changed when he appeared on “UFC Tonight” on Wednesday, when he said he would walk away from the sport instead.  He thanked several people, including “the single most important oppoennt” he ever faced in Anderson Silva.

While I am not totally surprised by this, it probably should be this way.  Nevada no longer permits for testosterone replacement therapy, and that creates a bind for those who do use it.  It’s saying “if you can’t move forward without it, you can’t fight.”  More fighters have been taking this stance prior to the NAC banning TRT.  Sonnen is in a situation where he feels this is something that he needs to make a family and lead a healthy life.  I can’t say that I blame him for taking that stand.  Not to mention that Sonnen’s body has reached a point that he can’t fight without the TRT therapy, so for him to walk away makes sense.


UFC 175 Card Shakes Up – Wanderlei Silva vs. Chael Sonnen Scratched, Vitor Belfort Inserted

High drama has enused around the UFC 175 fight card.

For months, Chael Sonnen has prodded and taunted Wanderlei Silva to fight him.  It looked as if that fight might just go down on the UFC 175 card, but now it won’t be taking place.  “The American Gangster” has been removed  from the card.  It has been cited in Combate that Silva was removed from the card due to a failure to comply with licensing regulations by missing a pre-fight medical examination.

What is even more surreal is the replacement fight that’s being booked.  On this same card, Chris Weidman is fighting Lyoto Machida in a middleweight title fight.  Weidman and Sonnen were destined to fight at some point and many projected it to be on UFC 175.  Instead, Vitor Belfort will be facing Chael Sonnen by all appearances.

Sonnen got shellacked in his last fight out against Rashad Evans seven months ago.  Since then, Sonnen was a coach for a season of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil and had considered dropping a class down to middleweight.  All indications are that the Belfort vs. Sonnen bout will remain a light heavyweight fight at the moment.

During the taping of TUF: Brazil and on air, Sonnen taunted and prodded that Wanderlei would never actually step into a cage against him.  A lot of people wrote that off as Chael being Chael and didn’t give it too much thought.  Now, what seems to be his typical jaw jacking routine seems to have come true if the reports of Wanderlei skipping pre-fight testing exams are indeed true.

As surreal as this is for Sonnen, it also is for Belfort as well.  He took down Dan Henderson, and was positioned to be the next middleweight title challenger.  Whispers started to circulate that Belfort had failed a drug test, and anti-TRT regulations were put in place, taking him out of a fight against Weidman at UFC 173.  Since, he demanded to replace Machida at UFC 175 and said his last drug test in Nevada wasn’t anything worth talking about.  Combate reports that he has been cleared to fight in Nevada, and while it’s not the title fight he hoped for, Belfort won’t have issue getting licensed to face Sonnen.

Combate also cites that given Wanderlei’s actions, UFC may consider terminating his contract as well.  If that comes to light, we will certainly keep you posted.

The current UFC 175 card, which will take place on July 5 in Las Vegas, looks like this:

Chris Weidman vs. Lyoto Machida; Middleweight Title Fight

Ronda Rousey vs. Alexis Davis; Bantamweight Title Fight

Vitor Belfort vs. Chael Sonnen

Alex Caceres vs. Urijah Faber

Matt Mitrione vs. Stefan Struve

Uriah Hall vs. Thiago Santos

Ildemar Alcantara vs. Santiago Ponzinibbio

Guilherme Vasconcelos vs. Luke Zachrich

Chris Camozzi vs. Bruno Santos

Rob Font vs. Douglas Silva de Andrade


Source: Bloody Elbow


New York State Senate Passes MMA Bill; Moves on to State Assembly for Approval

The UFC has wanted to run in New York for a long time now, but the state does not view mixed martial arts as a legal sport.  Today, some good news was delivered in the form of a New York State Senate bill that has passed for the fifth straight year.  The hurdle remains the State Assembly now.

Senate Bill S6502 passed on Tuesday in Albany by a 44-16 vote, down slightly from last year’s 47-17 tally.  This bill faces the same problem that its predecessors have – the Assembly has stalled them, and not brought them to a vote.

One of the problems is that Assembly leader Sheldon Silver is someone who opposes the sport of MMA, and he has been the one refusing to bring it to a vote.  Many in the State Senate believe there are enough votes in Assembly to get this bill passed, but the clock is ticking.  The New York Legislative session closes on June 19.  UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta is hoping that now is the time for this bill to finally get passed before session closes.

Fertitta was quoted in a press release as saying the following:

“We once again thank the State Senate – Democrats and Republicans – for giving overwhelming approval to legislation to legalize and regulate MMA in New York State, the last place in North America where professional MMA remains illegal.  The attention turns yet again to the Assembly.  Hopefully the Assembly will finally recognize that enacting this law is the right thing to do for the millions of fans, the right thing to do for ensuring the safety of amateur and professional MMA athletes, the right thing for tourism and economic development, the right thing for the arenas and the union jobs they provide.  I have no choice but to be cautiously optimistic.  Mr. Speaker, make 2014 the year this gets done.”

The UFC has fought a five year battle with this bill, and at least right now with a leader so opposed to the sport it’s hard to see this outcome being any different.  There is a lot of good that can come from this across the board for fans and the economic impact the sport will have where events are hosted.  There are a lot of MMA fighters that are billed from New York state, and it surely would be special and important for them to be able to fight in their home state as well.

I think it would be amazing to see UFC run an event in Madison Square Garden.  Maybe next month we’ll see that become a reality.


UFC 172 – Jones vs. Teixeira Fight Card Preview

The UFC comes to Baltimore, MD tonight for their latest pay per view fight card at UFC 172.  The main event tonight is Jon Jones taking on Glover Teixeira for the Light Heavyweight Championship.  The fight card looks pretty entertaining, and given my proximity to Baltimore I would love to be there live – just didn’t work out.  Here are some quick thoughts on tonight’s card:

Jon Jones vs. Glover Teixeira; Light Heavyweight Championship

Jon Jones has range and finishing ability.  He can beat you with submissions and with TKOs.  Glover hasn’t lost a fight in nine years, but the class of his opposition hasn’t been the likes of Jones.  Jones has only been disqualified for illegal elbows against Matt Hamill, being the only recent mark on his record.

Jones is the favorite for a reason.  Glover is not the biggest challenge that Jones has faced, and despite his success in UFC and the wins he logged, I have a hard time seeing him doing much to Jones.  Jones has been hit before, and he struggled against Gustafsson in the first half of their bout.  Vitor almost caught him with an arm bar.  Despite a few humanizing moments like this, Jones has been spectacular.

Jones has a reach advantage and good striking range to go with a fantastic ground and pound game.  He’s dangerous in the submission game and in the clinch.  Jones has weapons and he knows how to use them in a variety of ways.  Teixeira hits hard though, and he has a good submission game too.  He lacks the speed that Jones has and doesn’t have the height and reach issues that a guy like Gustafsson had either.  But Glover can do damage with that big right hand, and he accumulates strikes well.

In the end, this is Jones’ fight to take it wherever he wants.  I can’t discount Glover’s ability to land a killshot, but his run comes to an end tonight.

Prediction:  Jon Jones by submission, round 3

Phil Davis vs. Anthony Johnson (Light Heavyweight Bout)

Davis has some good submission skills and is a fantastic wrestler, but lacks a good striking game.  Johnson, on the other hand, is an excellent striker but has struggled against good wrestlers before.  Johnson has been doing well of late to get this opportunity.  He can stop just about anyone if he catches them, but that’s not a given going against Davis.

If Johnson were to KO Davis, it would breath some life into the Light Heavyweight division and put him on the path to a title shot.  I just think it’s going to be a lot more possible that Davis is able to get him to the ground using his wrestling skills and make it a long night for Johnson.

Prediction:  Phil Davis via submission, round 2

Luke Rockhold vs. Tim Boetsch (Middleweight Bout)

Rockhold, the former Strikeforce fighter, looked fantastic against Costas Philippou in his last outing.  Costas put away Boetsch, who is a durable fighter.  This seems like a placeholder fight for Rockhold.  While you can never count anyone out, and that’s why you fight the fights, I’ll be shocked if Rockhold slips here and loses.  If he shows the form he showed against Costas, he will pick up the victory.

Prediction: Luke Rockhold via submission, Round 1

Jim Miller vs. Yancey Medeiros (Lightweight Bout)

Talk about short turnarounds.  Medeiros took this fight on a week’s notice. Given he was already on the card, he is in fighting shape.  Miller, however, is a veteran who can control fights and score a submission from out of anywhere.

Mederios has a height and reach advantage on Miller and is a hard hitter.  His lone career loss came in a fluke injury from defending a takedown.  He has good finishing instinct and has shown a lot of good things inside the octagon even though we’ve seen little of him.  Miller, on the other hand, hasn’t looked all that great in his last couple fights.  He did defeat Fabricio Camoes but didn’t look too good until he locked the armbar in from his back.

As long as Miller comes in better than his last fight, he will do enough to get a decision victory.

Prediction: Jim Miller via decision.

Max Holloway vs. Andre Fili (Featherweight Bout)

Fili has only made one appearance in UFC.  He took a short notice fight against Jeremy Larsen and won it, making a big impression.  Holloway has entertained in a few fights, but he lacks greatness in any particular area of his game.  Fili is a good finisher, and he has a better upside over Holloway in this fight.

Prediction:  Andre Fili via TKO, round 2

Bonus Quick Picks for the Preliminary Card:

Joseph Benavidez over Tim Elliot

Issac Vallie-Flagg over Takanori Gomi

Jessamyn Duke over Bethe Coreia

Danny Castillo over Charlie Brenneman

Patrick Williams over Chris Beal


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