UFC Trims Fight Roster, Releases Five Fighters Including Former Ultimate Fighter: Brazil Alumni

Yesterday, UFC made some changes to their fight roster, cutting ties with five fighters.

Igor Pokrajac, a twelve-time Octagon veteran was cut.  He has been on a four fight losing streak, having dropped bouts to Vinny Magalhaes, Ryan Jimmo, Rafael Cavalcante, and Marcos Rogerio de Lima.  The Croatian lightweight posted notable wins in his UFC tenure, picking up victories over Fabio Maldonado, Krzysztof Soszynski and James Irvin.  His losing streak almost went to five when he lost to Joey Beltran at UFC on FX 6, but that decision was overturned when Beltran failed a post-fight drug test.

Rodrigo Damm participated in “The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil.”  Damm debuted strong in UFC, winning three of his first four bouts.  That streak didn’t continue, however and Damm lost his last three fights.  His most recent outing at UFC 182 ended in a unanimous decision loss to Evan Dunham.

Tom Niinimaki was impressive when he debuted in the promotion.  He picked up a split decision over a strong grappler in Rani Yahya on the “TUF 18” finale.  However, Niinimaki lost three straight fights against Niklas Backstrom, Chas Skelly and Renato Carneiro, losing all of them by rear-naked choke submission.

Mike Rhodes came to UFC as a heralded prospect out of the Roufusport camp.  He made three appearances in UFC, losing all three.  He dropped decisions to George Sullivan and Robert Whittaker, then earned his pink slip by bowing out after the first round against Erick Silva at UFC Fight Night “Machida vs. Dollaway.”

Sean Soriano, the final cut, also went 0-3 in the Octagon.  His last appearance was at UFC Fight Night “McGregor vs. Siver,” where he tapped out to Charles Rosa via brabo choke approximately 4 minutes into the third round.

Source: Sherdog.com


Invicta FC President Shannon Knapp Says She Supports UFC Signing Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino

Invicta FC President Shannon Knapp gave an interview with MMAJunkie.com recently.  In the interview, she said that she would not stand in the way of UFC signing one of her most prized assets, the current featherweight champion Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino.  Justino has a 12-1 record, and has been at the center of long-rumored talks about fighting UFC’s bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey.

Knapp said, “If it makes sense and that’s what an athlete wants, I’m going to support it.  I think that ‘Cyborg’ is one of the best in the world, and I think that fight between her and Ronda Rousey is a fight I want to see.”

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UFC Champion Jon “Bones” Jones Checks Himself Into Drug Rehab on the Heels of a Failed Drug Test

Jon “Bones” Jones is fresh off of a successful title defense this past Saturday night at UFC 182.  However, it appears the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion is fighting a much more important battle with drugs.  According to a report on Yahoo, he has checked himself into rehabilitation after news of a failed test has surfaced.

On December 4, 2014, Jones was subject to a random drug test by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) prior to his latest fight.  The test came back positive for a chemical called benzoylecgonine, which is a principal chemical in cocaine.  Cocaine is not a banned “out of competition” substance according to rules established by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) guidelines, so there was no merit to stop the fight at UFC 182 from going forward.  There is also no grounds to change the results of the fight either.  A latter test also revealed that Jones passed.  If UFC desires, they can strip him of the title, but for now Jones is still champion.

Jones issued a statement through Yahoo regarding the decision to enter rehab.

“With the support of my family, I have entered into a drug treatment facility. I want to apologize to my fiancée, my children, as well as my mother, father, and brothers for the mistake that I made. I also want to apologize to the UFC, my coaches, my sponsors and equally important to my fans. I am taking this treatment program very seriously. Therefore, at this time my family and I would appreciate privacy.”

Also per the Yahoo report, the NSAC may consider possibly departing from WADA guidelines in future, similar violations.  If more information is released on that matter, we’ll be sure to update you accordingly.


UFC and Dana White Release Statements on Jon Jones Entering Rehabilitation for Drug Issues

Both the UFC as an organization and President Dana White have issued statements regarding UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones entering a drug rehabilitation facility.

From the UFC:

“We support UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones’ decision to enter a drug treatment facility to address his recent issue. While we are disappointed in the failed test, we applaud him for making this decision to enter a drug treatment facility. Jon is a strong, courageous fighter inside the Octagon, and we expect him to fight this issue with the same poise and diligence. We commend him on his decision, and look forward to him emerging from this program a better man as a result.”

Statement from UFC President Dana White:

“I am proud of Jon Jones for making the decision to enter a drug treatment facility. I’m confident that he’ll emerge from this program like the champion he truly is.”

These are the right kinds of statements to make.  Jones is not a popular character in UFC circles, but he shouldn’t be turned into a villain by making this kind of a mistake.  No matter what you might think of Jones and if he’s sincere about this, he deserves the chance to put himself in a better place ultimately.  Hopefully this is a one-time mistake, and he comes out of this as a better person.  I’m pulling for him in this situation, and hope that this doesn’t become a recurring problem.


UFC 182 “Jones vs. Cormier” Pay Per View Quick Results and Thoughts – 1/3/2015

The following are the quick results for the UFC 182 pay per view event taking place tonight in Las Vegas, NV.  The card will be highlighted by Jon Jones taking on Daniel Cormier for the World Lightweight Championship in the main event.  Refresh the page for updates throughout the evening.

UFC Fight Pass Preliminary Fights:

Marion Reneau def. Alexis Dufresne by unanimous decision

Dufresne never moved much during this fight.  She was a punching bag for Reneau and really got beat up for 15 minutes.  This was embarrassing.

Omari Akhmedov def. Mats Nilsson by unanimous decision

Omari looked tired after the first round, but he was able to still dictate the fight pace and get several takedowns in on Nilsson in order to get the decision.

Fox Sports 1 Preliminary Fights:

Prelim #1 – Evan Dunham vs. Rodrigo Damm (Lightweight Bout)

Dunham pressed to the cage early only to get caught with a combo from Damm.  The first round was marked with a lot of striking, with Dunham getting the better of it.  He had a lot of output in that first round and made it seem pretty one sided.  The second round wasn’t as dominating for Dunham, but it was much more of the same as the first round.  In the third, Dunham continued the onslaught, and he landed a ton of shots.  He worked a very smart and effective fight.

Winner – Evan Dunham by unanimous decision

This wasn’t special but it was a solid fight.  Damm is a tough guy, but Dunham kept tagging him throughout.

Prelim Fight #2 – Shawn Jordan vs. Jared Cannonier (Heavyweight Bout)

These two guys are very similar in size.  Cannonier landed an inside kick and ate a short punch from Jordan.  The two were tentative early on, with Jordan missing punches. Cannonier landed some kicks, but Jordan tossed out a high hook kick.  That was something unusual for a guy of his size.  Jordan dropped Canonnier with a right hand and pounced with ground strikes for the KO

Winner – Shawn Jordan

A nice finish to an otherwise lackluster fight.  Both men seemed really tentative.

Prelim Fight #3 – Marcus Brimage vs. Cody Garbrandt (Bantamweight Bout)

They circled to star it  off, and Garbrandt tossed out a high kick that got blocked.  Tentative start for the two men.  Garbrandt is a debuting prospect in this one, so I can understand the tentative start here.  He lands a nice inside leg kick then a combination.  Brimage brought it to a halt with a low kick.  Garbrandt hit a nice counter combination then another.  Eventually, Garbrandt got Brimage down but Brimage kicked him off after a couple strikes.  With about 30 seconds left, Garbrandt landed a capoeira kick that missed but went after Brimage with a big flurry.  Brimage was lucky to weather the storm.

Garbrandt continued to press the advantage in the second round, working leg kicks and counters.  Brimage managed to avoid a flurry early in the second and landed a solid left.  Garbrandt was still effective though, keeping the advantage going to the final round.  In the third, Garabrandt hit a head kick and punches to open, then landed a good knee to the body.  A bit later he set up a triangle, but instead used it to get to his feet when Brimage stepped out.  Late, Garbrandt landed a huge combination then dropped Brimage with a flurry.  Brimage got back up, but he was out on his feet.  Garbrandt landed another series of shots to drop Brimage and cause the TKO

Winner – Cody Garbrandt by TKO

This was an entertaining bout.  Garbrandt, as mentioned, was debuting tonight and he put on a really good show.  He broke his right hand in the first round too!

Prelim Fight #4 – Danny Castillo vs. Paul Felder (Lightweight Bout)

Felder landed kicks early, getting one up in the groin so action gets stopped.  The restart has Felder landing more kicks outside.  Castillo couldn’t get out of the blocks early then landed a hard strike.  He took a hard right, then a leg kick.  Felder kept up with the leg kicks, hitting a spinning kick followed by good knee shots.  Felder timed in another good knee before Castillo landed a right hand.  Felder hits a body kick late, then tries a spinning kick that misses.  Felder just missed a side kick and spinning back fist before the buzzer.

More of the same in round two.  Felder landed kicks but Castillo missed strikes.  Felder cracked him with a knee.  Castillo shot in but got blocked and took a knee.  Late, Felder landed a spinning back fist that dropped Castillo straight out.  Holy SHIT!

Winner – Paul Felder by Knockout

I don’t care what happens in any other UFC event in 2015.  That right there is the knockout of the YEAR.  Castillo was lost in this fight.

UFC 182 Main Card on Pay Per View

This has been fun so far, so you might want to check yourself if you’re not getting more excited about this card and the main event.

I’m going to tighten up the notes and just keep it to what I think of each round rather than give you the play-by-play of the rounds.

Fight #1 – Hector Lombard vs. Josh Burkman (Welterweight Bout)

The first round of this one was close.  Burkman got some good offense in early on, but Lombard was the aggressor.  Late in the round he started to open things up a bit, and if I were scoring it I would give the round to Lombard.

The second round was more of the same.  Burkman got in offense, but Lombard pressed the advantage.  Both men are looking for ways to do damage in every exchange, but Lombard definitely took the second round in my book.

Lombard fought smart and patient through the third though.  He didn’t gas out and let himself get worn down like he has in past fights.  He controlled the third round, and really the last ten minutes of the fight in order to grab the win.

Winner – Hector Lombard by Unanimous Decision

Fight #2 – Kyoji Horiguchi vs. Louis Gaudinot (Flyweight Bout)

Both men were tentative early on in this one.  Gaudinot didn’t do much in the round though, and overall the round was fairly inactive.  Horiguchi got a late takedown and it turned into a clinch closing out round one.   Second round was more of the same.  There wasn’t a lot happening, but Horiguchi was much more effective on his offense.  The third round wasn’t much more active for either man, but Horiguchi managed to score enough points to be able to pick up the decision win.  The fight was pretty dull and not what was hoped for, especially from Horiguchi.

Winner – Kyoji Horiguchi by unanimous decision

Fight #3 – Nate Marquardt vs. Brad Tavares (Middleweight Bout)

Early, Tavares jabbed and pressed Marquardt back.  He landed a leg kick, then Marquardt came back with a knee in a clinch.  Marquardt didn’t get much going in the early part of this fight.  The two exchanged kicks, with Marquardt getting a hard leg kick.  Tavares continued to be active in the round, which wasn’t really all that pretty.  The crowd started getting a bit restless.  Tavares ended the round with a front kick and celebrated like it was a big deal.

Second round, Marquard tried to get a takedown after a kick but didn’t get it.  Marquardt couldn’t secure a clinch.  The fight continued to be dull and tentative.  Tavares started to open up the offense with a hard leg kick and a jab.  The crowd booed the fight because it really wasn’t going anywhere at all.  Tavares landed a couple jabs to end the abysmal second round.

The third round continued an abysmal fight.  Tavares got in an early combo, and Marquardt got a knee in during a clinch.  Tavares held off a takedown and the crowd continued to boo this fight, as they should have.  Tavares got in a little bit on offense and Marquardt just did nothing at all.  The crowd hated this fight.  Tavares did finish off strong up against the cage, but he was just active enough to grab the win.  Marquardt did nothing.  This was dreadful.

Winner – Brad Tavares by unanimous decision

Fight #4 – Donald Cerrone vs. Myles Jury (Lightweight Bout)

Myles is rocking Fusion Bumpers sponsorship.  I appreciate that as I’m running Fusion products on my show truck.

Cerrone closed the distance early but got taken down by Jury.  Jury defended an omoplata from his side and stayed patient, but Cerrone worked to extend the position.  He then forced Jury to roll out and ended up with side control in a nice sequence.  Cerrone worked the body triangle after Jury gave up his back, but Jury rolled to that side and defended in a really good ground battle.  Jury kept defending and tossed some punches, but he couldn’t turn in because of the body triangle.  Cerrone switched sides then locked on the rear naked choke but Jury peeled free.  Nice defense by Jury.  He kept defending and the horn stopped an armbar attempt by Cerrone.  A good ground game first round that Jury is not out of because of how well he defended.

The second round saw the fans getting behind Cerrone as he tried to walk Jury down.  Jury’s takedown got stuffed, but he backed out to toss a jab. They exchanged kicks, and Jury landed some outside strikes.  Jury missed his spinning back fist but landed a right hand and blocked a kick attempt.  Jury really needed to press the advantage in this round, but he didn’t do that.  Cerrone didn’t do much either in this round, and the crowd again got restless as the attacks slowed down.  Cerrone landed some late kicks to end this round.  It didn’t come off as good as the first round.

Jury landed a combination at the cage to start the third round.  They traded kicks, then blocked body kicks. Jury tried the spinning fist again but missed, but hit a knee as Cerrone approached him.  Jury really needed to pick up the offense if he wanted to win this one, but he didn’t.  Later, Cerrone held off another shot and pressed with a right then landed a kick.  Cerrone walked Jury down, landed a kick, then Jury shot in.  Eventually Jury flopped to his back and had to stand.  Cerrone shot in to finish it, shoving Jury to the ground.  He unleashed kicks to the horn.

Cerrone made a statement to close this one out.  This wasn’t his best fight, but it was a good one.  Jury kind of lost his way in this one, and never regained his confidence.  A solid first round and a good final few minutes from Cerrone in this fight.  It lagged down the middle though.

Winner – Donald Cerrone by unanimous decision

Fight #5 (Main Event) – Jon “Bones” Jones vs. Daniel Cormier; Light Heavyweight Championship

Cormier tried to press but Jones threw a straight kick then an axe kick that missed.  Cormier tried another press but Joes avoided him.  Jones landed a body kick, then Cormier tried to press again but ate an uppercut and an elbow for his troubles.  Jones tripped him down and took his back, but Cormier worked up to his feet in the clinch.  Jones hit an oblique kick, then a jab.  A bit later they clinched and traded strikes, with Jones getting in a hard knee to the body.  Cormier returned a nice right hand, then Jones landed some punches and kicks and a brutal step-in knee.  Late in the round, Jones got in a knee, and Cormier landed a combination shot.  Jones missed a flying knee then they traded strikes.  Jones has such a diverse array of attacks.  That round definitely went to the defending champion Jones.

Round 2 saw Jones land a hard body kick early, with Cormier coming back with some strikes and a leg kick.  He tried to shoot in, but Jones teased a standing guillotine.  Cormier landed a right hand a bit later, then Jones clinched and turned him around by the cage.  Jones landed a shoulder strike.  Cormier tried for a guillotine of his own but Jones slipped out easily.  Cormier circled and landed a body kick, then blocked a shot from Jones. Later, they traded strikes in close, with Jones landing several kicks.  He jabbed Cormier, who fired back with an uppercut.  Jones got in some elbows during some dirty boxing.  Late in the round, Cormier landed some leg kicks and strikes, and Jones pressed him to the cage in the clinch.  Cormier landed strikes, then shrugged Jones off and landed some uppercuts.  He throws a hard right, and Jones gets a left.  Jones missed a knee which let Cormier fire in some shots.  Cormier gets the second round by being more effective in the clinch and landing damage that Jones hasn’t taken in a while.

Round three opens with Cormier hitting a leg kick and Jones throwing a side kick first to the thigh, then the body. A strike exchange ensues, with Jones landing some strikes on the outside, and Cormier coming back with a body kick.  Cormier closed the distance and landed a right hand.  Jones threw a side kick and landed a hard body punch.  After Jones lands an elbow, Cormier gets poled in the eye,which stops the proceedings for a moment.  At the restart, Jones landed a hard body kick.  Jones failed on a shoot in attempt, and Cormier tied to turn it into him but Jones stuffed that.  Really good sequence there.  Late in the round, Jones threw some strikes before Cormier could separate from a clinch.  Jones landed a left, right then body strike.  Cormier came back with a right and an uppercut, then Jones hit an elbow.  Jones landed a flying knee, then Cormier came back with some strikes of his own.  Jones landed a shoulder strike, then tried a jump but it didn’t work.  Jones was a lot more active, and Cormier got in some good offense too.  This round could have gone to either man in my book – we’ll see how they score it.

Round four of this five round title fight gets underway with Jones working from the outside and landing a hard body kick.  Cormier blocked a head kick but took a short elbow and a knee to the body in the clinch.  Jones shoots in and takes Cormier down and landed strikes at the cage.  Cormier got up, and Jones landed a side kick and held the clinch.  He took down Cormier a second time.  He set up a half guard and tried to get a choke.  Jones stood over and landed a punch.  Cormier got up only to take an elbow and a big punch from Jones.  Cormier is getting gassed out here.  Later, Jones pressed in the clinch, taking short strikes.  Jones landed a nice combination, and a side kick.  That’s some crazy flexibility.  Cormier worked his way loose but took an elbow.  He tried to attack, but Jones landed several strikes.  Cormier hits a leg kick but Jones clinched the separated with a knee.  They jockeyed for position at the cage right before the horn, where Jones tossed Cormier down one more time.  Jones took command of the fight in this round, without question.  Ryback says:

Round five saw Jones open up with high kicks, and landing a straight kick.  Cormier hit a couple uppercuts, then Jones stuffed a takedown out of the clinch.  Jones landed some knees and a knee to the body.  Jones landed a combination to the body, and Cormier fired back with upper cuts.  Jones dropped down but gave up the clinch.  The crowd got a bit restless with the clinch work.  Jones threw some strikes and snuck up behind Cormier, but Cormier turned back into him and clinched again.  The crowd got restless again with the clinch battle. A bit later, Jones landed some hard elbows, and Cormier returned by picking Jones up and tossing him down.  Jones bounced right back up.  Jones pressed Cormier to the cage, landed a spinning elbow to the head.  Cormier shot in but Jones tried a choke.  Jones raised his arms and they traded strikes.  Cormier hit Herb Dean at the horn, and Jones gave Cormier the DX Crotch Chop.  As much as I hate to say it, Cormier is not as good as Jones is.  It’s reality.  Jones showed up big in this fight, and credit to Cormier for giving his all.

Winner – Jon “Bones” Jones via unanimous decision

This fight was really competitive early, but Jones just went to a whole other level after about the 12 minute mark.  His fourth round was so dominant, and Cormier was worn out by the end of it.  Jones took care of his business in the fifth to ensure the victory.  Right now, he’s got to be the best fighter out there.  Cormier showed heart and he was game for a while.  He just didn’t have enough.

Thanks for reading along.  Check back tomorrow for our New Japan Pro Wrestling “Wrestle Kingdom 9” report!


Ring Rap Audio: 12/11/14 – An In-Person Perspective of Ring of Honor Final Battle, Updates on TNA, CM Punk to UFC, NXT Takeover REvolution, WWE TLC, A Rant on Dolph Ziggler, The Slammys, Raw, plus more!

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Ignore what I say at the beginning of the episode – this is really episode 140.  Whoops.  That’s the last time I listen to Bill Wentz, even if he’s usually right.

It’s been a whirlwind of a week for wrestling, and there’s tons to talk about, including an in-person perspective from Terminal 5 in NYC for Ring of Honor’s Final Battle.

TNA has started announcing details regarding Destination America’s first broadcast, including the new logo, time, date, etc.  Good news?  Let’s find out!

CM Punk to UFC?  Bill and Drew have thoughts on that.

Plus, look at NXT REvolution, The Slammy Edition of WWE Raw, TLC, and a feiry rant about Dolph Ziggler’s Slammy acceptance speech that is absolutely must-listen.

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Jim Ross Comments On CM Punk Going To UFC And More

Jim Ross posted his latest blog at JRsBarBQ.com. Here are a few highlights:

UFC signing CM Punk:

“UFC scored a walk off grand slam with @DanaWhite’s signing of formerWWE superstar @CMPunk. The signing itself was a major news maker plus the ability to document Punk’s training for his first fight which is still TBA should make for great TV on Fox. Punk has long been an aficionado and student of MMA having trained in Muay Thai and Gracie Ju Jitsu. The 36 year old will likely become obsessed in his training and is used to being considered an under achiever which will serve as a motivator for the former WWE World Champion as many MMA diehards who want to see Punk get beaten to a pulp and every wrestling fan who wants to see the Chicago born fighter succeed.”

How Punk signing with UFC affects Brock Lesnar:

“Punk, unlike Brock Lesnar, isn’t a former NCAA All American or a D1 National Champion but his heart and passion may tell another story. If UFC plays there cards strategically, Punk’s PPV debut will add greatly to any under card that is booked. The curiosity factor to invest in Punk’s first PPV will be big time. Speaking of Lesnar, Punk signing with UFC adds another wrinkle to the potential negotiations with Lesnar and UFC and/or Bellator. Interesting days lie ahead as it relates to contract negotiations. Punk signing with UFC helps Lesnar’s leverage without question.”

His latest podcast with Bob Holly:

“The @TheBobHolly podcast on the Ross Report has been nothing short of spectacular. If you haven’t heard it I strongly suggest that you do and download for free at podcastone.com. Downloading and subscribing to the Ross Report is FREE and your subscriptions help us greatly and, again, cost you nothing.”



CM Punk Signs Multi-Fight Deal with UFC, Will Debut in 2015

Last night at UFC 181, CM Punk announced he has signed a muti-fight deal with Ultimate Fighting Championships, and will make his debut fight in 2015.

UFC President Dana White confirmed the signing, telling ESPN.com that this will be a different debut than Brock Lesnar. “He wanted to fight here,” White said. “He wanted to give it a shot, so we gave him an opportunity. It’s not like Brock Lesnar. We’re not going to throw the kitchen sink at him. Lesnar had a wrestling background. (CM Punk) going to fight a guy who is 1-0, 1-1, 2-1 — something like that.”

Punk was later part of a press conference discussing his signing, which is viewable below.  During the conference, Punk said “Can C.M. Punk fight? Yeah, I think everybody on some level can fight. It’s in our DNA. I intend to take this very seriously. Like I said with Joe Rogan cageside, I respect everybody who’s ever stepped foot in the cage and before I am done here everybody will respect me as well.”


Interview Highlight – Ken Shamrock Talks About WWE Listening to the Fans, His Own Hall of Fame Status, What He Would Change About WWE, and More

Mixed martial artist, UFC Hall of Famer and former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock gave an interview with NotInHallofFame.com recently.  Shamrock was asked about a number of topics in that interview, that you can see here.

Shamrock was asked about his Hall of Fame credentials as it pertains to WWE, and WWE had placed his influence on the product during his time there in proper perspective.  Shamrock replied:

“I don’t know if I can really speak to that. I do feel that I definitely deserve to be in their Hall of Fame based on the things that I did while I was there, being able to change that sport along with other people. I feel I earned that right based on what I was able to do there in a small amount of time.

I’m not sure that I can stand here and boast about that. The fans are the ones that really tell the tale and I think they speak very loudly about where I stand in pro wrestling. I don’t think that there are too many people who would tell you that I don’t deserve to be there.

Obviously, a lot of times the fans aren’t listened to, or their opinions are overlooked a lot. Today’s promoters just push them aside and don’t listen to what they want and they want fans to ‘shut up, sit down and enjoy the show’, because we are going to do whatever we want to do, like it or not, because you are going to come to the show.

I hear it all the time in the WWE. I hear about how fans would like to see certain wrestlers, and obviously you can’t give them everything they want, but you at least have to listen to them and I believe they are being completely ignored. I’ve always said that I think the fans are most important that you have when it comes to the entertainment industry. They are the ones that matter most and they should be heard.”

Shamrock was also asked if there was anything that he would change about WWE:

“I would. In the WWE, I would push for them being to able have an outlet for the wrestlers for them to vent their frustrations, a personnel department where they could talk one on one and talk about what is going on in their lives. There’s nothing there right now. There are guys who are struggling in life and in certain situations and there is nowhere for them to turn. That is what I would definitely implement there.”

Shamrock also discusses his post-MMA life, what he is involved with today, and a few other topics in the short read.


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