Ring Rap Audio: 10/08/14 – Brooklyn vs. WWE Raw, Michael Elgin, The Rumor Mill, plus more!

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Matt Hester was suddenly unable to join the show tonight, after being called away unexpectedly to save a cat from a burning tree.  Therefore, it’s a two-man show, will Bill Wentz and Drew Koscelek behind the wheel.

Let’s get started, shall we?

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Michael Elgin Publically Quits Ring of Honor

Before we begin, I feel it’s important that it’s unclear whether or not this is an angle, and I have not been able to confirm whether this is legit.

That being said, it appears that Michael Elgin may have quit Ring of Honor, and he’s done it in a very public way.

Ring of Honor has announced that Michael Elgin would be returning to Ring of Honor this weekend.

However, Elgin was caught off guard by this announcement, and took to Twitter with his own response.

To me, it looks like a work and smells like a work, but rumors are stating this may be legit.

More as it develops.