WWE Raw LIVE Reaction and Results for 10/26/15 – Hell in a Cell Fallout, Update on The Undertaker, Wyatt Family, plus Del Rio, Kane, and lots more!

WWE Raw airs live from San Diego, CA starting at 8:00pm, EST, and will feature fall-out from Hell in a Cell.  Will we hear from The Wyatt Family, after carrying The Undertaker backstage after his epic match against Brock Lesnar?  Will John Cena get a rematch against the returning Alberto Del Rio?  What’s next for Divas Champion Charlotte?

All this, plus lots more.  Join me here starting at 8pm, or follow on Twitter @RingRap!

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READER POLL: What was the best match at WWE Hell in a Cell 10/25/15?


Clutch City Promotions and Lone Star Wrestling Release Statement Regarding Alberto El Patron Missing Appearance

As noted in Around the Ring and on the site, Alberto El Patron (f/k/a Alberto Del Rio) was a no-show at the “Bustin for Autism” charity wrestling event this past Sunday night.  Lone Star Championship Wrestling and Clutch City Promotions, the companies that co-promoted the event, released a statement updating the circumstances around El Patron not appearing.  The statements are as follows:

Update on Alberto El Patron “no show” Situation

Earlier on Monday, Lone Star Championship Wrestling and Clutch City Productions issued statements regarding Alberto El Patron’s absence from his scheduled participation in Sunday night’s Bustin for Autism event. Clutch City Productions has just released this update, and Lone Star Championship Wrestling will follow their lead in not commenting further at this time.

From Clutch City Productions:

We have received word from Alberto’s camp and were provided with information as to why he did not appear at the “Bustin for Autism” event last night in Houston (Pasadena) TX. Although we have documentation that will clearly define the situation in full we are choosing to keep this a private matter at this time. However, we are anticipating that Alberto’s camp will release a statement and take action to rectify the situation.

El Patron also tweeted out regarding the matter:

Thankfully it appears that the situation is being handled in a mature fashion and the parties are working it out amongst themselves.


Around the Ring w/Ring Rap for 7/14/2015 – WWE Raw Hits and Misses and More

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Senior Writer Bill Wentz is fresh off a big win in Bloomsburg, PA this past weekend at the truck show, but stops by to give his hits and misses from last night’s Raw and more.  Topics in this podcast include:

  • WWE Raw hits and misses
  • Comments on Alberto El Patron no-showing a charity wrestling event
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Alberto El Patron misses charity event

Alberto El Patron (fka Alberto Del Rio) missed a charity event over the weekend, and the promoter of the event has issued a press release expressing concern for his situation while issuing a plea for Patron to return the deposit he was paid.

Below is the press release from Chris Ronquillo of Lone Star Wrestling.

Almost 24 hours later, we still have not heard from the camp of Alberto El Patron. Mr. El Patron was booked through our co-promotion partner Clutch City Productions to headline the Bustin 4 Autism charity pro wrestling event in Pasadena, TX last night.

Mr. El Patron would not know who we are directly, since his camp’s dealings were with our promotional partner. Like the charity and fans who purchased tickets, we are affected. A lot of time, money and effort was put in to this event. Those who know us, understand that we strive to put on quality events. We are a company that our fans can trust. Mr. El Patron’s unexcused and unexplained “no show” unfairly taints that reputation. Though we were not directly involved in the negotiation and booking with El Patron’s camp, there is no doubt that the Bustin 4 Autism team were more than fair and gracious in the process.

At this point, our thoughts are initially with Mr. El Patron’s well being. He seems to have disappeared. Once the dust settles, we are confident that Mr. El Patron will do the right thing and return the deposit he was paid, along with premium travel funds lost by the charity. We might also suggest that Mr. El Patron take it a step further, and make an additional donation to the charity.

We would like to thank the fans and sponsors who stepped up to support this event for the Bustin 4 Autism 501c group. We would also like to recognize our co-promotional partner, Clutch City Productions, who put forth an incredible effort to promote and help organize this event. We look forward to working with them and the Bustin 4 Autism folks in the future.

In closing, we also thank the wrestlers who stepped up to make this a memorable event, as well as the many staff members and volunteers who contributed in some manner.

Chris Ronquillo
aka Tony Brooklyn
Lone Star Championship Wrestling


Interview Highlights: Alberto El Patron on Lucha Underground, Rey Mysterio, Ricardo Rodriguez, and more.

Alberto El Patron was a guest on Ring Rust Radio, and had a lot to say about a number of topics.  Here are a few highlights.  You can listen to the entire interview here.

On Lucha Underground’s instant impact and whether it can become a viable contender with the top wrestling companies in the United States: “Oh, yes, of course. Lucha Underground is a fantastic product. They have the right people talent and backing up the product. I am 100 percent sure that this company is going to be one of the top three wrestling companies around the World at the end of this year.”

On the the major differences that help set Lucha Underground apart and make it so unique: “Lucha Underground is different than basic Mexican lucha libre. They are combing all the great styles out there into one. They are taking the best out of the Japanese, American, and lucha libre style and making them into one. It’s one unique style that all the fans are enjoying. I have been dong the wrestling shows all over the world. People are stopping me and telling me how much they enjoy the product and how different it is. The fans said they have been waiting for something like this that they can watch and enjoy every week.”

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Ring of Honor Announces Alberto El Patron’s Opponent for their Thirteenth Anniversary Pay Per View

Today, Ring of Honor issued a press release to announce that they have set a Television Championship match for their 13th Anniversary Show.  The match will feature Alberto El Patron (f/k/a Alberto Del Rio) taking on the current champion, Jay Lethal.  The show will be broadcast on pay per view on March 1, 2015 from Las Vegas, NV.

The press release is as follows:

Rumors of a dream match have swirled on social media but now it is official. The legendary, 2nd generation Mexican wrestling star, Alberto El Patrón, will challenge Jay Lethal for the Ring of Honor World Television Championship live on Pay Per View at our 13th Anniversary event.

Upon his arrival in ROH, Alberto El Patrón wanted an opportunity to speak with his fans on ROH Television. Alberto proclaimed that he was finally among the best wrestlers on the planet and he wanted a shot at the most important title in professional wrestling, the ROH World Championship. Lethal and his manager, Truth Martini took major offense to this and Lethal interrupted Alberto, telling him he should have done his homework before coming to class. Lethal made it known that he is the measuring stick for the best professional wrestler on the planet and that his championship was the most important.

This meeting of two very different athletes in the prime of their careers is something that does not happen very often. This rivalry has taken on a personal twist as Lethal feels Alberto overlooked him as a champion. El Patrón believes Lethal has challenged his manhood, something for which Alberto will not stand.

Can Lethal add Alberto El Patrón to the record list of contenders he has defeated? Can Alberto El Patrón make history by ending the historic reign of Lethal? To find out you will either need to be live in Las Vegas or on Pay per View!

I think this is a great hook for the upcoming pay per view, and it should be a great match that we will have some form of coverage for come March 1.  I do eventually want to see El Patron eventually challenge for ROH’s top title, but for now this should be a fun match with some championship implications.



Ring Rap Audio: 01/20/15 – WWE Royal Rumble Predictions, Alberto El Patron in Lucha Underground, Wrestlemania 32 details, Raw, and much more!

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The Road to Wrestlemania officially begins this Sunday!  WWE’s Royal Rumble, which is one of the most newsworthy events of the year, will air starting at 8pm Eastern time.  We have predictions for you, so download the show and let us know if you agree or disagree!

Also, Wrestlemania 32’s date and location has been set.  Is this newsworthy?  (Hint: Yes.)

All this, plus a look at Alberto El Patron in Lucha Underground, and lots more!

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Former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio Joins Lucha Underground

Previously, we’ve pointed out that former WWE Champion Alberto El Patron (f/k/a Alberto Del Rio) was working with Ring of Honor at various events in January and March.  Yesterday, Lucha Underground issued a press release stating that Alberto El Patron has debuted with their promotion as well.  He worked his first match on January 17 for the next round of tapings for their show.  The press release is as follows:

“Lucha Underground” has signed AAA World Heavyweight Champion Alberto El Patrón it was announced today by “Lucha Underground” the new Lucha Libre wrestling franchise from Emmy Award®-winning producer Mark Burnett, United Artists Media Group, Robert Rodriguez and FactoryMade Ventures. The Mexican professional wrestler and mixed martial artist competed in his first match in Los Angeles today, January 17th. “Lucha Underground” airs Wednesday nights at 8:00pm on El Rey Network and on Saturdays at 4:00 pm in Spanish on UniMás.

“We are thrilled to have Alberto El Patrón join ‘Lucha Underground'” said Executive Producer and Showrunner Eric Van Wagenen. “He is a bold and exciting luchador who delivers attitude and skill. He is a very welcome addition to our roster.”

Ancient tradition, extraordinary athleticism and a flare for theatrics combine in El Rey Network’s hour-long wrestling series, “Lucha Underground”. The riveting original series introduces American audiences to the high-flying aerial maneuvers, slingshot moves, dramatic masks, intricate, rapid-fire combinations and distinctive wrestling techniques of Lucha Libre, one of Mexico’s most popular sports. Executive produced by Mark Burnett’s United Artists Media Group in association with FactoryMade Ventures, fans will have a ringside seat as masked villains and heroes face off to battle for wrestling supremacy. Some of AAA’s most legendary Luchadores-Blue Demon Jr., Sexy Star, Fenix, Drago and Pentagon Jr. join U.S. based wrestlers Chavo Guerrero Jr., Konnan, Johnny Mundo and Prince Puma and more to provide enthusiastic viewers with an incredibly visceral and explosive experience with a focus on the artistry, originality, intense action and over the top characters that has come to define this phenomenal fan-favorite. A celebration of lucha libre’s long-standing Mesoamerican heritage and culture, dating back to 1863, this is programming that must be seen to be believed.

“Lucha Underground” is produced by United Artists Media Group in association with FactoryMade Ventures for El Rey Network. Executive producers are Mark Burnett, Eric Van Wagenen (also showrunner) and Brian Edwards of United Artists Media Group; Dorian Roldán from Lucha Libre AAA; Alejandro Garcia and Antonio Cué Sánchez-Navarro; El Rey Network co-founder Robert Rodriguez; and FactoryMade Ventures and El Rey Network co-founders John Fogelman and Cristina Patwa. The series will be distributed internationally by United Artists Media Group.

This has been a rumored move for Del Rio ever since he was released from WWE.  His lucha background from working in Mexico seems to be a perfect fit.  With Lucha Underground being one of the most solid hours of wrestling television since its debut, here’s hoping the signing generates some publicity.  Viewership hasn’t been strong for the show on El Rey Network to this point, even though the network is an upstart itself.