WWE Smackdown *SPOILERS* for the Show Airing 6/25/2015

Tonight in Toledo, OH, WWE taped their Smackdown edition that will air on Thursday 6/25/2015.  You can watch the show unspoiled, or you can click the “Continue Reading” link below and find out what all went down on the program tonight.  Spoilers tonight are courtesy

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WWE Monday Night Raw “Sort of Live” Coverage for 6/21/2015 – The Road to Battleground, Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar, and More

Tonight, Raw comes to us as we embark on the road to Battleground.  We know Brock Lesnar will challenge for the WWE Championship he didn’t really lose at Wrestlemania to Seth Rollins.  Will Rollins timidly back away again, or will he step up and face the Beast Incarnate directly?  Will John Cena continue to sell the attack by Kevin Owens at Money in the Bank, or will he return as if nothing is wrong?

Show Open, Live from Banker’s Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN

Raw open, then we get Cole, JBL and Byron Saxton on the call of the show tonight.

Brock Lesnar’s music hits and he and Paul Heyman head to the ring.  They show footage  of Lesnar returning last week, with Cole selling Rollins vs. Lesnar at Battleground in a month.  Heyman introduces himself, and says that it’s his pleasure to give us the Raw return of Brock Lesnar.  He sets up footage from the night after Wrestlemania, where Brock went apeshit on everyone and every thing, F5’d Michael Cole and a camera guy, and ended up suspended.

Heyman says that there is no mystery or cliffhanger surrounding how he got Lesnar back on the show.  He says the didn’t want his money, but an apology.  Heyman pointed toward the announcers and says that he was informed that if Lesnar didn’t apologize, he would not be allowed to return and get his shot at the title.

Lesnar walks to that side of the ring, looking down at the announcers.  He leaves the ring while a small “Suplex City” chant starts.  He walks over to JBL and shakes his hand, then walks to Cole.  Cole is scared shitless.  Lesnar sticks his hand out, then grabs Cole and gives him a noogie before sitting him back down.  He shakes Cole’s hand and says he’s sorry.  “We’re good.” Cole says nervously.

Lesnar heads back to the ring.  Heyman details what Lesnar will do to the “sleazy, slimy” Seth Rollins.  He talks of how Rollins was the first NXT Champion, adding “I wonder how that happened.”  He says Rollins has been protected by the Authority since day one.

Heyman says that Rollins might think he’s flying to Battleground, but actually “has a one way ticket to Suplex City, bitch.”  Heyman talks about J&J Security, noting they beat Rollins.  He talks about Kane as well, then moves on to how fans want to see someone defeat Rollins.  Heyman closes the promo referring to Lesnar as the former, and future, undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

The announcers hype Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus for later, then show Dean Ambrose walking backstage.  He has Kane, after the break.

The live crowd was attentive, but it wasn’t hot for this as I would have expected.  That said, it was a good segment.  I enjoyed the way in which Lesnar apologized, especially how he treated Cole.  There are some odd dynamics at play with Heyman negotiating with the Authority to bring Lesnar back and such, which may have cooled the reaction a bit.  Fans will get behind Lesnar faster than they will Heyman, for sure.

Match #1 – Dean Ambrose vs. Kane:

Cole points out that Saxton ran when Lesnar approached in the opening segment.  In the ring, Kane and Ambrose make their way to ringside.  Ambrose hits a leg drop on Kane as he’s laid out over the ropes.  Kane takes back control of the match and throws Ambrose into the steps going into commercial.

Out of break, Ambrose hits a missile drop kick and clips Kane, rolling him up for two.  A bit later, Ambrose sets up Dirty Deeds, but Seth Rollins’ music hits.  Ambrose pays attention to the music and watches Rollins come out.  Kane goes for a chokeslam, but Ambrose escapes and hits a suicide dive on Rollins.  Ambrose goes top rope, kicking Rollins away.  Kane hits a chokeslam for the win.

Cole asked in commentary if Rollins is trying to extend an olive branch.  One can only figure that the story will be that Rollins tries to make amends to all of the Authority for protection against Lesnar, but we’ll watch it play out over the next month. 

Indy seems quiet tonight for this show.  Usually it seems Raw crowds start hot and fade – but this one doesn’t seem hot at all.

The announcers talk about John Cena defeating Kevin Owens at Money in the Bank over still shots.  Cole points out that Cena will be on tonight’s show.

Noooooooooo!  I was really hoping he’d sell the attack a little longer.

Backstage, Rollins takes exception to Kane saying he’s afraid of Lesnar.  He almost says he doesn’t need Kane, but instead stops and says it’s about family.  He offers a handshake but Kane blows him off.

The announcers narrate over still shots from Money in the Bank where Bray Wyatt cost Roman Reigns the briefcase.  They air footage of their interactions on Raw and Smackdown in the past week.  They hype Reigns vs. Wyatt at Battleground.

The Prime Time Players come out, and they’ve got the next match.

Back from break, they show Titus O’Neil accepting his fatherhood award.

Match #2 – The Prime Time Players vs. The Ascension:

New Day watches on from a monitor.  Big E is eating and talking at the same time.  Young hits his gutbuster move on Viktor and the match is over.

Match #3 – Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus:

Sheamus comes out prior to commercial, Reigns after.  They work back and forth early, then Sheamus takes the advantage going into the next commercial break.  Raw is Commericals.  Back live, Reigns gets control of the offense, then tries a leaping punch but Sheamus catches him with a good shot instead.

Sheamus hits a series of backbreakers and covers for two.  Sheamus follows with a clothesline by catapulting him into the bottom ropes, then locks on the Cloverleaf.  Reigns breaks it in the ropes, then comes back with an elbow and a series of strikes.  Reigns clotheslines Sheamus to the floor, then hits him with a leaping clothesline a bit later, sending Sheamus across the announce table.

Bray Wyatt appears on the Tron.  Looks like he’s having a tea party or something.  He talks as if he’s talking to a child, saying “we’re back here waiting on you.  Find me.”  Reigns leaves the ring for the backstage area, taking a countout loss.  The camera pulls back, and there’s an empty child’s rocking chair.

WWE needs to get better about announcing finishes of the matches.  Dark Wyatt here is good, so far.  It’s a different edge to his character.  As for the match, the two men worked hard and I hope Sheamus gloats about his win at some point soon.

Back live, the announcers recap what we just saw then send it backstage where Reigns is searching for Wyatt and his daughter.  He enters a room where he hears Wyatt singing, only to find a bunch of pictures of himself with the eyes and mouths cut out.  On the wall is scrawled “anyone but you.”  The song finishes and the camera cuts away.

The announcers talk about the Wyatt/Reigns angle, and shift to recapping the opening of the show with Lesnar and Heyman.

Wow, jumping from one to the other so quickly tonight.  Hard to process stuff like this that has impact.

Backstage, Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury are getting coffee.  Seth Rollins approaches and tries to get them back on his side.  Noble points out all the stuff Rollins said about their height and intelligence.  Rollins tries to smooth things over, calling them more than security and saying they’re his friends.  Rollins makes a pitch and asks if they’re cool, but Mercury and Noble walk off.

They show John Cena’s appearance on the Today show.  They actually showed more of the hosts than they did of Cena.

Match #4 – Neville vs. Kofi Kingston (w/Big E and Xavier Woods, New Day):

About 3 minutes into this one, the official ejects the rest of New Day for getting involved.  Kofi protests, then takes a kick from Neville.  Neville follows up with the Red Arrow to get the win.

The announcers talk about when Kevin Owens powerbombed Machine Gun Kelly last week.  Cole hypes that John Cena will be appearing.  Saxton hypes up Ryback vs. Mark Henry for later.

A commercial airs for the July 4 special that will be held in Japan and air on WWE Network.

Not sure if we will, or won’t, cover that event as it happens.

Cole hypes a USA Network show, then feeds it to a clip of “Mr. Robot.”

Match #5 – King Barrett vs. Zack Ryder:

They show a promo from R-Truth about what he plans to do once he’s king.  Ryder teases the Broski Boot at one point, but Barrett rolls out to avoid it.  Barrett gets back in the ring and hits the Bull Hammer to get the win.

Wow, this show is filled with inconsequential matches tonight and it’s wearing on Indy.  They are really quiet right now.

Cole sets up footage from his interview with Kevin Owens from last week.  After, Saxton hypes that John Cena will appear after the break.

In-Ring Segment:

John Cena comes out and gets a mixed reaction as usual.  He hits the ring and holds up the US Championship.  He calls it a symbol of excellence and he is proud to be the US Champion.  He says that Kevin Owens took the opportunity Cena gave him to show mutual respect and put him out of commission, then he took out a musician.

Cena calls Owens a great wrestler, but thinks he’s a garbage human being.  He says he won’t hand over the symbol of excellence to a dirtbag.  Cena says that Owens beat him, then he beat Owens, but he didn’t win the war.  Cena says he has a choice to make when it comes to the match Owens wants.  Cena says if he walks, Owens is right about him.  Cena says the US Championship will not be protected by politics.

Kevin Owens’ music hits and he comes to the stage, holding the NXT Championship.  Owens says that he guessed he is supposed to be upset by what Cena said about him but he isn’t.  He says he doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him.  He says he’s been called out of shape, a slug, and refers to Cena calling him a dirtbag.  He says that this out of shape, slug, dirtbag beat Cena at Elimination Chamber and left him laying at Money in the Bank.  Owens says Cena cares what the people think of him, whereas he cares about championships.

Owens says he took the NXT Championship when he arrived, and now that he sees how much Cena values the US Championship he wants it.  He says he wants to make it a symbol of his own excellence.  Owens tells Cena he will give him something he craves – the approval of the fans.  Owens says he will make sure the fans cheer Cena and boo the “evil foreigner” (Owens is Canadian).  He says something in French, which draws a few boos.  Cena responds by saying the fans are not indifferent to Owens because of where he’s from and the language he speaks, but because he’s a disrespectful scumbag.

Cena throws out some French, then Mandarin, and finally in English.  He says Owens has his match, and he will kick his ass.  Cole says he is certain the Authority will sign off on the match for Battleground.

Well, that breathed some life into the show – some much needed life.  I was hoping Cena would sell the attack at MITB one more week, but, it’s WWE and he’s the cash cow.  A good segment.

Backstage, Triple H and Stephanie are watching on a monitor.  Seth Rollins enters and says he isn’t afraid of Lesnar.  He mentions Kane and J&J Security.  Hunter says that Rollins never needed them.  Rollins agrees but says he wants the family back together.

Stephanie asks if he considered an apology, given the damage he caused.  “Do you think they’d apologize to me?”  Rollins asks.  He says that would go a long way.  Hunter cuts him off and say Rollins is afraid of Lesnar because he’s smart.  He says that Rollins would be an idiot to not be afraid of Lesnar.  Hunter says a smart man always has a Plan B.  Hunter says the words “I’m Sorry” would make the whole thing go away.  Rollins asks about Lesnar showing  up, and they respond that he knows what he has to do.

Rollins legit cracked me up with the “do you think they’ll apologize” bit.

They recap the angle between Paige and the Bella Twins from last week.

Match #6 – The Bella Twins (w/Alicia Fox) vs. Naomi and Tamina:

I’m not sure who is who.  Naomi and Tamina work Brie over early.  Nikki tries to get the crowd behind her.  She takes a hot tag and the fans cheer.  I don’t get it?  Naomi hits the Rear View on Brie, then tries for it on Nikki only to hit Tamina with it.  Nikki loads the Rack Attack and gets the win.

This all just makes my head hurt.  No clear direction, tits and ass finishers, bad character development…ugh.

Cole hypes Terminator: Genisys, which has clips of Roman Reigns mixed in, because, you know, he was in the movie (no he wasn’t).  Ryback vs. Mark Henry is next.

Big Show is on commentary for this one.  He asks Saxton if he stole Booker T’s job.

Match #7 – Ryback (c) vs. Mark Henry; non-title match

Henry got the jobber entrance, but he tosses Ryback around like a rag doll at ringside going into the break.  After break, Ryback mounts a comeback but gets cut off.  Show stands up and yells at Henry to finish  Ryback.  Ryback fights off the World’s Strongest Slam, then hits a frogslplash (?!) for the win.

Afterward, Show gets in the ring and yells at Henry for not winning.  Henry jaws back and writhes in pain as Show leaves.

The announcers talk about Tough Enough returning tomorrow night.  Cole tells us Saxton will be involved.

Backstage, Jo Jo asks Ryback about his title defense against Miz and Big Show at Battleground.  He tells her not to call him Flyback after that finish.  He says the title means the world to him.  He says his parents haven’t spoken in 15 years, but came together to watch him win and defend the title.  Big Show shows up and mocks Ryback.  They end up brawling, and Ryback leaves Show laying.

Let it be known that divorces can be saved by winning the Intercontinental Championship.

They recap what we just saw two minutes earlier…

Cole tells us that Sheamus will face Dolph Ziggler on Smackdown.

Match #8 – Dolph Ziggler (w/Lana) vs. Adam Rose (w/Rosa Mendes):

Rose cuts a pre-match promo saying they don’t get what art, passion, or true love is.  He says this is what love looks like and kisses Rosa.  Everyone groans, except a few pre-teen boys that are jealous.

Rusev is watching on a monitor.  The Bulgarian Stalker?  Anyhow, Rose locks Ziggler in the Hunter Hearst Helmsley Bow early.  He then locks on a sleeper that Ziggler breaks free from.  Ziggler gets some offense then takes a belly to belly suplex.  Rose leaps off the ropes into a superkick, which gives Ziggler the win.  Afterward, Ziggler takes Lana’s hair down and kisses her.  Stalker-Rusev is pissed and throws his crutches.  Summer Rae hands him one back.

I guess Rusev really likes Lana with the hair up.  I kinda liked it down, myself.  Anyhow.  Match meant nothing, much like this whole show.

Backstage, J&J Security and Kane talk to Triple H and Stephanie.  Noble’s still upset over the Dumb and Dumber references.  Noble compares J&J to Yoda from Star Wars.  Stephanie says their ears look like Yoda.  Stephanie admits Rollins hasn’t been a gracious champion but she defends him.  Hunter talks about the pressure of being champion.  Stephanie asks them to go to the ring and hear Rollins out.

They air another ad for Tough Enough and hype Swerved on WWE Network.

In-Ring Segment:

Seth Rollins comes out.  He says he decided to be the bigger man and admit he’s wrong.  He invites Kane, J&J Security to the ring so he can apologize.  Kane’s music plays and the three men come out.  Rollins says he has learned that a team is only as good as the foundation, and they are the foundation.

Rollins says this has nothing to do with Lesnar.  “I beat Brock Lesnar before, and I will beat Brock Lesnar again at Battleground.”  Rollins tells the three that this is about family.  “Suplex City” chants start and Rollins tells them to shut up.

Rollins tells Noble and Mercury first that he is sorry.  He says he has looked up to them his entire life and pattered his in-ring style after them.  He says he would love it if they would be a part of the family again.  He tells them to think about it while he talks to Kane.

Rollins says he owes Kane the biggest apology.  He recalled saying Kane is a dinosaur.  He says they are extinct, while Kane is alive and well.  He says Kane is like fine wine that gets better with age.  The fans taunt Rollins with “Justin Bieber” and “You sold out” chants.  Rollins apologizes to Kane and says he wants him to come back so they can all be family again.  Rollins apologizes to all of them one more time and extends his hand, asking if they will take him back.

Brock Lesnar’s music hits.  He comes out with Paul Heyman in tow, and takes his lap around the ring glaring up at Rollins.  Lesnar jumps on the apron.  Kane and J&J look like they’re ready to fight but they back down and leave Rollins to fend for himself.

Lesnar smiles and Rollins looks intimidated.  Kane jumps Lesnar from behind but Brock throws him off.  J&J Security tries their hand, but he destroys them simply.  Lesnar attacks Rollins, spinning him around and hitting a German suplex.  Lesnar hits it again, then smiles when the fans chant “one more time.”  He hits one more.

Brock sets up for the F5 on Rollins but Kane grabs Lesnar and pushes him back.  Lesnar drops Rollins and takes a chokeslam from Kane.  Lesnar bounces back quickly and tries the F5 again, but gets clipped.  Rollins wraps Lesnar’s leg around the ring post and Kane slams a chair on his knee.  Kane and Rollins put the boots to Brock, and he shoves them off.

Mercury gets in the ring and targets the leg, punching him several times as Kane and Rollins kick him.  Rollins hits a flying knee (it actually looked like it missed wide as Brock moved).  Kane hits a chokeslam, and Rollins hits the Pedigree.  Rollins celebrates with the title to end the show.


Typical Authority “gang style” five on one assault to get heat on Rollins. It got heat but I hope we only see this once.  I am not doubting for a moment that Lesnar will annihilate every single person in this segment before Battleground.  I was a little surprised to see physicality here, because I assumed they would go the route of getting people to pay to see Lesnar get Rollins.

This angle was alright for me, but it didn’t prop up what was otherwise a poor show.  This was slow, plodding, and hard to watch.  Nothing felt like it mattered at all, and there was so much filler with mid-card matches lasting only a few minutes that feel like they lead to nowhere.  It’s definitely the summer doldrums for WWE.

I’ll be by on Around the Ring tomorrow evening to talk hits and misses and more about this show, and other things going on in pro wrestling.  Feel free to hit me up with questions and comments of your own on Twitter @Bill_SoonerFan before then.  Thanks for following along tonight.



WWE “Money in the Bank” Show Report for 6/14/2015 – Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a Ladder Match, John Cena vs. Kevin Owens, Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and More

For the sixth time in about as many weeks (at least it feels that way), WWE presents another pay per view event.  This time, it’s Money in the Bank.  Every year, someone gets a shot at a briefcase that enables them to have a World Heavyweight Championship opportunity any time they call for it.  Tonight, several men will compete in a ladder match for that case.  Will Roman Reigns walk away with it?  Will Kane keep the title in the Authority?  Also, Kevin Owens and John Cena will do battle again in a highly anticipated rematch.  Will Owens continue to have Cena’s number?

The full card is as follows:


  • King Barrett vs. R-Truth

Main Card:

  • Ryback (c) vs. Big Show; WWE Intercontinental Championship
  • Nikki Bella (c, w/Brie Bella) vs. Paige; WWE Divas Championship
  • New Day (c, Big E and Xavier Woods) vs. The Prime Time Players; WWE Tag Team Championship
  • John Cena (WWE U.S. Champion) vs. Kevin Owens (NXT Champion)
  • Dolph Ziggler vs. Neville vs. Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus vs. Kane vs. Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston; Money in the Bank Ladder match, with the winner receiving a title shot any time within the next year
  • Seth Rollins (c, w/J&J Security) vs. Dean Ambrose; WWE World Heavyweight Championship under ladder match rules


Editorial note:  this is the “Cliff’s Notes” version, as we’re coming into the pre-show halfway in.

They show a graphic to acknowledge the passing of Dusty Rhodes.

Renee Young, Booker T, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton are the panelists tonight.  They show shots outside the arena, then focus on the briefcase hanging above the ring and ladders on the stage.

The panel discusses the passing of Dusty Rhodes.  Booker recalls “rocking the house” during one of his first matches and says that they wouldn’t put him on first anymore.  Graves talks about staff meetings, saying he loves and misses Dusty.  Young fed it to tweets from various WWE big name players as his entrance music played.

They switch gears to the MITB match.  Tom Phillips interviews Neville.  He asks about what happened on Smackdown and the social media fallout (not sure what that means…).  Neville says this is the biggest opportunity of his career.  Graves holds up a MITB briefcase when they switch back to the panel, saying you can buy a replica with a signed contract.

Gee, this isn’t clickbait for some drunken fan to try and cash in AT ALL….

They run a video package highlighting the Cena/Owens feud. The panel debates if Owens can win two times in a row.  Saxton says Owens is in trouble and Graves says Owens can do it again.  Booker runs off about sports analogies and says Owens arrived in WWE after spending years making $5 to $20 a night.

Social media lounge hype focuses on Kevin Owens joining Tom Phillips to answer fan questions.

Renee Young hypes King Barrett vs. R-Truth for the pre-show, then the panel discusses the Divas Championship  match briefly.  Then they move on to the Intercontinental Championship.

JoJo interviews Ryback backstage.  He says it seems every other year the fans either love or hate Show because he doesn’t know who he is.  Ryback calls Show a bully and he hates bullies.  He says he will beat Show’s negative energy and walks away.

Backstage, Dean Ambrose enters Roman Reigns’ locker room.  Reigns says when they toast, Ambrose will be WWE World Heavyweight Champion and he will be Mr. Money in the Bank.  Ambrose asks if Reigns will warn him or surprise him when he cashes in.  Reigns says Ambrose will be first to know, and they bump fists.

Couple ways this could go – they could be foreshadowing a Reigns turn by cashing in with no warning tonight, or it might just be WWE being more self-aware of what the fans are thinking.  Hoping for the latter, because that’s something that makes the predictable heel turn a lot less obvious.

They run a video piece about the Rollins/Ambrose story.

After, Renee Young interviews Stephanie, who is backstage.  She asks if The Authority will let Rollins be in the match on his own.  Stephanie says that she and Hunter have made it clear that they will respect Rollins’ wishes.  Rollins wants no help, so they will be with him in terms of moral support but there will be no Authority interference.

Yeah, Right.

Booker mentions having an ace in the hole even if they don’t actually interfere.  Stephanie says that Ambrose winning presents “unique challenges from a corporate standpoint,” but Rollins knew the risks going in.  Graves asks about the risks and Stephanie says Rollins knows what that risk is.

Why did they not do this on Raw?  Even though I’m not buying it for a minute…

Cole, Lawler, and JBL check in on commentary.

Match #1 – King Barrett vs. R-Truth:

Truth cuts a promo, saying dressing up is fun, and being King feels good.  He makes a Game of Thrones reference and says King Barrett will be overthrown by King Whassup.  Ugh.  Anyhow, Barrett’s got new king gear, and it looks like Miz’s getup.  Early action sees Truth drop Barrett to ringside before cutting to a break.

Late, Truth avoids the Bull Hammer and pins Barrett shortly thereafter.  The announcers try to play it as an upset but everyone beats Barrett.  Truth tells Lawler he can be his stunt double, then puts on the crown.  Barrett approaches him, so Truth throws the crown and runs.

Winner – R-Truth

Truth’s comedy works for some, but not for me.  And I continue to just be frustrated with how they waste Wade Barrett, who deserves so much more.

The announcers address Dusty Rhodes’ passing.  Cole talks about him working at the Performance Center and says Dusty “loved those kids.”  He tosses to a video package about Dusty.  The footage included Dusty hugging his sons at his WWE Hall of Fame induction.

Speaking of “dusty,” is it dusty in here? Or is it just me?

Renee Young is choked up as she sends it to Tom Phillips who is with Kevin Owens.  Owens answers Twitter questions from the fans.  He says he’s not being disrespectful, and cracks about getting neon t-shirts and getting his own rally towel.  He says that just because he beat Cena doesn’t mean he wants to be him.

Back with the panel, Renee says they’re there for the MITB match “and for Dusty.”  She mentions that she and the panelists have been in tears, and sets up a video package for the MITB match.  Back live, Renee says the MITB match will open the show.  The panel all picks different winners to close out the pre-show.

The Dusty package brought forth some real emotions and that was a highlight.  I hope no one gets any heat over that one.

WWE Money in the Bank, live from Nationwide Arena in Columbus, OH

They open with the memorial graphic for Dusty, then the entire roster gathers on the stage for a ten bell tribute.  Vince, Stephanie, and Hunter front and center.  The fans stayed quiet throughout, then chanted Dusty’s name once the bell ringing was over.  They played Dusty’s entrance music to a nice reaction, and Vince played it up on the stage.

Kudos to Columbus for their respect of the moment.  Clearly, Dusty touched a number of the talents as a number of people, including Vince, were with tears in their eyes.

Cole, Lawler, and JBL on commentary, and Lilian Garcia handing the ring announcing duties.  First match is the MITB!

Match #1 – Roman Reigns vs. Kane vs. Neville vs. Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus; Money in the Bank Ladder Match:

I’ll insert another editorial note here:  My area is getting heavy weather periodically as it’s June and been hot and muggy all day.  When those heavy storms roll through, it plays with my cable and in turn my WWE Network feed.  We’ll do our best to stay “live” but no guarantees.

Sheamus makes an early play but gets stopped.  Kofi makes a play, but Sheamus tips the ladder over.  About five minutes in, Kofi and Neville fight on the ladder.  Reigns pulls both of them down to some boos.  Reigns shoves the ladder at Neville.

Reigns hits a powerbomb onto a ladder on Kingston.  He catches Neville going for a huracanrana and powerbombs him onto Kingston on the ladder.  Reigns makes a play for the case but Kane stops him with a chokeslam.  Orton drops Kane with an RKO and climbs, but Kofi recovers and stops him.  Orton puts out Kofi with an RKO.

Orton positions the ladder and Neville springboards over him.  Orton pulls Neville down and RKO’s him as well.  RKO City, Bitch!  Sheamus and Orton fight next, with Orton putting Sheamus down with his sidewinder backbreaker.  Orton makes a play, but Sheamus recovers and stops him.

Sheamus and Orton fight on the ladder.  Ziggler gets up and puts a sleeper on Sheamus, then hits a Zig Zag from the ladder.  Neville goes up and hits Sheamus with the Red Arrow.  Cole calls it the start of the Altitude Era.  A big NXT chant goes up.

Neville and Ziggler now on the top of the ladder.  Neville knocks Ziggler off and plays for the case, but Kane stops him.  Ziggler superkicks Kane and breaks the chokeslam up.  Ziggler and Neville team up to run a ladder at Kane but he kicks it into the two of them.  Kane follows with a sliding kick on the ladder that tumbles onto both men at ringside.

Reigns hits the Superman punch on Kane to a big reaction.  Reigns is the only one in the ring, but rather than make a play for the case he hits a dive onto the other men on the floor.  Big E and Xavier Woods run out to help Kofi up.  Kofi sets up a ladder and climbs while Reigns takes out Big E and Woods.

Reigns stops Kingston, pulling him down after three tries and hitting a powerbomb onto other wrestlers.  Orton spins Reigns around for the RKO but Reigns shoves him off.  Orton ducks a Superman punch, but takes a spear from Reigns.  Reigns makes a play with the ladder.

Bray Wyatt video flashes.  Wyatt stands in the ring, then shoves the ladder over to prevent Reigns from making a play for the case.  He hits Sister Abigail on Reigns and exits.  Sheamus gets a ladder, and Neville climbs up with him.  The two men fight at the top, with Sheamus sending Neville to the floor.  Sheamus claims the case to win.

Winner – Sheamus to become Mr. Money in the Bank

That was fun.  The Wyatt interference was surprising, and it gives Reigns a new dance partner to go through before his payoff moment of winning the title (if that’s where they want him to go).  I like heel Sheamus, but him winning doesn’t do a lot for me here.  I wonder how long he will carry the case?

They run a “Don’t Try this at Home” ad.

Renee Young interviews Paige, who says not one Diva has offered to help her take down the Bellas.  She says she will create change on her own. “For you, Dusty.”

Match #2 – Nikki Bella (c, w/Brie Bella) vs. Paige; WWE Divas Championship

They show other Divas watching on a backstage monitor.  Catty bitch city!  Paige locks Nikki in a submission about seven minutes in, but Nikki breaks it in the ropes.  The announcers point out that the women watching backstage aren’t really cheering for either woman.

Paige sets up the PTO, but Nikki rolls and kicks her way out.  She hits a kick from the second rope to get a two count.  Paige comes back with the RamPaige for a good near fall.  They fight to the ropes, then fall to ringside.  Brie is under the ring, and she emerges and trades spots with Nikki.

Back in the ring, Brie catches Paige with an inside cradle that Paige reverses to get the win.  Brie protests by unstuffing her bra (YES, this happened) and showing off a crotch tattoo to show Paige that they tried to pull Twin Magic.  In a restart, Nikki hits Paige from behind, loads the Rack Attack, and wins.

Winner – Nikki Bella to retain the WWE Divas Championship

Dear God, what did I just watch?  And are they really gonna stick with Nikki as champion?  It feels like there’s nothing else for her at this point so it seems the title run needs to end.  Otherwise, the match was a decent effort other than the finish.  I guess all the other women watching will lead to something.

Cole recaps Ryback and Big Show on Miz TV.

Miz comes out, playing to the Ohio crowd.  “My people, the people I left because we all know that if you don’t live in New York or LA, you don’t count.”  Miz says he would be winning the IC title if it weren’t for Big Show.  Miz says he will create an audio/visual masterpiece, and joins the announcers.

Match #3 – Ryback (c) vs. Big Show; WWE Intercontinental Championship

Ryback sends Show to ringside with a clothesline early.  Ryback goes to ringside, grabs Miz, and throws him over the announce table.  Big Show capitalizes on the distraction to take control.  My Network feed crashes, and we get it back in time to see Ryback in control of Show.

More WWE Network issues for me.  Not sure if it’s my cable or the Network itself, though I note others covering the show have been having issues.  Miz jumps the ring late and hits Big Show with a microphone repeatedly to end the match with a DQ.  Miz heads backstage.

Winner – Big Show by disqualification, Ryback retains the championship

I didn’t see much of this because of cable/Network issues.  What I saw was okay, but I can’t really say too much about it.

They air an ad for Tough Enough, then the John Cena vs. Kevin Owens package.

Match #4 – John Cena (WWE United States Champion) vs. Kevin Owens (NXT Champion); No titles on the line

Before the match, the two take turns posing with their belts.  Owens getting the louder cheers.  More sluggish Network issues, not sure if it’s from my cable or the Network itself still.  Heavy weather rolling through, hard to tell.  Cena hits an early reverse suplex which is impressive, and Owens hits a cannonball.

Cena has Owens up in the Electric Chair but drops him forward.  Cena hits the AA for two, then stands up and argues with the referee about the count.  Cena sets Owens up for a second rope AA, but Owens slips out, puts Cena in the Electric Chair then spins him around into a powerbomb for a good near fall.  Nice spot.

Owens sets up his finish, but Cena counters to a huracanrana.  Owens hits a superkick for another good near fall.  Cena fights back with a tornado DDT off the second rope for a two count.  Cena tries the top rope leg drop but Owens avoids and comes back with a package power bomb.

Owens goes for a moonsault but Cena moves.  Cena hits the AA for another good near fall.  Cena sets up a superplex, but Owens counters to a fisherman’s superplex for two.  Fans chant that it’s awesome, and it’s a good match.

Cena locks in the STF, but Owens breaks it in the ropes.  Cena hits a sunset flip powerbomb (you also know it as the Canadian Destroyer that Petey Williams used to do).  They have trouble getting there but the crowd pops big for it.  Owens comes back with the pop-up powerbomb for a good near fall.  More chants of how awesome this is.

Late, Cena hits his springboard Stunner then follows with the AA to get the victory.  Afterward, Cena waits for Owens to get up.  He plays to the crowd and to Owens.  He hands Owens his NXT championship belt then offers a handshake, which Owens accepts.  He raises Owens’ hand, and Owens attacks him.

Owens beats up on Cena, then powerbombs him on the apron.  He takes the US Championship and walks toward Cena, but officials ward him off.  He backs up the ramp, drops the US title, then mugs with the NXT belt.  Owens laughs at Cena then does the “You can’t see me” wave before going backstage.

Winner – John Cena

A solid match with a good post-match attack.  I would have preferred to see Owens win, and be that guy that Cena can’t seem to beat, but it ended up working out.  Now, the key is that Cena needs to sell the attack.  He has a tendency to be booked to not sell it and that’s an issue because it takes all the air out of a moment like this.  Officials did help Cena to the back, so there was that.

They run an ad for WWE Shop, then a Total Divas ad.

Backstage, Renee Young says they will post updates on Cena as soon as they know.  She moves on to interview Dean Ambrose, asking him about partying with the belt on Bourbon Street.  He asks what kind of animal she thinks he is.  “But I did do that, didn’t I?”

Ambrose talks about standing up for yourself, and taking what’s yours.  He says he knows he earned the title with his blood sweat and tears.  “This belongs to me.”  He says if they’re into paperwork and official rulings, Rollins is the champion, but Ambrose says he is the champion of people who believe in doing the right thing.  “Taking this was about respect.”

Back at the commentary position, they talk about Cena vs. Owens, then move on to talk about the passing of Dusty Rhodes.  Lawler says there was no better talker in the industry.  Cole also mentions Dusty’s gift of gab and talks of how Dusty was teaching those in NXT about cutting promos.  They run a tribute video package.  Back live, Cole hypes a special on WWE Network called “Celebrating the Dream” that will air after Raw tomorrow night.

Match #5 – New Day (c, Big E and Xavier Woods) vs. The Prime Time Players; WWE Tag Team Championship

New Day cuts a promo saying that Kofi was a victim of a travesty in the earlier MITB match. They also made fun of Ohio State fans winning the National Championship in college football after being on probation.

Early on, New Day gets the first stretch of offense, isolating Darren Young.  Young ducks a charging Big E, and that lets him get the hot tag to Titus.  No reaction – or at least not as much of one as he had been getting.  Titus goes to work on both men of New Day and the crowd gets a little excited.  Titus has the cover but Big E breaks it up. E hits a spear off the apron on Darren Young, but in the ring Titus hits his finish and gets the win.

Winner – The Prime Time Players to win the WWE Tag Team Championship

The crowd seemed a bit surprised, but this title change came off really flat.  One guy was shown being all excited, but really, with how the tag division beyond the Usos and New Day have been built, how can anyone care about this title change?

They go to the panel, where Byron Saxton is swaying in his chair like a moron.  They talk about the Cena/Owens match again, then offer predictions for the main event.  They go back to the commentators, where Cole and Co. recap Money in the Bank, with Sheamus getting the win.  He also notes that Roman Reigns will take on Bray Wyatt at the Battleground pay per view event.

They roll to a video package to set up the main event.

Backstage, Triple H and Stephanie talk to Seth Rollins.  Steph says not to put added pressure on Rollins, but the entire weight of the company rides on his shoulders.  She says they will have no one else to blame but him if he doesn’t come through.  Hunter tells Rollins that he wants him to stand on his own two feet.  “So show them.  Show them.  Show them why I chose you.  Show them that you are not the future, but you are the man.”  Rollins gets fired up and they go separate ways.

Match #6 – Seth Rollins (c) vs. Dean Ambrose; WWE World Heavyweight Championship under Ladder Match rules.

Cole says we might see more wrestling in this match as opposed to the MITB match.  Early action is really pretty flat and meaningless.  Ambrose makes a play for the title.  Rollins grabs a chair and uses it on Ambrose’s leg to knock him off the ladder.  Rollins makes a play, but Ambrose pulls him back down.

Ambrose sells the leg from the chair shots.  Rollins focuses offense on Ambrose’s knee.  The fans chant for Ambrose until Rollins slams a ladder into his bad knee about 11 minutes in.  Random odd lighting/production moment – they have a spotlight on some woman in the front row.

Rollins mocks Ambrose, telling him he will have to climb with one leg.  Ambrose throws punches on Rollins, who pulls him down and wraps his knee around the ring post.  Rollins locks on a Figure Four around the post and taunts Ambrose again for climbing with one leg.  Back in the ring, Rollins again applies the Figure Four to work the leg.  Ambrose rolls it over into an Indian Death Lock to break it.

Rollins ties Ambrose up in a tree of Woe spot and puts the boots to him.  Rollins brings a chair back in the ring and takes shots at Ambrose’s knee again.  Rollins makes a play for the belt but Ambrose hops over on one leg and knocks it over.

A bit later, Ambrose does his lean thru the ropes clothesline but Rollins pulls a ladder into Ambrose before he can hit it.  Rollins goes to the ropes but Ambrose tosses a chair at him.  Ambrose sets up a superplex but Rollins counters.  He goes for a rope spot but Ambrose crotches him then clotheslines him.

Ambrose continues the offense, stopping to sell the knee.  He chases Rollins, who goes after the knee again then throws him to the railing.  Rollins goes back to the ring and tosses a chair at Ambrose but he ducks.  Ambrose goes for the tilting clothesline thing but takes a drop kick from Rollins.  Ambrose goes for it again and connects this time for a pop.

Ambrose dives on Rollins at ringside.  The fans think this is awesome.  There’s a ladder set up between the ring and the broadcast table.  Rollins tries a powerbomb onto it, but Ambrose fights it off.  Rollins charges and Ambrose backdrops him onto the ladder.  Cole had a good call here pointing out the ladder damage.

Another ladder in the ring by Ambrose and he stands it up.  Rollins gets back in the ring and hits a huracanrana over the ropes.  Both men went to ringside, and Ambrose clotheslines Rollins over the Spanish announce table.  Ambrose and Rollins fight on the table, and Rollins tries the Pedigree.  Ambrose fights him off and hits Dirty Deeds instead.

Ambrose makes a play up the ladder but Rollins goes after the knee again, this time with a monitor from the announce table.  Rollins climbs up but gets stopped by Ambrose.  Rollins fish hooks him then punches him down.  He follows with the Pedigree.

Rollins smiles and looks down as he climbs the ladder.  Ambrose catches up and grabs Rolllins’ legs.  Rollins kicks, then drops down and charges.  Ambrose moves and Rollins crashes to the floor.  Ambrose crawls to the ladder but Rollins drags him ringside and runs him into that ladder that bent earlier.  Rollins hits a buckle bomb into the barrier, then hits a second one moments later.

Rollins sets some chairs on top of a ladder.  He picks up Ambrose and hits a sit-out powerbomb onto the chairs and ladder. He then throws the ladders and chair onto Ambrose out on the floor.  He goes back to the ring and climbs.

Ambrose pops up and gets in the ring.  He climbs up the same side as Rollins, and the fight at the top.  The belt is unhooked and they both fall to the mat with a hand on the title, but once they land it stays with Rollins.  Hunter comes out to celebrate with Rollins on the stage.  JoJo interviews Rollins, who says he is the greatest of all time.  Hunter smiles and celebrates with Rollins to close the show.

Winner – Seth Rollins to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

I didn’t care for the “tie spot” here.  They had already protected Ambrose with the knee injury, so he could have taken that last shot and laid out while Rollins reclaimed the belt.  This was too cute of a finish for my tastes.  I did like that they had Rollins win without all the run-ins and interference.  That lends a lot to him in terms of credibility that he needs.  He’s not the guy who needs J&J and Kane and Hunter and all that to win his matches every time he’s out there.

Overall, an “okay” show.  Kevin Owens vs. John Cena, the MITB match, and the main event were all very good matches that I enjoyed.  The rest of the show left me wanting and weighed things down quite a bit for me personally.  For two weeks worth of hype, the show was sound, but I do know myself I am getting a bit overwhelmed with WWE content being shoved at me what seems like every two weeks.

I’ll be by on Tuesday with more analysis of this show in Around the Ring, as well as discussion on Raw and other things in pro wrestling. Be looking for that, and our Raw coverage, in the next couple days.  Thanks for tuning in with me.




Around the Ring With Ring-Rap: 6/9/2015 – WWE Money in the Bank and Raw Thoughts, Stone Cold and Wrestlemania 32? And More!

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In this week’s edition of Around the Ring, Senior Writer Bill Wentz sits down to give his thoughts on WWE’s upcoming pay per view and last night’s Raw, as well as some other things.  Even the Pro Wrestling Cat makes an appearance.  Topics in this podcast include:

  • WWE  Raw thoughts
  • A preview of WWE Money in the Bank
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin’s comments on a Wrestlemania 32 match
  • …plus more!

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WWE Smackdown *SPOILERS* For The Show Airing 6/11/2015

Tonight, Smackdown tapes in Lafayette, LA for a show that will air on 6/11/2015.  The following are spoilers of tonight’s taping, courtesy  If you want to watch the show unspoiled, do not click the “Continue Reading” link!

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WWE Raw LIVE Coverage 06/01/15 – Elimination Chamber Fallout, Ambrose Has the WWE Title, The Authority Reacts, Cena/Owens, New IC Champ, and more!

WWE Raw comes at us LIVE starting at 8pm Eastern, and they are in San Antonio, TX.  Elimination Chamber ended with a bang last night, with Dean Ambrose beating Seth Rollins via DQ.  The title didn’t change hands, but that didn’t stop Ambrose from taking the belt anyhow!

Also, we have a new Intercontinental Champion, after Ryback survived the Elimination Chamber.  It’s his first title run.  Who will be his first challenger.

Plus, Kevin Owens defeated John Cena in a very hard-fought bout last night.  The rematch is already set for Money in the Bank.  How will John Cena react?  I’m sure Owens will have a few choice words…

Join me starting at 8pm as I make a triumphant return to covering WWE Raw live after a six-month work-induced break.  Join in the fun on Twitter too!  @RingRap!

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WWE Monday Night Raw Live Report for 5/4/2015 – Payback Hype Continues, Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns Hype, John Cena’s Open Challenge, More

The short turnaround into the Payback pay per view continues, with only two weeks left to the show.  We know now that Seth Rollins will be forced to defend his title against both Randy Orton and Roman Reigns on that night.  How will Rollins try to get a leg up on this situation?  Will The Authority try to overturn the vote of the fans?  And will Kane do something to affect the outcome?  Also, John Cena and Rusev get set for the “I Quit” match they’ll have at the pay per view.  How will Rusev counter the man who never gives up?  WWE looks to set up the rest of the card, including their new “King of the Ring” Bad News Barrett.

Show Open, Live from the Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada:

Bill’s warning: Been a stressful seven days.  This might be more “Mystery Science Theater 3ooo” than Raw.  Let’s have fun.

Live in the arena, we hear voices.  Randy Orton comes to the ring more animated than I’ve seen him in a long time as he plays to the crowd.  Cole reminds us that Kane put it up to a vote as to who Seth Rollins would face at Payback, the fans picked a triple threat with Orton and Reigns both challenging Rollins.  Cole reminds us that Rollins doesn’t have to be involved in the finish to lose the belt.  Cole gives us the hashtag #Payback for social media.  How about #RingRap?

Orton proposes that Payback is a fitting name for a pay per view and he will get payback on Rollins in two weeks.  Orton recounts the fans getting the choice for the main event.  “Which added Roman Reigns to the fold…” Orton says to boos.  He says that Reigns will experience bitter disappointment because Orton will walk out the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  “And there’s not a thing Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins can do about it.”

Cue Roman Reigns to boos.  Canada isn’t a fan.  It’s Bizzaro World anyhow.  The announcers recap how close Reigns was to winning at Mania and his win at Extreme Rules over Big Show.   Reigns tells Orton ‘It’s not going down like that’ and if anyone gets payback on Rollins it’s going to be him.  Heavy “RKO” chants.  Reigns tells Orton that the fans don’t fight for him either.

Orton asks Reigns if he thinks Orton will just stand by and watch him take out Seth Rollins.   Reigns tells Orton he doesn’t care what he does, but if Orton comes near him “you won’t be standing.”  Ooooh.  Orton runs down his credentials, saying he has been a 12-time champion and been in 12 straight Wrestlemanias.  He asks about Reigns’ credentials and says “You got some catching up to do, kid, sorry.”

Reigns reminds Orton that Reigns won at SummerSlam.  He tells Orton he wants his payback on Rollins but won’t mind breaking him in half and pinning him for the title 1-2-3 if he has to.  The two of them jaw off mic.

New Day’s music hits for God knows why.  Xavier Woods says the negativity has to stop.  Canada tells them they suck.  “Considering the fact that we’re the only champions out here right now, we must spread the power of positivity.”  Woods tells them that they’re tired of hearing the two talking about Seth Rollins and no one cares about their “Montreal Boo Hoo Job.”  Admittedly, funny.  Woods tells them it’s a new day, and Canada adds the “Sucks” for us.

Kofi tells them they know they squandered away their opportunities.  He waits out a “New Day Sucks” chant and says everyone knows New Day Rocks.  Not really.  Big E tells Reigns that he has never won the big one, and not only does Rollins have Orton’s number, but he has it on speed dial.  He says they have a chance to do something extraordinary by clapping along.  They clap, the fans tell them they suck, and Orton and Reigns stand there and do nothing.

Woods tells them in a rhyming fashion that Kane has set up a match between the three of them against Reigns and Orton.  Cole and the other announcers hype that this match will happen after the break.

I like that they’re doing this to start off the show rather than the main event.  New Day isn’t a main event act any way you slice it.  The bickering between Orton and Reigns works in the context of the title match at Payback, but they are going to hurt Reigns by putting him in this match against Orton, who is really popular right now.

Match #1 – New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) vs. Roman Reigns and Randy Orton; 3 on 2 Match

Match joined in progress.  Reigns takes Woods down with a shoulder block then hits him with a Samoan drop.  Reigns tags in Orton, who hits a suplex and covers.  Orton stomps away on Woods and teases him about not being able to tag out.  Tag to Reigns, who uses a snapmare takedown then a big kick.  The announcers talk about the triple threat title match.  Reigns and Orton working well as a tag team with frequent tags to continue to work over Woods.

Kofi distracts Orton and Woods tags out to Big E.  He lifts weights for breakfast, according to Booker T.  The New Day gets the advantage with frequent tags and numbers game distractions.  The New Day controls the offense on Orton going into the break.

New Day continues to control the action out of break, this time on Reigns.  Kofi hits a drop kick for two on Reigns, then tags in Big E.  Big E tries to get a clap going but it baits Canada into a “New Day sucks” chant.  E hits a suplex then taunts Reigns.  He hits a second belly to belly for two.  Woods drops an elbow off the tag for two.

Reigns starts to fire back on Woods, but takes a neckbreaker for two.  The New Day keeps working the quick tags.  Canada chants for CM Punk.  The fans want Orton in the match now as Reigns continues to sell for the New Day.  Reigns tosses Woods off, then hits a big clothesline.  Both men sell.

Hot tag,  and Orton unleashes clotheslines.  Kingston catches Orton but off the ropes Orton hits his powerslam.  Big E breaks the tag up, but takes a Superman punch from Reigns.  Orton throws Woods out, then hits the elevated DDT on Kingston.  Orton’s hearing voices.

Woods takes an RKO when he hits the ring.  Kingston gets to his feet, and Reigns goes for the spear.  Kofi moves and Orton gets the spear.  Kingston covers as Woods drags Reigns from the ring.  New Day wins.  So they don’t suck!  The announcers sell it as a big win as Reigns sulks.  Orton sells the spear.

Kane comes out and tells them that there’s no shame in losing to the tag team champions.  “If you left the building right now you could do it with your heads held high.  But your night isn’t over.”  Kane says he wants to exploit the building distrust between Reigns and Orton.  He books Orton vs. Reigns for the main event “because that’s what’s best for business.”  JBL loves it, and Cole recaps the comments between Reigns and Orton.

Backstage, Kane walks past a celebrating New Day and essentially blows them off.  He approaches Seth Rollins.  Rollins says that it’s funny to him that he thinks that will make a difference.  He says Kane is acting like the spoiled little kid trying to shape up before Santa shows up.  He tells Kane to wait until his mother…err..the Authority shows up to punish him.

Kane says he’s not a Santa kind of guy, and used to sit in the chimney with a blowtorch trying to roast his chestnuts.  He talks about how the main event of Smackdown (Dean Ambrose vs. Rollins) was marred by outside interference.  Kane books Rollins vs. Ambrose again, and this time he bans J&J from ringside.  Rollins tells Kane that he was the cause of the interference.

Kane says that he made the matches he did as “best for business.”  He throws out stipulations like ankles tied together, tying Rollins to the post, or one hand behind his back.  He tells Rollins that he’s one word away from a different main event.  Rollins storms off.

Rollins could have picked any of those stipulations rather than the lame cage match they did for Extreme Rules.

In-Ring Segment:

Renee Young is looking cute as a button in the ring.  She calls out Ryback for an interview.  They recap Bray Wyatt ambushing Ryback last week on Raw.  Ryback says that Montreal sounds hungry and they chant “Feed me more.”

Ryback says he has no idea why Ryback attacked him.  The fans chant “Goldberg” and he waits it out, then says he loves them too.  That turns into a “feed me more” chant.

Ryback addresses his serious injuries, and being told he would not wrestle again.  He says he has had to face fear his entire life.  He says Wyatt doesn’t scare him, and never will. “You woke me up and I’m starving. Talking time is done, it’s feeding time.”

Wyatt cut-in.  “This human world creates human monsters.”  Wyatt tells him that Ryback is a scared little boy, scared to have his failures exposed.  Wyatt says that fear molds us all – fear of the dark, fear of the unknown.  Wyatt says he will tell Ryback a secret – everything he loves, everything he is afraid to lose, will all fade away.  “And in time, friend, so will you.  Run.”

Match #2 – Tyson Kidd and Cesaro (w/Natalya) vs. The Ascension

I don’t care what anyone says, “Rebellion” (the song that welcomes the Ascension to the ring) is pretty badass.  The announcers noted that Cesaro was tweeting derogatory comments during the New Day match.  Picture in picture promo from Ascension says that Kidd being married to a Hart doesn’t make him a part of the Hart dynasty.

The Ascension starts off fast, stomping away on Kidd and working fast tags. Viktor slams Kidd and drops a knee, covering for one.  A bit later, a big suplex from Connor, then a tag out to Viktor.  Viktor covers but Cesaro breaks up the pinfall.

Connor tries an elbow drop but Kidd rolls away.  Kidd gets the hot tag to Cesaro, who hits a big boot then a series of big uppercuts in the opposing corners, then a big clothesline for the cover and a two count.  Incredible run, and Canada loves it.  He calls for the swing, but Connor hits the ring.  Cesaro clotheslines him out.  Kidd hits a plancha dive.

Cesaro hits a spinebuster then loads the swing.  Kidd waits for his moment and hits the drop kick for the victory.  Cesaro and Kidd pose, as does Natalya, as the announcers run through highlights.

I would have guessed that they would have squashed the Ascension since Kidd and Natalya are home in Canada.  They didn’t go there – they made the Ascension look good with a strong start and giving them solid offense.  Not the worst effort from the Ascension.

Backstage, Rollins is walking down a hall.  Renee Young asks for his reaction.  Rollins says there’s no point to having it, and Kane is a moron.  Guess that’s all there is to that.  Commercial.

Out of break, they recap the Smackdown match between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.  Kane got involved.  It was a mess.

Match #3 – Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins; J&J Security Banned from Ringside

Ambrose gets a nice reaction from Montreal.  Cole reminds us that this has been going on since last year when Seth turned on the Shield.  They shill some sponsors as Seth Rollins gets ready to come to the ring.  He gets booed pretty hard according to my TV.

After Rollins makes his entrance, here comes Kane.  Kane says he wants Seth to know that he has taken his sentiment to heart.  He quotes Rollins saying that there was no point, and says he needs to rectify that. He says if Ambrose wins, he gets a chance at the title as he will be added to the Payback main event, making it a fatal four way.

Rollins rants, saying that the fans voted for a triple threat.  Ambrose grabs the mic and asks if they have a problem with him being added.  The fans cheer, so they don’t have a problem.  Rollins grabs the mic back and says that he doesn’t need to listen to the fans, or to Kane.  He says he is the WWE Champion and he doesn’t have to listen to anyone, especially in Canada because they don’t matter.  Kane tells Rollins he is overruling Rollins and the match and stipulation are on.  “Now ring the bell.”

Ambrose rolls up Rollins right out of the gate for a fast two count.  The fight spills to the floor.  Rollins hammers on Ambrose at ringside then tries to throw him in.  Ambrose spins out and hits a big clothesline.  The fight moves back in the ring, with Ambrose knocking Rollins down then dropping an elbow for two.

The two men trade offense back and forth.  Rollins takes control of the match for the next few moments.  Ambrose back drops Rollins to ringside after a kick as we go into commercial.

Back live, Rollins locks on a chin lock as Cole resets the stakes of this one.  Ambrose fires back and throws Rollins with an armdrag but walks right into Rollins offense.  Rollins sets up a springboard move, but Ambrose ducks then hits a tornado DDT of his own.

On their feet the two fight back and forth with strikes, with Ambrose getting the better of it.  Corner splash into a corner bulldog, then Ambrose heads to the corner.  He goes up top and Rollins ducks out of the ring, but Ambrose comes back right away with a suicide dive to ringside.  Canada chants Holy Shit, but let’s be honest, that’s an over-used spot.

In the ring, Ambrose tries his rebound clothesline but Rollins ducks.  Rollins tries a spin kick but Ambrose ducks and takes down Rollins for a near fall.  Ambrose sets up Dirty Deeds but Rollins counters.  Rollins teases a piledriver but Ambrose backdrops him out.  Rollins nearly lands on his feet and charges the corner, but Ambrose moves.  He jumps up top and hits his elbow on a standing Rollins for two.

Ole chants and Ambrose plays in.  Rollins hits him with a springboard knee for a good near fall.  Rollins yells at Ambrose to stay down as he tries to get to his feet.  Rollins jaws then gets slapped.  Rollins hits a superkick on a kneeling Ambrose for a good near fall.  Rollins argues with the official.

Rollins sets up a powerbomb that Ambrose counters and they exchange strikes.  Ambrose charges and sends both men to the floor on a clothesline over the ropes.  The fight spills outside.  Rollins throws Ambrose toward the ropes, but Ambrose counters with his spin.  Rollins ducks the clothesline but sets up the buckle bomb against the barrier.

Ambrose barely beats the count while Rollins is celebrating a win.  Celebrated too soon, Seth.  Rollins starts stomping away on Ambrose, then hits a corner charge.  Rollins hits a kick, but Ambrose hits his springboard clothesline.  Ambrose sets up Dirty Deeds but J&J Security charge the ring and try to get involved.  Mercury and Noble collide, and that lets Ambrose roll Rollins up for the win.  Ambrose escapes and celebrates up the ramp.  Rollins is pissed, JBL says that Kane has made a horrible mistake, and Ambrose celebrates.

This was fun to watch.  I am liking the addition of Ambrose in the title match too.  There’s some juice there, and now you have all three Shield members in the ring too.  This main event feels better all of the sudden now, more so than the triple threat ever would have.  At some point, they’ll go to the triple threat between the three guys from The Shield, but now’s not the time for it.

The announcers talk about the match and the implications of Ambrose’s win.  They also hype the Reigns vs. Orton main event.  They recap the earlier action with Reigns spearing Orton by accident in their match against New Day.

Back live, the announcers discuss the pay per view and the new title match.

Backstage, Rollins runs in and interrupts Kane who is on the phone.  He rants and yells about the match now being a fatal four way.  Kane tells him the fans made it a triple threat, and Rollins made it a four way when he lost.  He proposes adding more men to the match.  “Maybe seven is your lucky number.” Kane tells Rollins he knows he’s upset, but the adversity will make him the man and champion they all want him to be.  Kane says he has a plan, and Rollins mocks that idea.

Byron Saxton is with Lana.  Canada loves that.  He asks her how she likes getting such a positive reaction.  She doesn’t know what he’s talking about and she’s only here for the betterment of….Fandango?  Fandango tells her that she doesn’t need to be coy, because the feeling of the fans is euphoric.  He says he will show her.  Rusev enters, barks some words in Russian, and they leave.  He destroys…errr…faces Fandango next.

Match #4 – Rusev (w/Lana) vs. Fandango:

Fandango is dancing in the ring with almost no reaction from the fans.  Lana gets a huge pop when she comes out, but Rusev’s pimp hand is strong.  It’s all Rusev from the get-go, with the fans chanting “We want Lana.”

Fandango ducks a corner charge but Rusev tosses him out.  Rusev has something going on as the official tends to him.  Fandango gets Lana to dance with him momentarily, but Rusev sends her to the back after splashing Fandango from behind.

Fandango runs Rusev into the post twice, then back in the ring hits him with a drop kick.  He mounts for punches but Rusev throws him off.  Thrust kick, couple of stomps, then the Accolade, and this is over.  Cole puts over that Cena is the only one who has broken the hold.  Rusev poses and plays to the crowd as the announcers recap.

Will this teasing of a Lana face run be a set-up to get the title back to Rusev somehow?  I can’t see Lana being a face having a really long shelf life of any sort.

The announcers hype the main event, then say that they will be showing some of the Tough Enough entries, next.

Back live, they show some clips of a documentary that will air on ESPN.  Cole feeds it into hype for Tough Enough, and shows select video packages of various competitors.

Match #5 – R-Truth vs. Stardust

Stardust gets his entrance.  He cuts a promo, talking about how Truth cost him his place in King of the Ring.  He says he will get payback tonight and he knows how he will do it.

Truth gets the better of Stardust early, but gets hit with a front suplex.  They talk about how Truth planned to ban spiders.  They talk about a bag that Stardust brought to ringside and discuss what might be in it.  Stardust cartwheels then eyes the crowd as they chant “Cody.”  The announcers don’t give a shit about this match as they talk about anything BUT it.

Truth mounts a comeback, but the two men collide and they’re both down.  Stardust crawls toward the bag.  Truth fires up and hits clotheslines then a front suplex for two.  Truth eyes up the bag and goes to retrieve it.  Truth opens it and gets scared, which lets Stardust roll him up.  Turns out there were rubber spiders in the bag.  Truth runs away, and Stardust gathers up the rubber spiders.

So far, this is the stupidest finish by WWE in 2015.

The announcers hype John Cena’s open challenge for next, then the Roman Reigns documentary that will air on the WWE Network after Raw.  They feed it to a preview clip.

Back live, Cole hypes that the four men in the title match will be in the same ring to sign the contract for the Fatal Four Way match at Payback on Smackdown.

John Cena’s US Open Challenge:

Cena’s music hits and he comes out, to get serenaded by Montreal with “John Cena Sucks!” to his tune.  Cole puts him over as the polarizing US Champion.  In the ring, Cena simply holds the belt up, then as his music fades the sing-song goes on.  He looks disturbed by it, then teases speaking.

He says he quits.  That draws cheers.  He says those words have meaning now, and the fans break out into an Ole song.  Cena smiles and plays to them.  He says there are folks in Montreal who wish he would quit and give up.  That fires up some “Yes!” chants and a rousing ovation.

“But you know me.  You know that I have dealt with this type of adversity for years.”  He says that Montreal knows that despite the hostility, whether a critic or a supporter he never gives up.  He says that he will face Rusev in two weeks at Payback, and if he says he quits, he doesn’t deserve a rematch.  More Ole song.  He says making him say I quit is tougher than getting Montreal to stop singing, because he won’t quit.

He talks about the brutal nature of the match and how it will test a man’s will.  The fans chant for Sami Zayn I think.  He says this is passion and the fans say what they want because they’re passionate.  He says that’s the difference between him and Rusev, because Rusev just wants a title.  He says he fights for everything he believes in for the past ten years.

He says the fans are rowdy and outspoken and asks what they would say if they were backed against the wall.  They say no.  He points out some fans, and asks what they say.  He points a fan out wearing a Habs jersey (hockey jersey of a team that left town) and says that fan hasn’t given up on the team.  That leads to a “Go Habs Go” chant.

He says he lost track of time, and says it sounds like Montreal is the place to be.  He says John Cena is the man to beat, and the John Cena US Open Challenge starts now.  “You want some, come get some.”

Bret Hart’s music hits and he comes down to the ring to a thunderous ovation.   JBL runs down his various accomplishments.  Hart says he’s there to introduce a great wrestler, but he gets cut off by Heath Slater’s music.  He says “wait a minute.”  He says he will not let his moment to become US Champion get stepped on again, especially in Montreal.  They don’t like him much though.

He says in the US they refer to the fans as “les incompetants.”  “That means incompetent!  I can speak French.”  He talks about getting attacked by the RKO and by Rusev.  He says he’s getting tired of getting derailed.  Bret punches out Slater.  Bret goes on to introduce “the hometown boy” Sami Zayn!  He gets a huge reaction as he comes to the ring.

What a cool moment!  A great introduction of Zayn to the main roster fans, with Hart introducing him and the enthusiastic hometown fans.  Hopefully the match lives up.

Match #6 – John Cena (c) vs. Sami Zayn; WWE United States Championship

In progress, Zayn sends Cena to ringside.  He sets up a suicide dive, but Cena moves.  Zayn hits a springboard flip to light up the fans.  Cena hits a side slam and covers for one.  Cena controls Zayn with a headlock.    Cena hits another back suplex for two.

After the suplex, the referee calls for the doc and he checks on his shoulder.  Zayn stretches and rubs it a bit then he says he wants to go.  The two stalk each other, and Cena eventually backs Zayn back to the corner and fires shots in.  Cena sets up a run off the ropes but gets hit with a clothesline.  Zayn fires off right hands but Cena fires up his trademark moves.  Two shoulder blocks, side slam, and Zayn can’t see him.

Zayn counters the “you can’t see me” with a roll up. Zayn hits a cross body for two and Cena ducks to ringside to regroup.   Zayn doesn’t wait and hits a dive on Cena at ringside.   Back in the ring, Cena locks in the STF on Zayn.  Booker tells Zayn he needs to scramble before he taps.  Zayn makes it into the ropes.

Zayn catches Cena with a face plant then locks in the Koji Clutch.  Cena’s in trouble mid-ring.  Cena breaks the hold and tries to set up the AA, but Zayn counters with a German suplex for two.  Rusev is watching on backstage on a monitor.  Cena catches Zayn with a clothesline coming off the ropes.

Cena loads the AA, but Zayn nearly lands on his feet.  He pops up and both men hit clotheslines mid ring.  They both sell, with Cena rolling out as does Zayn.   Zayn through the corner hits the DDT on the mat out on the floor.  Back in the ring, Cena hits the AA and thinks he has 3 but he doesn’t.  Good near fall.

Zayn comes back with the Blue Thunder Bomb for a good near fall.  The announcers talk about how Zayn’s emotions are running high.  Strike exchange.  Cena hits his springboard stunner, then hits the AA to get the victory.  Cole puts over Zayn as being “game” for the challenge, as does JBL.  The official checks on Zayn, and he backs to a corner.  Cena offers a handshake, then lets Zayn play to his hometown fans.  Cena backs up the ramp and says “tough kid.”

Zayn plays to the fans briefly, then rolls out of the ring holding his shoulder.  The announcers talk about how Zayn has a shot to take the NXT title from Kevin Owens in two weeks at the next NXT special.  They shill the WWE Network and various upcoming shows.

The announcers gushed over the performance of Zayn, and Cena did a nice job of stepping aside to let Zayn have the moment and show how impressed he was with Zayn.  I would rather have seen them reset Zayn a bit and put him over as an underdog.  None the less, a cool moment and a memorable debut.  Let’s see how they follow it up.

They go back to the open of the show and the match between Reigns and Orton vs. New Day.  They focus on Reigns spearing Orton, and Kane booking the match for the main event – Reigns vs. Orton.

Backstage, Renee Young wants to get a word with Sami Zayn, but New Day walks in instead.  They ask why they would want to talk to Zayn when they won their match earlier in the night.  Kidd, Cesaro, and Natalya enter the picture.  Natalya says they won only because Reigns and Orton hate each other.  Kidd says that what he agrees with is that New Day sucks.  He leads a chant and New day exits.

The Bella Twins make their entrance.  They don’t even get to the ring before Naomi and Tamina jump them from behind and attack them.  They rough up both Bellas, then pick Brie up and hit her with a couple moves at ringside.

Naomi gets a mic and says that the Bella’s reign over the division is over.  “That’s what family is about.”  They walk away.  The announcers talk about how Tamina is a cousin to Naomi now by marriage.

Seems Naomi changed her look a little more.  The two look like a badass pairing, and I think I like it.

Rather than let the moment settle, they move right into the recap of the King of the Ring final where Barrett beat Neville.

“King Barrett” is introduced to the ring.  He cuts a promo on the way, talking about the birth of Princess Charlotte and the crowning of King Barrett.  Not that the Royal Family gives two damns about pro wrestling kings.  He says he plans to rule over WWE with an iron fist, and deliver the Bull Hammer.  He tells us to get used to these four words “all hail King Barrett.”  He will team with Sheamus, next.

Traditional heel King promo.  Nothing to get too excited over.

Match #7 – Neville and Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus and King Barrett

Sheamus’ entrance is concluding back from break.  Neville comes out first, then Dolph.  They show a promo from Ziggler, talking about how Barrett and Sheamus are being bullies.  Ziggler says he didn’t see Sheamus laughing after he dotted the eye.

Ziggler starts with Barrett, but swings at Sheamus.  That lets Barrett take over on the offense in the early going.  Barrett drapes Ziggler on the buckle then lands some shots.  He covers for two, then mocks Neville.  Ziggler comes back with a big DDT for a two count of his own.  Sheamus enters the ring, but Ziggler and Neville get him to stand down as Barrett sells at ringside.

Back live, Sheamus is controlling the offense.  Sheamus jaws at Ziggler and tells him how he means nothing, but Ziggler rewards him with a superkick.  Hot tags to both men.  Neville hits a huracanrana, then hits a big dive outside the ring on Barrett.  Springboard drop kick to Barrett then a standing moonsault nets two for Neville.  Neville tries a float over but gets caught with a kick to the gut.

Barrett tries the Bull Hammer, but Neville ducks and hits an enzugiri, followed with a German suplex for two.   Ziggler takes Sheamus to ringside, but Sheamus gets the better of him and dumps Ziggler to the time keeper’s area.  Neville has Barrett down and starts to set up the Red Arrow.  Sheamus intervenes, so Neville hits a kick.  The distraction is enough to allow Barrett to hit Neville with a Bull Hammer when Neville springboards in.  The heels celebrate.

Neville really came off like a star last week, especially with how the announcers supported him with how they raved over him.  He has an out this time, but he lost none the less.  Hoping for better for a really talented guy.

Cole hypes up the Roman Reigns special that will air on WWE Network after Raw.  Reigns makes his entrance for the main event.  Orton gets a pretty decent reaction as he comes out.

Can’t help but feel this is an angle, not a match.

Match #8 – Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton

Back live, Orton and Reigns get ready to go when Kane’s music hits.  Here comes Kane, Seth Rollins, and J&J Security to watch the proceedings.  Noble gets a mic and gets on the announce table.  He introduces himself as the special ring announcer, Mercury as the timekeeper, Kane as the “enforcer,” and “your future, everybody’s WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins.”  Rollins will be the commentator.

Orton and Reigns jaw at each other in the ring while Rollins says that Kane has a plan and he trusts him now.  Orton teases an early RKO but Reigns counters.  Strike exchange ensues as Cole talks about the fatal four way and how Rollins never pinned Brock Lesnar.  Rollins says the odds are against him and it’s unfair.

Reigns hits a Samoan drop as JBL asks if we want to see Buddy Rogers defend in a fatal four way.  “No, you want to see him one on one.”  Orton drops Reigns against the barrier, then the two exchange strikes.  Noble gets struck down and Rollins mutters “Jamie, I thought you were smarter than that.”

More strike exchanging goes on at ringside, then Mercury jaws at Orton.  Orton rolls in the ring only to take a clothesline from Reigns.  Rollins says he will prove how deserving he is when he wins at Payback.  He says he will do it by himself and he will do it without Kane, The Authority, and Triple H.  Cole brings up how Rollins didn’t get it done against Ambrose, and Rollins blames J&J and says they cost him the match.

Meanwhile in the ring, Orton sets Reigns up for a move at the apron but Reigns takes Orton down.  Reigns hits his apron kick on Orton then jaws at Rollins.  Reigns sets up for the Superman punch.  Orton slides aside of it then hits his scoop slam.  He hits the elevated DDT on Reigns, which wakes the crowd up a little.

Orton’s hearing voices.  He tries for the RKO but Reigns shoves him off and hits the Superman punch.  Reigns sets up a dive, but Kane hits him.  J&J, Kane, and Seth Rollins run to the other side and attack Orton.  Reigns hits a big dive on the group.  Rollins runs Reigns into the post then sets up an attack on Orton.

They roll Orton in, and it boils down into a 4 on 1 assault.  The fans want Ambrose, and they get him.  He charges the ring and helps take out J&J.  Reigns sends Kane to the floor.  Reigns hits Rollins with a big spear, then Orton hits Reigns with the RKO.  Ambrose hits Orton with Dirty Deeds as the rest of the men sell.  Ambrose plays to the fans as Cole sends it home and to the Roman Reigns special on WWE Network.

Reigns and Orton did alright, but because they came out early in the show and had the match they had (which was good) and the fact that this crowd started to peter out as most do after three hours of Raw, the reaction to their work here was down.  When Ambrose’s music hit they did get up for that, and it looked good when they chanted for him to appear and WWE delivered on it.

Overall, not a bad show.  Sami Zayn appearing was great and he got a superstar reaction from the hometown fans.  Bret Hart also got a huge pop and it was a nice unadvertised surprise for him to show up and put over Zayn like he did.  Ambrose being added to the main event of Payback adds some flavor, and Zayn and Cena had a good match.

Drew and I will be talking all things wrestling tomorrow night on Ring Rap Audio, and we’re looking for your thoughts and questions.  Hit us up on Twitter @RingRap, or post it to our Facebook page, and we’ll discuss what’s on your mind as well as what’s on ours.  Thanks for watching along tonight.


WWE Monday Night Raw Live Coverage for 4/27/2015 – New Tag Champions, John Cena Prepares for One More Match with Rusev, Seth Rollins Gets By Randy Orton, More

It’s the night after Extreme Rules.  Seth Rollins got by Randy Orton last night, but he did so in controversial fashion by hitting Orton’s RKO to allow him to escape the cage.  How will Orton respond to this?  Is there a rematch in his future with Rollins?  Also, we saw last night on the pay per view that Rusev has gotten one more match at Payback with John Cena, this time in an “I quit” match.  Can Rusev make “Mr. Never Give Up” quit for the first time in a long time?  New tag champs were crowned, Nikki Bella retained her title, and Dean Ambrose got a measure of revenge on Luke Harper.

Show Open, Live from the Resch Center in Green Bay, WI:

We open with highlights of the King of the Ring tournament through the years, featuring Triple H, Bret Hart, Steve Austin, Booker T, and others.  The tournament starts tonight with four matches.  Who will become King of the Ring?  They roll into the Raw intro, then go live inside the arena with full pyro.

Cole welcomes us in and says we’re about to brace ourselves for the fallout of Extreme Rules.  He shows a bracket with the matches involved to crown the King of the Ring.  Seth Rollins gets introduced to the ring, still the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  He gets a fair amount of heat as he heads out with Kane and J&J Security.  JBL says the future is now given that Rollins has beaten Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, and now Randy Orton.  Cole narrates still shots of the main event.

Rollins has a mic as Green Bay boos him.  “Finally, last night Randy Orton learned what the entire WWE Universe has known for a very long time.”  Rollins says you cannot outsmart Seth Rollins.  He says he singlehandedly built and destroyed the most dominant faction in WWE History, The Shield.   He says he cashed in his MITB contract at the most opportune time to beat both Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

He says last night he proved what kind of champion he is – a fighting and valiant champion.  He says Orton thought he had Rollins where he wanted him, but Rollins had Orton where he wanted him.  “Randy Orton wanted me all by myself, and I beat Randy Orton all by myself.”  Rollins says he ripped him apart and had the edge going into the match by banning the RKO.  In his win, he says he added the ultimate insult – an SKO out of nowhere.  He laughs.

“Every great general needs great soldiers” and he takes a moment to thank Kane for doing what was best for business in his role of the Crypt Keeper.  “Oops, did I say that out loud?  He’s an old relic from the 90’s that no one cares about.”  Rollins backpedals from the insult as best he can.  Kane says he takes no offense, and because of his actions – including

He says he would rather be the WWE version of the Crypt Keeper than the WWE version of Justin Bieber.  “Whoops, did I say that out loud?”  Rollins gets mad and says that  Kane is jealous of him.  He says he gets to go home every night as WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and Kane should just go home.  They bicker.

Randy Orton’s music hits and he comes to the stage.   He says he isn’t the kind of guy to complain about someone cheating to win, but when someone in their own administration goes on record to say that Rollins cheated to win, that makes grounds for a rematch.  Rollins says that it’s not the Kane Regime, or the Orton Regime, it’s his time and Orton only gets one shot at the title, and Orton squandered it.  Orton tells “catwoman” to shut up, and he’s addressing Kane.

Kane starts to talk, saying Orton has a point, when Roman Reigns’ music hits.  He makes his way down to ringside as the announcers talk about his win over Big Show last night.  Reigns poses on the announce table.  Rollins tells Reigns to get over himself and asks why he’s there.

Reigns says “I’ll tell you why I’m here if you’ll shut the hell up.”  He tells Rollins that he’s missing his giant, because he speared him through a table, then flipped a table over on him.  “I guess you can call me the last man standing.”  Reigns tells Orton that he had his shot, and tells Kane that if anyone deserves a shot at the title, it’s him.

Rollins mocks Reigns for winning a match.  He says Orton and Reigns have a common denominator, and it’s that they both lost to Rollins.  Rollins tells them neither man deserves a shot at the title.  Kane interrupts and says that both men make compelling arguments, so he will do what’s best for business.  He says they should put aside their differences and show them both the real power of the Authority.

“So you mean a tag team match?” Rollins asks.  Kane agrees, then says that by the end of the night the WWE Universe will decide Rollins’ next title defense.  Rollins gets upset and rants at Kane off mic.

A good segment.  You’ve got Rollins and Kane at odds, and Orton and Reigns with legitimate claims to a title shot.  I would hope they build some more momentum behind Reigns before putting him in the title picture again though.  He did well on the mic here.  There are rumors floating around that there will be a Triple Threat match at Payback, so I can assume that’s an option here.

They hype up Bad News Barrett vs. Dolph Ziggler in a first round King of the Ring match.

Match #1 – Dolph Ziggler vs. Bad News Barrett; King of the Ring Round #1 Match

In a picture in picture promo, Dolph admits that he can’t focus on the match fully because of what Sheamus did to him last night.  He tells Sheamus that payback is coming.  Barrett’s picture in picture hypes him as being the one fit to be a king.

Barrett controls the early going, using strikes, kicks and boots.  Booker says that Ziggler needs some dirt on him and needs to go out and fight.  Ziggler hits a drop kick, and Barrett rolls to ringside to regroup.  Commercial break, already.

Back live, Barrett is controlling Ziggler with a headlock.  A big kick took down Ziggler during the break.  Barrett tries a charge, but Ziggler moves and Barrett eats the ringpost.  Both men sell.  To their feet, the two start with strikes, then Ziggler gets a headlock then tries for his neckbreaker but Barrett counters.  Barrett tries to load Winds of Change but Ziggler wraps himself around and turns it to a crucifix pin for two.

Barrett loads Wasteland but Ziggler counters out.  A bit later, Ziggler tries a superkick but gets caught.  Barrett slingshots Dolph to the buckle then hits Wasteland for a good near fall.  Barrett calls up for the Bull Hammer.  Ziggler ducks it and hits a superkick for a near fall.

Sheamus interrupts and reminds us that there was a full Irish moon last night.  He asks if it leaves a bad taste of Celtic arse in his mouth.  Ziggler goes to the apron to get Barrett but ends up taking a Bull Hammer.  Barrett picks up the win off the distraction.  Sheamus smiles and Barrett celebrates.

Not a bad match, but not a hot start to the tournament.  I was hoping for more I guess.  I wonder if somehow Ziggler costs Sheamus his match later now to set up a Payback rematch.

JBL says Triple H is not present, so Kane made the main event.  They recount that Kane and Rollins will face Reigns and Orton in the main event, and the fans will get to decide Rollins’ next opponent.  They show New Day backstage clapping their way to glory, and they’re up next.

Big E cuts a short rhyme to  get Green Bay to feel the power.  New Day comes to the ring.  Xavier Woods says they want to thank the clappers who helped them achieve the title win.  He tells them to dump the “sucks” stuff and leads a new clap, saying “New Day Rocks.”  That still gets a “New Day Sucks” chant.

Match #2 – Big E of The New Day (w/Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) vs. Tyson Kidd (w/Cesaro and Natalya)

Kidd fires away on Big E in the early going, then tries a spring move over the ropes.  Big E catches him, but Kidd works out then ducks a clothesline, following up with an enzugiri.  Kidd hits a missile drop kick.  Big E rolls to the floor for a break, but Kidd hits a big kick to take him down.

Back in the ring, Big E hits a big block on Kidd.  He covers and Xavier Woods holds down Kidd’s foot.  They steal a win.  New Day runs up the ramp as Cesaro, Kidd, and Natalya sell frustration in the ring.  New Day poses at the stage.

The match itself was forgettable, but the celebration by New Day was fun.

The announcers narrate over still shots of John Cena vs. Rusev from last night.  Lana posed at one point for the fans.  Cole hypes the Payback match between Cena and Rusev in three weeks.  Cena will still have his open challenge later tonight.

Ryback’s music hits, and he heads out to the ring.  “Wake up, it’s feeding time!”  He makes his entrance for the next match.

Match #3 – Ryback vs. Bo Dallas

Bo makes his way out after the break.  He tells Ryback that his actions at Extreme Rules were reprehensible.  He says he will be the bigger man tonight and give him a chance to clear his name in front of “all these disgusting cheeseheads.”  He tells Ryback he will give him a chance to walk away.  “Go Pack Go” chants ring out and Ryback nods along.

Dallas tells him all he had to do was Bo Lieve.  Ryback plants Dallas face first then hits a back elbow.  Dallas grabs the ropes for safety, then hits a clothesline from behind.  He clubs on Ryback at the apron then covers but Ryback kicks out with authority.

Dallas hits a kick to the face then locks on a headlock.  JBL talks about how he has been a Bo-liever since day one.  Dallas tries a move off the second rope but Ryback catches him and hits a spinebuster.  Ryback hits the Meathook and says it’s time to finish it.  Shellshocked finishes off Dallas.  Ryback leads “Feed me more” chants.

Wyatt cut in.  The screen goes dark, and when the lights come up Wyatt is behind Ryback in the ring.  Wyatt quickly hit Sister Abigail then does his crab walk.  He leans in and says something to Ryback, then kneels and yells something.  Quick cut out.

They need to choose which guy they’re going to push, and move them forward.  I think this can be a good feud, but with both of them needing to win, I am fearing that traditional “even steven” booking.  Gotta pick one and run with it.

Cole quickly moves on to hype John Cena issuing yet another open challenge for the US Championship, next.

They show a shot of the Vince Lombardi statue at Lambeau Field.  JBL notes that the Green Bay Packers have 13 championships.

That has to kill Jason Powell of, a huge Minnesota Vikings fan.

John Cena’s music hits and he charges the ring to a mostly positive reaction.  The announcers talk about him winning last night, and how Rusev’s two losses have come at the hands of John Cena.

Cena says he doesn’t know how anyone missed it, but in case they did – spoiler alert – The Champ is Here.  He says he wants to talk about the Russian chain match, but he couldn’t catch his breath before Lana was asking the Authority for another match.  He says that he has to give Rusev the credit he deserves.  “He keeps his pimp hand strong.”

Cena says he kids, but he respects Rusev for not quitting, until Payback.  He says that the rematch will be an I Quit match.  He says that if Rusev thinks that Cena will walk into a match on American soil for the United States Championship and quit, then he’s dumb and stupid.

Cena says that Payback is the final chapter of their feud.  He says if Rusev makes him quit, he disgraced the country, the fans, and the US Championship.  He doesn’t deserve a rematch.  He says he’s putting it all on the table and if Rusev wins, he wins the title and doesn’t have to see Cena again.

Cena references coaching legend Vince Lombardi, and says that he’s trying to make the US Championship the new sign of excellence and opportunity. Cena says that while Rusev decides to rest tonight, he chooses to provide opportunity.  He says Green Bay is the place to be, Cena is the man to beat, and the US Championship Open starts now.  “You want some, come get some.”

Heath Slater’s music hits and he comes out.  “Wait a minute!”  Slater says he is not only going to take advantage of a crushed John Cena, but he will become the new United States Champion.  He says he plans to start his own Discount Slater Check, kind of like the Discount Double Check with someone better looking than Aaron Rodgers.  That draws some boos.

Rusev comes out and attacks Slater, kicking him off the stage.  Lana comes out to cheers with a mic, but Rusev demands the mic and sends her away.   Fans chant “We want Lana!”  Rusev is frustrated by that chant and yells something in Bulgarian.

Rusev tells Cena to look at the people and calls them all quitters.  They have given up already, giving up on their dreams and themselves.  He tells Cena that at Payback he will be like all of “these stupid Americans.”  He says that they won’t be saying God Bless America, they will be saying “I quit.”  The Russian flag drops as Rusev has a seizure on stage (not really, he is selling his anger).

Given that there’s no suspicion that Cena will lose until possibly Payback, then I guess it makes sense for Rusev to attack each “open” challenger.  Part of the problem of setting the match up last night like they did.

Backstage, Rollins confronts Kane.  He says he isn’t mad but he needs clarification as to how Kane wants the fans to decide who Rollins will face next.  Rollins says he beat Lesnar, Reigns, and Orton, and there’s no reason any of them should have at his title.  Kane starts to explain about App voting and says he thought Rollins could handle the situation, but Rollins cuts him off.

Rollins tells Kane that he can’t wait til Triple H and Stephanie hear about all of this.  Kane takes offense, and says that since Rollins wants to be a tattle tale, the fans will now have three options to vote for – Orton, Reigns, or both men in a triple threat match.  He tells Rollins he will see him later for their tag match, and discover who the fans pick for his opponent.

Match #4 – R-Truth vs. Stardust; King of the Ring Round #1 Match

Truth says if he wins the King of the Ring, he will ban all spiders.  Stardust cuts a cryptic promo about sitting on the throne and ruling if he wins.  Early jackknife cover from Truth gets two, then Stardust takes over the offense.  The fans chant “Cody” to irritate Stardust.

Stardust continues to control the offense, wearing Truth out with a headlock.  Truth starts to strike back.  Stardust does a cartwheel then yells at Booker that he is the king.  Stardust continues with a whip, but eats an elbow on the follow-up charge.  Truth hits a couple clotheslines.  Stardust hits a Russian leg sweep for two.

The two men exchange strikes, then Stardust tries for the Disaster Kick.  Truth catches him out of mid-air with the Lie Detector to score the win.

The crowd was dead for this.  Sometimes Truth gets a reaction for that tired “what’s up” thing and that wasn’t in Green Bay.  And I think it might be time for Cody Rhodes to come back since fans aren’t eating up the Stardust gimmick anymore.

JBL hypes the main event of Kane and Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns and Randy Orton.  Cole hypes the App and says it’s up to the fans to decide who Seth Rollins will face at Payback – Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, or both men in a triple threat.

Back live, Cole hypes up the various WWE Network programming that will happen this week.

Match #5 – Fandango vs. Adam Rose (w/Rosebuds)

Rose gets the early advantage, but Fandango fights back with chops and a clothesline that sends Rose to ringside.  Fandango follows up with a nice dive onto Rose at ringside.  Rosa Mendes appears as one of the Rosebuds, and she dances a bit.  The distraction allows Rose to hit the Party Foul on Fandango for the win.

Afterward, Rosa gets a mic and says that she can’t believe that he dumped her “for them.”  She fells Fandango that he can’t dance to that music anymore.  She says now she has found someone who treats her like the sweet flower she is.  The makeout session starts and JBL calls for a commercial break.

Comedy moment.  Neither of those guys are going anywhere.

Cole swings to a more serious discussion, and says that Daniel Bryan could not compete last night due to his health.  He sends it to Renee Young, who is with Brie.  She asks about Daniel’s health and when or if he can return to the ring.  Brie says his dream came true last year at Wrestlemania, and every day he’s out it weighs on the both of them.  She says Bryan would do anything to compete.  She says they’re grateful because the fans care about Daniel and he cares about them.  Naomi interjects and knocks Brie down, then leans in and says “No one cares about you or your husband.”

Brie didn’t say much.  Certainly still didn’t reveal the health of Bryan, or when he might return.  Really odd.

Match #6 – Brie Bella (w/Nikki Bella) vs. Naomi

Early on, Brie clubs away on Naomi and gets the better of her, but Naomi gets in a cheap forearm shot to gain the advantage.  Naomi hits a backbreaker for two then locks on a chinlock.    Brie starts to fire back with a knee shot but gets taken back down.  Naomi taunts the fans then hits a big leg drop for two.

The announcers debate if Naomi would be champion if it weren’t for Brie getting involved last night, and discuss Naomi taking out Paige.  Brie hits a face plant to get some separation.  Brie hits a clothesline and a drop kick, then a running knee against the ropes.  “Brie Mode!”  She hits a missile drop kick for a near fall.

Naomi uses an inside cradle to grab the win.  She escapes the ring and dances in the aisle to celebrate.  Nikki consoles Brie.

Cole ended up taking away from Naomi’s win by saying Brie was distracted by all the goings on with Daniel Bryan. 

The announcers hype up the main event again.  JBL says Rollins and Kane aren’t on the same page at all.  Cole hypes the app voting for the Payback championship match.

Dean Ambrose’s music hits, and he’s on his way to the ring.  He has the next King of the Ring match.  Cole says to hide your car, because he took off with an SUV last night at the pay per view.  He gets Sheamus in this first round match, after the break.

Match #7 – Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus; King of the Ring Round #1 Match

Back live, Cole and JBL narrate over still shots of the match between Luke Harper and Dean Ambrose.  Ambrose cuts his promo, saying there would be no tax on ale, legal disputes would be settled by street fights and he would ban pop country.  Sheamus gets his entrance and they actually made him look whiter than normal with the lighting.  They narrate over still shots of the Kiss Me Arse match, then show Sheamus’ promo.  He says a real fight entertains him and he will win the KOR again.

Ambrose and Sheamus tie up and scuffle then back off.  They work some grappling holds, with Sheamus getting the better of it.  Sheamus pie faces Ambrose, and he returns the favor.   More grappling, then Sheamus shoulder blocks Ambrose down.  Ambrose tries a drop toe hold, but Sheamus blocks it at first.  He gets Sheamus down and works a submission hold.

In the corner, Sheamus unloads a big right hand.  He follows with an uppercut as some male fans chant “Foghorn Leghorn.”  Ambrose tries a bulldog but Sheamus counters.  Ambrose manages to dump Sheamus to ringside and sets up a dive, but Sheamus runs.

Back live, they show us that Ambrose got run into the post.  Ambrose hits a headbutt but takes a knee to the gut when running the ropes.  Sheamus uses a suplex and yells “Are you not entertained!”  Sheamus continues the assault, taunting Ambrose.  After a right hand, Ambrose explodes off the ropes with his clothesline.  The announcers discuss various great Kings of the Ring as both men sell.

Ambrose fires off with strikes but gets cut off with a slam.  That gets Sheamus enraged and he backs off to call for the Brogue Kick.  Ambrose ducks it, then sends Sheamus into the post following it with a suicide dive.   Ambrose goes up top and jumps over a charging Sheamus.  Sheamus hits the Irish Curse for two.

Sheamus tries for White Noise but Ambrose rolls it through for two.  Ambrose teases Dirty Deeds, but Sheamus counters to the Cloverleaf.  Ambrose struggles to the rope to break the hold.  Sheamus sets up the Ten Beats of the Battern but Ambrose counters and hits the elbow off the ropes on a standing Sheamus for two.

Ambrose runs around ringside but gets dumped onto the announce position.  Ambrose leaps off with a forearm, then sends Sheamus to the post.  Sheamus comes back with the Brogue Kick.  Dolph Ziggler charges the ring and unloads on Sheamus.  Sheamus escapes through the fans and Ziggler stares after him.  Ziggler heads backstage, and Ambrose gets upset about losing by disqualification.

Cole gives us the brackets.  The semi-final and final will take place tomorrow on WWE Network.

They sell the app vote again for Rollins’ opponent at Payback, then hype the main event tag match for later.

They recap the God-awful way Miz beat Damien Sandow last week.  He’s in the ring to cut a promo.  He says that one thing he will never do is lie to people.  He talks about how he did the bathrobe gimmick to enlighten people. “We saw how that worked out.”  He says he was told to his face that he wasn’t entertaining.  He recalls the various characters that he worked for a period of time.

“Then came Damien Mizdow.”  He says Mizdow caused him to lose respect with his peers, but he gained something that means more and he gained the respect of the fans.  He calls it the most valuable thing a WWE Superstar could ever have.  Without the fans, he would not be in the WWE right now.   The fans chant “thank you” and he says “You’re welcome.”

Curtis Axel comes out.  “Don’t change the channel, because Axelmania is running wild.”  He says if there’s one thing he can’t stand, it’s a guy who doesn’t know who he is and tries to be someone else.    Axel mocks Hulk Hogan and asks what Sandow is gonna do, but Sandow stops him.  They engage in a mocking segment.  The fans applaud it.

Axel asks if it’s funny and Sandow retorts in kind. The fans chant “yes!” and Sandow says ‘they said it.”  Axel tells him to get out of the ring now, and of course Sandow mocks him.  The fight is on, and Sandow hits Axel with a big boot.  He drops the Elbow of Disdain and Axel rolls to ringside.  Sandow yells “welcome to the new me!” and plays to the fans.

The fans were receptive, but I hope that’s the last of the mimicking thing from Sandow.  In doses and at times it can be fun, but he needs more character than that.

Cole tells us that Kidd and Cesaro will get their rematch against New Day for the Tag gold on Smackdown.  Wyatt cut in again.

Wyatt asks “will you ever learn, will you ever realize who you are, or will you be a man obsessed with your own vanity.”  He says he can see right through, knows what drives and motivates, and what scares you.  “What you witnessed tonight, is just the beginning.  Run.”

Of course, we now know he’s targeting Ryback.  Wyatt needs to be more action than talk.

Back live, the announce team hypes up the various big programs on WWE Network this week.  They also hype the return of Tough Enough on June 23, and they show some of the entries.

Match #8 – Neville vs. Luke Harper; King of the Ring Round #1 Final Match

Neville gets the entrance first, and his video addresses the history of King of the Ring.  He talks about former winners, saying he will go out and defy the odds and gravity to be crowned King of the Ring.  Harper says if he were King he would sit on his throne of barbed wire and rusted steel and rule with pain and suffering.  His reign of suffering is coming – long live the king.

Winner of this one gets Sheamus.  Harper powers Neville up early and he tries to slide through for a roll-up but no go.  Neville hits a huracanrana and sends Harper to ringside.  He tries a baseball slide but lands on his feet.  Harper throws him through the corner, so Neville comes around the corner and hits a huracanrana on the floor.

Harper takes over with power.  He hits a big boot on a springboard attempt by Neville, then follows it by hitting a big uppercut.  Back live, Neville hits an impressive moonsault on Harper out on the floor.

Off the springboard, Neville hits a drop kick then a standing moonsault for two.  Neville looks for another rope move but he floats ov er Harper and runs the ropes.  Neville eats a big boot for a two count.  Harper loads a powerbomb, but Neville floats over then hits a German suplex.

Neville hits an enzugiri but runs into a sit-out powerbomb from Harper for two.   Neville sells and Harper drags him to his feet.  Neville and Harper exchange strikes then ram his head into the buckle a few times.    He perches Neville up top and goes up with him.  Neville fights back with strikes and a big kick.  Neville hits a sunset flip off the buckle.

Neville goes up top again, looking for the Red Arrow.  He lands it and grabs the victory over Harper to advance to the next round.  Neville plays to the fans as Cole moves on to selling the final run for the App vote for Seth Rollins’ opponent at Payback.

Match #9 – Roman Reigns and Randy Orton vs. Kane and Seth Rollins (w/J&J Security)

Reigns is the first to make his entrance and he heads through the fans to the ring.  Cole recaps the opening segment where Reigns asserted his place in a title match based on his win over Big Show.  After the break, the remaining men make their entrances for the match.  Rollins is greeted with “Justin Bieber” chants.  Reigns and Rollins lock up to start.  Reigns gets the better of it, and Rollins drops to ringside to regroup.

As the match progresses, Kane catches Orton with a boot to the face.  He works Orton in the corner, then Rollins gets the tag and puts the boots to him as well.  Rollins tosses Orton to ringside heading into the next break.  The Authority pair keep up the offense out of the break.

Reigns begins to fire up, exchanging blows with Rollins.  Rollins hits a kick to stop the offense, then backs him into the bad corner to tag Kane.  Kane feeds Rollins in for a whip and splash.  Kane hits a move to get a two count.  Kane locks on a bear hug to focus the offense on the lower back.  Fans rally behind Reigns a bit.  After breaking the bear hug, Kane hits a clothesline to get Reigns down for two again.  Kane and Rollins keep working tags and focusing the effort on Reigns’ back.

Rollins yells that no one gets a shot at him.  Kane gets the tag and he and Reigns exchange strikes.  Reigns gets the better momentarily, but Kane tries a suplex.  Reigns counters and hits one of his own and both men are down.  Both men sell, and Reigns gets the hot tag to Orton.  He starts unloading on Rollins with strikes.  Rollins hangs on counter the first powerslam attempt, but Orton gets him the second time. Kane breaks up the pin attempt.

A bit later Kane goozles Reigns for a choke slam.  Reigns breaks it up though, and Rollins hits a drop kick on Kane that was intended for Reigns.  Reigns takes out Mercury with  punch, but Rollins sends Reigns tumbling to ringside.  Orton has Rollins where he wants him.  He hits the elevated DDT and looks for the RKO.  Rollins rolls Orton up for two, then kicks Orton in the face and sends him to ringside.  Rollins is the only one in the ring.  Rollins hits a dive but Orton and Reigns split, so Rollins collects Kane.

Kane loses it.  He dumps J&J over the announce position, then unloads on Rollins with a right hand.  He rips apart the announce position, then feeds Rollins into the ring.  Reigns hits a Superman punch, then Orton hits the RKO to a big reaction.  Orton covers for the win.  The announcers recap it.

Kane says it’s now time to find out who the WWE Universe voted to face Seth Rollins at Payback.  Kane runs down the options, and it’s a landslide victory for the triple threat match.  Rollins sells frustration, Orton smiles from the stage, and Reigns hits a big spear on Rollins then poses on the ropes.  He pats his chest and says it’s mine.  Reigns turns back to look at Orton too.  Reigns plays to the fans as Kane and Orton look on.

Cole gives a sell for Jerry Springer’s “Too Hot for TV” that is coming up next.  That’s the end of the show.

The main event was good.  I will admit that I was posting about the death of long time AWA promoter and hall of fame wrestler Verne Gagne, so the coverage isn’t as good as it could be.  That said, the match was well worked, the fans got up for the closing sequences where Orton and Reigns were able to get the better of Rollins, and they enjoyed seeing the stipulation be announced.

I still feel like it’s too soon to put Reigns in the title mix, but we’ll see how it plays out.  They had a logical out to get back to a Randy Orton rematch and I think those two guys have some good chemistry together.  The match should be solid when they have it out on pay per view.

All in all, a long show.  It really seemed to drag on at points as it normally does coming out of a pay per view.  But with Payback just three weeks away, I thought they would try to set more stuff up than they did.  We at least have direction for John Cena and Rusev, and of course now the title match.

Drew and I will have more to say about Raw, Extreme Rules, and all things wrestling when we get together tomorrow night and record Ring Rap Audio.  Send in your questions on Twitter @RingRap or on our Facebook page.  Thanks for watching along!


WWE Extreme Rules Afterthoughts for 04/27/15 – A Hot Crowd Elevates the Show, But Did the Show Live Up to It’s Name?

WWE hit us with another monthly live special last night, this one called Extreme Rules.  It was filled with gimmickry as are most of WWE’s pay-per-views lately.  But it begs the question, was it truly “extreme?”

In a word, no.  Nothing that happened on the show last night was any different than anything one might see on Raw or Smackdown.  The only difference was the frequency.  We typically get one table spot on Raw.  Last night, we had multiples.  How about backstage brawls?  Check.  Cage matches?  Check.  Short Divas matches?  Check.

But did the show deliver?

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extreme rules

WWE “Extreme Rules” Pay Per View Live Coverage for 4/26/2015 – Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship, John Cena vs. Rusev in a Russian Chain Match, Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler, Nikki Bella vs. Naomi, and More

WWE brings us their first pay per view offering after Wrestlemania tonight in the Extreme Rules pay per view.  (Almost) every match on tonight’s card from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL has a stipulation or some sort of gimmick about it.  Randy Orton will contest for the WWE Championship inside a steel cage against Seth Rollins.  John Cena will defend his United States Championship against Rusev in a chain match.  And yes, we’ve even got a “Kiss Me Arse” match on the card.  The whole show shapes up as follows:

  • Tyson Kidd and Cesaro (c, w/Natalya) vs. The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods); WWE Tag Team Championship
  • Bad News Barrett vs. Neville
  • Nikki Bella (c, w/Brie Bella) vs. Naomi; WWE Divas Championship
  • Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper; Chicago Street Fight
  • Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus; “Kiss Me Arse” match, where the loser will kiss the winner’s ass.
  • Roman Reigns vs. Big Show; Last Man Standing Match
  • John Cena (c) vs. Rusev (w/Lana); WWE United States Championship under Russian Chain Match rules (to win, winner must drag opponent around the ring and touch all four corner turnbuckles)
  • Seth Rollins (c, w/J&J Security) vs. Randy Orton; WWE World Heavyweight Championship fought under cage match rules, with the RKO banned from use.  Kane will serve as the gate keeper of the cage.


Renee Young checks in with her cohorts, Byron Saxton, Corey Graves and Booker T.  They briefly run down the card for tonight, highlighting John Cena vs. Rusev, Nikki Bella vs. Naomi, and Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus.  She points out that New Day will take on Kidd and Cesaro for the tag titles on the pre-show.  Renee notes that Daniel Bryan is not medically cleared, so there will not be an Intercontinental Championship match tonight.  Booker sends good wishes to Bryan and says he would really want to be there.

In the Social Media Lounge, Tom Philips talks about Byron Saxton being out past his curfew already.  He hypes using the #ExtremeRules hashtag throughout the show.  He will have Kane in the lounge later, and you can ask him questions with the #AskKane hashtag.

Back with the panel, Renee says that Kane has a lot of pressure on him as the gate keeper in the World Heavyweight Championship match.  She feeds it into a video package to hype up Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton, going back to when Rollins cashed in at Wrestlemania.

Back live, the panel discusses the match and the ramifications of the RKO being banned.  There are dueling Cena chants going already.  Corey says that Orton is not completely handicapped by the RKO being banned and he may have to pull something else out of his arsenal.  Booker says that Kane will be an X-factor tonight but this is about Rollins as the future of WWE against Orton as a veteran who also was influenced by Triple H.  Saxton talks about how Orton watched his title slip away at Wrestlemania 30 and he has waited a year to get a shot.

Chicago is already chanting “New Day sucks.”  Booker picks Orton to win the title, Graves picks Rollins, and Saxton picks Orton as well.  Renee talks about other things coming up on the Kickoff show as the camera focuses on the cage.  A commercial hypes the pay per view, focusing on Cena vs. Rusev.

Back live, the panel moves into discussion of the Divas Championship match.  Renee Young feeds it into a video package highlighting Naomi beating down Paige after Paige won the battle royale in London a couple weeks ago.  Eden is with Naomi backstage and asks if it’s because she dropped the nice girl persona.  Naomi asks if she should be a nice girl and stay where she was or drop that persona and become champion and take what she wants.

Naomi criticizes Eden’s attitude and asks if she has ever stepped on toes to get to where she is in the industry. She says she won’t regret what she does to Nikki Bella tonight.  With the panel, Corey puts Naomi over for being athletically gifted, but this attitude is what she’s missing.  Booker references Medusa, Lita, and Melina and says that everyone hated Melina.  He echoes Corey’s comments about attitude.

Saxton talks about the match, but Dean Ambrose sticks his face in front of the camera.   He excuses Saxton and takes a mic.  Ambrose says he didn’t come here to eat deep dish pizza, but for revenge on Luke Harper.  He says he’s here for a street fight.  He says he remembers what Luke Harper did to him at Wrestlemania then on Smackdown.  He says he will give Harper punches for every staple he had to have in his head.  “Luke Harper gets the beating of his life, right here in Chicago!”

Saxton is welcomed back to the panel as Renee says this is what this night is about.  She transitions to talking about the Kiss Me Arse match between Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler.  She feeds it into a video package.  Corey says that Sheamus has a new look and a new game plan.  They show Sheamus’ promo from Smackdown after he came back.

Renee briefly mentions the Last Man Standing match between Big Show and Roman Reigns.  They air an ad for Live with Chris Jericho and his interview with Stephanie McMahon this Thursday.  Back live, Renee hypes the announcement of Tough Enough returning, and Triple H’s video promo regarding the program.  They show various video clips submitted to this point.  Renee gives pointers on taking the video then my network feed goes wonky because of local hardware issues.

Once that’s resolved, they come back live featuring the video package that set up Big Show vs. Roman Reigns in the Last Man Standing match.  Back with the panel, Renee says this will get ugly tonight.  Corey says he isn’t sure how Reigns will take Show down for a ten count and says it’s a lifetime.  Saxton says Reigns will need a Mack truck and super glue.  Booker says that for Show is about making Hunter and Stephanie happy, and he’s a part of something now that he enjoys.

Wyatt cut in.  He says it’s about the little things in life – the simple, the mundane. “But not you.”  He says that his target wants to be larger than life, but like the mighty before him he’s a fool.  “Everyone else on this rotten world will understand that man cannot become of God, but a God can walk among men.”  He closes by saying that “you will behold the new face of fear.”

Booker says it’s about the reckoning and “this guy is scary.”  Graves says if we’ve learned anything, we will find out who he is talking about on Wyatt’s terms.  It’s up to him when we find out.  Renee sends it to the announcers at ringside – Cole, Lawler, and JBL, for the first match.  Cole hypes that we’re sold out as Bad News Barrett gets his entrance.

Match #1 – Bad News Barrett vs. Neville:

Barrett has a mic and greets  Chicago to rousing cheers.  He says he knows everyone in attendance was excited to see him “bull hammer Daniel Bryan into oblivion” and take back the Intercontinental Championship.  He says Bryan was not medically cleared and he isn’t there, and it’s because of Barrett.  Barrett says Bryan is terrified to lose the title back to Barrett and might have half a brain inside his head after all.

He says that he is the UK’s version of Michael Jordan, “minus the gambling addictions.”  He says to send out Neville so he can take the Bull Hammer destined for Bryan.  Neville gets his intro, and a rousing ovation from Chicago.

Neville tries a hip toss early that Barrett blocks.  Neville tosses him over anyhow and turns it into a pin attempt.  Barrett throws some clubbing shots, but Neville comes back with a flying cross body press then a huracanrana that sends Barrett to the apron.  Neville kicks Barrett and sets up a dive, but Barrett counters.  Barrett roughs Neville up on the floor.

After an ad for Network content, Barrett is controlling Neville on the mat with a headlock.  Back to their feet, Neville springs up in the corner and locks on a head scissor, but Barrett kicks him to break it.  He beats Neville as he’s draped across the buckle to get a two count.  He grounds Neville again with a headlock.

Off the ropes, Neville kicks Barrett in the chest but eats a big boot for two.  Barrett chokes Neville on the ropes, then hits a slingshot backbreaker for two.  Barrett locks on another headlock and Neville starts to fight back with shots.  Neville bounces off the ropes and lands some kicks, then hits a dive onto Barrett out on the floor.

Back in the ring, Neville hits a German suplex with a bridge for two.  Barrett’s in position, so Neville teases going for the Red Arrow.  After an exchange at the ropes, Neville flips in and runs the ropes into Winds of Change for two.  He teases Wasteland but Neville elbows out.  Another exchange at the apron, and Neville springs over the ropes.  He springs right into Wasteland though for a near fall.

Barrett calls for the Bull Hammer but Neville ducks and hits an enzugiri.  Neville goes top rope and sets the Red Arrow up, but Barrett crotches him.  Barrett tries for the Bull Hammer on the top rope but Neville ducks.  Another enzugiri stuns Barrett again and Neville hits the Red Arrow.  Cole puts it over as a huge win for Neville as they go to a recap of the closing sequence.

That was a lot of fun.  A quality kickoff show match from both men.  They set up some believable near falls and seem to work really well together.  I think they could set up a good program and I’d love to see them work together more.

An ad hypes up the World Heavyweight Championship match for the pay per view.  In the Social Media Lounge, Tom Phillips interviews Kane.  He’s asked when the mask comes back and Kane says that isn’t his focus.  Someone else asks if he’s relevant and Kane says he doesn’t have time to be disrespected by the fans or his tweets.  Phillips apologizes and thanks fans for their tweets.

Today is Kane’s birthday.  Perhaps he didn’t get what he wanted?  A bit testy…

They move on to talk about John Cena vs. Rusev in a Russian chain match.  They recap the story from Wrestlemania, where Cena won the title from the Russian then the rematch got set up.  They feature the open challenge as well.  Back live, Corey says that he feels Cena will retain.  Booker asks if the fans are ready to get extreme and gets “Booker T” chants.  He rips off his mic and plays to the fans.  It’s time for the pay per view proper, and it’s Harper vs. Ambrose to get it started.

WWE “Extreme Rules” Pay Per View, Live from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL:

A computerized lady says that if we follow the rules all will be okay.  The male voiceover says it’s time to get extreme tonight, and they roll an intro video focusing on various feuds for tonight’s show.

Pyro fires off inside the arena as we’re set to start.  Cole welcomes us in, saying it’s the one night a year WWE goes extreme.

Match #1 – Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper; Chicago Street Fight:

Eden lays down the rules for us, saying that there are no disqualifications or count outs, and you can only win by pinfall or submission.  Ambrose gets a rousing ovation as he comes to the ring.   Cole introduces JBL and Jerry Lawler then sets up video highlights of Luke Harper powerbombing Ambrose at Wrestlemania and at Smackdown.

Ambrose doesn’t wait and attacks Harper out on the ramp.  They get in the ring and Ambrose hits an early cross body as the bell rings.  Ambrose hits a dive outside the ring, then throws Harper into the stairs.  Ambrose drags out “toys” in the form of chairs and kendo sticks.   Back in the ring, Harper grabs a chair but Ambrose steps on it then wears Harper out with a kendo stick.

Ambrose sits on a chair then kicks Harper and sets a suplex up.  Harper counters and puts Ambrose through the chair with a suplex of his own for two.  Harper takes his turn with the kendo stick.  Ambrose sets up a tornado DDT but Harper tosses him aside.  Harper then runs Ambrose face first into a chair propped up in the corner.

More kendo stick action from Harper as the fans chant for Ambrose.   Harper gets the chair that was propped in the corner and sets up a slam but Ambrose counters and hits a slam of his own.  After a sequence by the ropes, Ambrose follows with a tornado DDT and both men sell.   The men exchange strikes, and Ambrose hits a drop kick on Harper against the ropes.  Ambrose follows with his elbow drop on a standing Harper for two.

Harper comes back with a big knee after countering both Dirty Deeds and the rope clothesline.  Ambrose counters a powerbomb and sends Harper to ringside.  Ambrose follows with a dive that Harper seems to fend off, but Ambrose comes back with a clothesline in a unique spot.

The fight spills up the ramp and to the backstage area, with Ambrose wearing Harper out with a kendo stick.  It spills through the backstage production area and into an SUV.  Harper hijacks the SUV and Ambrose dives through the window.    The SUV takes off, and the announcers debate what’s going to happen next.  They say the match has to end in the ring, but there are no count outs or disqualifications.  JBL says this might be like Curtis Axel and they’ll be fighting for months.

What will happen here?  Are we done, or is this going on?

Backstage, Triple H is texting.  Kane walks in and he tells Kane to go find Harper and Ambrose.  Rollins walks in and Triple H tells them to get on the same page.  He says that this is Rollins’ first title defense on pay per view and they need to stop being childish.  Rollins agrees, but asks why Kane threw him into the path of a Roman Reigns spear on Smackdown.  Kane says that he was protecting him.  They bicker some more until Triple H breaks them up.

Triple H says that Rollins has a point.  He says he wants to make sure that Kane is who he says he is, and he doesn’t want to regret making Kane the gatekeeper.  Chicago chants “boring” at this.  Kane says he will do what is best for business.  Triple H nods and pats Rollins on the back.

Match #2 – Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler; Kiss Me Arse Match (Loser kisses winner’s ass)

JoJo looks a bit awkward with this announcement.  After introductions, Sheamus and Ziggler jaw at each other.  Sheamus pie-faces him, and Ziggler starts firing away on Sheamus early on.  Sheamus hits a headbutt and Ziggler comes back with a drop kick.  On a charge, Ziggler and Sheamus spill to the floor.  Sheamus throws Ziggler into the steps, then tries it again but Ziggler leaps up and hits a DDT on the floor.  Both men sell.

Ziggler feeds in Sheamus, and takes a kick as he gets in.  Sheamus hits what looks like a Brogue Kick with his knee, then wears Ziggler out at the apron with clubbing blows.  Sheamus taunts Ziggler and lands a shot then controls Dolph in the ring with a headlock.

Ziggler comes back looking for a Fameasser, but Sheamus counters with a sit-out powerbomb for two.  JBL asks what it will feel like when Ziggler has to kiss Sheamus’ arse on the Network.  Chicago gets behind Ziggler with chants but Sheamus continues the methodical offense.  He taunts Ziggler, yelling that little guys don’t belong in his ring.  Sheamus locks on headlock to wear Ziggler out.

Ziggler fights to his feet and starts landing shots.  Off the ropes, Ziggler lands some rights and a big corner splash.  Ziggler sets up a neckbreaker, but Sheamus shoves him off and hits a double sledge.  The announcers sell how Ziggler threw a lot of offense at him but couldn’t take Sheamus down.

Ziggler tries a superkick but gets caught.  Sheamus locks on the Cloverleaf.  Ziggler sells and struggles to the ropes but ends up rolling up Sheamus for two.  Ziggler hits a superkick for two.  Both men  sell, then Ziggler tries for the Fameasser.  Sheamus drapes Ziggler over the ropes then hits the Irish Curse for two.

Sheamus hits a suplex variation then plays to the crowd.  He calls for the Brogue Kick as JBL says Dolph could get a Revlon endorsement.  Ziggler ducks the Brogue and rolls Sheamus up for two, then Sheamus hits a slam for two.  In the end, Ziggler counters a suplex and rolls Sheamus up in a small package to get the win.  Sheamus is shocked that he lost and shakes his head no.  He argues with the referee about the count.

Sheamus gets out of the ring and yells at the timekeeper that it was two.  Sheamus tries to exit through the crowd but the official stops him and sends him back to the ring.  Sheamus continues to be shocked and refuse to live up to the stip as Chicago chants “Pucker up.”   They tease the kiss a few times, with Sheamus refusing.  He tries to plead with Ziggler but gets told “this was your pick.”

“I don’t want this, you wanted this.”  Ziggler tells Sheamus that it was on him.  Sheamus hits a nut shot and the Brogue Kick to mild heat with a shit eating grin on his face.  “Are you not entertained!” he yells as King says that Sheamus weaseled out of his stipulation.  Sheamus gets a mic and says that he wouldn’t kiss Ziggler’s ass “especially in this stinking town.”

Sheamus says that he said Ziggler would kiss his ass and he never disappoints.  He yanks his tights up and mashes Ziggler’s face against him, then leaves the ring.  He poses and yells “Kiss me arse” before leaving.  They recount the closing sequence of the match.

Winner – Dolph Ziggler

The match was fine.  I had a feeling that somehow they’d not make Sheamus kiss Ziggler’s ass and they got there.  I think if you’re going to build Sheamus as a monster heel, you can’t have him do the ass kissing.  Sadly, it came at the expense of Ziggler, who could be more than he is by not putting him in these predicaments.

Match #3 – Tyson Kidd and Cesaro (c, w/Natalya) vs. The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods)

“Aww, Windy City, we’re about to get gritty!”  New Day makes their way to the ring clearly as the heels as the fans chant “New Day Sucks.”  Kidd and Cesaro get a nice reaction from the smart Chicago fans.  JoJo handles the in-ring introductions.

It’s Kofi and Big E representing the New Day, and Kofi ties up with Kidd to start.  Some chain work early, with Kofi hitting a splash off an arm drag.   Off a backslide, Kidd gets a two.  Kofi slides back to the corner and tags out to Big E.  Kidd poses and tags to Cesaro for a nice reaction.

Cole puts it over as a battle of power as Big E knocks Cesaro down.  Cesaro catches Big E in mid air in an impressive spot and slams him, then stomps him down in the corner.  Kidd tags back in, and Kofi gets the tag for New Day.  Kofi throws Kidd to ringside and sets up a double team move with Big E, but Kidd rushes in and splashes Kofi against the ropes.

Kidd sets up a somersault dive through the ropes to the floor.  Big E crashes Kidd from the side.  Xavier yells that they’re winning.  New Day isolates Kidd in their corner, and Kofi hits a drop kick in the corner.  Kidd creates some separation but takes a drop kick from Kingston for two.  New Day continues to work quick tags.  Big E tries his running splash, but Kidd moves.

Big E charges Kidd at the ropes, but Kidd pulls the ropes down.  Big E crashes to ringside.  Kidd gets the hot tag, as does Kingston.  Cesaro snake eyes Kofi then hits running upper cuts and a short arm clothesline for two.  Cesaro sets up the swing, but Kofi counters the slingshot by going top rope.  Cesaro catches Kofi on the cross body and hits a backbreaker.

Cesaro hits a deadlift suplex from the apron and Kidd hits a springboard elbow for a good near fall.  Kidd looks for the Sharpshooter but Kofi counters out.  Kidd hits an enzugiri from the apron but Big E spears Kidd through the ropes to the floor in a  big spot.  Cesaro takes a big back body drop outside.  Big E and Kofi set up their finish but Cesaro breaks the count up.

Big E and Cesaro spill to the floor.  Kofi sets up Trouble in Paradise, but Kidd counters it into the Sharpshooter.  Big E charges the ring and breaks up the Sharpshooter by hitting a belly to belly suplex.  A bit later, Kidd and Cesaro set up their double team spin-drop kick combo.  Cesaro covers, but Xavier gets on the apron and distracts the official.  Cesaro goes over to him.

Woods drops down, and Natalya walks over to slap him.  Kidd clotheslines out Big E, but Kofi rolls Cesaro up for the win with a handful of tights.  The announcers recap the finish for us.

Winner – New Day to win the WWE Tag Team Championship

This was a good tag match.  New Day being properly cast as heels is working for me a bit.  I am interested to see how it goes forward for Kidd and Cesaro.  Chicago loved them, they have fun offense, and the title change makes total sense if you’re going to put Kidd and Cesaro as babyfaces in chase mode.

Cole feeds it to the panel, who is without Renee Young now.  Booker is happy the New Day won, and Corey Graves says there are two lunatics roaming Chicago and Wrigleyville might get flattened.  Saxton says that Daniel Bryan is not able to compete, but Bad News Barrett got a match against Neville.  They run highlights.

Renee is backstage to interview New Day.   She asks if it’s their positivity that has gotten them to this point.  Xavier says it’s a new dawn.  Kofi asks for a chant “New Day – New Champs!” and they get “sucks” instead.  In screeches an SUV, and it’s Harper and Ambrose returning to continue their match, apparently.  Ambrose dives off of the SUV onto New Day, and the fight continues on.  Harper staggers out to the stage, and Ambrose attacks him from the side of the stage.

They fight to the ring, where a bunch of chairs get dragged out from under the ring.  Harper hits a powerbomb onto the chairs for a near fall.  Harper can’t believe it.  Harper piles up chairs on Ambrose as the fans chant for tables.  Harper goes top rope.  Ambrose crawls out and throws Harper onto the chairs.  Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds and grabs the victory.  JBL says we shouldn’t ask what happened while they were gone.

Winner (of Match #1) – Dean Ambrose

The restart felt like it wasn’t really needed.  The live crowd was into them when they opened the show, and they should have stayed with it as it cooled when they came back.  I would liked to have seen them incorporate footage from out about town too.

An ad runs for Payback, which is next month’s pay per view.   Back with the announcers, they hype the Russian Chain match between Cena and Rusev, which is next.  They run a video package to hype the match.

Match #4 – John Cena (c) vs. Rusev (w/Lana); WWE United States Championship under Russian Chain Match Rules

Rusev comes out with the chain wrapped around him.  Chicago chants “USA” as he paces the ring, but boo when Cena is introduced.  Cena charges the ring and Chicago sings along to “John Cena Sucks” in time with his entrance music.  Eden gives us the introductions.

The atmosphere is pretty strong as they chain up.  Cena’s wrist wrap has the American flag, and Rusev’s the Russian.  Red and green lights in the corner for the signals when each man touches.

Rusev throws Cena out early, then follows him while the chain is draped over the ropes.  Rusev pulls on the chain to pull on Cena’s arm. He kicks Cena, then makes a play for the buckles.  Cena stops him, but the live crowd is not buying in to this as a finish.

The fans start dying down.  Cena makes a play for the corners again, but Rusev comes back with a fallaway slam and a kick to the head.  The fans wake up when Lana gets on the apron and she responds to the cheers with a wave.  Rusev gets upset and sends her backstage.  Glory hound.

Cena hits the Five Knuckle and goes for the AA, but Rusev counters and hits an Alabama Slam.  Cena locks on the STF.  Rusev comes back and tries for the Accolade, but Cena drives up and pushes Rusev into two corners.  Rusev touches a third, then Cena slips out of the ring and pulls on the chain to keep him from touching the fourth.  Cena gets back in the ring and pulls on the chain, pulling Rusev over into an AA.

A bit later, the two men each touch three corners.  They meet mid ring.  Rusev makes a play for the fourth corner, but Cena pulls on the chain to drag Rusev in and hit the AA.  Cena reaaches over and hits the fourth corner to get the win.  Cena gets unchained, then poses with the belt as a US flag drops.

Winner – John Cena to retain the United States Championship

You’re not going to see the old school chain match in this era of wrestling.  I expected more drama and I figured the match would go longer, but they made use of the stipulation.  These two have had better matches – this was not special or memorable but it was “just okay.”

Apologies for the shorter coverage, I had local issues streaming the Network with my hardware.

Backstage, Renee Young interviews Roman Reigns.  She asks his strategy facing Big Show.  Reigns says that he can get knocked down, but he can’t be kept down.  He talks about  how Show has thrown him into the taxi and taken the WMD Punch several times but he got back up.  He says he will get back up no matter what happens tonight.  Believe that.

Match #5 – Nikki Bella (c, w/Brie Bella) vs. Naomi; WWE Divas Championship

Naomi has new music and new gear.  She wears shades and shoes that change colors.  Early on, Naomi hits this spot where she bulldogs Nikki into the corner after putting her own legs through the ropes.  She continues to dominate the offense as the fight spills to ringside.

Naomi kicks Brie, then throws Nikki back in.  Nikki comes back with a flurry of offense then plays to the fans.  She hits an Alabama Slam for two.  Naomi comes back with a series of moves and gets her own two count, then expresses frustration.   She tries for a split leg moonsault, but Nikki rolls out of the way.  Nikki is frustrated.

Nikki loads the Rack Attack.  Naomi counters out and hits a Bully Bomb and rolls Nikki over with a leg scissor pin for two.  Nikki comes back with a kick to the face for a near fall.  Naomi gets in the ropes and Nikki tries to drag her away but can’t.  Brie walks over and lands a kick to Naomi’s face.  Naomi staggers into the Rack Attack, and Nikki picks up the victory.  The Bellas celebrate and Naomi shows frustration over losing.

Winner – Nikki Bella to retain the Divas Championship

The Bellas were supposed to be babyface here, but Nikki won because of Brie kicking Naomi (the heel) in the face.  Ugh.  Anyhow, the finish gives an out to go back to a rematch for Naomi who can claim Brie cost her the match.  The match was good, and Naomi looked impressive.

Backstage, Rusev is ranting at Lana in Russian.  He points at her to go somewhere, and she ends up going to the Authority’s office.  The announcers debate what that is all about, the move into selling the Last Man Standing match between Big Show and Roman Reigns, next.  They roll a video package.

Match #6 – Roman Reigns vs. Big Show; Last Man Standing Rules

Show and Reigns get their entrances.  There’s a sign in the crowd that says “Last Man Awake”…lol.  Reigns poses for the fans to a decent reaction.  Show controls the early offense using his size, but Reigns holds his own.

Reigns goes out looking for a table.  Big Show boots him to the head and puts the table back.  Reigns counters a whip, sending Big Show to the ring post.  He follows it up with his running apron drop kick that sends Show to the floor.  The referee counts as Reigns sets up the table he got out earlier.  Show grabs Reigns and throws him into the barrier, then breaks the table in half.  “NO TABLES!” he yells.

Reigns wears Show out momentarily with a kendo stick, then gets thrown into the post.  He gets up at a count of five, then Show throws him in the ring, kendo stick in hand.  Show breaks it and yells “I’m a giant!”  Show throws Reigns to the corner but takes a big boot.  Reigns attacks, repeatedly splashing Show in the corner.  He goes to the ropes, and Show swats him out of the air and the count starts again.

Reigns rolls out but on his feet.  Show palms Reigns to the apron, but Reigns drapes him over the ropes.  Reigns grabs a chair and starts wearing Show out with it.  Reigns DDT’s Show onto the chair and the count starts again.  Reigns goes out and looks for tables, and puts them in the ring.  Show lands the WMD Punch, and the count starts.  Reigns staggers to his feet on seven.

Reigns falls back down so the count re-starts.  Show sets the table up and cues a chokeslam, but Reigns counters and hits a Samoan drop through the table.  Reigns gets to his feet, and Show rolls out and gets to his feet on the floor.  Show tries to spear Reigns through a table in the corner but Reigns moves.  Show spears him anyhow and yells “booyah!”  Reigns gets up at eight.

Show sets up a Vader Bomb and hits it.  The count starts again and Reigns gets up at 8.  Show goes top rope but Reigns crotches him.  Reigns laughs as Show screams.  Reigns drags out another pair of tables.  Reigns sets something up but Show shoves Reigns into the ring.  Reigns comes back with a big slam off the top rope.  Both men are down, but Reigns answers the count first.

Reigns lands a couple Superman punches.  He tries for the third but Show goozles him and chokeslams him through the two tables out on the floor.  Show counts along with the official.  Reigns just makes the count at 9.  He staggers to the ringside barrier and sits down again.  The count restarts.  Big Show goes looking for something to use on Reigns and tears apart the opposite side ringside steps.  He stacks them up next to the announce position.

Show rips the announce position apart.  Reigns crawls into the ring from the opposite side.   Chicago starts chanting for JBL.    Reigns pulls himself up against the table in the corner as Show mocks Reigns.  Show tries a spear but Reigns moves out of the way.  Show takes the table.  Both men sell.

Reigns gets up and hits a spear of his own.  At eight, both men are up, with each rolling to opposite sides of the ring.  Reigns hits a big spear through the barricade on Show, where he gets buried under it.  The count starts with both men down again.  Show gets up at 9.

Reigns gets up on the announce table but gets goozled.  Reigns fights  his way out, then hits a big spear onto the Spanish announce table in an impressive spot.  Reigns rips the steps away from the position Show set them up in before, then tips the announce position over on Show.  He gets up on the table and counts along with the official, and he scores the ten count victory.  Reigns celebrates as the announcers put over the effort of Reigns to win the match.  Staff helps get the table off of Reigns as they run highlights of the late sequence of the match.

Winner – Roman Reigns

It’s popular to boo Reigns, and he has his shortcomings on the mic.  It’s also seemingly fun now to chant “please retire” at Big Show.  But this was a hard fought match and Reigns has put in three solid pay per view matches back to back.  Show worked hard tonight and while this program should be over and hasn’t been all that great, Show has worked to put Reigns over.  This finish wasn’t decisive though, so expect another match.

Backstage, Randy Orton crosses paths with Kane.  He talks about how they have fought together and against each other.  He says that Kane has traded his mask away for a suit.  Orton tells him that The Authority is about protecting Seth Rollins, who Kane helped win the title.  He says that the Authority will throw Kane away like garbage when they are finished.  “I know who you are, Kane, even if you’ve forgotten.”

The announcers talk about the carnage at ringside, then move on to sell the Tough Enough video submissions.  They show several of them then talk about the process of submitting a video.

Bo Dallas’ music hits and he comes out.  He talks about seeing a sign that said “Welcome to Chicago, the second city.”  He says Chicago and the people are number one at collectively deciding to not take a shower before coming to the arena.  They’re number one at disrespecting an inspirational leader who is trying to make their lives better.  He tells them they need to be more concerned with following the rules, with treating each other better.

He tells them none of this can happen unless they kindly shut their mouths and listen to him.  He asks them to repeat after him  – “All you have to do is Bo Lieve…”

Ryback’s music hits, and here comes the Big Guy.  It’s feeding time.  Dallas smiles as Ryback comes to the ring.  Dallas attacks him and asks for the mic back but doesn’t get it.  He does get a spinebuster though.  Ryback hits the Meathook and calls for the time to finish it.  Shellshocked hits and Ryback chants “feed me more” with Chicago.  Cole calls that inspirational as Ryback plays to the fans.

The announcers hype the week’s content on WWE Network.

Backstage, Byron Saxton interviews Rusev.  Rusev insists he has never been beaten by John Cena, who is a liar and a coward.  Lana walks in and says that it is done, and the final chapter of Rusev and Cena will take place at Payback, and it will be an I Quit match.  Rusev says it’s fitting for America, as it’s a nation of quitters.  Rusev will go on as America’s champion and Cena will quit.

The cage begins to drop, as it’s time for the WWE Championship match.  Cole feeds it to a video package for a final sell of the match.

Match #7 – Seth Rollins (c, w/J&J Security) vs. Randy Orton; WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Steel Cage Match rules with the RKO banned and Kane as the Gate Keeper

Kane gets the first introduction, then Randy Orton.  The announcers talk about how it’s naieve to think that Orton doesn’t have any other tools to win matches.  Rollins comes out alone, rather than with the security stooges.  Rollins holds the belt up at the stage then makes his way down to the ring.  Kane eyes Rollins up from ringside, then locks the door.  Old-school introductions for both men once the cage is shut.

Pinfall, submission, or escape the cage wins this.  Rollins goes for a fast escape early, but Orton catches him.  The two start exchanging blows, with Rollins getting the better of it.  Orton explodes out of the corner into a clothesline.  Rollins goes for an escape but Orton catches him then yanks Rollins’ foot off the ropes and Rollins face-plants.  The announcers talk about how Orton turned that into an RKO last Monday.

Orton whips Rollins to the corner then hits an uppercut.  Dueling chants for the two men in the match.  Orton stomps away on Rollins mid ring then slingshots him to the corner.  Rollins grabs on to the cage and tries for an escape but Orton catches him.  He gets up on the ropes and hits some corner  punches but Rollins turns it into a buckle bomb for two.

Rollins calls for the door, so Kane has to open it.   Rollins starts for the escape but Orton catches him.  Rollins drives Orton into the cage for a two count, then Rollins stomps away on Orton.   They talk about Rollins having leg cramp issues and say he’s not moving as quick as normal.  Rollins drives Orton into the cage and says “this is what you wanted.”  He keeps up the assault.

Rollins goes for an escape, and Orton goes up with him.  They fight back down to the mat, and Rollins hits a neckbreaker off of running the ropes for two.  The crowd has settled in to watch.  Rollins charges and splashes Orton in the corner.  Rollins jaws at Orton, then turns to Kane and tells him he will do it all on his own.

Orton sidesteps a Rollins charge and throws him face first to the cage.  A strike exchange ensues, with headbutts, kicks and strikes.  Rollins tries to throw Orton to the cage, but Orton counters and Rollins goes face first.  Orton hits clotheslines and sets for the powerslam but Rollins escapes the move and tries for an escape of the cage.  Orton stops him and they battle on the ropes.

Rollins dives off the ropes and hits a flying knee for two.  Rollins sets up another escape as Orton sells.  They trade punches on the top of the cage.  Rollins dives off, but Orton turns it to a powerslam for two.  Orton sets up the hanging DDT, but Rollins rolls Orton up for two then hits a kneeling superkick for two.

Rollins gets up top and tries to escape the cage.  Orton catches him and drags him back in.  Noble and Mercury make an appearance and try to help Rollins by climbing the cage.  Orton gets Rollins back in and hits a superplex for two.  Noble and Mercury tell Kane “it’s time, let’s do it.”   Kane chases them away from the door.

Noble and Mercury climb opposite sides of the cage.  Orton runs Rollins into the sides of the cage, and knocks both of them off the cage.  Orton sets up the hanging DDT, but Rollins drops Orton over between the ropes and the cage. Orton mounts a comeback again and gets Rollins in the ropes.  He looks at Kane and heads to the door, then goes back to Rollins and hits the elevated DDT.

Orton plays to the crowd and gets some reaction.  Orton hits the Pedigree on Rollins to get a really good near fall.  Rollins kicked out at the last possible moment.  Orton thought he won and the fans chanted “yes.”  Orton sets up the punt, but Rollins dodges it and hits a kick of his own.  He demands Kane open the door and Kane does.  Rollins crawls to the door, but Orton catches him and hits the sidewinder backbreaker.

Orton goes for an exit but Kane shuts the door.  Orton asks what he’s doing, and Kane yells “no, get back, get back.”  Kane gets knocked down when Rollins tries a drop kick on Orton.  Rollins and Orton fight near the door, then Kane recovers and slams the door on both men.  The announcers debate who Kane was going after.

Kane gets in the ring with J&J Security in tow.  He confronts Rollins, then turns around and hits J&J with a double choke slam when they start giving orders.  Kane goes off, hitting Orton with a chokeslam.  Rollins laughs and rushes to the door, but Kane catches Rollins and puts him down with a chokeslam too.  He puts Rollins over Orton, and Orton kicks out in two.  Kane sets up the Tombstone on Orton, but Orton counters out and hits Kane with the RKO.

Rollins hits Orton with the RKO!  Cole asks what that was, as does Lawler.  JBL tries to justify it somehow.  In the meantime, Rollins crawls to the door and exits the cage.  Rollins retains the title.  J&J slowly crawl to the cage door as Orton sells the move and eyes Rollins up.

Cole and Lawler continue to point out that the move itself was banned from use.  JBL tries to say that it was banned for Orton to use, and that Orton used it on Kane first.  Rollins laughs, gets to his feet, then poses with the title at the  ramp as the show comes to a close.

This was slow in the early going, and got better as it wore on.  You just knew that somehow, Kane was going to get involved and nothing about the match would matter until he did.  I thought they did an alright job with Kane of telling the “anguish” story with Kane hitting moves on both men rather than just Orton (to help Rollins).  Still a bit too overbooked for my personal liking as this worked its way out though.  Also, there’s some convoluted storytelling with Rollins using the RKO, which was banned, to win the match.  I guess that’s a way to set up a rematch though, and we’ll see where it goes on Raw tomorrow night.

Overall, this show ended up coming off better than the hype for it, and everyone worked hard.  The crowd was into the action throughout the evening, which really helped, and all of the matches came off pretty good.  Drew and I previewed this card and thought it could be a good show despite the build, and it was.  No “match of the year” contenders, but a solid show.

Drew and I will break this show, and Raw, down this week on Ring Rap Audio, so be looking for that on Tuesday evening.  I’ll be by tomorrow evening with Raw coverage at 8PM EST right here on  Thanks for following along tonight.