CHIKARA Pro Wrestling comes to Haverhill, MA on May 2

“Spring Breakout” features 7 huge matches!

This Saturday night, join CHIKARA’s fun-filled lucha superparty when we arrive at St. Joseph’s School for “Spring Breakout!” Doors open up at 6:30 pm and the party starts with a 7:00 belltime. Advance tickets are still available to purchase here including some seats in the Second Row. Remember, kids 12 & under will be admitted FREE with a paying adult!

Challenge of the Immortals Action!

Three of The Arcane Horde (UltraMantis Black/Obariyon/Oleg the Usurper) will go to war with The Wrecking Crew (Max Smashmaster/Flex Rumblecrunch/Jaka,) accompanied by Sidney Bakabella! What will happen when Oleg finally faces his brothers-in-arms?

Crown & Court (Princess KimberLee/El Hijo del Ice Cream/Ice Cream Jr.) will take on the BDK (Nøkken/Pinkie Sanchez/Soldier Ant) and both trios hope to earn their first point in the round-robin tournament!

In singles competition, the Captain of The Gentleman’s Club, Chuck Taylor, will battle the United Nations’ Proletariat Boar of Moldova for the first time even! Both men are fighting for bragging rights and a COTI point!

The final COTI match on the card sees The Snake Pit (Eddie Kingston/Shynron/Argus) war with The Nightmare Warriors (Hallowicked/Frightmare/Silver Ant) in a trios match! Who will win a point when these trios collide? No doubt Eddie Kingston will have his eye on the new Grand Champion of CHIKARA!

Rekindled Rivalry!

The Madjai Amasis will wrestle the Ecuadorian Aristocrat, Juan Francisco de Coronado! As JFDC mentioned in his most recent blog, this rivalry started years ago and was revived when Battle Hive wrestled United Nations during the COTI! This one isn’t about the tournament, though, these two team captains are battling for pride!

First Time Ever!

CHIKARA’s Ol’ Timey King o’ Swing, Dasher Hatfield, will take on the sadistic Volgar! Volgar won a surprise victory over UltraMantis at “Altar Egos!” Can he repeat this feat or will Dasher leave Haverhill with another point toward contention for the Grand Championship?

Smooth Sailin’ Ashley Remington sets sail for Haverhill, where he is scheduled to lock up with Missile Assault Ant! Remington only needs one more point to earn a chance at becoming Grand Champion, but only if he defeats Missile Assault Ant first!

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CHIKARA: Spring Breakout
Saturday, May 2nd, 2015 @ 7:00 p.m.
Live at St. Joseph’s School
56 Oak Terrace :: Haverhill, MA 01832

Upcoming Season 15 Tour Stops:

Easton, PA
Chicago, IL
Indianapolis, IN
South Windsor, CT
Providence, RI


CHIKARA 9/21/14 King of Trios 2014 Night 3 Results

CHIKARA King of Trios 2014 – Night 3
Easton, PA

Flood Elite vs Golden Trio
-Despite almost escaping last night, Snow Troll is still captive in The Flood
-Icars makes Volgar tap to the CHIKARA Special! Golden Trio advance to the Finals! Snow Troll is Free!
-Snow Troll Low Blows Icarus!! The Flood lays out Golden Trio!!
-Snow Troll rechains himself willingly, Flood leave

3Peck0 vs The Devastation Corporation
-3Peck0 are painted up baby!!
-Shane gets Boston Crabs on all three Dev Corp Members, but Bakabella pulls Bryce out, and a Deathblow on Jagged gets Dev Corp to the Finals!

Oliver Grimsley vs Mark Andrews in a Bonus Match!
-Andrews gets the win with a Shooting Star Press. He has really impressed all weekend.

-Los Ice Creams and Old Fashioned Open it up!
-Fontaine finds a broom to sweep away the Sprinkles!
-Hijo rolls up Fontaine as he gets rid of the Sprinkles, Ice Creams take the first fall!
-NRG is team 3!
-Hype with a wind up backbreaker on Hijo gets NRG the fall!
-Team 4 is Arctic Rescue Ant and Missile Assault Ant of CXF!
-Missile with a Rolling Northern Lights on Hype gets the fall!
-Team 5 is Batiri!
-Leaping DDT by Obariyon on Missile gets The Batiri the Fall!
-Team 6 is the Osirian Portal!
-Osirian Sacrament on Obariyon gets Portal the Fall!
-Team #7 is Prakash Sabar The Boar of Moldova!
-Boar Gore to Sabar on miscue! Sabar taps to the Death Grip by Ophidian!
-Team #8 is Silver & Worker Ant!
-Bridging backslide on Silver by Ophidian! The Portal have Three Points!
-Team #9 is The Dunne Brothers of Team UK!
-450 by Amasis nets them a Fourth Point and the end of Team UK!
-The Wrecking Crew of Jaka and Oleg are the last team!
-Barber taken out. Bakabella with coins to the face of Ophidian. Wrecking Crew wins the Gauntlet!!

Submission Squad vs ???? In Mysterious Atomicos Action!!
-Taylor, Cassidy, Gulak, and Swamp Monster!
-No surprise to anyone, this match is reportedly AWESOME
-A Flurry of Finishers on The Swamp Monster nets Submission Squad the win!

Shynron vs Sanada in the RDV Finals!
-Sanada is decked out as The Great Sanada for this
-Sanada sprays RED MIST in Shyron’s face with a Superkick but he kicks out at 2!
-Shynron pins Sanada with a Backflip Cutter and then a Middle Rope 630 and overcomes to win the match and RDV!!
-A “You Deserve it!” chant breaks out, and he sure does!

King of Trios Final: Golden Trio vs Devastation Corporation!
-This match is an absolute WAR.
-TKO and Death Blow on Dasher, DEV CORP ARE KOT CHAMPS!!

-Here comes the Flood…
-Flood celebrate with Dev Corp, and CHIKARA ATTACKS!!
-Flood Stand Tall. Jacobs says to hand the Grand Championship over or they’ll end CHIKARA!!
-Kingston is screaming at Icarus to give him the belt!!
-ICARUS GIVES KING THE BELT! But he says it’s useless if CHIKARA dies…
-Icarus asks King “Are you gonna be worthy… or the King of Ashes?”
-The CHIKARA Wrestlers take control as King attacks Jacobs!
-Kingston and the Tecnicos share a group hug as the Flood is knocked back!
-No sign of Deucalion, or Kid Cyclone.
-CHIKARA stands tall, and that’s a wrap for KOT


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