TNA Impact Wrestling 07/22/15 – King of the Mountain, Magnus vs. Bram, Young vs. Spud, Hardy vs. Roode, and more!

Well, TNA isn’t really doing much in the way of intros this week, so neither will I.

Dixie Carter comes out to the ring immediately.  From the ramp, she announces the next member of the TNA Hall of Fame.

It’s Jeff Jarrett.

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TNA *SPOILERS* for One Night Only and Xplosion

TNA has taped additional content as of last night in Orlando, FL at Universal Studios.  While there is no clear date as to when this content will air, it appears that it will be used for One Night Only pay per views and Xplosion events.  Results are presented in no particular order or with any particular breakdown as to which show it will air on.  Information is presented courtesy

If you went to these tapings (or are planning on attending future tapings) and wish to offer any additional details, spoilers, or clarifications, drop me an email at!

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TNA Impact Wrestling 07/15/15 – Meet the New Boss, plus X-Division Title Match, Knockouts Title Match, World Title Match, and more!

You’ll have to excuse me for keeping this brief.

Last week’s TNA Impact was a mess of epic proportions, and aside from boring me to tears, it over-exposed the new champion.  This week was different, but I don’t know if it was necessarily better.

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Around the Ring with Ring Rap for 7/7/2015 – WWE Raw Hits and Misses, “Beast in the East” Thoughts, More

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Senior Writer Bill Wentz is a little tired from all the hustling around during truck show season.  That said, he sits down to give his hits and misses from last night’s Raw, Beast in the East from Japan, and more.  Topics in this podcast include:

  • WWE Raw hits and misses
  • Notes on TNA talent appearing on Global Force Wrestling shows
  • Thoughts on WWE’s “Beast in the East” Show from Japan
  • …plus more!

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Global Force Wrestling Stadium Tour Rolls North, TNA Talent to Appear and Address Jeff Jarrett

Global Force Wrestling continues to roll on through their ballpark tour.  This weekend (July 9, 10, and 11) are the final advertised live dates before the July 24 television taping at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, NV.  This weekend, they will be in Appleton, WI, Erie, PA, and Lake County, OH.

Former TNA World Champion Eric Young, who was in the Slammiversary King of the Mountain Match with Jarrett, has been added to these dates.  At the story on the Global Force Wrestling website, you can watch video of Young firing back at Jeff Jarrett and addressing that match.  He says “it’s just a warning” and that Jarrett “has something that is (his).”

I like that TNA and GFW are putting differences aside to give talents an opportunity to work some live events.  As it stands right now, TNA only has one or two live events on their calendar, while GFW is working a fairly aggressive tour for a new promotion.  Live events are where a lot of guys make their money, so obviously this is a good opportunity for Young.

IF YOU ARE ATTENDING ANY OF THESE OR OTHER GFW EVENTS:  We’d LOVE to hear from you with a show report, thoughts, and opinions.  Hit me up –


TNA “Slammiversary” Notes and Reactions for 6/28/2015 – Bram vs. Matt Morgan, King of the Mountain Match, Jeff Jarrett Returns, Ethan Carter III and Tyrus vs. Lashley and Mr. Anderson, More

This is an abbreviated “live coverage” series of notes and observations regarding TNA’s “Slammiversary” pay per view event that is taking place tonight live in Orlando, FL.  Refresh the page for updated opinions!

Show Open, Live from Universal Studios in Orlando, FL

They showed the King of the Mountain competitors arriving earlier.  They then rolled a video package that featured events in TNA’s history like Hulk Hogan’s arrival, Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe brawling, Sting, and more.

Three man commentary booth tonight featuring Josh Mathews, D’Angelo Dinero, and Mike Tenay.  Nice to see Tenay come back to commentary.  Sadly he was the voice of a bad product for quite a while, but for this event it feels fresh.

Match #1 – Tigre Uno (c) vs. Manik vs. DJ Z; Elimination Match for the X-Division Championship

Uno eliminated Z at about 9 minutes in.  Manik hit Uno with a frogsplash for a good near fall, but Uno came back with a springboard backflip into a double leg drop to get the win.

Winner – Tigre Uno to retain the X-Division Championship

The effort was there, but these guys haven’t been handled that well on weekly TV, so it made it hard to care.  A small step in the right direction though for Uno, so let’s see where it goes.

Backstage, JB thanked fans and business partners, then interviewed Robbie E.  He spazzes, then talks in a calmer voice.  He said that Jesse tried to take him out.  He called Jesse nothing, and the fans don’t think he’s the man.  He says Jesse will always be his bitch.

A kind of a “meh” promo.  It didn’t make much sense to cut Jesse down before the match – I mean, if Robbie wins, then he beats a guy he called ‘nothing.’  If he loses, then he looks terrible.  Also, if Robbie E is changing characters, change the name too to drive home that “new man” point.

Jesse Godderz made his entrance and cut a promo.  “Look at me.  Look at the man that I am.”  He talked about being stuck with “the bro, the boy Robbie,” then insults the fans by calling them triple digit heart attacks.  He said that you can’t sit at a keyboard and drink coffee and look like he does.  Robbie’s music interrupts.

Match #2 – Robbie E. vs. Jesse Godderz:

Jesse controlled it early and posed quite a bit.  Robbie comes back with a boot to the head and a cross body looking move off the ropes.  Late, Robbie counters a press slam and hits what Josh called a reverse DDT for the win.

Winner – Robbie E

Robbie definitely isn’t connecting as a babyface.  Also, this match went on far longer than it needed to.

JB interviewed Matt Hardy backstage, and he said he will always be known as one of the greatest tag wrestlers in history.  He said tonight he has a chance to become known as one of the great singles competitors too.  He said King of the Mountain is important and he plans to add that title to his list of nicknames.

Matt Morgan and Bram made their entrances.  Morgan gets a mic and told the fans the reaction made him feel good.  He said he knows the fans want to see a fight, not wrestle.  He challenges Bram to a street fight.  Tenay said this plays into Bram’s hands.

Match #3 – Bram vs. Matt Morgan; Street Fight Rules:

Morgan got the early advantage by hitting some clotheslines.  Tenay pointed out Morgan’s basketball history in the NCAA Tournament.  The fight fell to ringside where Bram got out weapons.  He beat up on Morgan with a cookie sheet, trash can, and a can lid.

Back in the ring, Morgan caught Bram with a Carbon Footprint.  Bram took control back, but Morgan threw punches.  Bram fought him off with a knee.  In the end, Morgan hit a chokeslam for two, but Bram came back with a low blow and a DDT onto a chair to get the win.

Winner – Bram

This isn’t a shock to me.  Morgan has a great life outside of wrestling now and came back so his son could see him work.  I wonder if this was a payoff moment or if they’ll bring other guys back to face Bram next?

JB interviewed EC3 and Tyrus.  EC3 said he looks and feels like a champion but everyone will see him become a champion on Impact this coming Wednesday.  Tyrus told EC3 to worry about Kurt Angle, and he’ll worry about Lashley and Mr. Anderson.  Tyrus tugs at JB’s hair, and JB said it is real.

Match #4 – Austin Aries vs. Davey Richards; Winner picks stipulation for final “best of five” match for the vacant TNA Tag Team Championship

Aries focused his early offense on the left arm of Richards.  He stayed aggressive and picked up a couple two counts in the ring.  About ten minutes in, the two exchanged kicks, then Aries poked the eye.  Richards tossed him ringside then hit a suicide dive.  Back in the ring, Aries boxed the ears then hit a missile drop kick.  Aries hit a suplex then locked in Last Chancery but Richards broke it in the ropes.

Aries teased the Brainbuster, but Richards broke it with a knee to the head.  He followed with a running forearm, but Aries came back with a running drop kick.  Richards hit a gutbuster for two.  A brief “This is awesome” chant got started.

Aries pulled his elbow pad then the two exchanged shots mid-ring.  Richards popped up and Aries kicked him on the way down.  Richards went up top and howled before hitting a double stomp.  Bobby Roode comes out and stands on the ring apron.  Eddie Edwards came out and pulled Roode down, but the distraction allowed Aries to roll Richards up for the win.

Aries cracked that he challenged the Wolves to a bra and panties match, but then got serious and said the stipulation would be a 30-minute Iron Man Match.

Winner – Austin Aries

Liked the match, finish was lame.  They should have just had Aries go over strong rather than the distraction/roll-up finish.

Backstage, JB interviewed Eric Young about King of the Mountain.  Young said he’s ready to be the new King of the Mountain.  He said he will do whatever it takes and said he has held every title except the new KOTM belt.  He said he’s not afraid of anyone, but Jarrett should be.

They ran a video to hype the Knockouts match.

Match #5 – Taryn Terrell, Marti and Jade (the Dollhouse) vs. Awesome Kong and Brooke:

Taryn cut a promo about how the Dollhouse are the sexiest women on the planet.  Can’t argue it too much.  Brooke came out and bent over to show off her ass.  Yeah, well, that’s a statement-maker too.

Anyhow, late in this one Kong went for Taryn but Marti cut her off.  Marti took a chokeslam for her troubles.  Brooke hit a facebuster from the top on Jade to get the win.  Taryn cradled her Knockouts title, smiling, then scolded the other two.

Winner – Awesome Kong and Brooke

Probably a better match than we get on WWE main roster, but admittedly my lack of touch on the current storytelling made me pretty disinterested.

Backstage, JB interviewed Magnus who talked about it being the 13th anniversary of the little company with big dreams.  He talked about the stars being out tonight and that the smart money is that two of TNA’s biggest stars shine on pay per view for the last time.  He said people can say what they want about TNA, but it’s been  his home for six years and he’s proud of that.  He talks about the horrible angle where Storm shoved Mickie James in front of a train.  He said be doesn’t hate Storm though he wants to.  He said he loves his family and has to believe love is stronger than hate, even though he loves how hate feels.

Embrace the hate, Magnus.  Dude tried to kill your wife.

They aired a video package to recap the Magnus/James Storm/Mickie James story.

Match #6 – James Storm vs. Magnus

Storm got the early advantage.  He pulled out a wine bottle.  One of the announcers said he was going too far and Storm took exception.  That distraction let Magnus get control. A table got set up in the ring, and Magnus catapulted Storm into the bottom of it.  The two fought to the stage and around the back of it.  The video board messed up, but once they came back Magnus powerbombed Storm through the table in the ring.  Storm came back with a hanging DDT and got out another table.

Storm shoved Earl Hebner because he can, and Magnus took back control of the match.  He ran Storm face first to the ring post, then put Storm on the table.  Magnus hit an elbow drop from the top, but Storm moved and Magnus crashed and burned.  “Holy Shit” chants ensued.  Storm pulled out powder but Magnus shoved his hand and it blinded Storm and Hebner instead.  Magnus had a visual pin but Hebner was blind still.  Storm somehow hits Last Call, and suddenly Earl can see.  Magnus kicked out on two.

Storm grabbed a bullrope.  Magnus stopped him from using it once but not the second time.  He followed with Last Call for two.  Storm goes back under the ring for a guardrail section.  He set it up on chairs, but Magnus superplexed Storm onto the guardrail.  Production went to a replay so you never got a sense for the near fall that happened.

Both men grabbed beer bottles, then simultaneously hit each other.  Storm fell on Magnus and got the pin.

Winner – James Storm

This was a memorable brawl, for sure. There’s rumors flying that both men are leaving the company, so if this was their last match in TNA, then they went out on a good one.  They worked hard.

Backstage, JB interviewed Drew Galloway about the final battle between The Rising and Beat Down Clan.  He then moves to talking about the KOTM match.  Galloway said it’s his first Slammiversary, first TNA pay per view, and first main event.  He called it the biggest night of his career and said he will be the King of the Mountain.

Back to the announcers, Josh said “uh” then they show crew members cleaning up in the ring, then the sound cut out.  Mathews asked if the power went out and if it had something to do with what happened during the Magnus/Storm match.  He stopped talking and we continued to watch the clean-up crew.  Mathews acknowledged the difficulties as music played and we looked at the ring.  He asked if we were back but the music played on.  Finally, order is restored and we’re ready for the next match.

Match #7 – Ethan Carter III and Tyrus vs. Lashley and Mr. Anderson

Anderson tried to do his self-intro but the mic failed.  Early in this one Anderson impressively got Tyrus up on his shoulders but EC3 tripped him.  Lashley hit a couple of good suplexes on EC3 and powerslammed him for two.

Later, Tyrus hit a clunky double suplex on both opponents.  Lashley hit a spear on Tyrus, and EC3 hit One Percenter on Lashley in follow up and pinned him.  After, he held up a replica TNA title belt.

Winner – EC3 and Tyrus

A bit of a strange call there, regardless of what happens this Wednesday (we know, and spoilers are posted…).  You would have thought they would protect Lashley since he seems to be a logical challenger to whoever wins on Wednesday.

The announcers discussed the King of the Mountain Match.  Mathews said that Jarrett represents Global Force Wrestling, and will be fighting four men from TNA who won’t let him win.

Backstage, JB said that if someone told him seven days ago he would be interviewing his next guests he would have said they were nuts.  He welcomes in Jeff and Karen Jarrett.  Jeff said the wrestling world is buzzing, and it’s all about this moment and the KOTM match.  Jarrett told JB “one last promo.”  He said he is about to take one last walk down the aisle, and if he can pull this off then the championship will go to ” a whole other global level.”

Main event time.  Mathews explains the rules of KOTM.

Match #8 – Jeff Jarrett (w/Karen Jarrett) vs. Bobby Roode vs. Matt Hardy vs. Drew Galloway vs. Eric Young; King of the Mountain Match for the King of the Mountain Championship

Jarrett brought his trademark guitar with him.  JB handled the ring introductions, and the audio was pretty sketchy.  The fans chanted “thank you Jarrett” and Karen motioned for them to continue.

Early, the four TNA guys battled while Jarrett watched.  The fans chanted for him  and told him he still had it.  Roode rolled him up and pinned him though, making Roode eligible to win the match by hanging the belt.  Jarrett went to the penalty box.  Young then pinned Jarrett to become eligible, and Jarrett went back into the penalty box.

Young made a play up the ladder with the belt, but Hardy shoved the ladder over.  Hardy pinned Roode and Galloway pinned Young, so both men became eligible to win and Roode and Young are in the box.  Hardy tried for the Twist of Fate around ten minutes, but Jarrett countered to The Stroke.  Hardy is down, but Galloway broke the pin up.

Tenay explained that Hardy went for a finish because it would send Jarrett to the box for two minutes.  Good announce work there.  Roode and Young conspired together in the box, and paid tribute to Team Canada.  No reaction other than from Tenay.  Young turned on Roode.  About 12 minutes in, Galloway and Hardy got pinned by Roode and Young.  Galloway and Hardy went to the box, leaving Jarrett to face the heels.  Pope threw out a comment that Jarrett had a 33 percent chance of winning.  Roode and Young team up on Jarrett, who fired back with chops of his own.

Karen slapped Young, who grabbed the guitar and chased her off.  Young brought the guitar in but took a low blow from Jarrett.  Jarrett hit Roode with the guitar and pinned him.  Roode off to the box, everyone in the ring is able to win.

They had a spot where Hardy and Galloway tugged on the belt and Jarrett shoved a ladder over that landed between the two men.  The fans chanted “TNA” at that point.  Young hit a piledriver on Jarrett  off the apron onto a ladder set up on the barriacade.  Galloway hit a flip from the top and landed on everyone at ringside.

Galloway up the ladder with the belt, and Hardy met him there with a Twist of Fate off the ladder.  Hardy made a play, but Roode stopped him and hit a powerbomb.  Jarrett hit Young with The Stroke off the ladder, grabbed the belt, and hung it from the hook to win.

Winner – Jeff Jarrett to win the King of the Mountain Championship (?)

Afterward, the announcers asked what this meant for the KOTM Championship.  Jarrett celebrated with the belt, then had Karen and his kids join him in the ring as the show ended.

This was pretty much a clusterfuck of a match, despite the fact that everyone tried really hard.  This is just a bad concept of a match – something I’ve never been a fan of.  The title belt never mattered at all, and now they repurposed it and introduced it into this match so I’m betting no one cared, despite the surrounding drama around Jarrett, the head of Global Force Wrestling, winning it.

This was a really inconsequential pay per view.  The talent worked hard, in most cases, but nothing felt like it mattered and I watched a lot of this show on “fast forward” getting to the end of it.  Hate to say it, but for the good things TNA has been doing on weekly television, it didn’t feel like it carried over into this pay per view event.  I certainly don’t recommend paying for a replay.


TNA Impact Results for 07/08/15 (Spoilers)

TNA taped a round of matches for some upcoming episodes of the program.  Below are the spoilers for the show airing on July 8th, 2015, plus some additional dates.  There are some major spoilers in this update, so please do not read on if you do not want to read spoilers.

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TNA Impact Wrestling: 05/29/15 – Angle vs. Young in an I Quit match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Kim vs. Terrell Six Sides of Steel, plus more!

We are back with a new episode of TNA Impact.  After the holiday replay of Slammiversary last Friday, it’s time to jump in to the last Friday night episode of 2015, before TNA changes nights.

Angle and Young have had good interactions in the past.  Let’s see if this one turns into another overbooked mess, or a clean finish.

Let’s go!

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TNA Impact Wrestling 05/15/15 – Team Angle vs. Team Young in a 10-Man Hardcore War, The Wolves vs. Dirty Heels, plus more!

Tonight on Impact, Kurt Angle and Eric Young pull together teams of five to square off in a “Hardcore War.”  Oh boy.  More weapons.

I really don’t have much else to say aside from that.  Might as well get started.

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TNA Impact Wrestling 05/08/15 – Live Episode, Featuring Angle vs. Young for the TNA Heavyweight Championship, Kong & Kim vs. Dollhouse, EC3 vs. Anderson, plus more!

It’s time for a LIVE episode of TNA Impact Wrestling!  It’s been a long while since we’ve gone live for Impact, and they’re in Orlando, Florida.  Lots of big matches on the card tonight too, including Eric Young vs. Kurt Angle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, plus Gail Kim and Awesome Kong teaming up to take on The Dollhouse.  Also, EC3 will face Mr. Anderson in a yet-to-be-named match.  Is it an arm wrestling match?  Or a Falls Count Anywhere Match?  The fans decide!

We go straight to the arena, with Eric Young in the middle of the ring, mic in hand.  He’s demanding to know who the special guest referee is for his match against Angle later tonight.  He says he’s been the number one contender for weeks, and he deserves to know.  He’s going to beat Kurt Angle, and… well he’s cut off by Bully Ray!

Ray makes his return to the Impact zone, and he’s wearing a referee shirt under his leather vest.  A “Welcome Back” chant breaks out.  He asks Young “Do you know who I am?”  He makes it official: he’s the guest referee.

A video package introduces the major feuds and matches for the night, then goes to Josh Mathews, who is flying solo tonight.

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