TNA Impact Wrestling “Bound for Glory” 2015 Quick Results for 10/4/2015

The following are the quick results for tonight’s TNA “Bound for Glory” pay per view event.  Drew Koscelek will be by sometime Monday with a full recap of the show in much more detail.  Refresh the page for updates throughout the evening.  The card for tonight’s event is as follows:

  • Kurt Angle vs. Eric Young
  • Bobby Roode (c) vs. Bobby Lashley; TNA “King of the Mountain” Championship
  • Gail Kim (c) vs. Awesome Kong; TNA Knockouts Championship
  • Tigre Uno (c) vs. Opponents to Be Determined; Ultimate X Match for the TNA X Division Championship
  • The Wolves (c) vs. Bryan Myers and Trevor Lee; TNA Tag Team Championship
  • Abyss vs. Chris Melendez vs. Eli Drake vs. Jessie Godderz vs. Robbie E vs. Tyrus vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Mahabali Shera vs Aiden O’Shea; “Bound for Gold” Gauntlet Match, winner gets a TNA World Championship Match.
  • Ethan Carter III (c) vs. Drew Galloway vs. Matt Hardy; TNA World Heavyweight Championship under Triple Threat rules, Jeff Hardy as Special Referee.

Event result posting will start around 8PM EST.


Ring Rap Audio: 10/03/15 – WWE Raw’s sagging ratings, TNA Bound for Glory Preview, NXT Takeover: Respect, plus more!

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WWE Raw’s rating have hit an all-time low, and something needs to be done to fix the broken mess it has become.  Drew Koscelek and Bill Wentz sit down to take a look at what’s happening in depth, what can be done, and if there’s any hope to save Raw, plus address if the show is worth watching any longer.

Plus, TNA’s Bound for Glory airs on Sunday, and they have built a strong card around a solid main event.  Bill and Drew hash out the show, looking at the card match by match, and offer their thoughts.

Finally, NXT Takeover: Respect airs on Wednesday.  Drew and Bill look at the matches, including the 30-minute Iron Man match for the NXT Women’s Championship.

All this plus more!

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TNA Impact Wrestling Afterthoughts for 09/30/15 – Hardy/Galloway vs. EC3/Tyrus, Dollhouse vs. Beautiful People, Tomasso Ciampa appears in X-Division three-way, Storm vs. Shera No DQ, plus more!

Since TNA and Global Force Wrestling went their separate ways, TNA has had a laser-sharp focus on Bound for Glory, which airs this Sunday, October 4th, 2015.  Once all the BS of a terrible storyline involving power struggles, bad acting, and lengthy talking segments got out of the way, TNA got back to business doing what they have done best this entire year.

I have to say this is the first TNA pay-per-view lineup I have been interested in seeing in a long time, and there is a very strong possibility I will be ordering this show.

Let’s start with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.  The running theme throughout the show is Dixie Carter’s displeasure with EC3 and Tyrus for not standing by TNA against GFW.  She feels he’s a great champ inside the ring, but outside of it he’s a terrible human being.  She credits Drew Galloway for saving their company.  EC3’s counter-argument is that he warned her not to get involved.  Ultimately Galloway himself comes out to confront EC3 and Tyrus,

Galloway’s mic work has been nothing short of stellar since day one in TNA.  He believes in himself and pro-wrestling and there isn’t a single moment that I don’t believe that he is 100% convinced this is all real.  This is how pro-wrestling should work – not with a wink and a nod, but with a straight face.

Later in the night, it would be announced that Galloway would team up with Matt Hardy against EC3 and Tyrus.  If Hardy and Galloway win, Hardy is made part of the Bound for Glory Main Event, which was already Drew Galloway vs. EC3 for the TNA World Championship.

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TNA Impact Wrestling Afterthoughts 09/23/15 – Number One Contender’s Elimination Match, EC3 vs. Spud, Uno vs. King, Kim vs. Jade, and more!

Not a bad edition of Impact this week, but nothing terribly newsworthy either.  After last week’s culmination of a month-long angle, sending Jeff Jarrett and GFW packing, TNA needed to move the pieces back in place for their own roster members, setting up the feuds to come.  And, with Bound for Glory right around the corner, it’s becoming increasingly important to line up a credible contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

This episode was primarily about that.

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TNA Impact Wrestling Afterthoughts for 09/17/15 – TNA vs. GFW in Lethal Lockdown for control of the company, Shera vs. Abyss, 4-way for Knockouts Title, plus more!


Apologies in advance for the scattered brain in this edition of TNA Impact Afterthoughts.  There’s quite a bit going on in my personal life right now, so my attention isn’t completely on pro-wrestling.

The focus of this show is basically the Lethal Lockdown match, where the winner of the match takes control of the company.   What does that mean, exactly?  I’m not terribly sure.  If Jeff Jarrett runs the show, he changes the name to Global Force Wrestling, but what else?  Why is this so terrible?

Regardless, Dixie Carter is determined to stop the “hostile takeover” of her company.  Karen Jarrett is determined to sneer, and Jeff Jarrett says he’s got money on the line.  So when he punches Jeremy Borash out of nowhere, it seems… forced.

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Ring Rap Audio: 09/12/15 – What can WWE do to shake up Raw? What’s going on in NXT? Is TNA taking a turn for the better? Plus more!

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Bill Wentz is at a charity event this weekend, and that leaves Drew Koscelek and Dru Atanacio to take the reigns.  First up?  Addressing the “boring” chants directed at Seth Rollins on WWE Raw this week.  Was he boring, or is it a sign of a bigger problem?

Plus, NXT has been moving and shaking lately, between main roster call-ups and the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.  How is Developmental doing?

Also, Drew has been providing updates on TNA Wrestling as of late, and this week’s episode was an improvement, but not without faults.  What’s going wrong right now?

All this plus lots more!

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TNA Impact Afterthoughts for 09/09/15 – Galloway vs. Mordetzky, Jeff Hardy is EC3’s Personal Assistant, Wolves vs. Meyers/Lee, Gail Kim vs. Brooke, plus more!

TNA’s Impact Wrestling has been a difficult show to watch at times over the past few weeks.  For this viewer, the Global Force Invasion has fallen flat and is suffering from all sorts of cliches and repeated mistakes.  TNA seems determined to see it through until the end, so I suppose we are stuck going along for the ride.

This week however felt a little different, and despite being more of a maintenance show, there were a number of things that were enjoyable enough to give this show an overall thumbs up.

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TNA Impact Wrestling Afterthoughts for 08/26/15 – The GFW Takeover Begins, Number One Contenders Match, Dollhouse Gets a New Member, X-Division Action, Hardys, Young vs. Melendez, and more

TNA’s show has been fairly inconsistent lately. One week it’s awesome, the next, it’s a massive letdown.  A big part of it has come from the uncertainty of the future of the company.  Understandable that perhaps, under those circumstances, the talent wouldn’t be 100% invested in things.

This episode showed some of that fire returning to the talent, picking up where they left off last week, but at the same time, some of these stories were so terrible, I can’t help but shake my head.

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Global Force Wrestling’s “Amped” Television Taping *SPOILERS* from Las Vegas

Below is a full listing of the matches and results from Global Force Wrestling’s “Amped” television tapings that took place on August 21, 2015.  The show tapings took place at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, NV and will air at some point in the future.  Future tapings are planned into the fall as well.  At this time, there is no known broadcast date or channel, but once that news is available we will pass it along.

Spoilers are courtesy  If you were there and would like to add to this report, or give other feedback, hit me with an email –

If you want to see these results, click on the “Continue Reading” link…

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TNA Impact Wrestling 08/19/15 – EC3 vs. PJ Black for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Anderson vs. Bram, Kim vs. Marti and Jade, Galloway vs. Drake, plus GFW Continues to be a Presence, and more!

TNA is coming off the heels of a Global Force Wrestling appearance last week, thanks to Jeff Jarrett running the show.  A video package opens up the program, recapping the events of last week, including PJ Black winning the King of the Mountain title and earning a shot against EC3 for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship later tonight.

It’s the Turning Point edition of Impact tonight.  Our show begins proper with Jeff and Karen Jarrett heading to the ring.  Jeff wants to talk about last week’s show – says that Global Force Wrestling has woken up the wrestling world, and says everything that’s been happening is exactly what Global Force needs.  So, he wants to keep the buzz going.  Tonight, he makes history – for the first time ever a GFW athlete challenges the TNA Champion.  PJ Black vs. EC3 for the title, later tonight.  Before Jarrett can continue, EC3 comes out to interrupt. Continue reading