TNA Impact Wrestling 04/17/15: Tournament for the World Tag Team Championships Leading to an Ultimate X Match

Just a few weeks ago, The Wolves handed in their tag team championships, forfeiting the titles after Eddie Edwards suffered a serious ankle injury in the ring.  This week?  8 teams fight for the chance to enter an Ultimate X match for the titles.  This episode is all about Tag Team Gold.  Let’s get started!

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TNA Impact Wrestling 04/10/15 – Angle vs. Lashley vs. Young, Kong vs. Kim, The Rising vs. The BDC, and more!

TNA Impact is coming at us from the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL.  There’s heavy focus on The Rising and the BDC in the opening montage, which seems to indicate they will be a main focus of the evening.  We’ll see.

The opening segment of Impact seemed like a forced way to get Eric Young into the title picture.  While Bobby Lashley has a legitimate complaint, Eric Young’s case for being a contender is a little… flawed.  Hear me out now – he has won a number of matches lately, but they’re all against the same person.  To me, they should have him win against other opponents, but then again, being a heel, well he’s looking for any way into the title picture.

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TNA Impact Wrestling 04/03/15 – Angle vs. Lashley II, Roode vs. Young, Magnus vs. Bram, plus more!

Hello everyone!  TNA is presenting to us another week of action, and it’s headlined by Bobby Lashley cashing in his rematch clause against TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle.  Also, we will see the rivalry between Bobby Roode and Young come to a head, and Magnus and Bram will square off in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

TNA is marketing this show as non-top action “Bell to Bell.”  Let’s find out.

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TNA Impact Wresting 03/20/15 – Angle vs. Lashley for the World Championship, Ultimate X for the Tag Titles, Terrell vs. Kong vs. Kim for the Knockouts Title, plus more!

Good morning everyone! TNA had a major episode of Impact last night, with Kurt Angle challenging Bobby Lashley for the TNA World Heavyweight Title.  It’s the first time they’re squaring off, in the main event!  We’ve also got an Ultimate X match for the Tag Team Championships, and the Knockouts Title is on the line too!

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TNA Impact Results for 04/10/15 and 04/17/15 (Spoilers)

TNA returned to the Impact Zone at Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida, for a round of tapings of TNA Impact.  Here are the results for the shows dated April 10th, 2015, and April 17th, 2015.


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TNA Impact Results for 03/27/15 and 04/03/15 (Spoilers)

TNA returned to the Impact Zone at Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida, for a round of tapings of TNA Impact.  Here are the results for the shows dated March 27th, 2015, and April 3rd, 2015.

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TNA Impact Wrestling 02/27/15 – MVP vs. Lashley for the TNA World Championship, Joe vs. Aries, plus more!

I want to apologize in advance if you’re looking for play-by play for tonight’s coverage.  After a very long week of work, I’m looking forward to sitting down and relaxing a bit while watching some wrestling.  For the most part, TNA allows me to do that, because they don’t typically make me want to jump into oncoming traffic.  Well, the night is young.

  • Kurt Angle and Bobby Lashley did a decent job setting the stage for the main event.  Kurt showed great fire and laid it out straight – he’s not going to help Lashley.  When the BDC came out, they made it pretty clear that Lashley was on his own, and they were going to work together.  My money is on serious shenanigans later tonight.
  • Rockstar Spud and Ken Anderson have solid chemistry together.  Spud has great comedic timing – better than most.  It’s easy to overlook it when he’s playing the small guy getting beat, but he’s really something special in the wrestling industry.  I didn’t see it at first, but I’m seeing it more and more.
  • By the way, Tyrus looks just fine totally bald.
  • I absolutely love that TNA takes the time to show video packages of past matches to help further storylines.  While TNA can occasionally get a little silly with stories, it shows they’re paying attention to their past.  It goes a long way, especially when a title or major feud is coming to a head.  Showing Lashley’s history with MVP is a pretty big deal considering the match.
  • With all the attention the #GiveDivasAChance movement had earlier this week, it’s quite staggering to see TNA’s treatment of the knockouts.  A legit promo segment in the ring?  A title that is defended?  It’s amazing.  Plus, the way Gail Kim put over Awesome Kong was just simply jaw dropping.  Terrell came off as a fighting (yet foolish) champ.
  • Another nice production technique – when the hidden cameraman stumbles upon a conversation we’re not supposed to hear, the other parties act accordingly when said camera man is discovered.
  • What the hell is DJ Z wearing?  They’ve done a great job of being completely obnoxious.  While I stand by what I said earlier about the Knockouts, I can’t help but feel like Brooke and Angelina Love’s entrances are more like stripper dances and not wrestling entrances.
  • Kudos to Taz for taking the time to explain the difference between a Mixed Tag Match vs. a Intergender Tag Match.  Too bad the booking didn’t abide by it.
  • I’m pretty much done with the “Hair vs. Hair” feud.
  • Austin Aries and Samoa Joe had a fine exchange on the mic.  Joe has knocked it out of the park tonight with his promos.  Their match was fine, but Kenny King’s involvement was completely unnecessary.
  • MVP’s interaction with Eric Young was… bizarre, to say the least.  I’m not entirely sure where they’re going with that pairing.  It doesn’t quite work for me.
  • The British Bootcamp highlight got cut short, and that’s a bit disappointing.  It is what it is. Bram’s assault could’ve been handled differently, in my opinion.  Bram calling out Magnus was just fine, but having Grado walk out to answer him?  I will say he’s got a presence about him.
  • It was nice to finally see a referee eject a member of the BDC from ringside.  Low Ki being removed helped even the playing field, but the ref should’ve sent them all packing immediately.
  • Another match ruined by run-ins.  A title-match, nonetheless.  Enough is enough.
  • The Drew Galloway run-in, again, happened so fast it barely registered.  Felt like a wasted opportunity.

TNA gave us a solid show, but too often there are too many moving parts.  I would like to see things scaled down just a bit, in a lot of ways.  Too many stories, with too much intertwined.

Thanks for watching with me tonight, everyone.  Follow us on Twitter, @RingRap. and follow me @PsionStorm.  Live Long and Prosper. We will see you next week!


TNA Impact Wrestling 02/20/15 – 20 Man Gauntlet to Determine the #1 Contender, Mickie James Returns, Drew Galloway Debuts, plus more!

Last night, my DVR decided not to record TNA Impact.  Fortunately, Destination America airs the show practically all day on Saturday.  So, I grabbed a 3am reply, pressed record, and went to bed.

So here we are.

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TNA World Cup 2015 PPV Results (Spoilers)

TNA has taped their World Cup 2015 PPV at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL.  Below are the results/spoilers from the show.

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TNA X-Travaganza 3 2015 PPV Results (Spoilers)

TNA has taped their X-Travaganza 3 PPV at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL.  Below are the results/spoilers from the show.


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