TNA Impact Wrestling 08/19/15 – EC3 vs. PJ Black for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Anderson vs. Bram, Kim vs. Marti and Jade, Galloway vs. Drake, plus GFW Continues to be a Presence, and more!

TNA is coming off the heels of a Global Force Wrestling appearance last week, thanks to Jeff Jarrett running the show.  A video package opens up the program, recapping the events of last week, including PJ Black winning the King of the Mountain title and earning a shot against EC3 for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship later tonight.

It’s the Turning Point edition of Impact tonight.  Our show begins proper with Jeff and Karen Jarrett heading to the ring.  Jeff wants to talk about last week’s show – says that Global Force Wrestling has woken up the wrestling world, and says everything that’s been happening is exactly what Global Force needs.  So, he wants to keep the buzz going.  Tonight, he makes history – for the first time ever a GFW athlete challenges the TNA Champion.  PJ Black vs. EC3 for the title, later tonight.  Before Jarrett can continue, EC3 comes out to interrupt. Continue reading


TNA Impact Wrestling 08/12/15 – Jeff Jarrett Runs the Show, GFW vs. TNA, plus more!

Tonight’s TNA Impact is an interesting one, as Jeff Jarrett takes over as the enforcer.  He brings with him members of the Global Force Wrestling roster.  It’s GFW vs. TNA… on TNA Impact!

Jeff and Karen Jarrett start the show, heading to the ring, Jeff holding the TNA King of the Mountain Championship.  Jeff talks about the famous phonecall from TNA management about the Hall of Fame and the match to the pay-per-view leading all into this moment.  There’s a strange edit of a crowd cheering here too, which came off clunky.  Anyhow, Jarrett says his TNA career is complete and it is over.  He talks about Global Force Wrestling, the company he has founded.  He calls it a promotion about competing at the highest level.  Jarrett talks about sports rivalries (Yankees/Red Sox, etc).  Tonight he’s creating a new rivalry.  He talks about last week, when he asked Dixie to bring GFW in and make some matches.

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TNA Impact Wrestling 08/05/15 – EC3 vs. Matt Hardy for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Rockstar Spud vs. Austin Aries, Galloway vs. Drake, Bram vs. Anderson, plus more!

TNA is presenting to us their No Surrender of TNA Impact, which is jam-packed with feud-ending matches and stipulations.  On paper, it looks like a good night of action.  Can TNA turn around the restlessness they’ve had in the past few episodes, or will they continue to tread water?

The show opens with a very brief tribute to Rowdy Roddy Piper, who spent some time with TNA.

Bram vs. Mr. Anderson

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TNA Impact Wrestling 07/22/15 – King of the Mountain, Magnus vs. Bram, Young vs. Spud, Hardy vs. Roode, and more!

Well, TNA isn’t really doing much in the way of intros this week, so neither will I.

Dixie Carter comes out to the ring immediately.  From the ramp, she announces the next member of the TNA Hall of Fame.

It’s Jeff Jarrett.

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TNA *SPOILERS* for One Night Only and Xplosion

TNA has taped additional content as of last night in Orlando, FL at Universal Studios.  While there is no clear date as to when this content will air, it appears that it will be used for One Night Only pay per views and Xplosion events.  Results are presented in no particular order or with any particular breakdown as to which show it will air on.  Information is presented courtesy

If you went to these tapings (or are planning on attending future tapings) and wish to offer any additional details, spoilers, or clarifications, drop me an email at!

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TNA Releases Bound for Glory 2015 Location and Ticket Information

In a  press release today, TNA has confirmed the location and date for the 2015 edition of their “Bound for Glory” event.  The event will take place at the Cabarrus Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina, and will happen on October 4.  The following is the full text of the press release regarding the event, which will take place live on pay per view as well.

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TNA Impact Wrestling 07/15/15 – Meet the New Boss, plus X-Division Title Match, Knockouts Title Match, World Title Match, and more!

You’ll have to excuse me for keeping this brief.

Last week’s TNA Impact was a mess of epic proportions, and aside from boring me to tears, it over-exposed the new champion.  This week was different, but I don’t know if it was necessarily better.

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TNA Impact Wrestling: 05/29/15 – Angle vs. Young in an I Quit match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Kim vs. Terrell Six Sides of Steel, plus more!

We are back with a new episode of TNA Impact.  After the holiday replay of Slammiversary last Friday, it’s time to jump in to the last Friday night episode of 2015, before TNA changes nights.

Angle and Young have had good interactions in the past.  Let’s see if this one turns into another overbooked mess, or a clean finish.

Let’s go!

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TNA Impact Wrestling 05/08/15 – Live Episode, Featuring Angle vs. Young for the TNA Heavyweight Championship, Kong & Kim vs. Dollhouse, EC3 vs. Anderson, plus more!

It’s time for a LIVE episode of TNA Impact Wrestling!  It’s been a long while since we’ve gone live for Impact, and they’re in Orlando, Florida.  Lots of big matches on the card tonight too, including Eric Young vs. Kurt Angle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, plus Gail Kim and Awesome Kong teaming up to take on The Dollhouse.  Also, EC3 will face Mr. Anderson in a yet-to-be-named match.  Is it an arm wrestling match?  Or a Falls Count Anywhere Match?  The fans decide!

We go straight to the arena, with Eric Young in the middle of the ring, mic in hand.  He’s demanding to know who the special guest referee is for his match against Angle later tonight.  He says he’s been the number one contender for weeks, and he deserves to know.  He’s going to beat Kurt Angle, and… well he’s cut off by Bully Ray!

Ray makes his return to the Impact zone, and he’s wearing a referee shirt under his leather vest.  A “Welcome Back” chant breaks out.  He asks Young “Do you know who I am?”  He makes it official: he’s the guest referee.

A video package introduces the major feuds and matches for the night, then goes to Josh Mathews, who is flying solo tonight.

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TNA Impact 05/01/15 – Hardcore Justice, featuring Angle vs. Young Stretcher Match, X Divsion Ladder Match, Pipe on a Pole Match, plus more!

Perfecting timing, since WWE just had Extreme Rules, eh?

It’s TNA’s Hardcore PPV, and we’re not talking Triple X here folks.  Hardcore Justice!  Everything is ultra-violent tonight!  There’s a ladder match for the X-Division Title, Low Ki vs. Drew Galloway in a Pipe on a Pole match, Eric Young vs. Kurt Angle in a Stretcher Match, plus more!

We join our opening contest in progress – Davey Richards & The Hardys vs. The Revolution (Khoya & Abyss & Manik).  It’s chaos at ringside.

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