Ring Rap Audio: 07/25/15 – Analyzing the Hulk Hogan Situation: Does This Effect His Legacy? Should He Be in the Hall of Fame? Is He Sincere in Apology? Plus, NXT vs. ROH, and more!

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It’s Episode 169 of Ring Rap Audio, and our lead topic was gift wrapped, sent with Amazon Prime, and delivered by a singing mailman.  Hulk Hogan’s contract was terminated by WWE due to racial slurs used eight years ago and captured on the sex tape with Heather Clem.

Bill Wentz and Drew Koscelek take a look at this topic in great detail and break it down – How does this effect Hogan’s legacy?  Should he be removed from the Hall of Fame?  Who is defending him?  Can he ever come back from this?  Is his apology acceptable?

Plus, WWE has started a war with Ring of Honor, running a number of NXT shows that directly compete with ROH.  But who really fired the first shot, and how does this effect both products?

All this plus more!

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Muhammad Ali Weighs in on Pacquiao vs. Mayweather

We’re mere days away from one of the biggest boxing matches of this generation.  On May 2, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will do battle in Las Vegas.  One of the greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali, has made his thoughts known regarding this bout and all of the nonsense that surfaced where Mayweather said that he was better than Ali.  A tweet posted by Ali’s representative came across earlier in the day and got to trending on Facebook as well:

It’s worth saying that Ali does not run his own Twitter account, likely because of his health concerns.  Ali does occasionally originate his own tweets, and they bear the hashtag #AliTweet when he posts them.  Back in March, Ali did weigh in on the fight personally, and posted this tweet:

Mayweather has gone on record to give fighters like Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson respect and credit for “paving the way” for him, but added that no one can “brainwash” him into thinking that either of those men were better fighters than he is.

I mentioned this on the latest Ring Rap Audio briefly.  Ali is still such a charismatic personality, despite his illnesses.