Interview Highlights – Kurt Angle Comments on CM Punk, Being Blocked by Triple H from Returning to WWE, His Future with TNA, and More

Former WWE star and current TNA star Kurt Angle appeared on The Swerve Podcast, hosted by Vince Russo, to discuss a number of topics.  The full listen can be found on Pyroandballyhoo.com

Before I get to the highlights, it’s worth pointing out that Vince said after the show that he got a direct message from Kurt on Twitter allowing him to announce that Kurt will be returning to TNA.

Angle about the Sting match and Hulk Hogan situation:

“I don’t have much to say about that day. I love Terry. I love Hulk. I think he was trying to help. Sting and I know where we want to go. If Sting and I are going to put out a five star match that everyone expected us to, I don’t think Hogan needed to say anything. I know the company put him in charge. The company put him in charge. I can’t blame Hogan for that. I think Hogan should have said ‘What do you want to do’. He didn’t, but I love Hogan. I don’t have anything bad to say about him.

Russo felt Sting/Angle were disrespected as they sat around and waited all day for Hogan to come in so he can chime in.

Angle on what he is searching for in a wrestling company (whether he would go back to TNA or go to WWE):

“Most importantly: the right interests. At this point in my career, I can’t really do a full-time schedule. I need to look at how they want to take care of me, what they want to do with me, what’s important to them should be important to me and everything I do has meaning. Most important is the invested interest. Secondly, making sure I keep my life straight and that I spend time with my family. Thirdly is basically financial situation. It’s not that I’m in dire need of money. Thank god I made a lot in this business. At the same time, the amount of money speaks volumes with what they want to do with you and how they want to utilize you. is the money important for a financial standpoint? No. Is it important on how important you are to the company? Yes. I want to make sure it’s a best suit for me.”

Angle talks about CM Punk, Vince McMahon and Dixie Carter:

“Dixie has the motherly love. With Vince [McMahon], he treated me like I was kind of a son. Whether he cared about me or not, he took care of me. I was the first one he called every New Year’s Eve. He was always there for me. I never had a problem with him. I listened to the CM Punk interview. I don’t know who’s telling the truth or not. I don’t know if CM Punk went over the top or not. I haven’t had that type of relationship with Vince that Punk did. Dixie is not Vince. Vince knows the business like anyone else. I don’t think anyone can be like Vince. Of course Vince will treat you better if you’re making him money. I always had a great experience with both of them. Dixie has always treated me good. I think she has sometimes put people in charge that hasn’t treated me well. I don’t think it was her fault. She’s the boss. With McMahon, you have to be a work horse to work in the WWE. Vince didn’t put me in that situation. I put myself in the situation. I put the responsibility on me for not speaking up for three years…”

Angle talks about the twilight of his career and possibly being an agent when his in-ring days are over:

“My days are winding down. There’s no doubt about it. I probably won’t be able to go more than a year or two. I’m so good on what I do. Whether it would be in WWE or TNA, I think I have a future as an agent or in coaching/teaching. I’m actually better at coaching than as an actual wrestler. At the same time, I’m good at coaching/teaching amateur wrestling than I was as an Olympic gold medalist. I am torn on whether to go back to my amateur roots or pro wrestling. I have had offers on both sides.”

Angle discusses the rumors of Triple H blocking him from returning to WWE:

“I thought about it. I’ve never had a problem with Triple H. When I was there, he treated me well. We did business the right way. I’ve seen and heard rumors about that. When I talked to WWE, Vince and I buried the hatchet from years ago and we don’t have a problem with each other. I haven’t heard anything about Triple H saying and doing anything that blocked me. So, even though I don’t know for sure, from my experiences talking to WWE, I don’t think it’s a problem. I think a lot of it is rumor. But I don’t know for sure. I wouldn’t know. There’s no way to possibly know unless he went and told me himself. I’ve read things but I can’t believe what I read because most of what we read is bullcrap. Triple H hasn’t been a problem and I don’t have any problem with Triple H, WWE or Vince at all. The good thing about this the past year is Vince and I were able to be on speaking terms again and we haven’t been in eight years.”


WWE Monday Night Raw Afterthoughts for 10/28/2014 – RKO Out of Nowhere, Seth Rollins Proves He is the Future, John Cena Rebuffs the Authority, Survivor Series Starts to Take Shape, Ryback Returns, and More

Welcome to yet another installment of Raw Afterthoughts, where we break down the hits and misses of last night’s broadcast.  Feel free to weigh in with your own thoughts and comments on Facebook and Twitter, and we’ll discuss it all on RingRap Audio tomorrow night!

  1. Seth Belongs….

I thought the main event of Cena vs. Rollins was very good.  Seth Rollins put on a show and proved that he is indeed what he says he is, the future.  The only thing I didn’t get is why it got booked.

The Authority has protected him since his turn on The Shield and the build to Hell in a Cell.  They put him in handicap matches, they made him sit out, whatever it took.  So last night, after a brutal Hell in a Cell match, when he’s wounded, they put him against Cena?

  1. Feed Me…

The Big Guy is back, and it looks like he will be a babyface.  Ryback made an appearance last night, with the Feed Me More chant and all.  San Antonio was receptive to him and his dominant face routine.  I could easily see him sliding into a spot on Team Cena to reestablish him.  This is a guy who contested for the WWE Championship at one point, admittedly a move that derailed him as a character.

  1. We Get it Already…

John Cena isn’t ever going to turn heel.  We know this.

So why in the hell did Stephanie McMahon invest a 15 minute talking segment on trying to get Cena to join the Authority?  This segment was flat, it didn’t work, and we all know the end result was Cena saying no to the offer.  We don’t need a monthly reminder of this.

For what it’s worth, John Cena did cut a strong promo in the early part of this segment.  He had some good enthusiasm and the San Antonio crowd was into him.  That worked against Stephanie as well when she tried to play in to the mixed reactions Cena normally gets.

  1. Is it Time For the Royal Rumble?

The show ended with a big brawl between various members of the roster.  It made zero sense to me.  This is an angle we typically see going into Royal Rumble but we know that’s not the case because Brock Lesnar is nowhere to be found.


Anyhow, the roster running out and brawling made no sense and came from left field.  They have been talked down to so often by the Authority, yet at the mere mention of Team Cena vs. Team Authority they run out to fight?  Get out of here with that crap.

And yes, it continues to be a gigantic miss with me that the WWE Champion is not present on the show, nor is his advocate Paul Heyman.

  1. Oh, Assistant, Please…

It’s going to be a long 30 days with Brie Bella being Nikki Bella’s assistant.  Last night was the second time we’ve seen her serve in this role, and it was just totally forgettable.  WWE thinks it’s the best thing since sliced bread though, so be ready for a full dose of it.

  1.  That’s What I DO!

Big Show and Mark Henry contested for the tag titles against Goldust and Stardust.  And they almost won them.  The match itself was good and kept my attention.  The newsworthy part was Henry turning on Show.

I thought they would drag this out some more to give the Dust Brothers a program, but it was fine.  The logic was a bit weak though.  Henry said he did it to get to Show before Show got to him.  With the teased tension over the past several weeks, that’s all they had for an explanation?

  1. Lack of Follow Through…

I really felt like Bray Wyatt returning and attacking Dean Ambrose was big news.  I figured going into Raw it would be a major talking point.  Instead, it was treated like an afterthought.

They got well into the second hour to give us any follow-up on the Hell in a Cell ending, and once they did get there it felt like “more of same” out of Wyatt.  This has the makings of a good story, but the first night of follow-up left a lot to be desired.

  1.  Outta Nowhere!

Randy Orton showed some nice energy last night in his short appearance during the opening segment.  They’re building slowly to his face turn, and I like this approach.  They don’t need to cut to it immediately, in fact, they shouldn’t.

Let them keep playing it out as Orton being with the Authority, and Hunter trying to keep the group together.  As they do, Orton will build a LOT more momentum than he has in any other face turn, and could become one of the most over guys in the company when the moment hits.

  1.  Shillamania is Running Wild!

The last time Hulk Hogan appeared, it felt really uneventful.  I can’t say this was all that much better, but it was decent.  The posing with the cancer survivors was a nice touch, and put a nice visual bow on the yearly Komen campaign.

There were good and bad points about last night’s show, but one thing is for sure, the booking is still really flat and lifeless overall.  How they could not follow up on Bray Wyatt better is beyond me after the effort to produce the separate video packages they did over the past several weeks.  But they gave us the beginnings of a Survivor Series build already and attempted to make it feel important.  The biggest problem is that there is still no championship presence on the show, and the midcard still just feels stale.  WWE needs to fix this.


WWE Raw LIVE Reaction and Results for 10/27/14

WWE Raw comes at us LIVE from San Antonio, TX, starting at 8pm EST, and will feature the fallout from last night’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.  Already announced for the night: John Cena vs. Seth Rollins, plus an appearance from WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan.

All this, plus Dean Ambrose, who will very likely have a ton to say about Bray Wyatt’s surprise attack last night, follow-up from Dolph Ziggler’s successful Intercontinental Championship defense, and much, much more.

Be sure to follow along here on this page as I hit my “Stream of Consciousness” review this evening, and follow us on Twitter, @RingRap!

For some reason, the Hell in a Cell video package from last night opens up the show.

Oh, now they’re showing highlights.  That’s good.  Ambrose vs. Rollins highlights to start.  Holograms.  Sister Abigail.

Cena won. Shocking, right?

The Authority stands in the ring.  Triple H gives Steph a smooch.  Kane looks on like he wants a kiss too.

Steph is all cheery and happy.  They do a $9.99 plug.  Ugh.

Triple H puts over Seth Rollins hard – calls him the standard bearer of WWE.  Seth did such a fantastic job winning his match last night.

Rollins hobbles to the ring.  He’s flanked by the goons, Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury.

Steph puts over the “warm welcome” for Rollins (aka boos).  He thanks the fans.  He says Dean Ambrose is out of his hair once and for all, finally.  Rollins says he’s moving on to John Cena now.  Mixed cheers for Cena here.

Rollins poses, but is interrupted by a pretty angry looking Randy Orton.  He hits the ring and is pissed.  He blames Seth Rollins for his curb stomp affecting him and causing the loss.  He made a promise to himself and says if the Authority didn’t deal with Rollins, he would.  He attacks Rollins.

Triple H and the goons separate the two.  Trips tells him to take the night off.  “Get on your bus, get something to drink, relax.”  Triple H continues, and Orton pushes past him, nailing Rollins with an RKO.

Trips looks pissed.  Rollins kisses the mat.  Orton takes off.

There are few people that sell better than Seth Rollins.  He just gets it.  From the motionless face-plant, to stumbling out of the ring, shaking off the help, then needing it, it’s all in the details, and he’s got ‘em down.

As far as Orton goes, well, this might be the most over he’s been in months.

We come back from break, and we’ve got a Tag Team Championship match.  Goldust & Stardust are already in the ring.  Looks like they’re facing The Big Show, and Mark Henry.

If I had to put money on it, one of the two is turning heel tonight.

Typical tag action from these four.  Henry tosses around Goldust.  Then he tosses around Stardust.

The two big men start arguing as we go to break.

Back from break, and it’s more of the same.  I hate that our tag champs are just a setup for the inevitable split of Henry and Show.

Show and Henry start amping it up and it looks like we might actually see a title change.  Then Mark Henry turns heel.  He throws Cody on top of Show, and our tag champs retain.

Big Show stands up, and the attack continues. I wish I cared about the turn, but it’s falling flat.  The one good thing out of this?  Mark Henry is an excellent heel.

Roman Reigns will be giving an interview later. I bet it’s like three sentences.

After the break, Renee Young catches up with Mark Henry, and he tells the truth.  He did it to Show before Show did it to him.

I guess they’re both heels, based on that logic.

Nice video package for Roman Reigns before his interview.  Michael Cole calls him “The Juggernaut.”  I disagree.

It’s one of those “via satellite” interviews.  He says he wished he could be San Antonio.  He says he knew Ambrose would bring the pain last night.  He puts down Rollins.  He says when he’s medically cleared, he’s coming for Rollins.

Ok ok, I lied.  Reigns said like four sentences, not three.

AJ Lee comes out for a match… next!

AJ Lee vs. Alicia Fox.  Crazy vs. Crazy.  Round one… FIGHT!

Fox has an absolutely gorgeous Northern Lights Suplex.  For real.

AJ hits a nice spinning DDT on Fox, who is otherwise dominating the match.

Fox has AJ’s number, until Paige interferes.  AJ gets the roll-up.  Paige apologizes.  She tries to give her a bracelet.  Fox goes to take it, until Paige kicks her in the face and tosses her out of the ring.  Paige throws Fox into the barricade and slams her head into it repeatedly.

I guess we’re getting Paige vs. Fox for a little while… so who’s AJ going to feud with?  Triple threat?

John Cena comes out to the ring… next!

A BLOO BLOO BLOOO!  It’s John Cena!

Our number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship takes the mic.  I already hate his promo as he panders to the crowd, and the San Antonio Spurs fans.

Cena talks about how Brock Lesnar isn’t there, and when he comes back, he’ll lose.  Everything he does from here on forward will be a statement.  He says the Future always goes through him, but tonight, he goes through The Future.

So, obviously, Stephanie McMahon interrupts. She congratulates him on his victory last night, but says she can’t wait until Survivor Series.

She criticizes Cena for pandering to the audience.  She’s pretty funny here.  He says he’s just listening to the fans.  She asks him if he hears them chant “Cena sucks.”  She tells him the fans don’t care about him.  She asks him to join The Authority, says he’s about to face Brock Lesnar, someone who has beaten him repeatedly.  The Authority could offer him some insurance.  They could help guarantee a victory.

She wants the winner of him vs. Rollins to be the captain of Team Authority at Survivor series.  Says he deserves to be a part of a family.  Cena counters, says he just deserves to come down the ramp and tell everyone how much he loves doing this every week.  He rallies the troops, says the fans are a part of Raw.

It’s bad for business for Cena to remind the fans they’re part of the show, because then they chant for JBL instead of enjoying good matches.

Triple H comes out and tells Steph he told her.  He tells Cena he’s been in WWE for 20 years, and it gets harder each year.  He’s hanging on by a thread.  He says Cena can’t fight the future, whether he wants to believe it or not.  Triple H says he has to prove it to Cena that he can’t stop the future.  At Survivor Series it’ll be Team Authority vs. Team Cena.

Absolutely no evidence that Brock Lesnar will be at Survivor Series.  Unacceptable.

After the break, it’s The Usos vs. Damien Mizdow & The Miz

The fans chant for Mizdow, who is actually mimicking everything Miz does from the apron.  Funny.

Miz teases a tag, and then doesn’t.

Miz gets sent over the top rope, and Mizdow starts selling with him.  The Usos leap over the top rope onto both men as we go to break.

We’re back, and Mizdow still isn’t in the ring.  Ok, Sandow finally in the ring.  He’s not in for long, sadly.

Ok, Mizdow is back in the ring, and he gets his ass kicked.  Jimmy and Miz in the ring now, Miz gets kicked in the gut.  Miz protects his face, desperately.  Mizdow makes the save.  The ref looks away, and The Usos pull off Twin Magic, oddly enough.  The ref doesn’t catch it, and they get the win.

Fun tag match, but not nearly enough Mizdow, in my opinion.

Backstage, John Cena and Dolph Ziggler are having a chat, and a handshake.  It’s implied Ziggler is joining Team Cena.

We return from break, and Kane approaches Dolph Ziggler, and calls him out on his “Act of Aggression” against The Authority.  Kane wants to end him, and they have a match.  That was a pretty clunky way to get to a match.

Hulk Hogan comes out to the ring, clad in pink.  In a very classy move, he stops to sign a kid’s Hulkamania sign.

“Well let me tell you something, brother!”  He’s happy to see John Cena win, and he’s looking forward to seeing him take on Lesnar and defeat him.

Hulk is really here to put over Breast Cancer Awareness, and does he ever.  He even invites some of the ladies in pink to join him in the ring.

It’s hard to be mad at WWE for trying to raise money for a good cause, but I’d still prefer to see more wrestling in my wrestling show.

Bo Dallas hits the ring after our break.  He asks for someone that Bo-Lieves they can beat him to come out to the ring.  Please be Sami Zayn.

Ryback comes out instead, and honestly, I’m ok with it.  This is a good opportunity to revamp Ryback, and he could be the shot in the ass that Raw needs lately.

The audience is very into this.  Ryback handily tosses Dallas around.

Meathook Clothesline, Shell Shock, it’s over.  Ryback wins.

Surprisingly absent: Goldberg Chants.  It’s about time.

I like that Ryback has returned with his old gimmick – the one that was working.  I think WWE is short on top faces right now, and he had a solid push before getting knocked off the rails.  He’s gotten a ton of experience since, and I think this time might be the run that clicks with the audience.  As long as WWE is all in with this, we’ve got a winner here.

Cesaro vs. Ambrose is up next.  Could be good.  Could be a false finish. Ambrose hobbles out to the ring a little bit too.

Ambrose stands on the announcer’s table, mic in hand.  He looks pissed.  He says he went straight to hell and loved every second of it.  He says he dragged Seth Rollins with him, but when he got there he found Bray Wyatt.  He doesn’t care why Bray did it.  He says you don’t mess with an animal whose claws are sharper than yours, and you don’t screw with Dean Ambrose.

He heads into the ring and attacks Cesaro with the microphone.  This spills outside, where Ambrose continues to beat the hell out of Cesaro with the microphone.

Ambrose goes back into the ring and calls out Wyatt.

Wyatt’s music kicks in, and it’s a backstage promo.  Wyatt says he sees his own deranged mentality in Ambrose.  He says this world is not made for guys like them.  He says he will dismantle his mind and feast on the spoils.

Good mic work from both men, but a real disappointment that we didn’t get our advertised match between Cesaro and Ambrose.  Did Cesaro piss in someone’s Cheerios or something?

Nikki Bella heads out to the ring, flanked by her Personal Assistant, Brie.

If there’s one good thing about Brie being Nikki’s bitch for 30 days, it’s that we won’t have to listen to Brie’s horrible theme song.

It’s NIkki vs. Naomi.  Nikki hits an Alabama Slam early on.

That’s about the only good thing from this match.  I stop paying attention until Naomi hits a dropkick.

Brie Bella does some questionable stuff here and helps Nikki get the advantage.  Rack Attack and it’s over.  Nikki wins.

Kane heads out for his match against our Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler.  Ziggs has been on a roll, lately.

Kane has control of the match early on.  He keeps control.  He bores me.

Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m two and a half hours into a three-plus hour show.

You know what would make me feel better? Another commercial break!

We come back in, and Ziggler is finally getting in some offense.  Kane cuts him off pretty quickly.  It was nice while it lasted.

Ziggler hits 10 punches up top.  Jumping elbow.  Two-count.

Ziggler nails Kane with a nice superkick, and goes for the Zig Zag, but winds up eating a boot to the face.

Rollup counters a choke slam.  Ziggler gets the win!  Kane is not amused.

Seth Rollins comes out with the goons and starts attacking Ziggler, but John Cena’s music hits and Cena makes the save.  He sends Kane tumbling over the top rope as Rollins takes off.  Cena helps ZIggler up.  Good to see Cena finally helping a fellow good guy.

We come back from break, and John Cena is still in the ring, ready for Seth Rollins to come back out.  Rollins limps out, Noble and Mercury by his side.  Rollins has his ribs taped up.

It’s 10:45.  I suspect there will be some foul play, or something to change the context of the match.

Rollins bails out and the action spills outside.  He uses a cheap shot to get the advantage.

Rollins attacks Cena in the corner.  When the ref pulls him away, Mercury smack Cena in the head.

More sneak attacks from The Goons.

Despite the interference, Rollins looks like he belongs in the ring with Cena, and that’s important.

We return from the commercial break.  Cena is tossing around The Goons.  Rollins tosses Cena into the steps.

I wish Cena would take the steps differently.  It always looks like he’s pushing them.  Because he is.

Rollins goes leaping through the ropes onto Cena.

WWE really could have (and should have) kept this match for a pay-per-view.  There are so few matches that haven’t been done anymore.

Rollins heads up top for a superplex.  Cena counters and hits a cross-body for two.  Rollins reversed an AA attempt with a DDT.  Cena sold it like a champ.  Two-count.

I’m feeling like Orton will get involved here, and he’ll join Team Cena.

Rollins heads up top and misses a flying knee.  Two-count.

Rollins sends Cena out of the ring, giving Jamie Noble a chance to lay into Cena with a few kicks.  The ref starts counting.

Cena does that magical spring-to-life thing he does and slides in at nine.  Rollins attacks him immediately.  Cena fires up.  Shoulders.  Five Knuckle Shuffle.  You know, the usual.

Cena launches Rollins onto The Goons, outside the ring.  He rolls Rollins back in, who hits an enzuigiri to the head.  Two-count.

Rollins flips out of an AA attempt, misses a kick to the head.  Nice back and forth sequence here.  Rollins hits a standing Sliced Bread #2 for a very near fall.

Cena goes up top and teases an AA off the top.  Rollins flips through with a nice Buckle Bomb.  Another near fall here.

Rollins goes for the curb stomp, and Cena catches him, going right into the STF.  Rollins waves in for help instead of tapping, and Kane comes in to break it up.  They attack Cena as the ref calls the DQ.

Noble and Mercury attack, and then shortly thereafter, the entire locker room empties out.  Everyone starts fighting for no explicable reason.  Cena starts handing out AAs.  He’s the only one left in the ring, with The Authority looking on from the ramp.

A decent show, but the main event was far and away the highlight.  I’m ok with the false finish, because it protects both men.  However, the entire locker room running out makes absolutely no sense in context, even with Survivor Series around the corner.  I could understand maybe a few people, who were to be on Team Authority or Team Cena, but everyone?  Literally everyone?  No thanks.

We will have PLENTY to talk about on Ring Rap Audio this Wednesday.  Be sure to tune in.  Thank you to everyone who read along and those that followed on Twitter as well!  Goodnight!


WWE Monday Night Raw Live Coverage for 10/20/2014 – The Cell Makes an Appearance, John Cena and Dean Ambrose Team Up To Fight the Authority, AJ Continues to Not Make Friends, Hulk Hogan Stops in to Shill Stuff, and More

There’s just six days left to the Hell in a Cell pay per view.  Tonight, they hang the cell above the ring as a sign that it’s close (and to persuade you to buy the Network for $9.99 so you can watch it).  John Cena gets Randy Orton in six days, but the big news is that Dean Ambrose will get Seth Rollins in the cage in six days.  Will we see a preview tonight?  The Authority members (Kane, Orton and Rollins) are advertised to take on Cena and Ambrose in a handicap street fight.  Also, WWE hopefully fills out what’s left of the undercard as we cover the go-home show tonight.

Reload for updates on our live coverage, and live tweeting, here on Ring-Rap.com and on @RingRap.

Show Open, Live from Kansas City, MO at the Kemper Arena

Stream of consciousness night kids, been up since 4AM and traveling since 5AM.  Then, Now, Hell in a Cell is Sunday and no one cares.  They start off with a recap of the lame Vince Russo on a Pole…err…Contract on a pole match between Cena and Ambrose.  Ambrose outsmarted Cena to get the contract.

The cell is coming down.  Oooooo.  Cole puts it over as intimidating, but let’s be honest the gimmick isn’t the same with a themed pay per view for it.  King of Kings hits, and here comes The Authority in suits and ties.  Holy shit, Randy Orton is wearing pants!  Cole reminds us that Kansas City is hosting the World Series starting tomorrow too.  Go Royals…or something.

JBL says that Ambrose has wanted his shot at Rollins, and now he gets him.  They try to hype up Cena vs. Randy Orton but no one cares about their 428057468367534896th match.  Triple H welcomes us to Raw and says this will be a night the Authority can be proud of.  He announces a three on two handicap match between Kane, Randy Orton, and Seth Rollins vs. John Cena and Dean Ambrose in a no holds barred street fight.

Triple H says if Cena and Ambrose survive that then they will go straight to hell…Hell in a Cell.  He says unspeakable things will happen in the Cell on Sunday – and you can see that live on the WWE Network for how much?  You know the chant.  Triple H says that Hell in a Cell changes your life.  He says it’s not a match you win, it’s the match you survive.  He puts over the two matches – Orton vs. Cena doesn’t get a good reaction from Kansas City.  He then talks about Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins, and Ambrose gets a nice reaction.

Rollins says he likes the moniker of Mr. Money in the Bank and it has a nice ring to it.  He gets greeted with “you sold out” chants, yet again.  He says he’s thinking about a new nickname though, and puts himself over as the undisputed future of WWE.  KC boos that.  He says the key word is future, something Dean Ambrose won’t have after he beats him Sunday.

Randy Orton interjects, and says the true main event will be between two men who have been around for longer than a cup of coffee.  He says he will end the decade long feud between him and Cena.  I highly doubt that one when they face off in 2015.  Triple H interjects and says that they’re both right.  He says that it’s a double main event, but Orton’s match might go over the top.  He sets the stipulation that the winner of Orton and Cena gets Brock.  Brock hasn’t been on TV in a long time and I don’t think I care.  Not only that, it tips off that Cena will win because Orton’s a pussy and doesn’t want to face Brock.

Orton says it’s a good day, and he will make Hunter proud, unlike the Royals who haven’t won a title in 29 years and won’t win for another 29 years.  That gets him some cheap heat.  Hunter says all three men will make him proud, not only tonight but at Hell in a Cell also.  He says the Authority always wins and that’s best for business.  Kane flaps his arms and makes fire.  Ooo.

Hunter had some heat on the cell, then killed it off with the $9.99 thing.  Orton’s lines about making Hunter proud were lame and honestly I think the history of Orton refusing to work Brock means Cena gets Brock again.  Kane popping his pyro was meaningless.  Ugh.  Gonna be a long night.

At the announce position, Cole feeds us into a highlight package from Main Event where Mizdow became Sheamusdow.  Dear lord that was bad.  Sheamus hit him with the Brogue Kick to end the segment mercifully.

Match #1 – Sheamus and The Usos vs. Miz (w/Mizdow) and Goldust and Stardust

As Sheamus comes to the ring they tell us that Sheamus will defend the US Championship against Miz at Hell in a Cell.  Nothing like no hype for a mid-card title match.  We go to commercial.  Sheamus must have had a long time to play to the fans because we’re going to get Uso Crazy now.  Lillian Garcia is the new old ring announcer.  The Usos cut a picture in picture promo saying they’re ready to get their gold back and not the kind made from dust.  The titles are bronze boys.  Decent enough promo though.

The Dust Brothers make their way out with their surreal entrance.  They cut a picture in picture promo.  Stardust says the cosmic key has its rightful owner and that won’t change.  They’re not science fiction, they’re science fact.  The Miz comes out with Mizdown mimicking him.  Cole hypes the main event as Miz and Mizdow come to the ring.   Miz doesn’t waste much time until he makes Mizdow get in the match.  KC likes that idea.

Miz tells Cole, who calls him chicken, that he’s a giver of opportunities.  Uso hits a kick that stuns Goldust, but takes a shot instead.  Uso knocks Goldust off the apron, then takes a kick that sends him to ringside.  Goldust mocks going to break.  Back live, Uso continues to sell for the Dust Brothers.  Miz is being an annoying dumbass on commentary talking about his mansion and mini-movie theater.

Hot tags to Sheamus and MizdowSheamus is on fire with double axe handles and shots to Goldust and Stardust.  Sheamus tosses Mizdow over and sets up for Ten Beats of the Battern but Mizdow counters by draping Sheamus over the ropes.  He comes back with a slam, then it’s spot time.  Superkick from Uso, powerslam from Goldust.  Other Uso tosses Stardust out of the ring, then goes Uso Crazy and dives on them.  Sheamus hits a dive off the ropes comparable to the Hindenberg crashing.

Back in the ring, Sheamus calls for the Brogue on MizdowMiz says Sheamus plays to the fans too much rather than focus on his opponent.  So he’s like RVD? Stardust tries for the Disaster Kick, but Sheamus ducks and hits the Brogue Kick.  Mizdow rolls up Sheamus and holds the tights for the cheap win.  Miz has an orgasm over the ending, saying he won.  The faces stare up the ramp at Miz and the Dust Brothers.  More hype for the main event by King going out to commercial.

A mostly decent match.  I’d like to see them get creative rather than running through the spotfest finish sequence, but the match was fine enough to build to the respective matches for the pay per view.

Breast Cancer Awareness ad.  Save the tatas, line the executives at Komen’s pockets.  Sorry…

Backstage, Orton walks in to Triple H’s office.  He admits that he’s not easy to work with but “you did me right.”  He affirms again that he will make Hunter proud and says he has beaten Cena before and will do it again, and go to Wrestlemania with the gold around his waist.  It’s been a long time coming.  It’s still gonna be a long time.  Hunter tells Orton that it was Seth Rollins’ idea and he was looking out for him.  Orton smirks and says he will go thank Rollins personally.

Wyatt cut in.  A video package runs, talking about setting Harper and Rowan free, and his personal package that promises “it’s coming.”

Interest piqued.  I would love to know what’s going on here.

Match #2 – AJ vs. Alicia Fox (w/Paige)

As AJ comes out, Cole says she has a date at Hell in a Cell and he’ll tell us who it’s against when we come back live.  Nice cliff hanger…it’s Paige.  Back live, Cole tells us that indeed it is Paige.  Duuuuhhhhhh.  Highlights from Smackdow where AJ made Layla tap, then beat up Alica for a moment until Paige hit the RamPaige.

Fox gets a couple early moves in but AJ comes back with a couple of roll-ups.  KC is chanting something that I can’t make out.  Fox hits a move that I missed then plays to the fans and makes a cover for two.  She controls AJ with a Northern Lights suplex as King and Cole talk about the previous backstage segment.  Fox continues to control the offense as King puts over how hot of a show they have for KC tonight.  KC is sitting on their hands at the moment.  Fox hits a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker and Paige screams she hates AJ.

Old movie references and flying monkey references.  The announcers are disconnected.  AJ starts a comeback with a Thesz Press and a neckberaker, followed with a headscissor that sends Fox to ringside into a shoving match with Paige.  Interesting.  Well, that leads into our second cheap roll-up finish of the night as Fox rolls up AJ for the win, and all is well with Fox and Paige.

A different finish, but the booking has been pretty lazy throughout the whole story.  There are a lot of moving parts here that just aren’t clicking.

Backstage, Orton confronts Rollins and tells him thanks for setting up the title opportunity.  Rollins says he’s looking out for him and he’s a team player.  Orton tells Rollins to stay out of his business.  Rollins tells Orton to calm down and says Orton has a golden opportunity to end his feud with Cena for good, and go on to face Lesnar.  He says it would be a miracle to defeat Lesnar, but he would be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  “From there, the future takes care of itself.”  Orton smirks and says “yeah, the future will take care of itself.” and walks away.

Setting up ongoing tension with Rollins and Orton.  Could be interesting, but the WWE Championship won’t be in the middle of it.

Cole hypes up an appearance by Hulk Hogan on the Network after Raw.  Is that how it’s going to go?  Makes better sense.  He’s going to offer predictions on Hell in a Cell.

In-Ring Segment:

Here comes Randy Orton to cut a promo.  He still has pants on.  Cole reminds us that he will face John Cena in Hell in a Cell to get a shot at Lesnar.  He says that on Sunday he will face Cena inside Hell in a Cell.  He says they have done this before (yes, yes you have…) and they know how brutal this match is.  Orton gives us a flashback to 2002, saying he comes from wrestling royalty and Cena was just some punk from Boston who thought he could rap.  Orton heels on the Royals to get the fans’ attention back.  Seriously.

He puts his story with him and Cena on the level of Rock/Austin and Hogan/Piper.  He tells Cena to take his hustle, loyalty, and respect and shove it up his ass.  He says he has never cared about fighting for what is right and never will.  He talks about facing Cena at Royal Rumble (where they got booed out of the building in Pittsburgh) and says he will do it again on Sunday.  He calls Cena the bane of his existence.  Cue the man himself.

Cena tells Orton to shut up.  He says everyone knows Orton is gifted and a future hall of famer.  Every time Orton talks he proves he is the biggest dumbass alive.   Cena mocks him and does a grandpa voice and pines for the old days.  Cena talks about “all that’s going on in this city” and the live crowd popped for the Royals.

Cena tells Orton the last time he was relevant in 2002 when the Royals lost 100 games.  He says the Royals are in the World Series this year with their eyes on the prize.  Orton says being in the Series is different than winning it.  Cena agrees and says Orton has no chance to win on Sunday.  He talks about wanting to face Rollins because he cost him a title shot, but now he wants to face Orton because it’s his path back to Lesnar.

Cena says he’s on a mission.  He tells Orton that when he sees Orton, he sees Lesnar’s face instead.  He tells Orton now he gets to face the man who runs the place and all hell is coming with him.

Cue Paul Heyman.  Thank God.  He says he is going to interrupt the revisionist history and reminds us that the Class of 2002 was John Cena, Randy Orton, and “the next big thing who conquered The Rock for the WWE Championship.  And the man who was the WWE Champion in 2002 is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion in 2014.”  He tells Orton that he wants no part of his client.

Cena tries to exit, but Heyman tells him he’s not done.  “While Orton doesn’t want the Beast, you want both the Beast and the title.”  He tells Cena he doesn’t have good thinking and must have something on the brain.  That means he will have to face Brock Lesnar.

Cena cues Heyman up for the AA but thinks better of it and lets him down.  Cena stands to face Heyman and they exchange words.  Time for an RKO VINE!  Orton hits Cena with the RKO and yells at him “who’s the dumbass now?”  Heyman laughs and Orton paces.  Heyman and Orton look at each other and Orton hits him with the RKO.  He yells and poses again.  He did this with pants on too.  It’s a miracle!

Dead giveaway.  Orton loses, Cena faces Lesnar for the third time, most likely in January because Lesnar can’t be bothered to put down his hunting rifle to come to Raw, and it’ll be what it’ll be.  Oh well.  Orton’s promo wasn’t good, Cena was back and forth between good intensity and silliness, and Heyman came out to save the segment.

Match #3 – Rusev (w/Lana) vs. Big E

Rusev knows how to wave a flag.  Big E got no televised entrance, so he’s losing.   Even steven to start the match off between them.  Big E gets a few shots in, and leapfrogs RusevRusev comes back with a spin kick to get control before going to break.  Back live, Big E gets a hope spot, but Rusev hits a thrust kick and locks on the Accolade to win.  JBL says the last hope is a giant.

Lana says Big Show will fail us on Sunday.  She says he deserves to be in a circus where people throw half eaten food at him and watch him wallow in his own excrement.  Rusev tells Show he will rip his giant heart out and devour it.  He says Show will fail America and the fans will hate him for it.  Lana asks for fans to rise for the real red, white and blue.  Yawn.  Flag doesn’t fall.  Duh, the cell is in the way.

Big Show is smiling on the Tron.  Pop!  Here comes Old Glory and the Stars and Stripes.  Rusev gets pissed and goes to pull the flag down.  It looks like a fan charges the ring in combat fatigues, and he chases Rusev off the flag.  He takes a kick for his troubles and Rusev and Lana exit, bewildered.  Medics tend to him.

I am glad they didn’t go there with the flag bit.  There’s some blowback coming for something like that with elections coming up and trying to appeal to low information voters.  Worst, it encourages fans to jump in the ring, somewhere where they just don’t belong.

Back live, they show the soldier being helped from the ring.  Show is apaplectic and Cole says he feels responsible.  KC gets a “USA” chant going.  He says there are certain lines you don’t cross.  You do not disrespect an American soldier, ever.  A lone voice is chanting for Kurt Angle.  “Rusev….(long dramatic pause)…you want my attention, you want to get inside my head?  Young man, my head is a very dark place to be and I will unleash every bit of wrath within me all over your head.”

Show says he is an American, he is a giant, and at Hell in a Cell, his fifteen minutes is up.  He throws the mic, then demands it back.  He says on second thought, Rusev, get out here now.  He calls out Rusev but no answer.  Show says “fine, you won’t come to me, I’ll come to you.”  Show storms to the back in search of Rusev.  He storms to Rusev’s locker room and kicks the door in.  Rusev isn’t there, so Show storms out.

Elsewhere, Dean Ambrose is watching See No Evil 2.  Cena walks in and asks what he’s doing.  Ambrose says he’s getting ready for the match by watching Kane in the movie, because he’s sick and twisted.  Cena asks if Movie Night is his idea of getting ready.  Ambrose compares them to comic book movies  – Superman and Batman.  He says Cena has the nice square American jaw and has the S on his chest.  He says he has been known to wear a cape and beats up scumbags.  Ambrose says that the plan is for them to throw punches and if they try to take them down, the two of them will take as many of them down as they can.  Cena likes it, then tells Ambrose he’s more like the Joker.

Match #4 – Summer Rae vs. Brie Bella

No entrances for this, and Nikki rolls her eyes watching backstage on a monitor.  Summer controls the early going as the announcers talk about what Nikki would make Brie do.  The stipulation is that when Nikki and Brie face off, the loser has to serve the other for 30 days.  Brie and Summer clunk heads and Summer isn’t happy.  Brie Mode.  Drop kick knocks Summer down, but Summer ducks a move off the ropes.

Summer gets worked up after a near fall.  Missile drop kick from Brie and a facebuster to get the win.  “Yes!” chants from Brie as Nikki gets frustrated backstage.  The fans actually chant along with her.

More sell for Cena and Ambrose vs. the Authority henchmen and Seth Rollins.  Here comes Ambrose, walking toward with a bag in tow.  He’s next.

In-Ring Segment:

Here comes Dean Ambrose.  He has a body bag.  Might be a body in that bag.  He’s gonna cut a promo.  He says he has dreamed for 4 months about what he would do to Seth Rolllins when he gets his hands on him, and now he gets it on Sunday.  He pulls a mannequin from the bag.  I KNEW IT!  He had body in there.  He sits it in a chair and addresses it.

He says Seth has become a puppet for the Authority for a big fat paycheck and a pat on the head.  He says Rollins never wanted to get his hands dirty, so the first part he will rip off is his hands.  So he rips an arm off.  He grabs a screwdriver from the bag and says he’s going to screw him like Seth screwed him.  He pokes the mannequin in the mouth.  This is awful but Ambrose is making it work somehow.  He says he saw something in a dream and pulls out a saw from his bag.  He says he saw himself cutting of Rollins’ balls in the match, but remembered Rollins sold his to the Authority. He grabs tongs and squeezes the crotch of the dummy.  For good measure, he hits the dummy with a piledriver.

Here comes the real Rollins.  He applauds Ambrose for being the new opening act for Louie CK, Gallagher or Carrot Top.  Oh, the cruiserweights are in tow (Noble and Mercury).   Ambrose calls him a sellout, which draws a chant.  Rollins agrees with it, and says that he is also a midwest kid but that’s where the comparisons stop between him and the fans.  He says he knew he was destined to be more than trailer park trash and mocks the fans for taking pictures and videos they will post on Instagram later.

Ambrose tells Rollins they have a match coming up later but he has no issue giving the fans a preview if he doesn’t shut up.  Ambrose must be going to drill his teeth, because he has a drill.  Rollins says he doesn’t sweat Ambrose, he doesn’t sweat Hell in a Cell, and he doesn’t sweat Ambrose.  Car crash time and here comes Mick Foley.  Bang bang!  KC gives him a great ovation.

Foley says he came by to visit an old friend in the cage.  Foley talks about The Shield and how they have lived up to their potential.  Foley says he knew one day they would face each other, and in almost any other scenario Rollins would win.  Rollins gives Foley a series of back handed compliments but Foley says he missed the word “almost” and says the Cell is not any other scenario.

Foley talks about wearing Santa clothes for 300 days and says it’s to try and protect the last vestiges of innocence that the Cell didn’t rip away.  He talks about his injuries he had from the Cell match back in ’98.  He says both men will be scarred physically but the emotional scars will last forever.

The crowd chants “thank you Foley.”  Ambrose thanks him and says that with all due respect he lost his innocence a long time ago in more ways than one.  He’s not worried about emotional and physical scars and missing teeth.  He says he’s ready for Hell in a Cell, and that’s a question Seth will have to ask himself from a hospital bed on Monday morning – “are you ready?”

Rollins calls them both crazy, but he will win because he’s smarter than them.  Foley says that his life was broken in two parts, pre-cell and post-cell. He says neither man is ready for the Cell.  Foley tells them that tomorrow the people in Kansas City get the game they have waited 29 years for.  On Sunday, they get the match they have waited their lives for.  He tells them to have a nice day.  Ambrose grabs the chair and goes after Rollins after taunting him, but Rollins escapes.  He throws the mannequin after him.

Fun to see Foley, and not bad mic work from Rollins and Ambrose, but this overstayed its welcome.  They did a nice job of selling the hazard of Hell in a Cell, but the mannequin stuff was getting snickers from the announcers, which just killed the segment’s momentum.

Cesaro and Dolph Ziggler are in our split screen and they’re next.

Match #5 – Dolph Ziggler vs. Cesaro

They ran to commercial quickly, with Cesaro controlling the action.  Cesaro lifted Ziggler into a gorilla press and landed him across his knee.  Cesaro tries for a rope move but Ziggler hit a drop kick to counter.

In the end, Cesaro spins Ziggler around out of a superkick and hits him with an uppercut to get the win.  The announcers ask if he will get a title shot now that he pinned the champion.  Cesaro comes back in and hits the Neutralizer for good measure.

I thought these two were facing off on Sunday for the title already?  Anyhow, I guess it’s the continued “mid level champion loses on Raw” routine.

Backstage, Seth Rollins and Randy Orton bicker.  Triple H walks in and yells “enough” and says he needs someone to be a general out there tonight.  Since Orton and Rollins can’t get along, it’ll be Kane.  More bickering from Orton and Rollins.  Kane yells that they need to put their differences aside and give the golden boy and the lunatic fringe a taste of hell tonight.  I can’t take it seriously given his henchman status.  Anyhow, that’s coming up.

The pre-show starts at 7PM for Hell in a Cell.  Yes, an hour of pre-show.  Mizdow TV and Paul Heyman joins the pre-show panel.  Heyman, I’m good with.  Mizdow TV can suck it.  Cole feeds it into a hype package for “Hell in a Cell By the Numbers.”

The video package was compelling, but let’s be honest, the gimmick has lost its way a lot lately especially with the themed pay per view.  It’s not what it once was.

After the video package, we get another Wyatt cut in.  This video package focuses on Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, saying they’re set free.  Wyatt says she came to him and told him he was special, and the spirit would be with him.  “All that you shall leave behind is smoke, desolation, and damnation.  It’s coming.”

Main event time!  Here comes John Cena and his little towel that never quits.

Match #6 – John Cena and Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins, Kane, and Randy Orton; 3 on 2 Handicap Street Fight

The announcers talk about Cena and Orton’s history in the cell before Ambrose makes his entrance.  The Authority will come out during, or after, the break. So it was after…as Kane, the Orton, then Rollins come to the ring after commercial.  It’s a scrum to start between the five, then it settles in to a traditional tag with guys tagging in and out.  Ambrose gets his hands on Rollins, kicking him low.  Rollins tries to tag Orton but he says no thanks.

Ambrose takes out Kane, throws Rollins to ringside and clears off the announce table.  The three heels gang up, and Cena enters the fray.  Ambrose drops an elbow on the four men.  Here come the toys, and Ambrose beats Rollins with a chair.  KC asks for tables and Ambrose delivers.  Kane takes over, dropping Ambrose on the table and running Cena into the stairs.

Rollins is controlling Ambrose coming out of break.  Ambrose bites his finger to get loose but Rollins stomps on him and tags to Orton.  The heels continue to control Ambrose as he sells for them.  Ambrose tries to fight out but the numbers are too much for him.  The beating continues as Orton delivers the Garvin stomp to Ambrose for a two count.

Ambrose starts throwing hands to fight back.  Orton tries a corner charge but eats a boot.  Ambrose delivers a move off the ropes to stun Orton.  Hot tag to Cena and here comes the traditional Cena offense.  Two shoulder blocks, side slam, and a five knuckle to Rollins, and an AA to Kane.  Cena goes out for a table as Rollins struggles to scramble away.  Cena tries for the AA, but Rollins tips the table away then runs Cena into a chair set up in the corner.

Outside, Orton throws Ambrose into the steps.  Kane clubs Ambrose with the steps as well.  Back inside, Rollins gets to his feet and props the table up in the corner.  Cena tries to sneak into the AA on Rollins but he counters to a reverse suplex.  Kane throws Cena over the announce position then into the steps.  King’s the only one left on commentary at the moment…oh wait,we have Cole back.

Kane throws Cena back in the ring then into the table in the corner.  Ambrose tries to get back in the ring but takes a boot.  Authority taunting and yelling, but that means one thing – the Cell is being lowered.  Ambrose gets back involved, hitting a dive off the ropes onto all three of the Authority.  Rollins takes a big bump off the Cell, and Orton takes a big clothesline.  Ambrose gets a kendo stick and wears out Orton with it.  He follows up with a chair drop off the ropes.

Kane takes a chair shot to the midsection then to the back.  Orton gets dumped outside, then Rollins gets dropped over the ropes onto Orton.  Ambrose takes a dive onto the pile of humanity at ringside.  KC likes it.  Ambrose and Orton in the ring and Orton’s hearing voices.  Cena tries for the AA, but Kane stops that with a chokeslam.  Kane takes Dirty Deeds from Ambrose, and Orton hits Ambrose with the RKO for the win.

Afterward, Rollins gets back in the ring and hits Orton with the Curb Stomp.  The announcers sell shock as Rollins yells “I call the shots around here!”  The only man standing is Seth Rollins, and he’s posing on top of the cell.   JBL puts him over as the future of WWE as Rollins smiles on top of the cage.  Cole shills Hulk Hogan appearing on the Network now, for $9.99!  That’s the show.

This felt kind of flat and predictable.  Then there’s the whole “tagging in and out of a no-DQ matchup” logic failure.  You knew at some point the cell was going to be lowered too and it was all but given away at one point.  It put a little juice on Sunday, but not all that much to be honest.

The whole build to Hell in a Cell has been wanting, and this is the proof.  The undercard has been thrown together haphazardly – not saying the matches won’t be good as there’s some potential there, but there’s just no story behind any of it.  The main events have promise, especially Ambrose and Rollins in the Cell, but viewers are pretty tired of Cena vs. Orton and it’s not new.  That’s a match that just doesn’t feel all that big.  They tried juicing it up with the title shot involved, but I think that gives away the finish.

I’ll have more to say on this show in Raw Afterthoughts, and we’ll be talking about Raw, Hell in a Cell, and all things wrestling on Wednesday on RingRap Audio.  Be sure to comment and ask your questions on Twitter and Facebook to add to the discussion. Thanks for following along tonight.


WWE Monday Night Raw Afterthoughts for 9/30/2014 – John Cena and Dean Ambrose Get Laid Out, Dolph Ziggler Keeps His Title, The Divas Disappoint, Seth Rollins Gets Slimed, and More

Welcome to this week’s edition of Raw Afterthoughts – the hits and misses of last night’s show.  Be sure to comment, or hit us on Twitter @RingRap or on Facebook with your own thoughts and opinions on this and all things wrestling for us to discuss on Ring Rap Audio tomorrow night!

1. Better Late than Never:

For who knows what reason, WWE waited a week to deliver what was a more logical follow-up segment to the Night of Champions title match situation.  The opening segment started the show off well and included almost all of the key players, including Hunter, Stephanie, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, John Cena and Paul Heyman.

Of course absent from this mix was the champion, Brock Lesnar, but Heyman played into his advocate role well enough.  I’ll avoid my obvious negative feelings about Lesnar not appearing in this piece, however.  I don’t get why Hunter confronted him and backed him down as he did but I guess that might play into future storytelling, if WWE has one in mind at all.

2. You’ve Been Slimed!

WWE used to be innovative, but that trait is long gone.   The green slime trick with the briefcase was too much for me.  Remember the Nickelodeon show “Double Dare?”  This was a page right out of that show.

I can live with some elements of Dean Ambrose’s current run being reminiscent of Stone Cold Steve Austin and the feud with Vince McMahon.  Think about how iconic Austin vs. McMahon really was though.  That was a huge story in the 90’s, and fans like me are going to know it well, and call WWE on it when they try to pass off a half-assed interpretation like they did last night.  Younger viewers now have access to WWE Network to see it as well, so they’re more familiar with it too.  And don’t try to tell me that because it’s been 16 years since that story, it’s alright – because it’s not.

The green slime stunt came off super cheesy, and didn’t fit the current Ambrose character.  I thought that might be the start of something, but it wasn’t.  Certainly this knocked a bit of the cool factor off of Ambrose last night.

3. Getting a Measure of Revenge:

As you all know, I am NOT a fan of the Bella break-up angle.  However on last night’s show they did a couple things that at least made sense.  Nikki used her pull with the Authority to get a handicap match booked for Brie.  That was her way of getting a bit of revenge for what happened to her when Brie “quit” a while ago.

I liked it as well that Brie overcame the odds, didn’t whine about it, and ended up winning the match, unlike Nikki ever did.  So, this was a very minor hit.

4. Halftime Failure:

So you’re watching a Monday Night Football game, and you’re a wrestling fan.  The game goes to halftime, and you decide to flip on Raw.  You see:

A bunny.  A mini-bull.  A mini alligator.  Along with Adam Rose, the rest of the Rosebuds, and Slater Gator.

This is almost a dare for fans to change channels.  And I bet they did.  Major miss.

5. Bo-Lieve in the Hall of Pain

I give the Bo Dallas/Mark Henry affair a minor hit for Dallas scoring the upset win because it advanced the “Henry’s in a slump” story.  The problem is, Henry then destroyed Dallas backstage, and they’re going to rematch tonight on Main Event.  They should have let Dallas gloat for at least a night.

6.  Total (Divas) Miss…

Let’s focus on both women’s matches for a moment.  Both were misses.

Layla and Rosa Mendes was a total flop.  Women in developmental have more talent and are better than Rosa in the ring.  She has a place in the business, but it’s not in the ring.  Take women like her, Eva Marie, and others and turn them into valets or some similar character.  Working in the ring is not their game.

Then you have Alicia Fox.  She’s doing odd things with soda cans again.  But she’s been tagged on to what could have been the hottest women’s program in a LONG time in Paige vs. AJ, but that whole program has fallen flat on it’s face.  They continue to be booked in a nonsensical way that does nothing for them.

7. Failed PR Stunt…

I have my personal misgivings about the Komen Foundation from a corporate effectiveness standpoint, but I’m all for WWE being charitable in some form.  That said, I think bringing Hulk Hogan out to be the shill-man for the cause was a wasted appearance. You want Hogan on the show when it packs more punch than this did.  Now, you’re going to think “what’s he promoting now?” when Hogan arrives.

8. Triple Your Fun…

When we got the opening Intercontinental title match, I was optimistic that WWE was feeling a need to give us a strong show last night.  Face it, the shows since SummerSlam have been lackluster and sometimes abysmal.

But the three-way between Ziggler, Cesaro, and Miz was a good match.  My one minor gripe is that they scripted the commercial in a ten minute match.  It hurt the overall flow of the match to me as a viewer.  They should have just run the whole match on the air – especially for a title that needs all the help it can get.

Fans bought into the near falls down the stretch and they had some nice sequences.  This match was a hit for me.

9.  Tense Moments…

I did like the tension between John Cena and Dean Ambrose after their main event with Randy Orton and Kane.  While they haven’t developed it yet, I am hoping we see some chemistry between Cena and Ambrose on screen.  And Orton and Kane just don’t matter right now because they’re cast as the Authority’s henchmen rather than superstars.  I thought seeing Ambrose get so much TV time was good, while not every part was a big hit.

Seth Rollins is definitely filling in as the centerpiece heel while Brock Lesnar continues his lame title run by being off of television so much.  Rollins is doing well, while not everything’s a home run, and they’re booking him well to get away before he takes a beating.  This will at least make fans want to pay to see him get an ass-kicking.

Last night’s show was better than the past few weeks have been, but it’s still pretty bad.  WWE Creative is treading water right now and being in front of a normally hot Chicago crowd really proved it.  I get it that they’ve lost Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns to injury, and even Punk to his sudden departure.  Their biggest problem is the lack of mid-card build, with little creative shake up.  That’s making the whole thing worse.  WWE needs to shake things up, and hopefully Hell in a Cell will provide that moment.  Right now, HIAC will probably end up being simply a transition pay per view when they need more than that.

We will talk about Raw, and all things wrestling, tomorrow night on Ring Rap Audio.  Be sure to give us your own thoughts and opinions so we can talk about it!


WWE Monday Night Raw Live Coverage for 9/29/2014 – The Road to Hell in a Cell, More Big Show and Rusev, John Cena and Seth Rollins Have Issues, More Bella Lunacy, and More

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Show Open, Live from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL

The show opens with a recap of last week’s Raw, where John Cena and Dean Ambrose spent their night brawling with the Authority.  It nearly ended in disaster for Cena when Rollins and Kane attacked him during the main event with Randy Orton, but Ambrose was waiting and they brawled some more.  They recapped then Smackdown, where Ambrose got away with the Money in the Bank Briefcase.

Triple H and Stephanie are welcomed to the ring to Hunter’s “King of Kings” music.  They have their own TitanTron now.  Cole welcomes us to the show and says rumors have been running rampant about the situation about Cena, Ambrose, Rollins, and Ambrose absconding with the MITB case.  He hypes WWE’s partnership with the Komen Foundation in October again.

Stephanie thanks Chicago for the welcome and here come the CM Punk chants already.  She asks why Chicago cheers for quitters and says they can relate because they’re quitters too and would rather quit than fail.  She says people take the easy way out and either quit or steal.  She transitions to Ambrose taking the MITB briefcase from Rollins.  She says that the contract still belongs to Rollins.

Triple H says that the briefcase is a symbol of this business, and he will not let anyone…”and I mean anyone…” disrespect the business.  From backstage we get a “Ladies and gentlemen…” and out comes Paul Heyman.  He apologizes for the interruption and reminds us he is the advocate for the “reigning, defending, WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar.”

He says Lesnar feels disrespected, not only because Cena came within an eyelash of beating him at Night of Champions, and being jumped by Seth Rollins, curb stomped, and nearly cashed in the contract.  He says Lesnar directed him to come to Chicago to find out if “he has a problem with Seth Rollins he needs to deal with, or if he has a problem…”

Stephanie cuts him off and tells Heyman to choose his words carefully, “because if you’re threatening us..”.  She gets interrupted by Rollins’ entrance music and he comes to the ring in a suit to a fairly quiet reaction (on my TV).  JBL and Cole debate how he looks naked without the case.  Rollins says no one told him to try and cash in his briefcase, because he acted alone.  He also says the curb stomp was of his volition and he acted alone.  He says that he thought Heyman would appreciate the situation and that he was trying to build his career by taking advantage of opportunity.  “And besides, I think I speak for everyone when I say that no one wanted to see John Cena win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.”  That draws a cheer.

Rollins says he wanted to beat the best, by beating Brock Lesnar.  CM Punk chants again.  Rollins says Lesnar should be flattered that he acted as he did, but if Lesnar is insulted, Rollins is sorry.  Heyman admits that it took a lot of hutzpah to do what Rollins did, but if Rollins tries it again, he will be dealing with Lesnar.  He goes to exit, but Triple H stops him.  Hunter gets in close and says “I enjoyed our conversation, have a nice night.”

Rollins says he appreciates the Authority for chastising Ambrose on his behalf.  He says that Ambrose isn’t normal and is probably laughing about this.  He says this isn’t funny and there are personal items in the briefcase that need returned to him immediately.  He says if Ambrose doesn’t come out now, stomping Ambrose’s head through blocks will look like nothing compared to what will happen.

“SEEETTHHHH!” calls out.  Ambrose is on the tron and asks if Rollins is looking for “this,” holding up the briefcase.  Ambrose says he has to sew his eyes shut every time he sees the Authority because they make him sick.  Ambrose tells Rollins that if he wants the case, he just has to come and get it.

Rollins and the Authority head up the ramp, but Cena’s music hits.  John Cena charges and takes Rollins down.  He throws him to the ring, but Rollins rolls out and disappears into the crowd.  He makes his way to the stage again and he, Hunter and Steph mock Cena’s “you can’t see me” wave.  Cena poses in the ring as we go to break.

This wasn’t bad.  Some of this should have happened on last week’s show though?  It got the right players involved and set up the issues with Cena, Rollins, Lesnar and Ambrose.  Then you have Stephanie saying that the case doesn’t matter, and we’ve watched Ambrose pour soda and popcorn in it.  Hunter adds that it disrespects the business didn’t help either.  They did an okay job of diffusing the Punk chants, but I’m not saying this will end the run.

Out of break, they recap the opening.  Backstage, the Authority is talking amongst themselves.  Triple H and Stephanie tell Rollins he isn’t going anywhere.  Hunter tells agents (Jamie Noble being one of them – not sure who the other is) to go get the briefcase back in one piece.  He doesn’t care how many pieces Ambrose comes back in.  Noble asks for sledgehammers but Hunter tells him he doesn’t care how it gets done.

Match #1 – Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. The Miz (w/Damien Mizdow) vs. Cesaro; WWE Intercontinental Championship

As the three men come out we get a recap as to how this match got set up.  Early on, Miz and Cesaro team up on Ziggler but that alliance breaks down quickly.  Miz throws Cesaro into Ziggler but takes a gutwrench.  Cesaro teases a swing on Ziggler but Miz gets involved and Ziggler gets slingshot into the corner.  A bit later, Cesaro hits a backbreaker then presses Miz over his head.  Ziggler hits a drop kick on him going to break.

Back live, Miz tries to roll up Cesaro but Dolph does instead.  Miz rolls Dolph up, then Cesaro rolls Ziggler up.  Dolph hits a double DDT on his opponents then goes on a run.  He splashes both opponents, then hits double neckbreakers for a two count. Cesaro rolls outside.

In a unique spot. Cesaro tries a sunset flip over the ropes, but gets caught by Ziggler.  He slingshots Cesaro’s head into Miz’s nether regions.  He hooks on the Figure Four on Miz mid ring, but Cesaro breaks it up with a double stomp.  Cesaro gets a near fall out of it.  Miz hits Cesaro with a running corner clothesline then tries a top rope move but Cesaro hits him with an uppercut.

Ziggler re-enters after Cesaro takes out Sandow to hit Cesaro with a superkick.  Ziggler covers for the win as his opponents sell.  Ziggler celebrates with the fans.

This match was under ten minutes, so why the break?  Hurt the flow.  Otherwise, it was a good match.

Backstage, the agents are looking for Ambrose and asking talents about him.  They eye up Khali and ask if he’s seen Ambrose.  Khali says he can’t hear Noble because he’s short.  They head off to look for him.

I see Patterson and Brisco all over again here with Noble and Mercury.  The Stooges (Brisco and Patterson) were good in their time, but come on, WWE, let’s be innovative instead.

Back live, Cole talks about the partnering with the Susan G. Komen foundation to help raise funds for research for breast cancer.

Both my trucks wear pink bandanas from their mirrors, bought from a small charity in Indianapolis, in support of the cause.  While I have my corporate misgivings about the Komen group, I certainly applaud WWE for the charitable effort for a cause that takes lives every year – including my mother’s life some 30 years ago.

We get a Wyatt cut in.  Wyatt cuts a surreal promo about taking a man who had nothing and giving him something.  Luke Harper says “you’re doomed.”

I missed part of this, but it does have me wondering what is next for Wyatt and Harper.

Backstage, the agents say they have been all over the arena and can’t find him.  Stephanie asks Noble if he has mustard on his face, and says that they need to go look for Ambrose again or they’ll be fired.  In walks The Miz and Damien Sandow.  Miz says “tell him” and Sandow complains as if he’s Miz, saying he should not have been stuck in a triple threat and he wants a one on one match.

Triple H laughs and says that is what they’re there for – to make him laugh.  He books Sandow in a match with Sheamus, then turns to Miz and tells him that if he threatens Hunter again, he will send Miz’s “straight to DVD Career” right to the unemployment line.

Wow – here we go with the “talk down” stuff again.  That just sucked eggs.

We get a recap of the issues between Tyson Kidd and Natalya on Total Divas last night.  In the ring, it’s Rosa Mendes vs. Layla, who has Summer Rae at ringside.  Kidd is with Natalya, who is with Rosa.  Kidd’s on his phone and not paying attention.

Match #2 – Rosa Mendes (w/Tyson Kidd and Natalya) vs. Layla (w/Summer Rae)

Layla controls the early going, and Kidd has headphones on as the fans chant “Nattie’s husband” at him.  The story going on is between the disgruntled husband and wife.  Layla pulls out Rosa’s hair extensions and dumps her to ringside.  Kidd is oblivious as Natty attacks Summer Rae.

Rosa goes after Layla but gets tossed into the ropes.  Layla hits the Lay-Out and wins.  Natalya takes Tyson’s phone and leaves.

All about the Total Divas story,  Chicago didn’t care one iota about any of it.

Backstage, Ambrose is walking with his bag and the briefcase.  King asks if we’ll see him next.

In Ring Segment:

Here comes Dean Ambrose – or at least his music.  He makes his way to the ring via the floor as Cole talks about Amrbose pirating the MITB case.  Ambrose throws his bag and a table into the ring.

He tells those looking for him that he was at the concession stand and he waved at them. He says maybe they were eating hotdogs or something.  He says he doesn’t like how the Authority runs their concessions so it’s time for a clearance sale.  He says everything must go, except the MITB briefcase.  He says that he and the briefcase got close.  He talks about the personal items and says he never knew that side of Seth.

He says the briefcase isn’t going anywhere.  He starts offering items for a dollar.  Here comes Noble and Mercury and Ambrose says “uh oh, they sent the crusierweight division out for me.”  They want the case, but Ambrose won’t give it to him.  He tells them if they want it, that’s fine, “come in here and get it.”

Noble and Mercury back away.  Ambrose says he forgot what he was charging for the shirts so he starts giving them away.  JBL rants about this as Ambrose hands them out.  Here comes Seth Rollins, along with Mercury and Noble and a fleet of security.  They all go to the ring first, with Rollins slowly walking behind.  Ambrose admits he’s busted, then says “are you real security, because I could have sworn you were Rosebuds last week.”

Ambrose says “I don’t want any problems – you want your case, take it.”  He rolls out, leaving the case on the table.  Rollins gets in the ring while Ambrose makes his way through the crowd.  Rollins slowly opens the case, only to take a green mist to the face.  “Who is in there, Kabuki?”   Rollins is pissed while Ambrose says “I had nothing to do with that, I’m sorry.”  Rollins rants in the ring about looking like a jerk while Ambrose looks on.  As Rollins exits we get a recap.

I guess this is the modern-day Austin routine now.  This all feels like “Austin vs. McMahon” again and very retread.  This show isn’t horrible, and Ambrose has a cool factor that works pretty well, but we can see this angle on WWE Network.

After some ranting from JBL, Cole hypes Big Show addressing knocking out Rusev and Hulk Hogan making an appearance.

Backstage, Rollins rants about being blinded while Orton and Kane laugh.  Hunter tells him to go get his eyes washed out in the trainer’s room.  Hunter turns to Orton and Kane, who are still chuckling, and asks where Ambrose is.  Kane says he’s heading for Cena’s locker room.  Hunter books a match with Orton and Kane vs. Cena and Ambrose.  Orton objects to doing Rollins’ work again.  Hunter says “don’t you two want revenge for last week?”

There’s a buzzing sound.  They all look at their phones, but none of their phones are going off.  Steph turns to the briefcase, where the noise is coming from, and says “it’s not mine.”.  Rollins re-enters, grabs the case, and says “it’s an electric razor!” and leaves.

Unstated vibrator joke drew some laughs from the live crowd.

Mark Henry’s music hits.  He comes out to the ring as they recap the recent matches between Henry and Rusev, with him losing twice in a row.  Henry says he wants to apologize to the fans.  Before he can continue, Bo Dallas’ music hits.  He tells Henry that he should apologize to himself instead.  He says it’s time to close the Hall of Pain and Henry should join the Hall of the Bo-Lievers.

Match #3 – Bo Dallas vs. Mark Henry:

Henry controls the early going and throws Dallas all over the place.  He sets Dallas up for a corner splash, but Dallas moves.  Dallas hits the Bo-Dog to get the win.

I just can’t see this leading to something bigger for Dallas.  Henry will probably get this win back sooner than later.  The story here is that Henry is in a funk after losing to Rusev, but how this translates to Dallas is not clear.

Theory of a Deadman provides “Panic Room” for the Hell in a Cell theme.

Backstage, Renee Young catches up with Dallas and asks how he feels about the biggest win of his career to date.  He says that he’s been saying it for months that all you have to do is Bo-Lieve.  Henry approaches and roughs him up around the area.  Henry gets in his face and says “that’s what I do.”

At the announce position, they shill the WWE Network and all the content available.  They move in to talking about Goldust and Stardust taking the WWE Tag Team Championshp at Night of Champions.

Stardust cuts a promo and says it was written in the stars and their destiny was written before them.  Goldust says they have obtained the cosmic key and it  determines their fate.  All this, is just science fiction.  They break the globes and Stardust says “this, is science fact.”

Match #4 – Brie Bella vs. Cameron and Eva Marie

Brie’s music is awful.  She gets a polite ovation though as we go to break.  Back live, Nikki comes out and says “well, well, well, it’s the quitter getting ready for a match in the place she quit.”  She says that Brie quit for the attention of the people “that are uglier trolls than your husband.”  She talks about being put in handicap matches by the Authority to punish her. “Per the Authority who was nice enough to let me make this announcement, you will have a handicap match of your own.”

Poke my eyes out with a spork.  Please.

Brie takes Eva down with an armdrag and uses an armbar as to control her early.  Brie kicks Cameron off the apron but Eva tosses her down by her hair.  Chicago goes into business for themselves at this point because they just don’t care.  In the end, Cameron gets tossed into Eva, and Brie rolls up Cameron for the win.  Nikki steams as Brie leads “yes” chants.

Poke my eyes out with a spork, please.  I guess it works in terms of Brie getting the better of circumstances that Nikki whined about.  There are rumors – emphasis on rumor – that they want Brie vs. Nikki to be the first women’s Hell in a Cell match.  That will be the worst decision in WWE history.  I realize the Cell means little nowadays, but still…

Match #5 – Slator Gator (w/Mini Gator) vs. Los Matadores (w/El Torito)

Adam Rose and his Rosebuds are on commentary.  Titus hugs Jesse Jackson before the match.  The finish on this one sees Slater tripping one of the Matadores to get the win.

After the match, the mini gator does a gator roll on El Torito.  Those two end up out of the ring, and Rose has had enough.  He and the bunny jump on the apron.  O’Neil charges Rose but Rose ducks and Titus rolls to the floor.  The Matadores get back in and hit their finish on Slater, then the bunny splashes him.  The Rosebuds celebrate, with the bunny high-fiving Jesse Jackson at ringside.

WWE is in their mid-show slump right about now.  Nothing on this show has been all that hot, and then you get this kind of mid-show filler.  It leaves the viewer wanting to change the channel.  And it’s halftime of Monday Night Football, so this is what anyone who flipped over from the game saw.  We’ll slug on for you though!

King hypes Cena and Ambrose vs. Orton and Kane.  Cole shills Rusev responding to being knocked out by Big Show, next.

In-Ring Segment:

Rusev and Lana come to the ring as the announcers talk about Big Show defeating him by disqualification, then knocking Rusev out.  Rusev poses in the ring as Lana gets a mic and we see footage from Smackdown of Show knocking him down.  They unfurl the flag, so half of Allstate can’t even watch this segment.  The fans chant “USA” though and Lana tells them to shut up.

Lana says a bunch of stuff in Russian.  She says what we’re about to see speaks to the pathetic decline of American society.  She calls Big Show a sore loser for attacking Rusev from behind.  She says Big Show tried to intimidate an innocent man, but Big Show’s music hits.  He says it’s really good how Lana twisted the facts.  He says she talks about how great Russia and Putin are but it’s a bunch of crap.

He tells Lana she can’t handle the truth.  “The truth is, this is what really happened.”  He feeds it to a video package highlighting the past week, with Show knocking out Rusev.  This would be a whole lot more effective if Show wasn’t a smiling idiot.  Rusev grabs a mic and says he wants to jam his fist down Show’s throat and rip out his guts.  He says he will break every bone in his body.  Rusev talks in native tongue but Show tells him we don’t speak Russian.

Show says “why don’t we do a Big Lebowski and knock down a white Russian.”  Show approaches the ring, but Rusev ducks the fight and leaves with Lana.  Show eyes up the Russian flag and teases touching it, which upsets the Russians.  Show yanks the flag down, which really gets them going.  Rusev tries to charge the ring but gets tossed right back out by Big Show.  They stare each other down as the announcers talk about what we just saw.

Well, I guess they’re trying to set something up where the American has hope to beat Rusev, but I just don’t see Rusev losing until he faces someone like Cena.

Cole feeds it to a recap of the situation with the Money in the Bank briefcase, starting with what happened at the top of the show then the later segment where Rollins got slimed.

Backstage, Renee Young interviews John Cena.  He says he loves Chicago and says it’s his kind of town.  Tonight, they seem unstable as they chanted for Ambrose.  As far as tonight is concerned he’s glad to fight with him rather than against him.  Ambrose walks in and Cena asks if he has something to add.  Ambrose says that once they deal with Orton and Kane, Rollins is his.  Cena says that if Rollins shows his face before, during, or after the match, he has a beatdown coming at Cena’s hand.  Ambrose says “no one takes food off my table, not even you.”

Match #6 – AJ vs. Alicia Fox

As AJ makes her entrance, the announcers shill the main event.  Paige comes out with a mic.  She says that when she first started she never realized that certain individuals were taking her kindness for weakness.  She says that was a mistake, and she would love to introduce AJ’s opponent and new best friend.  It’s Alicia Fox, and Paige joins commentary.

Fox starts off aggressively but AJ comes back with a corner splash and a heel kick.  Fox rolls out to regroup and Paige consoles her.  AJ hits a dive off the ropes on both ladies and skips around while they chant for her husband (CM Punk).  Paige distracts AJ, which lets Fox hit a scissor kick and grab the win.

Alicia goes under the ring for sodas or something.  AJ tries to fight off both ladies but takes a big boot from Alicia then the RamPaige from Paige.  Paige holds up the Divas title and lays it on her.

Wyatt cut in.  He says he gave him reason to exist and fixed him.  Harper talks about piecing himself back together.  “Peek-a-boo, you’re doomed.”

Match #7 – Sheamus vs. Damien Mizdow

Sheamus comes to the ring before commercial, and Mizdow after.  Miz is on commentary and he vents about being the true Intercontinental Champion.  He also whines about Hunter taking a shot at his “straight to DVD career” and tells him that he’s making millions.  Take that, Chaperone.

The crowd didn’t react much to this one until Sheamus hit his Ten Beats of the Battern.  Miz checks on Mizdow, who tumbled to the floor.  Sheamus goes out after him.  Miz backs off, but Sheamus throws Mizdow into him.  He throws Mizdow back and hits him with the Brogue Kick to win.

Wow is WWE in a bad place.  The comedy is appealing to management, not the viewers, and the storylines are simply retreads.  I get it that there isn’t much new in wrestling, but there’s gotta be a better way to get there.  And Triple H buried Miz’s gimmick and the movie division in one fell swoop.  Big deal.

In-Ring Segment:

Justin Roberts introduces Hulk Hogan, who comes out in a pink version of his famous “Hulkamania” gear.  Hogan talks about how this is the third year that WWE has promoted the Susan G. Komen foundation and breast cancer research awareness.   He points out a group of cancer survivors, puts them over and asks for fans to give a round of applause, calling them real heroes.  He shills the pink WWE shirts and gear and says that proceeds will be given to Komen “and other research groups.”

He closes by saying “Whatcha gonna do, when Komen-Mania and the WWE run wild on you.”  Hogan poses for the fans to a good reaction.

Again, my misgivings about Komen aside, I think it’s a worthwhile charitable effort.

Backstage, Orton and Kane talk.  Orton says he’s tired of taking care of Rollins’ battles for him.  Kane says he’s supposed to be Director of Operations and the only thing he’s doing is putting out the fires that Rollins starts.  He starts to say “this is what I plan to do…”  but Stephanie interjects and says they’ll do their jobs.  When Ambrose and Cena attacked Rollins, they attacked the Authority.  They are family, and they need to squash what people are saying about them.

Orton says “hold up, what are the people saying.”  Stephanie says that the people are saying they have gone soft and lack their killer instinct.  Kane asks if they’re saying it, or if Stephanie is saying to get what she wants.  Stephanie asks if it really matters.

Is anything mattering on this show?  Nothing is clicking as we’ve gotten further into this show.

Match #8 – Kane and Randy Orton vs. Dean Ambrose and John Cena

Ambrose comes out first, then Cena.  The announcers talk about the tension between Cena and Ambrose from earlier in the show.  As Orton and Kane come out, they recap the end of last Monday’s show.  Cena and Orton tie it up as the fans are split with “Cena sucks!” and “Let’s go Cena” chants.  Orton and Kane control Cena early on with quick tags.  Cena fights back with a shoulder block, but Cena can’t get him up for the AA.  The heels are in control going into break.

Back live, Cena tries to fight back but can’t get going.  Orton tries for the RKO but Cena counters, only to take a sidewinder backbreaker.  The fans chant that they want Ambrose in the match.  Kane controls Cena with a nerve grip as we get a split screen where we yet again see Rollins take a mouthful of green slime earlier.  Kane hits a side slam for a near fall.  Cena continues to sell for the heels as Ambrose wants to get into this match.

Cena counters the elevated DDT and sends Orton to ringside.  Cena crawls into the hot tag to Ambrose and he goes off.  Ambrose hits a cross body and a series of hands on Orton.  He hits dives on both Orton and Kane on opposite sides of the ring.  Ambrose takes a shot from Orton but bounces off the ropes and hits a clothesline.  He hits Dirty Deeds on Orton and crawls into the cover.

Rollins hits the ring and breaks up the cover, throwing the match out.  Kane jumps Cena, and Rollins works Ambrose.  He gets the better of Rollins, and Kane tries to attack him.  Ambrose pulls the rope down and Kane crashes.  Ambrose hits a weak looking dive (got his foot caught) then gives chase to Rollins.  Ambrose hits him with a clothesline and tosses him in the ring.

Ambrose and Cena take turns, brawling on Rollins.  They actually end up fighting over who gets a turn on him.  Ambrose dumps Cena to ringside and attacks Rollins, but Orton hits him with the RKO.  Kane hits a chokeslam, and Rollins follows with a curb stomp onto the briefcase.  Cena jumps in and fights them, and he ends up getting the same treatment.  The vocal males chant “thank you Rollins!” after he does it to Cena.  Rollins, Kane and Orton pose with the case as the show ends.  Cole says tonight Rollins got the last laugh.

Not only thank you Rollins, but thank you for making a 3 hour, ten minute marathon of a show end.  The match was fine, and they put heat on the heels by having the three Authority members get the better of Cena and Ambrose tonight by hitting their finishers in succession as they did.

This show was only marginally better than what Drew has had to cover the last three weeks.  WWE is in a bad creative place right now, there’s just no other way to say it.  There is no real easy fix to any of this, I don’t believe.

I will have a lot more to say on this show tomorrow in Raw Afterthoughts, and we’ll discuss this and more in Ring Rap Audio on Wednesday night.  Thanks for following along.