Brock Lesnar Officially Re-signs with WWE, Closes Door on UFC Return

Brock Lesnar announced on ESPN television that he will be remaining with WWE, has re-signed a new contract past Wrestlemania 31, and is officially closing the door on a return to MMA.

“Last night, old Vince (McMahon) put the offer on the table that I could not refuse,” said Lesnar.

“I felt physically great, but something was lacking mentally,” Lesnar said, addressing his UFC training. He stated he weighed his options, after speaking to both Dana White and Vince McMahon, and said “I am officially closing the door on MMA.”

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UFC 184 – Rousey vs. Zingano Live Results and Reaction for 2/28/2015

The following are live results and reaction to tonight’s UFC 184 pay per view event, happening at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA.  The card is headlined tonight with a women’s bantamweight championship bout as Ronda Rousey defends her title against Cat Zingano.   Refresh the page periodically for updates to these results.

UFC Fight Pass Preliminary Bouts:

Masio Fullen def. Alexander Torres via split decision.  This was a wild bout that really was a straight up brawl and lacked much in true skills.

Valmir Lazaro def. James Krause via split decision.  Lazaro put on a strong showing, picking Krause apart for most of the fight and beating Krause to the punch throughout.

Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan opened the Fox Sports 1 broadcast, running down tonight’s card and spotlighting that four women are topping the card tonight.

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Nevada State Athletic Commission Meets, Hands Down Several Temporary Suspensions to UFC Fighters

The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) met today on several matters in their regular monthly meeting.  In what many called an “expected move,” the Commission handed down several temporary suspensions to four UFC fighters in wake of recent failed drug tests.

Anderson Silva, Nick Diaz, and Hector Lombard were all hit with temporary suspensions.  This is a traditional response by the NSAC, and allows time for a more formal hearing at a subsequent meeting.  That date has not been set, however Nevada Deputy Attorney General Chris Eccles assured the fighters and their representatives that they’ve been given adequate time to prepare for their hearings.

Silva (34-6, 17-2 UFC) earned a decision win over Diaz (26-10, 7-7 UFC) at the UFC 183 event on January 31.  After the event, news came out that both fighters had failed drug testing.  Diaz failed testing for marijuana metabolites, which is his third offense in Nevada during his pro career.

Silva, to many people’s surprise given his stance against drugs in the sport, failed an out of competition test for drostanolone metabolites and androsterone.  Drostanolone is an indicator of the use of an anabolic steroid, and androsterone is a form of endogenous testosterone.  Additionally, the NSAC released their complaint against Silva prior to the hearing.  A pre-fight test also showed drostanolone metabolites, and his post-fight test revealed oxazepam and temazepan.  Those medications treat anxiety and insomnia.

Also temporarily suspended today was Hector Lombard.  He failed a drug test around the UFC 182 fight when he tested positive for desoxymethyltestosterone (DMT), which is considered a designer steroid.  Lombard (35-4-1, 4-2 UFC) defeated Josh Burkman (27-11, 5-6 UFC) at that January 3 bout.

Additionally, the NSAC took action to suspend and fine Ashlee Evans-Smith for her failed drug test following UFC 181 where she lost to Raquel Pennington by submission.  She tested positive for a diuretic.  Evans-Smith blamed the failed test on a tainted supplement, but she did not disclose any supplement use on her pre-fight questionnaire.   The commission fined her 30 percent of the purse and suspended her for nine months.  Before she can fight again, she must also submit a clean drug test.

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UFC Fight Night 60 Results and Reaction

The following are the quick results and reaction to last night’s UFC “Fight Night 60″ event that took place on Fox Sports 1 live from Broomfield, CO.  The fight was headlined by Benson Henderson taking on Brandon Thatch.

Preliminary Card Fights:

Fight #1 – James Moontasri def. Cody Pfister by submission (Lightweight Bout)

Moontasri nearly ended this fight in round one, but Pfister kept himself alive.  He didn’t offer up much offense though.  In round two, Moontasri took his back after Pfister stumbled, locked him in the rear naked choke and forced the submission.  Moontasri put on some good offense, showing some nice instinct with his knees.

Fight #2 – Zach Makovsky def. Tim Elliott by unanimous decision (Flyweight Bout)

Elliott was active off of his back in the first, but Makovsky did a better job on top.  Elliott didn’t do much in the second that was effective though, nor did he do enough work in the third to really change the tide of the bout.  It was a solid bout, with both men putting in good ground work.  Elliott did put up some good defense to counter Makovsky.

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Additional Testing Results from UFC 183 Released: Anderson Silva Passed Out of Competition Testing

In light of Anderson Silva being pulled from “The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 4,” more news came out today regarding out of competition drug testing for the former middleweight champion in conjunction with the UFC 183 event.  The Nevada State Athletic Commission today released the results of a January 19 test for human growth hormone (HGH).

This was a blood test.  The testing was conducted at Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory (SMRTL) in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The WADA–accredited facility found no adverse results in the blood test.  Silva was also tested via urine for performance enhancing drugs, and also passed according to the source story on, who made an open-records request for remaining test results stemming from UFC 183.

SMRTL’s report for HGH is dated February 2, which is the day before the January 9 results were made public.  The January 9 results flagged Silva for two performance enhancing drugs – drostanolone metabolites and androstane – in his urine sample.  The report on performance enhancing drugs is dated February 5.

SMRTL has had a history of out-of-competition testing for the NSAC.  They began doing testing in December of 2013, when they tested UFC heavyweight fighters Josh Barnett and Travis Browne prior to their bout at UFC 168.

Silva still faces a temporary suspension when his case goes before the NSAC on February 17.  After a formal hearing with all evidence considered, Silva, who returned from a broken leg to defeat Nick Diaz at UFC 183, will face additional suspension, fines, and possibly the overturning of the decision of that fight.




Anderson Silva Pulled from “The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 4″

UFC officials today made an announcement, replacing Anderson Silva as a coach on “The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 4,” and adding fellow Brazillian MMA star Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira to serve in his place.

UFC released the announcement on their own webpage.  In the announcement, they noted that the Nevada state Athletic Commission “requested that Silva cease participation in the series as a result of his temporary suspension following the recently announced preliminary results of his January 9 pre-fight drug test for UFC 183.”  No official suspension has been made by the NSAC, but Silva is expected to receive at least a temporary suspension at the commission’s next meeting on Feburary 17.

UFC has complied with the NSAC request, but in their statement again voiced support for “The Spider” in this current matter.  The statement reads:

“The UFC and Globo, the show’s Brazilian broadcaster, respect the commission’s decision, which will allow Silva to focus his attention on the matter before the commission.  Anderson Silva has been an amazing champion and a true ambassador of the sport of mixed martial arts and the UFC will continue to support him as this process unfolds.”

President Dana White had previously noted that Silva would stay on as a coach for the series.  This would have given the former middleweight champion benefit of the doubt while the NSAC wrapped up their investigation into the pre-fight drug test at UFC 183.  However, at the commission’s request they have now changed their plans.

Nogueira will be opposite Maruicio “Shogun” Rua on the series.  The filming has begun in Las Vegas, and nearly 600 hopeful lightweight and bantamweight fighters attended a try-out in Rio De Janeiro looking to make the cut for this edition.  Unlike past editions of The Ultimate Fighter, there were no plans for Silva and Rua to have a bout at the end of the season, so no future UFC plans were affected by this decision.




World Series of Fighting’s Jon Fitch Nabbed for Pre-Fight Drug Test Failure

The world of MMA has seen a rash of high-profile fighters failing drug tests in the early part of 2015.  Add to the list former UFC and current World Series of Fighting (WSOF) welterweight fighter Jon Fitch.

On Friday, the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) released that Fitch (26-7-1) was flagged for an “adverse result” following a pre-fight drug test administered in connection with the December 13 WSOF 16 event, aired on NBC Sports Network.  The CSAC performed a CIR test on a urine sample given by Fitch and confirmed the result.  The commission declined to state what Fitch was flagged for, however anonymous sources close to Fitch indicated that the test found elevated testosterone levels.

In that December bout, Fitch faced WSOF Welterweight Champion Rousimar Palhares (17-6) and lost by a knee bar submission in the first round.  With the positive test result, Fitch faces a nine-month suspension and $2,500 fine.  He can appeal the commission’s findings at a future CSAC hearing.

It comes as a small sense of irony that Fitch has been flagged, as he has been a vocal critic of PED offenders.  In a Fight Hub TV interview in 2013, Fitch made these comments:

“It is a joke. This is devised to let guys who have used steroids in their past re-boost their testosterone since they abused their bodies when they were younger. The guys using it, the ones who use the excuse of, ‘I am too old to compete with young guys” – that’s bulls***! I am 35 years old, and I promise, I would and will bet money that my testosterone levels are just as good as a younger fighter. You know why? Because I have not wrecked my body with steroids, never used ANY type of PED and train healthy and properly to compete.”

Earlier in the week, MMA was stunned to hear that both Nick Diaz and Anderson Silva failed respective drug tests following their UFC 183 main event bout.  Silva was popped for steroids in his system following an out-of-competition test, and Diaz was flagged for marijuana for the third time in a post fight test.




Tyron Woodley Appears on “Inside MMA” on AXS TV, Discusses His Broken Foot and Training with Phil “CM Punk” Brooks

UFC fighter stopped by AXS TV’s “Inside MMA” of February 6 to give an interview with Kenny Rice and Bas Rutten.  They covered several topics, including Phil “CM Punk” Brooks, his broken foot, and more.

The gesture of giving up money intended for him back to Kelvin Gastellum for missing weight after UFC 183:

Woodley said that “when they first asked if I was willing to take the fight when he missed weight I was a little frustrated.”  He said he had a night to think about it and talked about how Gastellum would lose his undefeated streak and be scrutinized and embarrassed for missing weight, so there was no need to penalize him any further.  He said he wasn’t trying to be greedy and it was shocking when he gave back the money.  He said Gastellum didn’t want to take the gesture and it felt like charity, but Woodley said he would send it to his gym if Gastellum didn’t want to offer an address to send it to.

Woodley comments on his broken foot at UFC 183:

Woodley thought he broke his foot in the first kick of the fight.  Rice and Rutten asked about his next fight and what the prognosis is for his healing.  Woodley says he has seen the doctors that the St. Louis Blues and St. Louis Rams use.  He’s had some initial scans and X-rays with those doctors, and the foot is broken in two places and some minor displacement.  He said he is waiting to hear whether he would need to have a cast or minor surgery to insert a pin for healing.  He says that he’s a fast healer and the down time may permit him to work on other aspects of his game.

Training with Phil “CM Punk” Brooks:

“I did have a chance to train with CM Punk. CM Punk’s awesome…He’s a student of the sport. A lot of people are giving him a lot of crap.  After hanging out with him for three weeks I told him ‘Anyone got a problem with CM Punk, you got a problem with me.’”  Woodley went on to say that Punk is bridging the gap (of being out of martial arts) the best way he knows how.  Woodley added that Punk is doing exactly what he needs to do to make up the gap with private lessons, 12-14 a week and “he’s in there working.”

The full five minute segment can be seen on the AXS TV Fights YouTube channel.



Former UFC Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson Discusses the “Non-Permanent” Move to Welterweight

With 21 wins, and three successful title defenses, Benson Henderson is making a non-permanent move from lightweight to welterweight.  In a recent interview with AXS TV’s “Inside MMA,” Henderson discussed the move, saying that the move won’t be easy but he hopes to make it a smooth transition.

Benson credited his work with “some of the best 170lb’ers” in his gym as a help toward making that transition.  He broke down the pros and cons of the change, saying that he might lose strength and size, but he’s hoping to gain speed and agility.  He also emphasized the importance of cardio. “Cardio is king – the bigger size you go, the weight classes, guys tend to tire a little more quickly.  We’re hoping to put that pressure on guys, get ‘em tired to where they can’t keep their hands up eventually in the fourth and fifth rounds.”

Kruck asked Benson’s coach, John Crouch if adding weight would mean more knockout power for Henderson.  said, “That’d be fine with me.  Get a Johnny Hendricks left hand grown in since we go to 170, I’d take it.”

Crouch also gave credit to Henderson’s opponent for UFC Fight Night 60, Brandon Thatch.  Thatch has finished off 73% of his fights by either TKO or KO.  Crouch credited Thatch for being young, aggressive, and hungry, calling Thatch a finisher.  He does feel that when it gets scrappy that “Ben’s pretty good in there.”  He said he likes it when it goes up tempo.

Henderson emphasized that this isn’t a permanent move.  He says “It (is) more of a one time thing.  I asked to move to 170, I’ve asked for the short notice fights, I’m not going to back out now, let’s do it.”  He emphasized that he plans to be explosive at that weight.

You can watch the interview segment with Inside MMA’s Ron Kruck at this link.