WWE Superstar Heath Slater in Legal Trouble over Wrestlemania 27 Afterparty, Warrant Issued

According to a report that came out on Fox 5 Television in Atlanta, GA, police have issued a warrant for WWE star Heath Slater (a/k/a Heath Miller).  The warrant stems from an incident that occurred at the Wrestlemania 27 afterparty that took place in Atlanta in 2011.

Corrine Oliver, who was working security at the event, claims that Slater put a chokehold on her and attempted to get her into an elevator at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta.  She says his intent was to take her back to his room, and claims that because of the attack she has damage to five vertebrae in her back.

Oliver says that she reported the incident on the morning of same, then waited three months to file a police report.  She said that she waited for her supervisors at her company (Allied Barton Securities) to file the report, but they never did.  She added that there were witnesses, including other wrestlers, that did nothing to help her.

The report describes the incident as a “simple assault and battery.”  At the time charges were filed against Slater, WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt issued a statement that simply said the charges were against Heath individually and not against WWE.