The Nevada State Athletic Commission had a full agenda on Tuesday, and it contained the case of the recently retired Chael Sonnen.

In Tuesday’s hearing, Sonnen was slapped with a temporary suspension for a failed drug test, administered randomly by the commission on May 24 in Las Vegas.  The full disciplinary hearing will come at the NSAC’s next meeting.

On the heels of the news of a failed drug test, Sonnen, 37, retired from MMA.  He had planned to appeal, using arguments about being tested out of competition and taking something to combat the sudden stoppage of his testosterone replacement therapy treatments.  In Tuesday’s hearing, the Nevada Attorney General made one point very clear – the substances that Sonnen tested positive for are prohibited both in and out of competition.  He added that Sonnen did not request a therapeutic use exemption either.

Since Sonnen did not apply for the therapeutic use exemption, this will likely mean that he will get slapped with a year-long suspension.  This would surely affect any decision Sonnen would like to make regarding the choice to come out of retirement to fight again.  The AG in Nevada really put any attempt by Sonnen to blur the line between in-competition/out-of-competition uses to rest in his statement.  Even if Sonnen were to try and use the arguments in public forum, it will probably not do much for him.